FMC Chapter 3043

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3043 Lu Qingchen’s new body, floating astronomy
Li Yao turned his mind and said, “How do you know, go to the road of ‘the other half of Fuxi’?”

“When I remotely invade the database of the other half of Fuxi through the crystal cable, I have already located its specific location.”

Lu Qingchen quickly said, “Although the space of the Silver City has been very chaotic in recent days, I am also trying to find the way to it. I really found out a certain law, but the closer it is to the body, the beast And the more fully automated Battle Puppet, the more intense the battle, the more I’ve run out of it, the Spiritual Energy is exhausted, and naturally I don’t dare to be hard, but you are not the same, ‘Pangu Universe first expert’! ”


Li Yao ignored the irony in Lu Qingchen’s words and continued. “You can guarantee that after you find the body of the other half of Fuxi, you will have complete control over it, and even control all the Spiritual Energy Puppet in the Silver City. And the automatic defense system, suppressing the fierce beast and restoring space stability?”

“Of course I am not sure, but how to fight, it is better than sitting still.”

Lu Qingchen laughed. “Even if you can’t restore the order of the Silver City, we can at least find the mystery of the black wall maker in the core database of the other half of Fuxi. If you can crack the mystery of the black wall maker, you will even If both of us become ‘God’, even if the city of silver is destroyed, it is worthwhile for everyone to die, right?”


Li Yao snorted and sneered. “Your fox’s tail has finally come out. From start to finish, you don’t care about Ding Lingdang’s life and death. I even hope that everyone and the beast will be best destroyed, as long as you can ‘Chengshen’, you can pay for any price, and you are so eloquent to confuse me, I just hope that I can help you to take the fire, all the way to escort you to find the ‘other half Fuxi’ body!

“I think, when you remotely invade the database of the other half of Fuxi through the crystal cable, you must have got a lot of precious and secret information? If you really find it on your body, you will share it with me so generously. At that time, your divine soul is imported into the body of ‘the other half of Fuxi’, and it is completely integrated with the whole city of silver. Do I still have a way to live?”

“It’s an amazing inference, justified and convincing.”

Lu Qingchen’s conspiracy was debunked by Li Yao, and he did not feel embarrassed. He still smiled. “So, what is your decision? Are you still angry and angry, directly killing me and venting anger? Anyway, I am a fish, you are a knife, you have the right to choose. In your hands.”

Li Yao has been silent for a long time.

The roar of the beasts around them is getting louder and louder. It seems that they have been here for too long. They have been smelled by many fierce beasts. The wave of beasts is moving and gathering them. Even the earth is beasted. The trampling was rumbling.

“Well, let’s look for ‘the other half of Fuxi’!”

Li Yao bit his teeth and make a decision.

Then, he looked around and scanned the wreckage and the dead body between the wreckage.

After a long war that spans hundreds of thousands of years, between the collapsed high-rise buildings, the wreckage of garbage mountains can be seen everywhere, and naturally there are various weapons scattered by giants.

Li Yao quickly found the weapon of his choice, a meteor hammer.

More than three meters in diameter, larger than the “Arsonist” head, but hollow inside, embedded with a variety of offensive Magical Artifact and fuel bin, can heat the outer shell full of teeth and barbs to thousands of degrees, It also ignites a strong arc and has a powerful accelerating vent that can suddenly raise the speed of the meteor hammer down to more than five times the speed of sound, used to deal with the hard skin and strong flesh, or through the reaction armor and reinforced ceramics. It’s great to have a composite shield that directly bombards the riders in Spirit Mansion.

Li Yao controls the “Arsonist”, the steel hands are running like the wind, and the dexterity of the cows is solved, and the outer shell of the meteor hammer is opened, and the interior is unrecognizable.

Lu Qingchen heard Li Yao agree to his suggestion and began to secretly sneak.

But seeing Li Yao’s dazzling transformation, it is puzzling and faintly giving birth to an ominous premonition.

“what are you doing?”

Lu Qingchen said, “Why do you want to transform a meteor hammer and your Magical Artifact is damaged?”

“Don’t worry.”

Li Yao smiled a little. “You will know right away.”

Li Yao completed the transformation of the meteor hammer in five minutes.

Then he straightens his waist and walks toward the “savior” with only one arm left. The telepathic thoughts scan carefully between the carapace and the joints of the “Savior” like a sinful look.

Lu Qingchen was brushed by Li Yao and shivered: “You, what do you want?”

His voice stopped abruptly under Li Yao’s simple and rude motion.

The right arm of “Arsonist” ignited the dark flame, condensed into sharp claws at the fingertips, inserted into the chest that had just been smashed by the “Savior”, stirring between the fragmented Magical Artifact units. Finally, from the ordinary Giant Divine Weapon should be part of the “Spirit Mansion”, which took out a Magical Artifact unit similar to Crystal Brain.

“This is the Mainframe Crystal Processor of the ‘Savior’, your divine soul should be hiding inside, right?”

Li Yao asked Lu Qingchen.

This is known to the question.

Because at the moment of the Crystal Brain, Li Yao’s life magnetic field has been stirred up to hundreds of times of intensity, and the bio-current generated by cell friction has condensed into dazzling lightning, and the road has been drilled into the Crystal Brain. Lu Qingchen’s divine soul.

“Hey, hey!”

Lu Qingchen’s divine soul screams like a venomous snake, “You, what are you doing? The ‘Savior’ has a total of seven Mainframe Crystal Processors, which are placed in various parts of the body to accommodate me so powerful. Divine soul, relying on a Mainframe Crystal Processor, my computational ability and thinking ability will drop dramatically! And, you also cut off my supply of Spiritual Energy! Do you want to arrive at the control center of the Silver City, do not want to Know the mystery of the black wall maker!”

“Reassured, you will be connected to new energy right away.”

Li Yao will store the Lu Qingchen divine soul’s Mainframe Crystal Processor, which is smashed into the interior of the meteor hammer and connects Crystal Computer’s Spiritual Energy duct to the built-in power source of the Meteor Hammer.

In the process, Lu Qingchen’s divine soul is naturally struggling to escape, but it is suppressed by Li Yao’s violent divine soul and life magnetic field, and it is beaten again and again.

“kā chā !”

Li Yao closed the outer shell of the meteor hammer and locked it, activating all the Glyph Arrays inside the meteor hammer. “The ‘Savior’ is too big and a cumbersome way. In order to improve our success rate, this is me for you. How about the new body carefully prepared, how can it feel?”


Lu Qingchen’s irresistible divine soul ripples, which spread from the meteor hammer. “What is this, what the hell is this? A meteor hammer? You actually stuffed me into a meteor hammer! This can be stored. How much Spiritual Energy is not enough to maintain my Mainframe Crystal Processor’s ultra-high-intensity operation. Also, this sophisticated meteor hammer is too fragile. If it swings down a little, its outer shell will burst completely. My Mainframe Crystal Processor will fly out!”

“Yes, so my suggestion is that you better let your divine soul rest and rest, use less precious computing ability to ponder the intrigue, and of course don’t consume the little remaining Spiritual Energy, drive the meteor to fly. Go, in the unlikely event that Spiritual Energy runs out, you roll on the ground like a ball, very embarrassing.”

Li Yao said, “As for whether the structure is strong or not, please be assured that I am the craft of Pangu Universe’s top Artificer. You can’t see it.”

Li Yao’s voice did not fall, and suddenly he picked up the Meteor Hammer and flew hundreds of laps in midair until the meteor hammer accelerated to the limit, and then screamed and slammed toward the savior of the Savior. It was not A meteor, but a meteor shower with a skull and head, completely smashed the wreckage of the ‘Savior’ into scrap iron.

Naturally, Lu Qingchen also turned around, dizzy, and the soul was almost divided, and the smoke disappeared.

If he still has flesh and blood, then he will even spit out the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.


Lu Qingchen perceives that the “Savior”, together with the six Crystal Computers inside, is completely transformed into a powder, and she is crying.

“All right.”

Li Yao was satisfied with the “masterpiece” created by her own hand, wrapped the chain of the meteor hammer around her right arm and placed “Lu Qingchen’s head” directly on the palm. “Now, all the maps scanned by you these days are transmitted. Come over, by the way, point out the coordinates of the control hub, then just be honest, let me plan the best route.”

Lu Qingchen is silent and absolutely silent.

Li Yao coldly snorted, once again, to swing down the meteor hammer.

Lu Qingchen finally surrendered, reluctant to transfer a large amount of data, presented on the “Arsonist” interface.

Li Yao is not afraid that Lu Qingchen will take the opportunity to smash the ghosts. The map data is mixed with Crystal Computer Virus, which in turn erodes the “Arsonist” Mainframe Crystal Processor. Everyone’s divine soul intensity is equally divided, and Li Yao is slightly better, Lu Qingchen The carrier that stores the divine soul is severely weakened by Li Yao, and can only mobilize up to one-fifth of the power, and Li Yao differs not much that was originally loaded into the “Red Pig.”

If Li Yao can’t resist the erosion of Lu Qingchen in this case, then he is better off hanging directly, and Expeditions what the secret of the ages!

From the map transmitted by Lu Qingchen, the control center of the Silver City is not far from their straight line.

But in the middle it was blocked by the theater. Many high-rise buildings and ruins were smashed with a large number of beasts and Battle Puppet.

If you go around on both sides, the distance is too far, and Lu Qingchen also smeared a lot of messy lines on the map, representing the space-distorted area.

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