FMC Chapter 3046

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3046 Space Discontinuous Area, Astronomy
“If you can’t become a god? Do you think the entire Pangu Universe will ‘restart’?”

Li Yao’s brain smashed into a pot of magma, and hurriedly, “Hey, have you tried to communicate with Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan to figure out what happened in the Silver City and the mystery of the ancient ruins?” I have an unknowing hunch, and I always feel that they are going to fight so hard, they have to make a big deal!”

“Of course I tried, but these guys are all crazy, simply ignore my divine soul ripples.”

Lu Qingchen reluctantly said, “Maybe they have been infected with the virus, and the Brain has been severely mutated before the body has not yet been distorted; or they are wary of the Human Race, like the Pangu Clan that wakes up in the Kunlun Secret Territory. I have implanted some kind of command in my brain. When I see Human Race, I have no brains to fight. I have to put Human Race to death. I have shown myself in good faith several times, in exchange for the set of destruction. Fire attack!

“Right, the army of the beasts who attacked the Silver City was mixed with a large number of Human Race soldiers. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the defensive side is deeply hostile to us. They regard us as attackers.

“I originally wanted to take a few Human Race prisoners from the army of the attackers to interrogate, but the violent beasts were too fierce. I was beaten to hide in Tibet and had no chance!”

“Damn, can the situation be a little worse?”

Li Yao is biting his teeth and is thinking about whether he wants to climb to the huge wreckage of the “Starry Iron Rider” and collect some ammunition, fuel and mechanical components, but he hears the suffocating sound of “chī chī chī chī” in the body of “Baijialong”. It seems that its internal organs are so corrupted and corrupted, and unexpected reactions such as volcanic eruptions emit a lot of highly toxic gases and corrosive Bewildering Mist.

What is not good is that a large number…like the small type of the parasite’s small type, the beast is drilled out of its belly.

“Squatting, slipping, snoring.”

It was like inadvertently smashing a pregnant female spider, and hundreds of small spiders climbed out.

Although the body length is no more than three or five meters, but the sharp blade and scarlet eyes, as well as the abdomen and the back of a drum, do not know the venom or acid attack capsule, still lingering fear

There are also dozens of fierce beasts that resemble dragons. It is like the intestines of the “Breakfast Dragon” that have life, wake up, and hungry for food.

With a human race less than two meters tall, the total length of the intestines can exceed ten meters.

If you have all the intestines that live more than 100 meters in height, how long will it be?

I saw a dragon that looked like an intestine from the body of the “Bullet Dragon”. The digestive juice that was scattered on the whole body issued a “chī chī chī chī” on the ground, and there was a burst of white smoke. Li Yao is about to vomit.

“This is impossible.”

He said something awkwardly.

“Remember, this ancient ruins, there are countless powerful and strange life forms in the past hundreds of millions of years, nothing is impossible.”

Lu Qingchen’s divine soul almost exploded, making a very sharp wave, “Run!”

Li Yao ran from the wind and turned around.

The arc and the acid are like a squally shower. It is a step away from him, and the ground that is already rugged is more eroded.

Even a few acid liquids penetrated the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield and the interference field, directly splashed into the “Arsonist” auxiliary power nozzle, eroding the three- or five-seat power unit, causing the “Arsonist” to smash and almost plant it. inverted.

Judging from the vibrations of the earth and the rippling of the air, there are still a large number of savage beasts coming here in all directions. Probably the huge movements caused by the “Attacking Dragon” and “Starry Iron Rider” attracted them. All the beasts want to share a cup. soup.

This made Li Yao’s scalp numb, and did not dare to stay. I was afraid that I couldn’t get out of the beastly tide. I could only run, run, and run!


“Arsonist” walked straight through the middle of a silver-white high-rise building, leaving a clear humanoid hole.

Hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng !

Li Yao didn’t do it all the time, straight through the building, simply concentrated the most powerful firepower, cut the building from the bottom, 10 million tons of reinforced concrete and metal materials collapsed, buried a large number of beasts underneath, pressed into Bolognese sauce.

But there are still countless beasts that provoke an amazing jump force, one hundred and twenty-three meters high, hundreds of meters away, across the ruins, rushing toward Li Yao.

“Stop, stop and stop!”

Lu Qingchen suddenly screamed, “Brake, don’t move, don’t go any further!”

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse.

The front is a smooth and unimpeded road. No matter whether it is visual inspection or life detection system, the existence of the beast is not found, and the ground in front is collapsed. It seems to be a wide and deep sewer centralized sewage system. Li Yao wants to get rid of it there. All the beasts.

Keeping a close eye on the eyes, except that there are some faintly floating air in the air… the filaments of the flash make the scene somewhat distorted, and there is nothing unusual.

But Li Yao knows very well that it is impossible for Lu Qingchen to lie to him in this situation.

Although this guy is despicable and ambitious, his divine soul is sealed in a shovel with a large amount of computational ability and fuel. Without Li Yao, he can’t move, let alone get into a beastly storm, everyone can only die. one way.

Li Yao reflexively close stopped.

When it was too late to adjust the posture, it was thrown to the ground by a fierce beast that was as big as a spider.

“chī chī chī chī !”

The abdomen of the beast emits a green fluorescent abdominal sac that ejects a large amount of mucus, which seriously hinders the joint operation of the “Arsonist”. This damn mucus is also extremely corrosive, causing every action of “Arsonist” to be issued. The sound of squeak, metal fatigue suddenly reached its limit.

Li Yao was so angry and angry that she didn’t know why Lu Qingchen suddenly told him to stop.

But he soon knew it.

In addition to this spider beast throws him to the ground, stopping the pace, there are a lot of beasts speed surprisingly quick, even a few hundred meters, jumped directly to the front of Li Yao, seemingly empty region.

A strange scene happened!

Obviously nothing, in the air in the air, but it is full of invisible sharp edges and hammers. After several beasts jumped in, they disappeared out of thin air, and appeared in about a dozen meters after half a second. Outside the place, it was evenly divided into two halves from beginning to end.

It was really two points equal to the scalpel cut, and the knife was fast, until the body half fell, the blood did not splash out.

There are also some beasts, the direct air disintegration is literally “air disintegration”, a big beast is divided into fist-sized pieces, “Crackling” falls to the ground, and even half a drop of blood does not flow out. .

Some more beasts, after disappearing for a few seconds, but in a few tens of meters, in the form of “even sheets”, it seems that there is an invisible million tons of hydraulic press hidden in the air, directly put them Every cell is crushed into a two-dimensional plane!


Li Yao controls the “Arsonist” with a savage knee kick, and the spider beast that screams on his body is also pushed into the horror area in front.

In the beginning, the beast was still alive and kicking, and he tried to attack him again.

But when it crawled two steps and stepped on the invisible trap, it disappeared like the victims.

A second later, the entire flesh of a bloody red ball with a diameter of no more than ten centimeters in the field appeared in the same place.

Li Yao swallowed hard and the entire spine was as cold as immersed in sulfuric acid.

“This is what I just told you, the space is not continuous.”

Lu Qingchen said, “You can simply imagine that the stable three dimensional space here has been fragmented, and the storm of four dimensional space rushes out through the invisible gap, making it a deadly trap, these three dimensional space. Once the life is stepping in, or the space is divided into two, or the space suddenly compresses from 3D to 2D, or the space shrinks a hundred times, believe me, flesh and blood, Crystal Armor and Giant Divine Weapon can’t resist the attack directly from space. Even the divine soul that I rely on the magnetic field of life does not dare to risk it. It is very likely that my divine soul will be sealed in a space forever. I can see everything that is close at hand, but I can’t escape without moving. It’s just a hundred times more than death!

“See the dangerous area marked on my map. We are surrounded by invisible traps everywhere. I sacrificed countless people to mark them one by one, and found that our area was completely Completely blocked, look, I did not lie to you, you can not directly rush out to find Ding Lingdang or others, only to find the control hub where ‘the other half Fuxi’ is, go to the tower!”

Li Yao took a deep breath and burned his life, overdrafting the divine soul, releasing a powerful and unmatched telepathic thoughts, deep into the space discontinuous area Expeditions.

Sure enough, the naked eye can’t see, most of the Magical Artifact and Low Rank cultivator’s perception can’t be scanned. He “sees” the gaps of countless claws and the four-dimensional storm that blows out the frenzy. .

The four-dimensional storm and the fragmented space form a high wall with almost no end, which separates him from the area that is close at hand, and is tightly blocked.

With a little carelessness, his telepathic thoughts were involved in the 4D storm, and it seemed that the whole brain was swept away by the storm, and he slammed back into the cranial cavity at a hundred times speed, hitting him with a sigh and blasting his brain. Thousands of thunders, instantly binocular red, seven bleeds, almost fainted.

There is no road ahead.

There are still a large number of beasts in the rear. They also realize that the space is not continuous, and they dare not jump easily, but they are low-lying and look down on Li Yao.

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