FMC Chapter 3047

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3047 Connecting Heaven Tower, Astronomy
Li Yao took a deep breath and rubbed the blood from the throat.

After a series of fierce battles, the vitality of every cell is pushed to the limit. He feels that the five insides are burning and hungry.

This feeling, the blood that he swallowed back into his throat became very mellow, and stimulated his nerves, like fireworks.

Li Yao manipulated the “Arsonist” and collapsed.

The original dark black outer shell turned orange in the ultra-high speed friction of the flame and air, and all the power nozzles on the back expanded to tear. If countless bright eyes open at the same time, the ground under the feet is split. The cobweb-like cracks even spread to hundreds of meters away!

“You don’t want to escape from the air, absolutely not, there is no cover in the air, you will be hit!”

Lu Qingchen keenly perceives Li Yao’s determination and screams.

However, it is too late.

When about a dozen beasts flew toward Li Yao at the same time, dozens of power units in the “Arsonist” body spewed out a torrent-like torrent of torrents, and the impact was strong, even smashing the ground within a hundred meters. Just like a meteor crater after the meteor fire.

And “Arsonist” also leaps high with the power of recoil, Soars Toward Sky in a Leap!

The sound burst of the tearing eardrum shattered the tempered glass windows of all the high-rise buildings within a few tens of miles, and even stimulated the Brain of many beasts, causing them to mourn.

Many beasts responded extremely agilely, and followed the footsteps of “Arsonist”, leaping high, and even “shuā shuā shuā shuā” pulled the membrane and wing from the side of the arms, and flew to the top of the “Arsonist”.

As everyone knows, this is all in the calculation of Li Yao.

In the seemingly wretched past, Li Yao has long scanned the physiological structure and attack methods of each kind of beast, and even which monsters will jump to what position and speed. In mid-air, what direction will appear in mid-air, have been deducted hundreds of times in my mind, to draw up the adventure that ultimately seems crazy, but at least 50% grasp.

“pā! pā! pā! ”

“Arsonist” suddenly traversed, seemingly abruptly falling.

It just happened to be on the top of several beasts, and the iron feet wrapped around the flames and arcs slammed down. Several beasts instantly smashed into meat, just like a blossoming fireworks bloom in midair, and Arsonist also gained new acceleration and shot again in the higher sky.

At this moment, there are still several beasts who are trying to thump the skin and wings, and bite behind Li Yao.

“whoosh! whoosh! whoosh! ”

“Arsonist” full head Frenzy dancing like a snake’s steel tentacles, suddenly shot out, put a few fierce beasts in pairs, and squatted, and took them all to their side.

At this point, “Arsonist” has already flown two or three hundred meters in the air.

It is the height that is most easily found by ground fire.

Looking at it, a huge fireball, arc and colorful Bewildering Mist suddenly appeared between the broken walls, like a rewinding storm, coming to Li Yao in midair.

The beasts who were captured by the “Arsonist” were placed on the soles of the feet by Li Yao. They served as good meat shields. Even when the screams were too late to make a sound, they were eroded by fireballs, electric arcs and acid. It was completely smashed into a group of coke, which was torn apart and turned into a powder.

It’s too late, at that time, with the help of several “meat shields”, Li Yao not only gained valuable escape distance, but also saw through the dense fire point distribution between the ground and the tall buildings, and the hole seemed to be impenetrable. Between the fire nets, the gap between the hairsprings, the giant Giant Divine Weapon under his perfect operation, the sleek Flying Sword, which is a kind of lightning condensed, drags out a series of dazzling afterimages, which are intensive The last few gaps of the fire net smashed out.

Just then, Li Yao ran into the “wall.”

There is nothing in the air. Li Yao has a Bewildering Mist with no gaze, black light, visible light and invisible light, but he doesn’t even rush in with the Bewildering Mist, giving birth to a feeling of rushing into the deep sea.

Squeeze, the strength of hundreds of millions of tons is squeezed from all directions, and each of his cells is “pā pā pā 啪”, which is the feeling of coming to the city of silver through the black gap!

Giant Divine Weapon also sent a variety of alarms, metal breaks and Magical Artifact explosions that smashed the head skin, twisted to the limit of the light curtain, and all performance parameters fell sharply with the trend of falling off the cliff.

Li Yao and Lu Qingchen, together with the “Arsonist”, were bounced back by the sky.

Then, it was covered with hundreds of lines of fire, acid and arc.

Rao is the “Arsonist” Pangu Universe’s premier Giant Divine Weapon, which has also been riddled with holes and broken pieces. All the strengthening armor on the body is almost bursting.

Li Yao’s feelings, like a thousand knives, were thrown into the magma and soaked.

Can not help but top-heavy, fell from the air, the entire world has been overturned.

Just then, he saw the tower.

The High Tower, which is incomprehensible in all languages ​​and strokes, is incomparably brilliant, magnificent, solemn, majestic, sacred, ancient, and original.

The High Tower rises like a silver-white tree. Its high, bulging roots are like rolling hills, occupying a whole neighborhood, even several years. Hundreds of high-rise buildings and grotesque buildings are built on it, connected to each other by intricate passages, like soldiers who firmly guard it.

It is crystal clear and faintly exudes flawless silver awns. Li Yao illuminates the limits to the limit without seeing a window or a gap in its surface.

It seems that it is cast directly in one piece with the starlight of the entire universe.

Around it, about two or three hundred meters away from the ground, surrounded by three huge silver balls, similar to the facilities of the Floating War Fort, however, compared to the Wu Xiong strong war castle and the High Tower To be eclipsed.

In order to adapt to the heights of Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan, the high-rise buildings in the Silver City are far more than the average Human Race building and can easily reach several kilometers.

However, in front of this High Tower, the skyscrapers that were still unattainable are as low and small as the weeds under the trees.

The High Tower grew up all the way, even breaking through the Bewildering Mist, which stopped the sky, poked a slowly rotating giant vortex in the Bewildering Mist, and through the vortex, Li Yao saw the universe.

At first, Li Yao thought she was mistaken.

But no matter how deep he breathes, using Spiritual Energy to soothe the nerves, he sees a splendid universe, with an endless stream of Star Glow, floating in the clouds above the High Tower, spinning, rippling.

It seems like it is like this High Tower is some kind of…bridge, a crossover bridge from the Pangu Universe to the more splendid Multiverse!

“Connecting Heaven Tower !”

Lu Qingchen unleashes an extremely exciting divine soul ripple.

“what did you say?”

Li Yao is very vocal.

“Connecting Heaven Tower, that is the name of the Silver City Hub, which is where the ‘other half of the Fuxi’ body is.”

Lu Qingchen quickly said, “However, although the city of silver is from the hands of Pangu Civilization, this ‘Connecting Heaven Tower’ is not built by them. It has at least 100 million years of history, most likely from the ‘black wall. The maker’s hand, all the secrets about Taikoo, are stored at the top of ‘Connecting Heaven Tower’!”

“is it?”

Li Yao’s heart, Divine Capital, was deeply attracted by “Connecting Heaven Tower”, giving birth to a subtle ambiguity, as if I had seen similar facilities for a long time, even…

Even his divine soul is a “Pangu Universe” that is launched from the “Earth” to the Multiverse side by similar facilities!

“How can it be?”

Li Yao murmured and felt like a moth that was about to break out and was about to see the final light.

However, between the moment he and the final answer at this moment, there is still an almost insurmountable obstacle.

The beastly tide, hiding the sky and covering the earth, rushing from all sides of the Silver City, surrounded by “Connecting Heaven Tower”, is launching the most violent attack.

There are so many beasts, there is no gap between the ground and the high-rise buildings, and even the weakest silver and white are swallowed up, so that Li Yao began to treat them as black carpets, or endless. Ant colony.

However, if you look at it, you will find that this is the main force of the beast. It is just a hundred meters high in the “Breakfast Dragon”. There are no fewer than ten in the army that besieged “Connecting Heaven Tower”. The ugly, grotesque beasts are countless.

This is an embarrassing epic battle. Although it is only the ground confrontation in the atmosphere, it has played the momentum of the collision of thousands of Starship swings in the universe vacuum, and with the sound of the waves, the blood boiling and the shocking The effect is even more intense.

“Connecting Heaven Tower” has a smooth surface and is flawless. There is no trace of gaps. Naturally, there are no firepower points, hangars and facilities such as the Crystal Armor and Giant Divine Weapon.

But the architects of Pangu Civilization, around the lower half of the High Tower, built a complex of maze, mountain-like bastions and heavy-type turrets, like 100,000 volcanoes erupting at the same time, destroying the magma. The second can swallow the life of hundreds of beasts.

Even if they are dozens of miles away, Li Yao seems to be able to hear the screams of madness and despair in the fortress guards.

As Li Yao said just now, they are fighting a war that cannot be won.

Their crazy firepower can temporarily resist the violent beasts, but they can’t resist the virus.

As more and more guardians in the fort were infected with viruses and became beasts, the little fortress seemed to be unable to accommodate his deformed body, and the bloody tentacles came out from the shooting holes, proclaiming a fire point. “Mute fire.”

The beastly violent tide is moving slowly and firmly.

The dark spot is also like a viral army that is about to erode “Connecting Heaven Tower”!

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