FMC Chapter 3052

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3052, Guarding the Tomb, Floating Astronomy
“call out”!

The appearance of the Red Dragon Swallowing the Sun emblem made the black ball speed up the rhythm, and the surface suddenly appeared tens of thousands of nerve-like black crystal wires, and penetrated into the armor of the “Golden Sun”.

โ€œGolden Sunโ€ clearly uses a crystal clear, seamless refining technology. Even parts that require flexible joint rotation can not see too obvious gaps, but the black crystal touches its surface as if it were The stream flows into the sea, disappears without a trace, completely infiltration and fusion.

From the depths of the “Spirit Mansion” of “Golden Sun”, there was a soft noise, “ๅ“ง”, a circle of black holes appeared around the breastplate, and a lot of pale golden flames sprang from the inside, and the breastplate went inside. Slightly recessed, then slammed upwards.

Li Yao’s heartbeat has accelerated to the limit, and it is almost necessary to squeeze blood from the chest all the way to the Brain, and then spurt it along the eyeballs.

The “Golden Sun”‘s Spirit Mansion is empty and there are no drivers. But when you scan it carefully, there is a small body in the small space.

This corpse is stored in the Spirit Mansion for at least a few thousand years. The dried flesh and blood are brought with the texture of metal, and the faint glow of light gold is emitted. Instead of a little bit of horror, it is like a gold casting. Like the demon, it gives people unparalleled brilliance and domineering.

Its body shape is thinner than the average person sitting down, I don’t know if it is born, or after the death, the body’s water evaporates and shrinks.

There is no trace of armor or Magical Artifact on it. Only a universe ring is worn between the fingers, and the Red Dragon Swallowing the Sun emblem is also engraved on the ring. However, on the top of the head, it is hard to nail into the nineteen. Steel nails thicker than the fingers, each steel nail runs through the skull and the Brain, and the nail tips gather together in the depths of the mind.

“The soul of the town?”

Li Yao is secretly surprised. From Glyph Rune on the nut, it can be seen that this is a very rare Magical Artifact of Ancient Cultivation Era. It is mainly used to seal the divine soul, so that the powerful cultivator of Spiritual Force will not be transformed into a soul. The devil is guilty, and even the divine soul can be sealed in the rotting corpse, suffering from the pain of life.

However, there is no trace of wrestling within the “Golden Sun” Spirit Mansion. Li Yao does not believe that there is any existence, and can push the soul of the town into the mind of the “Golden Sun”.

Observing the posture of the corpse, although the expression is extremely painful, but sitting cross-legged, five hearts to the sky, it is like a high-pitched “sit”.

Is it true that these nineteen towns have their own minds, just to seal their own divine soul, waiting for the arrival of a line of vitality?

Li Yao took a cold war and raised the warning of 120,000 points.

Of course, if the other party really tries to find “a glimmer of life” from him, he will not be afraid of it. Spiritual contest, possession and anti-possession are just the areas he is best at!

Moreover, the intuition told Li Yao that the golden corpse in front of him had already cut off all vitality, and even one cell, a telepathic thoughts no longer existed, and it was impossible to pose a slight threat to him.

This is very strange.

If the other party suffers from inhuman suffering, just to keep its own divine soul, how can it be in the “just a few thousand years”, the divine soul disappears?

You know, even the owner of the Star Ocean Empire Era, an ordinary Starship, the “Spark Ship” captain Gao Xingce, who Li Yao saw in the depths of the Mithril in the Skeleton Dragon Star, can peel off his consciousness. And memory, will last for nearly 10,000 years.

The driver of “Golden Sun” or “Ending World Calamity” can’t be weaker than the captain of “Spark Ship” anyway?

Li Yao casts her doubts on the black ball.

He needs Little Black to tell him the answer.

The black crystal filaments from the black spheres all swam to the top of the pale gold corpse, and the circle of the soul of the soul was wrapped around the circle, and all the information that Little Black collected from the outside world, including Li Yao, rose from Magical Artifact Graveyard. All the way through the madness, becoming the first process of Pangu Universe’s first expert, all flooded into the already dry and evaporated Brain.

The golden corpse is still moving, Li Yao still can’t sense the life of One Star at half point, but the brilliance of the black sphere is more gorgeous and fierce. After a while, another bunch of black crystal filaments extends, but it is stretched. To Li Yao.

This seems to be a kind invitation.

At least the other party did not forcefully invade his neural field, in an attempt to engulf his spirit and will.

Li Yao indulged in a moment, he certainly saw the risks, but he would never doubt the goodwill of Little Black, and the fierce beasts outside had been turned upside down. The mysterious “Connecting Heaven Tower” may also be dead. The crisis, Li Yao urgently needs to get the answer from the owner of “Golden Sun” or “Ending World Calamity”, at least the path to find the answer.

With a heart-to-heart, Li Yao ignored Lu Qingchen’s shouting, and from the depths of the Spirit Root, he shot a strongest touch of thought and entangled with the black crystal.


Deep in the mind of Li Yao, blasting a thunder.

Through the black sphere as the medium, the spiritual bridge between him and the pale golden corpse was completed.

Oh, itโ€™s also true and illusory. The world around it is blurred and distorted. Countless people flash and turn into overlapping flashes. Itโ€™s like what happened in this โ€œprehistoric Civilization Museumโ€ in the past 10,000 years. Replay within a second.

Rao is based on the cultivation of Li Yao Divided Spirit Grade and the weird divine soul from the earth. Some of them can’t afford such a huge amount of information flow, and they can’t help but exclaim.

Then, he “sees”, the pale golden corpse on the opposite side, slowly opened his eyes!

This is a very strange feeling.

The pale gold corpse clearly does not have a little life, but its dry eyes are shining with what can be called “Human Race emotions”. The colorful lights flash one by one, and Li Yao can clearly perceive the boundless Domineering, fierce violent flames, deep and wise wisdom… 20 kinds of vivid and strange humanity, even facing the vast sea, like the dusty confusion.

With the influx of a bundle of information, Li Yao faintly understood.

The owner of the pale gold corpse is indeed dead, and it may have been several thousand years since he died.

Before he died, he refined his body into a “ware”, storing countless spiritual imprints in it, as his inheritance is equivalent to a database of flesh and blood.

However, his spiritual imprint is too strong, giving people the feeling of “lifelike”, it is as if he took a photo, the people in the photo will be separated from the three-dimensional 3D light curtain, condensing the entity.

Even his liquid Crystal Computer, which is stocked with a lot of spirits, has been stained with his breath for a long time. He can kill a tyrannosaur with a palm, and the ruthless gold corpse is ruthless!

Looking at each other’s eyes, Li Yao was very excited. First, he threw out the seemingly stupid question, but everyone would ask in this situation: “Are you… ‘Emperor’?”

The pale gold corpse was silent for a long time.

The corpse that completely cuts off the vitality certainly does not speak, but it has long been stored in the deep mark of the dry cell, but it quickly analyzes the identity of the questioner, the current situation, and the external situation. After the ultra-high speed calculation, it is given. The most appropriate response.

“The erosion of time is enough to destroy everything. The once glorious Empire has long since become a ruin. Even the country rebuilt on the ruins has been scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. The so-called ‘legendary Emperor’ is nothing but an absurd story. In the chaotic universe that is falling apart, people who shiver between blood and darkness talk about the myth of consolation when they warm up.

Such ripples, along the black filaments, are transmitted directly to Li Yao’s mind, as if the pale gold corpse was talking.

โ€œNot to mention, in this mysterious and unfathomable ruins, there are centuries of rulers who have dominated the Pangu Universe and the rulers of the Civilization, Nine Heavens and Ten Hell, all here. As a bearded bone, a pile of weeds, a bush, and even a Bewildering Mist, even the ‘Emperor’ of Human Race Civilization is just one of the fire-fighting moths.

The light golden corpse continues. “Time has passed for a long time, countless information has been lost. Your Emperor and the gods have long been scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. I am just his afterimage, his message, his brand, this one. The ruins of Taikoo or the grave guard of the ‘Civilization Grave’.”

“The grave guard, the grave guard”

Li Yao couldn’t take the identity of the other person, clenched her fists and eagerly said, “Tell me, what is going on with all this, what is the truth about the ancient ruins, why are there so many elites of the ancient Civilization who have fallen? Here, even the ancient Civilization has been mercilessly obliterated, and what is the situation of the fierce beast outside, why the Civilization is killing each other, and why it becomes such a horrible beast, they are fighting What Ah?

“And you, or your master, the real ‘Emperor’, where did he come from, who is it, what did he come to in the ancient ruins? His Giant Divine Weapon ‘Golden Sun’ and Giant God of Blood God Son Divine Weapon ‘Ending World Calamity ‘Why will it appear here!

“Our Civilization, also your Civilization, is in danger of being in a thousand, I need an answer, the answer to all this!”

“No answer.”

The cemetery was silent for a long time, and through the black crystal, he responded to Li Yaoโ€™s mind. “Or, you are the answer, ‘Emperor’ left the lab before dying, and there is a deposit. The inheritance of a large amount of information means that the latecomer can continue along his path, find the final answer, and solve the puzzle that he could not solve until he died… I, who, who?

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