FMC Chapter 3054

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the copy of the 3054 chapter Dragon God! Floating astronomy
Emperor’s last words use a very advanced way of transmitting and interacting with information, allowing Li Yao to be immersed in everything he felt in the past, even when he was in the embryonic state.

That is innate, embed in the Emperor gene fragment hundreds of millions of years ago.

Li Yao seems to see everything, or, by Emperor’s last words, activates the mystery of the same embed in the depths of his gene bank.

For a moment, Li Yao saw a gorgeous sea of ​​stars in front of him. A magnificent ship, no one, no matter whether it is a stable state of three dimensional space or a super storm in four dimensional space, it can be like a flat ship. Numerous Human Races are not the Human Race of the Ordinary Pass today, but the arc and energy network around the body, the skin is changing with the golden rhythm and the little “True Humanity”.

Li Yao saw these human races hundreds of millions of years ago through the Multiverse, studying the mysteries of white dwarfs and neutron stars, black holes and Wormhole, and even four dimensional space. Seeing that they conquered one after another, the Civilization, there are countless seemingly devilish Civilizations. Under the sword of Human Race, he shivered and gave all the technology, wisdom, social organization and even the genetic map. All of this was turned into a mysterious and complicated information flow, and then super-highly compressed and encrypted, engraved. Go to Human Race’s own gene chain.

That is equivalent to the fact that Human Race Civilization turned into a dragon and swallowed one after another different carbon-based Civilizations, becoming the “king of kings” of Multiverse. As the gene chain grew longer, the glory of Human Race, It finally spread to almost every corner of the Multiverse.


Flourishing and decaying is the historical necessity. No matter how brilliant the Civilization has been created by Human Race, there is also a day when it is inevitable to decline.

Presumably, the Human Race Civilization, which was born hundreds of millions of years ago, encountered “Hong Chao” at the most powerful time, and was defeated by Hong Chao as a dog of funeral.

This history is not clear in Emperor’s gene chain and has not yet been resolved. Therefore, Li Yao can only see a fragmented, rusty fleet that fled in the Star Ocean and was destroyed one by one. The bleak picture.

Even so, the picture that you see in front of you is enough to explode 10,000 cockroaches in the depths of Li Yao’s brain cells. Every gene chain is ready to move, and it will bloom completely.

“It’s so brilliant, so wonderful, so magnificent and incredible, too old Human Race Civilization! This, what’s going on here!”

Li Yao yelled in his heart. “It turns out that Emperor didn’t look down on the hopes of the ancient ruins when he was still in the middle of dying. He used to be birth here, maybe a laboratory in Connecting Heaven Tower is his.” hometown’!

“But why is it so that even if Pangu Civilization wants to make Human Race, Human Race will be enough for up to ten months from the seed of life to the embryo to the fall, why Emporor has been bred for three full years, and it has grown into… so weird Golden meat ball?

“And, he is still in the state of embryos, he can awaken so many memories of the ancient times, and even master the self-awareness and clear thinking comparable to adults, which is too exaggerated!”

Li Yao’s thoughts turned around and I thought of a possibility.

“Right, it’s like Long Yangjun.”

Li Yao thought, “Long Yangjun itself is a Human Race warrior of Prehistoric Era hundreds of thousands of years ago, but she was extracted from the genes and seeds of life, condensed into an embryo, and hibernated hundreds of thousands of years in an incredible way. After that, it was re-born.

“You know, when Long Yangjun was born more than a hundred years ago, the Nüwa Warship was empty, and it was all about automating the cultivation of Magical Artifact to complete her modulation. At the time, this gene duplication and automation. The technology that has been bred is already very mature, and it is very likely that it has been circulated from the ancient ruins.

“So, will the genome of Emperor come from the black wall makers hundreds of millions of years ago?

“Yes, yes, it must be like this!

“Want to uncover the mystery of the Taikoo and break the black wall of the seal Pangu Universe, is there any better way to ‘copy’ a real black wall maker?

“Specialist scholars at Pangu Civilization must find ways to collect some of the genes of black wall makers from the depths of the ancient ruins, perhaps their bodies, perhaps bloodstained in some kind of Magical Artifact, or simply black walls. The inheritance that the manufacturer took the initiative to leave.

“The technology of modern Human Race Civilization has been advanced, and only two life seeds are needed to automatically breed the next generation. Since Nüwa Clan in the Civilization is a natural gene modulation Specialist, then just a drop of black wall maker Blood can be copied from a brand new black wall maker without exceeding the limits of technology.

“While listening to the meaning of the lines in the Emperor word, the black wall makers seem to have the ability to compress and embed the genes of the multiverse carbon-based intelligent life of the Multiverse into their own gene chains. Then, Emperor’s embryos also contain black wall manufacturing. It is not surprising that countless Taikoo Era Super Civilization information has not yet been fully developed, so it has such a keen thinking and perception ability!

“As for Pangu Civilization, he is afraid of his awakening… it’s normal.

“Assume that today’s Human Race Civilization wants to copy a living Pangu Clan or Nüwa Clan, it must be careful, fearful, full of anticipation, and lift the alert to the limit?”

Li Yao settled and continued to read Emperor’s last words.

“They… these ridiculous carbon-based intelligent life, afraid of my awakening, and expecting my awakening, eager to use my ability, and extremely fear my ability.”

The cemetery continued to swear. “They managed to stimulate me to unlock an unknown gene chain, trying to fully understand the secrets hidden in my genetic chain, but they refined everything… can be called ‘branding’ ‘Things, from the dual level of genetics and spirit, trying to seal and control me, even want to implant a ‘bomb’ in my genetic chain, and use ‘Genetic Bomb’ to destroy me when necessary.

“Of course, these are all words. It was after I returned to here to look at everything after a long time, I suddenly realized it.”

“At the time, I was just an ignorant embryo. Even the true wisdom of life was not counted. Everything I applied to me was a fun game. I had a good time.

“In this way, I grew up slowly, and gradually expanded. As I grew older, I also had more and more powerful ability. When I was still sealed in the crystal tower, I could manipulate everything around me, including everything and everything… people.”

Li Yao has an incredible picture again.

In the vast laboratory, centered on the crystal tower that stores the Emperor embryo, all the experimental Magical Artifacts and instruments all over the sky swayed in the air, like the invisible hand manipulating and dancing, colliding with each other,叮dīng dāng when “sounding.”

In the second picture, as the pale gold meatballs floated in the nutrient solution, all the surrounding Crystal Computers were automatically turned on and operated at ultra-high speed, and a bundle of three-dimensional 3D light curtains was shot. The light curtain was full. It is a fascinating, smashing pattern that is like the fleet of the Taikoo Human Race fleet, the path left by the mighty crossing of the four dimensional space.

In the third picture, the experimental instruments and Crystal Computer are all safe, but the dozens of researchers who are doing research seem to have been hypnotized, and their eyes are staring at Emperor’s embryos, muttering to themselves. Both legs trembled slightly, like being suppressed by the power of a small embryo, completely robbing the heart.

“My ability is getting stronger and stronger, my consciousness and thinking are getting clearer and clearer, and I can even communicate directly with some of the most sensitive researchers.”

The cemetery continued to tell the story of Emperor. “I even have a friend…the daughter of this lab supervisor, a little Nüwa Clan, who is also a talented, very good genetic researcher. Specialist.”

In front of Li Yao, a new picture appeared.

In a messy lab, Nüwa Clan, who is only three or four meters tall and has a very young face, kneels in front of the crystal tower that seals the Emperor embryo, and looks at the golden ball inside. Nüwa Clan’s “dignified” and “sacred” feelings, like the Human Race girl, are suddenly and joyous, suddenly and sly, and suddenly frowning, and then smile and smile, the eyes are smart, the expression is wonderful.

“I know a lot from this friend’s mouth and have a preliminary concept about the universe in which I am now.”

The tone of the grave guard suddenly became softer, but after softening, it was doubled. “At least I know that I am not the only one who is sealed. My friends and her people are also sealed here. In the small ‘Taiwan ruins’, far from their true hometown, they have been fighting silently for countless years, but the hope of finding hope is still very embarrassing. They still don’t know how long they will stay here.

“My friend grew up here, grew up in the city of silver, never left the ancient ruins, and returned to her real hometown.

“I asked her why, she only told me the three-word quarantine.

“I still want to exchange some information with her. What is the ‘quarantine zone’? What mission do they have? What is the picture that flashes back in the depths of my sea of ​​consciousness? I can be nurtured like her. Do you have real hands, feet, and mobility? Why are the ‘big men’ who are so afraid of me other than her? Since I am deeply afraid of me, why should I nurture me, make me, and stimulate me?

“I have a lot of questions to ask her, but her father, the lab, and the head of the ‘manufacturing Human Race project’, don’t like their daughter and my quirky meatball alone. Once, she sneaked into the lab during non-study time to find me. After being discovered by her father, she was forced to leave the project, and the ‘sealing’ and ‘punishment’ against me also increased.”

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