FMC Chapter 3055

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the truth of the 3055 chapter of the battle of relics, floating astronomy
In the picture of Emperor’s last words, the innocent Nüwa Clan girl was replaced with some indifference, such as the adult researcher of the enemy, whether Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan or other smart race, the face is condensed with a thick layer A thick ice shell, like hiding all feelings behind a thick layer of ice.

Li Yao realized this very strange thing at this time.

According to him, all the wilderness races that established laboratories in the Taikoo ruins were sealed with at least 70% of emotions.

Perhaps, can they endure the endless, grotesque, incredible mysteries and fears in the ruins of the ruins?

If you have normal emotions, you will realize that hundreds of thousands of years of inferior races that are not inferior to Pangu Civilization, all fall, completely annihilated, even they are very likely to follow the footsteps of the predecessors, I am afraid they are already crazy. Any research can’t go on.

Only the girl, perhaps because she is not old enough, can still show some normal emotions, probably because she is particularly close to Emperor.

Then, as the picture flashed, there were scenes in which the researchers performed various intense and destructive experiments on the golden meat balls.

Researchers use a strong arc to stimulate the defense of the golden ball, test the self-healing ability of the golden meat ball with a highly toxic and corrosive liquid, and even deliberately do not supply any nutrients to the golden meat ball for a long time. Its ultimate bearing capacity.

They just don’t want the Emperor in the golden meatball to be born.

This kind of full of vigilance, hostility and even malicious treatment naturally aroused the resistance of Emperor.

In the next picture, a tall figure of Pangu Clan fell on the ground outside the crystal tower, and the entire head burst open, and blood and coolant spattered.

Four researchers surrounded by horror – even if they sealed most of their emotions, they could not stop their unstoppable fear of the golden ball.

“I killed a researcher.”

The voice of the grave guard was plain and cold, and the word was a word. “This guy is a geneticist and pharmacist who is best at using various natural extracts and synthetic poisons to violently crack the debris deep in the gene chain. He injected hundreds of venoms into my embryo to test my self-healing and immunity. He even wanted to put a seal on my gene chain, which is to embed a command full of him. The gene fragment, when I am really born, if necessary, as long as his mind is moving, my body will automatically secrete various hormones, synthesize a deadly poison, and poison myself.

“This is one of the seals that Civilization has come up with to curb me and the entire Human Race.

“This is not the most effective seal, but it is indeed the most painful one. I have almost been poisoned by his drugs, but I have been rescued by his antidote. In some sense, it is ‘remaining’. At the time, my sea of ​​consciousness is indeed filled with the illusion of eccentricity, just like the past hundreds of millions of years ago, the way of flying and dancing, and flashing, and the stale of him.

“In most cases, I don’t hate what the researchers do. After all, most of the experiments have caused me little pain, and I can also read the mysteries of a lot of genes through these experiments. Learn more about myself.

“But the researcher’s means is too painful. I don’t hate him. I just want to get rid of this state of life, and I am separated from my only friend. The heart is filled with loss for the first time. Anxious, I want to vent it with impunity.

“So, when he came to me again with a syringe filled with venom, I condensed all my strength and implemented a small ‘push’ in his Brain.

“It’s hard to explain what the so-called ‘pushing’ is all about. It’s like an upgraded version of hypnosis. My telepathic thoughts can be scanned to see how his Brain works, even to a certain brain. Can influence his decision, and then I can squeeze his mind to influence his decision.

“I hope, no, it is to order him to inject venom into his body.

“In all fairness, I didn’t have the idea of ​​killing him, because I knew that every time he prepared a venom, he would also prepare an antidote at the same time—after all, they just wanted to stimulate my genetic memory with venom and test my Self-healing and immunity are not really killing me. Although the antidote has various side effects in the past, the detoxification process is quite painful, but all of them have a miraculous effect on the point of returning to life.

“So, I believe that even if he injects venom into himself, he can immediately save himself with antidote, and he can eat at most.

“Unexpectedly, my ‘push’ made the Pangu Clan researcher horrified. He subconsciously spurred every brain cell to the limit, condensing all brain waves and Spiritual Force to fight against me.

“For me, this level of spiritual confrontation is just a game in the drizzle. I inadvertently strengthened the power of ‘pushing’, but this guy has widened his eyes, and every inch of skin is red, expression For example, the cracked ice shell, the horror to the extreme, the back of the head of the fold ‘chī chī chī chī ‘jet hot flow, and finally, before the other researchers have not reacted, the entire head completely burst.

“I have smashed a big disaster.

“Or, I have shown too much power and terrible potential. It is not Pangu Civilization that can be suppressed in the usual way. They decided to stop the research project and put me into a long-term hibernation, thousands of years and tens of thousands. Years, hundreds of thousands of years… or forever, until their research in other fields has progressed, they are confident that they can absolutely control me, then thaw me and conduct new research.

“For this ending, I have no room for rebellion.

“At the time, I was only a small embryo. After all, there are so many mysteries in the depths of the gene, but in the absence of nutrition, energy and flesh and blood, nothing can be done – hypnotize one An unprepared researcher is one thing, and at the same time hypnotizing hundreds of Spiritual War Specialists with a variety of Magical Artifacts, such as enemies, high alert, and various ‘brainwave amplifiers’, is another very different thing. The difficulty of the person must be increased by a hundred times.

“I know that they injected hibernation drugs and all kinds of bizarre nutrients around me, turning the crystal tower that carries me into a crystal clear huge amber, and I can’t do anything about it.

“The original sea of ​​consciousness, full of turbulent waves, gradually calmed down and solidified.

“I can perceive the range and path around me and slowly shrink and dissipate.

“Early, I was able to perceive at least dozens of visible, invisible, and high-frequency magnetic fluctuations within a few hundred meters. I could hear the sounds of countless researchers’ heartbeats, blood flow, and brainwaves, but those The gorgeous light and the noisy voice were deprived one by one, but the drowsiness seemed to be unstoppable like a thick black tide, and a black film was wrapped on the outside of the golden meat ball.

“Original, I should just fall asleep like this, maybe, I will never wake up again.

“But at this time, there was a deafening loud noise and a violent explosion outside the lab. Even the hibernating person could perceive a strong and pungent killing.

“Since I have been injected with a lot of hibernating drugs, I have completed the 95% hibernation program, and I don’t want to start again. All the researchers have set me apart and ran out.

“I don’t know how long it took, my friend hurried in and rushed to the front of my crystal tower.

“She is stained with blood on her body, smeared with strong smoke, a panic, and the six gods have no way.”

“She told me that they – all of Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan and various ethnic researchers living in the ruins of Taikoo were all betrayed by outsiders.

“As they feared the ‘True Humanity’ of Era Era, the outside Pangu Civilization people also feared them, fearing that they would study the mystery of the Taikoo day and night, so they mastered the super technology and the Taikoo Magical Artifact, and the outside people asked them to do everything. The research materials and the excavated war machines were all handed over, and even they wanted to teach the outsiders how to use war machines such as the ‘Starry Iron Rider’.

“However, these are just excuses.

“My friend told me that outside the Taikoo ruins, her people had already embarked on a long-lasting civil war. The civil war almost destroyed the entire Pangu Civilization and destroyed Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan, Zhurong Clan, Gonggong Clan, Kuafu. Clan, Houyi Clan …… All the evil emotions and moral laws in the depths of the carbon-based wisdom and spirituality.

“Even if both sides of the civil war have reached the end of the road, it is like two poisonous snakes that bite each other seven inches. They are willing to die together, and they are not willing to let go at the same time.

“There are nowhere to go, and the dogs jumped into the wall and focused on the ruins of Taikoo. They all wanted to draw the Specialist scholars and researchers from the ancient ruins to become their own ‘secret weapon’. At the same time, they were afraid that these were relatively simple for Soldier and politicians. The non-combatants who are deceived will be drawn over by the other camps. If this is the case, they would rather start with the strong, and bring all the Specialist scholars together with the research results and destroy them!

“It sounds incredible, but the war was originally the most unreasonable thing. The two sides who killed the red eye did not care too much. They all claimed to be the true masters and orthodox inheritors of Pangu Civilization, and they also had the power to order the Chinese people in the Taikoo relics. If the Specialist scholars and researchers in the ruins of Taikoo do not obey their orders, that is the traitor of the entire Civilization, of course, can give unrelenting sanctions!”


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