FMC Chapter 3057

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the beginning of the 3057 chapter, the astronomy
“At that time, I have forgotten everything that I am telling you now. It was only after I was old and weak, and I was going to get back to the ancient ruins. But at that time, I was just a child who was ignorant and ignorant. .”

The voice of the grave guard came. “Children are born and ignorant Expeditions. Without any guidance and lessons, no surprises or fears can stop his adventure. I didn’t realize that this solid battlefield has How bloody and horrible, only those beasts, giants and war machines are very interesting toys.

“I walked through the silent city of silver, playing in the bloody battlefield of solidification. I pursued the time bubbles that constantly emerged from nothingness, captured the gaps that gradually split, and finally found some consistent with my ‘time curvature’. The food, nutrients, and various Magical Artifacts are small type shuttles. As long as I bite my teeth, burn the divine soul, and do my best, I can pull these things out of the twisted fog and drag them in. My time is in curvature.”

Li Yao blinks in front of the picture.

The pale gold child is like the little salvager he was born in the Magical Artifact Graveyard, constantly collecting the resources needed to survive between the bloody battlefield and the time gap.

The pale gold children devour the nutrients and Strengthening Medicine pulled from the fog, refining precious energy between dancing and claws, occasionally taking super-high compression nutrients that are not suitable for them and Heavenly Material and difficult to digest. Earthly Treasure will also roll up between the bloody sea and the ruined wall of the corpse, but the natural immunity and tolerance make him stubbornly persist and become a wild child who is born and raised. .

When he grabbed a lot of Magical Artifact Chainsaw Sword, Vibration Sword, Crystal Computer, Crystal Armor and even Starship’s wreck from the fog, these things became his best toys.

Light gold teenagers often use ideas to disassemble all Magical Artifacts into shredded components, carefully study their structure, and then piece together the clouds. At a young age, they have the magical Artifact refining Specialist.

After discovering a Starship navigation system, he was even more attracted to the splendid Star Ocean navigation map, often sitting in the middle of the gray battlefield, inspiring the gorgeous Star Ocean from the navigation system, staring at the sparkling lights. The bright waterway and the colorful Wormhole area are long silent, thoughtful.

“I almost forgot all the memories of my own embryonic state. The power of Human Race Civilization hundreds of millions of years ago, the annihilation of hundreds of Civilizations, and the civil war of Pangu Civilization, all forgotten.”

The cemetery lightly said, “But I vaguely remember who I have promised, to take a look at the world outside her, to see the depths of the stars, whether there is a more brilliant Civilization, and she spares no effort What is the guardian?

“This promise, like a fierce lightning, activates some of the fragments hidden in the depths of my genetic chain. In an instant, endless stream of information flows, my source is constantly flowing into my sea of โ€‹โ€‹consciousness, making me I have mastered some of Starship’s skills in repairing and controlling. With the wisdom of my memory, these Starships refined by Pangu Civilization are the simplest toys.

โ€œI fixed a small type shuttle ship and transformed it into a mode that only one person can control. Then, under the guidance of some kind of power in the dark, I left the ancient ruins and galloped in the vastness of the Pangu Universe. In the Star Ocean.”

Li Yao In front of the eyes, the city of silver falls apart, dancing like a crystal-clear butterfly, dissipating, replaced by the vast Star Ocean, the splendid stars, and the Wormhole group with infinite killings.

And a touch of golden streamer, but walked through all of this, took the boy who awakened 10% of the ancient blood to the center of Star Ocean.

“I overestimated my ability, or that I am not a natural product, but a strange freak in the laboratory. In all respects, my body is quite deformed.”

The cemetery calmly said that Li Yao has heard a faint sorrow from the extreme calmness. “I was stimulated by various experiments in disorder, and I awakened too many wisdoms that should not be awakened and could not bear, but my The body is far from keeping up with the intensity of these wisdom needs.

“The simplest example, I did use the talent divine ability to repair and transform a single shuttle ship without a teacher, but in my unconscious transformation, I forgot to increase the strength of the protection device. The human shuttle ship is prepared for those who are real black wall makers who have awakened 100% of the ancient blood. Those who are as strong as the devil can even freely shuttle through the stormy waves of four dimensional space without protection. Between the precise control of each cell and each of the telepathic thoughts, chasing the cloud, the waves, it is conceivable that such a person does not care about what ‘protective device’, it can easily cross Wormhole.

“But I can’t.

“I just awakened 10% of the ancient blood, the body and the divine soul are too young, have not fully recovered from the double damage of long hibernation and time solidification, can not withstand the squeezing of Wormhole and the tear of the four-dimensional storm.

“When I realized that I had made a big mistake, it was too late. I was involved in the turbulence of the four dimensional space, completely lost my way, after a series of thrilling, squeezing, tearing, spinning, shredding and cohesion. I was thrown out by another unknown Wormhole, drift and fall to the edge of Star Ocean.

“This is my biggest misfortune, but it is also my greatest fortune.

“Unfortunately, the continuous damage, my ability was further compressed, and the golden mansions that disappeared around me disappeared without a trace. Most of the time, it seems to be the same as a most ordinary Human Race child.

โ€œFortunately, when I and the Starship wreck drifted to a chaotic asteroid mine, I met my own adoptive parents, two very kind Human Races.

“That is… reversed by your time node, 10,000 years ago, at the end of ‘The Great Dark Age’.”

Li Yao screamed “ah”.

Knowing that from this moment, “Emperor’s Legend” will truly shine on the dark stage of the first glare.

โ€œIt was a slave mine under the control of Fiend Clan. At the end of the Fiend Beast Dynasty, the levy and ethnic oppression became more serious. The working conditions and living environment of the slave mine were extremely bad. The Human Race was like a dead leaf. A light breeze can blow off a large piece.”

The grave guard continued. “My adoptive parents are ordinary miners in the slave mine, but my adoptive father is particularly good at driving the old Mining Ship, chasing the rarest ore in the meteorite storm, so he got the mine. The special permission of the Lord can often go to the place away from the main mining area, and he found me there.

“At the time, the only child he and my adoptive mother had just died from malnutrition, my foster mother was saddened, and my adoptive father was also sighing and sighing. When he found me from a fragmented wreck, I actually had breathing. When I was in a heartbeat, I was not ecstatic, and I was treated as a child given to him by God.

“He did not hesitate to make up his mind to hide me between the Magical Ship ‘wฤ“ng wฤ“ng’s magical Artifact components, secretly entrained and lived in the name of my early brother.

“The environment in the slave mine is bad, but as long as the amount of mining can be completed, the mine owners and supervisors will not care about the lives of a small child. Everyone is self-defeating, and occasionally several miners know. My true identity, but they are very kind people. I will treat my arrival as a gift from God to all the miners. It will help my adoptive parents. You will grow up with me and grow up together.

“In this way, I grew up among these dirty, rude, enthusiastic, and kind miners and became a member of them.

“Although I was growing up, I gradually awakened all kinds of incredible abilities, and I felt the difference between myself and the people around me. But the past has long been annihilated in the time solidification and the Wormhole storm. I still haven’t thought about it. Who, or, I am defining a new self with new experiences, loved ones and partners.

“One thing, maybe 10,000 years later, it’s hard to understand. The so-called ‘slave miners’ is not just the Human Race, but also a lot of Fiend Clan, in the depths of the dark and cruel asteroid belt. ‘Race’ is simply meaningless, even the weapon that the ruler used to provoke disengagement and divide and rule.

“This is a very normal thing. Those slave owners and rulers treat the Human Race so cruelly, and regard the living wisdom life as dust and ants. Do they treat the lower level of Fiend Clan, and they will be cheerful and full of humanity. What?

“No, at the end of Fiend Beast Dynasty, the so-called Fiend Clan Empire has long since fallen apart. The governors and generals of Fiend Clan have become self-reliant, killing each other. The losers in this warlord’s melee are even more powerful than the Human Race slaves. After all, in the eyes of Fiend Clan’s top management, Human Race is the most docile existence, will never resist, there is no threat.

“The defeated Fiend Clan captives are often scrapped of a divine ability, and even some organs are removed, and then a few hundred pounds of cockroaches are smashed before being sent to the slave mine, and the Human Race miners receive a dark torture.

“There is no reproductive isolation between most of the Human Race and Fiend Clan. In such a situation of mutual sympathy, even if there is a deep hatred in the past, it will not take long to disintegrate, and even birth a lot of children of Human Race and Fiend Clan. The divine ability that is more strange and exaggerated than I am, I am immersed in these ‘half demon’, and I am not so eye-catching.”

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