FMC Chapter 3058

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 3058 chapter of the rise, floating astronomy
In front of Li Yao, there is a picture that is fascinating, but it is a happy scene.

In the asteroid with a thin layer of artificial film oxygen, deep in the dark and cold mine hole, a child with a golden eye in the bottom of the eye, and a group of half-human half-devil, or half-human and semi-mechanical, semi-devil and semi-mechanical children mixed Together.

Like adult miners, they shoulder the burden of life too early, allowing the whip and shackles to be deeply embedded in their flesh and blood, and growing like stubble and weeds in the threat of scolding, flogging and death.

In the rare leisure time, the child with the glittering eyes of Jinmang gradually became the leader of all the children. He led the children to collect the ruins of the fragmented mining Magical Artifact deep in the mine, repairing and transforming into various strange and magical Magical Artifacts. And with the children using various methods and supervisors and mine owners, unscrupulously strive for more food and rest time.

In the depths of this young boy’s eyes, it shines more than this age, not even belonging to this Era, too mature light.

The new Magical Artifact, which he refines with the ruined Magical Artifact wreck, goes far beyond the scope of the Mining Magical Artifact, even if the Crystal Tank on the supervisor can be easily worn.

When he and his friends changed from a child to a teenager and from a teenager to a youth, they no longer like a sheet of loose sand, but they are completely gathered into an Iron Fist, a sword. An army, a group of anger, lawless, willing to go with the stars!

β€œWhen I grew up in the asteroid mine, the storm of resistance also swept from the Star Ocean Central to every world under Fiend Clan, and even in our asteroid mines there was resistance to the Organization and the Rebels – However, at this time, the resistance of the Organization and the Rebels are still at a very low level. It is not so much a well-trained warrior. It is better to say that it is a civilian who can’t bear to be angry, but who is overwhelmed after the roar.”

The picture presented by the cemetery was gradually contaminated with a strong blood color. “Like other miners, my adoptive parents joined the resistance organization and participated in a massive strike. At that time, the resistance was not clear. The goals and concepts, and never thought of using violent means to overthrow Fiend Clan’s rule. I only hope to negotiate with the mine owners to reduce the astronomical mining quota, while improving the working and living environment of the miners and reducing the mortality rate. And that’s it.

“My true parents and uncles were really convinced that the conditions that were not overly certain would be promised, at least there was room for bargaining.

“But they are far underestimating the despicable, cruel and shameless rulers, or they don’t even know how nervous and fierce the ruler is like a stunned bird in the face of the turbulent rebellion.

“In the face of the miners’ negotiating requirements, the miners first agreed to make a false promise. They only said that it takes time to negotiate one by one and temporarily calm down the miners, but this is a slow-down plan. When the heavily armed army rushes to the asteroid mine, the mine The owner immediately turned his face and launched a bloody massacre.

“After my adoptive parents, most of the miners have been slaughtered.

β€œMy friends and I have joined the ranks of resistance, but in front of the well-trained professional warriors and the fierce Arsenal Ship, the half-hanging ability that I have not yet awakened, and the talent divine ability of my little friends in every disorder. It does not help at all.

“I remember that I was bare-handed and shredded dozens of Biochemical War Beasts. Because of the excessive overdraft of the divine soul, the Brain almost spontaneously ignited, automatically triggering the body’s protective mechanism and fainting.”

Li Yao presents a pair of Hot Blooded to an incredible picture.

The boy with pale gold eyes had a short layer of fluff on his lips, and his face gradually showed an angular shape. The skeleton of the tiger’s back was also initially built.

And his anger and rushing crown, blood boiling from excitement, the height of the high-pitched muscles, is even more exaggerated than the Crystal Armor’s reaction armor, it is like a normal body, plus a layer of flesh and blood made of Battle Armor.

His full head, the high-pitched hair of the steel needle, danced wildly, jumping on the surface of the asteroid, rampageing like a thunder, searching for traces of Biochemical War Beast and Fiend Clan expert everywhere, even if the barrage poured into him like a pouring rain, he They don’t care, and the lightning-fast figure moves around the gap between the bullets, approaching the enemy.

Li Yao saw his bare-handed fists and smashed the most solid bones of the Biochemical War Beast about a dozen meters.

He also saw a Fiend Beast with a huge body of at least tens of tons of weight, like a natural meteor hammer dashing left and right, and smashed Fiend Clan into a patties.

Until all the Fiend Clan on the battlefield regarded him as a monster, hitting all the firepower and indiscriminately bombing him. He still rushed out dozens of steps with intensive firepower before he was beaten and fell to his face. And he has the blood of pale golden luster, which has already wet the whole asteroid.

“I’m very lucky.”

Keeping the grave, “If it is 10,000 years between ‘The Great Dark Age’, Fiend Clan’s rule is in full swing, and the social structure is relatively stable, monsters like me have been sent to the most advanced biochemical experiments. The sliced ​​study in the room went away.

“But at the end of The Great Dark Age, Fiend Clan’s rule has long since fallen apart. Fiend Emperor and Fiend God are in power, just for their immediate interests.

“Our mine owner lost about half of the miners in this crackdown on the uprising. The mining base was even beaten. I don’t know when it will resume production. The daily economic loss is astronomical. I feel so distressed. I don’t want to be born.

“The amazing ability that I showed in the battle made him shine. I thought I could live in the house. Instead of killing me, I helped me to treat and supplement my nutrition. Of course, he did not forget to implant in my body. He thought that the ‘failure’ of the restrictive seal.

“After some operation, my and my surviving friends were sold to a Battle Arena at an incredible price.

“That is a place called ‘Death Valley’, perhaps the most bloody, dark and rancid place in The Great Dark Age for 30,000 years.

β€œI wrestled with various Ominous Nightmare Beasts in ‘Death Valley’ and participated in a cruel and perverted game. In the honing of the swords and the blood of the corpse, I gradually recalled a lot of things, including cultivation and warfare. The method of the machine, the tactics of commanding the ground forces and the fleet, how to boost morale and the resources to operate astronomical figures… In short, every time I am seriously injured, the divine soul is seriously overdrawn, my Brain will inexplicably come up with something, some help I am reborn and leaps forward.

“In addition to my former friends, I also met a lot of Gladiators, and after several consecutive years of continuous victory, became the Uncrowned King of all Gladiators – they have similar experiences with me, all with Fiend Clan The ruler made a bloody enemy, a deadly enemy who did not share the sky.

“Once again, I rebuilt my army.

“This time, I will never allow myself to fail again, never!”

In front of Li Yao, there are dozens of flickering images.

In the picture, there are golden awns in the eyes, the skeleton armor in the beast, the blood-stained sawtooth knives, the war machine facing the fierce beast or the reinforced iron bones, all fearless and high. Leaping, falling heavily, and gradually growing into a true youth in the gorgeous scene of broken limbs, flames and arcs.

After every painful sniper attack, when the youth of the golden eyes landed, the Gladiator standing behind him was more and more. In the end, there was a murderous aura squad that gathered around him.

“I passed on the wisdom and divine power that I had awakened to the Gladiator around me. I made a little bit of improvement and improvement according to their characteristics, and used all the Magical Artifact wrecks around me to secretly create our own armed forces in the ‘Death Valley’. Before the owner had discovered it, a Human Race soldier who had not appeared in tens of thousands of years had already formed.”

The voice of the grave guard, with a strong sarcasm, “When the owner of ‘Death Valley’ found that dozens of seals could not suppress my power, it was too late – I appeared directly in him. At the bedside, he was too late to jump from the bed, and he punched his head with a punch.

“I am afraid you will know the next thing.”

“I started out as a Gladiator army, defeated all the Fiend Clan fleets that rushed to destroy us, gradually integrated all the Rebels and Resistance Organization, and became the well-deserved leader of the Rebels. In just a hundred years, Completed the overthrow of Fiend Clan’s rule, completely shredded ‘The Great Dark Age’ and reunified the entire Star Ocean!”

In front of Li Yao, there was a magnificent battlefield. The rise of Emperor in just a hundred years was concentrated to a more short half minute.

In half a minute, he saw with his own eyes how Emperor’s Gladiator army captured the enemy’s arsenal, how to occupy one crystal mine after another, how to develop and refine the first batch of Crystal Armor, how to craft the exclusive Human Race cultivator The Star Ocean Warship, how to win a field of hearty, ruined victory.

The Rebels did not encounter the desperate situation of squatting and ambushing, but each time Emperor was able to turn the tide with incredible means, and the Jedi counterattacked. Instead, the enemy who lost the vouchers lost their helmets and abandoned the armor.

Many times, Li Yao was stunned and stunned. No matter how you think it is incredible, it is not β€œif you have God”, but – Emperor is God, it is Pangu Universe’s β€œThe True Son”, without any Power can stop his rise and advance!

Li Yao once thought that the rise of his miracle was a “legend”.

After seeing the rise of Emperor, I realized what a real “legend” is, and my rise can only be said to be quite low-key and conservative.

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