FMC Chapter 3060

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the test of the 3060 chapter of Taikoo, floating astronomy
Li Yao listened to God, until now, finally relieved.

“The original truth is like this. It really has a lot of twists and turns than the Version on the historical books. It is also reasonable.”

Li Yao secretly thought, “Just, there are a lot of details, and the words in Emperor’s last words are unknown. In the legend, he first turned into two clones to cultivate ‘Chutian Wudi’ and ‘Star Ocean Emperor’. What is this? What happened? Also, in addition to the strongest clone of Mad Armageddon Blood God Son, he still has 19 clones. Is it also a part of the other person’s personality? What is the outcome of these clones?”

History is like sand painting in squally winds and huge waves. Time will erode all traces. These problems will never find the correct answer. Even the words of Emperor may not be true for 100%. The details that have passed away with the wind can only be imagined and commented by future generations.

At least in general, Emperor fulfilled his promise and killed three of his own geeks, Mad Armageddon Blood God Son and Star Ocean Empire, including himself. This led the entire Human Race, but it was also possible to suppress it. Human Race’s “Emperor”!

After thousands of years of darkness and chaos, when the sea of โ€‹โ€‹stars was reunified, it did not adopt the monarchy, but was reborn with the appearance of “Star Ocean Republic”. Later, under the influence of the soul of Blood God Son, it experienced Empire again. Of True Humanity’s restoration, but on the edge of Star Ocean, there is also a new hope of Star Glory Federation. Any authoritarian ruler, whether he is Sovereign Emperor, Supreme, True God or any name, can’t cover it. The sky with one hand, it will never be possible!

For the Emperor of remorse, this may be his best redemption, the most desired ending?

Sure enough, the voice of the grave guards showed a touch of warmth.

“As you know, this is my last words. I have recorded more than one of the similar things. For Star Ocean, which has been unrecognizable for thousands of years, there are one-to-one correspondences for different endings.”

Keeping the grave, “I am very happy. It is this last words that are presented to you, because it means that I have scanned the outside world for the collection of Magical Artifact. The outside world is a vibrant world, and Human Race Civilization is finally Gaining freedom and liberation is a small beginning, and it is moving in a more and more bright direction.

“Maybe, you are more qualified than us in the past, to complete… the mission hidden in the depths of the ancient ruins!”

โ€œLong story short, I almost killed Mad Armageddon Blood God Son in the Empyrean Terminus battle, and also destroyed his main force of the rebels, but I am also in the midst of a dying dying.

“Death is for me, but it is another familiar sleep. I am not afraid of death, but I am not willing to scatter ashes and dispersed smoke with so much confusion. Actually, where did our Human Race come from, we are Pangu Universe Indigenous people, or from the broader and terrifying Multiverse from outside, what kind of power can expel us here, and even force us to completely erase our own existence, and succumb to billions of years before we dare to re-send new student roots? What’s in the depths of the ruins, what is Pangu Civilization and those ancient Civilizations looking for? If I was the only success embryo created by Pangu Civilization, why did the Pangu Universe after hundreds of thousands of years become the world of Human Race? What is going on in the depths of my gene bank, why is it that I can activate and release alone? Can I find a way to make the full Human Race become like me, if it is possible, for Human Race Civilization? In terms of overall interests, is this change good or bad?

“With so many questions, I have not found an answer. I am really reluctant to do so with such regrets and die very grievously.

“Very natural, I thought of my hometown, and the ancient ruins of time solidified. I dragged the incomplete, crumbling body and returned to it.

“At this time, I have a high awareness of the dangers of the ancient ruins. I don’t want to hurt more innocent people to die for me, and I don’t want these guys who are reckless to trigger the mechanics in the depths of the ancient ruins, so I don’t have Carrying any of your men is just one of them. Before that, he destroyed most of the information about the ruins of Taikoo, and arranged a bluff, intricate puzzle.

“Including Pangu Civilization, so many advanced and advanced Civilizations failed to find the answer. Instead, they were completely obliterated and disappeared. I don’t want Human Race Civilization to follow their footsteps, so at least wait for my compatriots. We pushed Civilization forward for thousands of years and became more intelligent, rational and courageous. This is the original intention of not wanting to tell the whole truth 10,000 years ago.

“The feeling of re-entering the ruins of the Taikoo in a hundred years is a little different from the past. If it is to be accurately described, it is that the feeling of ‘jelly-like viscous’ is a little thinner. When I walk through the solidified battlefield, there is no It used to be so laborious, and I was able to drag objects and even corpses out of more and more fog vortex for my research.

“I know that this is a sign that the ‘curve of the arc’ in the ancient ruins is about to return to normal.

“It’s like you’re pulling out a knives and waves, leaving a clear arc in the water. No matter how much power you use, you can spur more powerful Spiritual Energy, open the deep rift, and the water flow on both sides will eventually be the rift. Submerged, smoothing the ripples, and the small ripples will blend into the overall ripples of the ocean.

“The time left for me and Human Race Civilization is running out.

“The time in the ruins of the Taikoo has solidified for hundreds of thousands of years. This is the limit in terms of the technology of Pangu Civilization.

“From the change of the radius of curvature of the arc in a short period of 100 years, at most 12,000 to 15,000 years, the arc of time will completely disappear, the time of solidification will flow again at normal speed, and the battlefield will Restoring the original, the beasts and war machines sealed inside will not even realize that they have been sleeping for hundreds of thousands of years instead of hundreds of thousands of years, even if they have been sleeping for millions of years, it is impossible to stop them from This battle of destruction continues to be played.

“At the end of the game, whether the beast is completely engulfing the city of silver, or the ancient ruins release its true power, like the elimination of hundreds of ancient Civilizations, completely eliminate the beasts, Pangu Civilization and Human Race Civilization. It is the catastrophe of all of us.

“I am going to die.

โ€œThe brutal experiment of the embryonic period forced the radius of curvature of the time arc to break through the arc of childhood, and forcedly passed through one Wormhole, including the juvenile Eraโ€™s torture in the slave mine, and the youth and the prime of the age, with almost no protection. During the Star Ocean battlefield, I have been killed, awakened, recovered, and broken again and again… All of this has been bombarding my body from the genetic level, making me look like a strong body, and Iโ€™m already weak. Empty dead wood.

“I can feel the vitality of every cell that has been riddled with holes. Even if it is not able to retain my life, it will only slow down the rate of depletion. I must race against time and experiment more.” , Multiple Expeditions Some places, for the latecomers I believe that the wisdom and courage of Human Race, there must be latecomers, I must burn my own divine soul, to provide you with the final guidance.”

Li Yao appeared in front of a white-haired old man.

At this time, he has long since lost the hegemony and formidable of the “Emperor” period, squatting with his waist, and breathing quickly, like a veteran of the age of the wind, a road on the pursuit of truth, grinding his feet After draining the blood, I still don’t want to stop. I also want to use my bloody footprints to guide the veterans in the direction of the latecomers.

โ€œI carefully circumvented the air bubbles, Expeditions most of the area in the Silver City, including most of the laboratories set up by Pangu Civilization, and the place where the ‘Hong Chao Regiment’ prisoners were held. I also found a lot of bodies. I have both Pangu Civilization and the beasts they converted, even the bodies of the Hong Chao Regiment captives, and the wreckage of the war machine left by the ancient Civilization. I conducted a very detailed dissection, disassembly and research, trying to figure out The reason why countless Civilizations gathered in the Taikoo ruins, and why Panpu Civilization consumed a lot of resources and made the Human Race at all costs, finally came to my attention.”

Keeping the grave, “It seems that there is no silver city in the original Taikoo ruins. Just between the vast world, there is a ‘Connecting Heaven Tower’ that leads to the universe. This Connecting Heaven Tower is made of black walls. The creation of the Creation is also the hub of the black wall that drives the Pangu Universe. The black wall makers left a ‘test’ of mysterious and unfathomable in ‘Connecting Heaven Tower’. Specialist scholars at Pangu Civilization believe that as long as Through this ‘test’, you can become the owner of Connecting Heaven Tower, inherit all the inheritance of the black wall maker, and control the freely switchable black wall, so that Pangu Universe can instantly expand a hundred times!

โ€œJust, itโ€™s easier to pass the test of the black wall makers? The Specialist scholars of Pangu Civilization have found countless wrecks around the Connecting Heaven Tower. The fragmented war machines and the horrible corpse fossils are countless ancient Civilizationโ€™ tests. The failure ‘has left the horror.

“At least a hundred of the ancient Civilizations wanted to pass the test of the black wall makers, all failed, and the cost of failure is most likely that the entire Civilization has been erased!

“The consequences of this have naturally made the Specialist scholars of Pangu Civilization dare not act rashly.

โ€œTheir research found that at least one or twenty of the Civilizations in the ancient Civilization were at the same level of level as Pangu Civilization, even above Pangu Civilization, and basically exhausted all the evolutionary directions of carbon-based intelligent life. Since these ancient Civilizations failed to succeed, Pangu Civilization is at stake, and failure is a high probability event.”

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