FMC Chapter 3061

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3061 creates ancestors, floating astronomy
“This is really the case!”

Li Yao’s heart is full of arrogance.

This is true even though Lu Qingchen said so, including the results of Li Yao’s own Expeditions and scans, but this is said from Emperor’s last words, and the weight is naturally different.

The inheritance of black wall makers is not only a great opportunity, but also a fatal catastrophe. If a disposition is not appropriate, the entire Human Race will face a real end.

The only thing that makes Li Yao a little relieved is that Emperor said that the “time arc curvature” in the ancient ruins will return to normal after his second return to the “12,000 to 15,000”, silver The beasts and war machines in the city will be unblocked and once again ravaged and destroyed.

According to the time projection, that is now, at least one or two thousand years later.

Li Yao once thought that he had limited ability and neglected to let Lu Qingchen go, and Lu Qingchen became more and more frustrated and mad, and desperately fled to the ancient ruins, and after a series of misunderstandings. The collision will only activate the silver city in the “Time Amber”.

This kind of chain reaction has brought great psychological pressure to Li Yao.

It seems that it is not so simple. The time seal left by the black wall makers is not something that Lu Qingchen and Ding Lingdang can do.

The time-solidification state was slowly relieved, and Ding Lingdang’s attack on Lu Qingchen accelerated the “release” and “ablation” at most.

Even without the actions of himself, Ding Lingdang and Lu Qingchen, the Archaic remains will be awakened in a thousand or two years. At that time, Human Race Civilization did not have a little vigilance against it. It may be obscured by ignorance and ignorance. The ending will only be more good.

Since it’s hard to escape, it’s only a matter of fighting. At this moment, perhaps the best chance to find the answer!

“Pangu Civilization’s Specialist scholars have studied dozens of relics of the ancient Civilization, including the warrior’s decaying corpses and the fragmented war machine. It has been found that some ancient Civilizations are good at refining machinery, refining countless hollow crystal filaments that are thinner than cow hair, and then Guide True Qi into the crystal wire, drive a variety of mysterious and intricate machinery, and develop a brilliant mechanical civilization; some ancient Civilization is a pure martial road, they use Spiritual Energy to temper the body’s secret skill, than Pangu Any race of Civilization should be exquisite, and it can really cultivate the individual of carbon-based life to a greater extent and tyranny than the mountains; and some ancient civilizations have long embarked on the path of divine soul and body separation, they use Spiritual Energy Wrapped in the divine soul, ignoring the star radiation and the invasion of the Star Ocean Storm, freely swimming between the sea of ​​stars, has also developed a whimsical, multi-dimensional illusion of Civilization.”

Keeping the graves, “In short, every ancient Civilization can dominate the Pangu Universe. Naturally, there are extraordinary achievements in the holy world. When faced with the ‘test’ of the black wall makers, they also follow their own ideas. The angle to crack, mechanical, martial, temperament, optics, divine soul learning… It is a pity that every road has proved to be a dead end, and hundreds of once brilliant civilizations have come to an end on the road to death.

“Pangu Civilization found that no matter how sophisticated the research in a certain field is, there is always an ancient Civilization that is better than them, but all kinds of whimsical, incredible, Pangu Civilization attempts are unexpected, and the result is nothing more than Prove a dead end.

“Even in the field of Pange Clan’s most proud ‘massive induction’, they all found an ancient race, with a bigger ‘Three Brain’ and extracorporeal circulation cooling system than you know, Pangu Clan Obtaining the talent divine ability of ‘massive electrocardiogram’, I have to infinitely expand my own Brain, and I have to expand my body and cooling system, cooling system, and even evolve a special hormone secretion organ to stimulate The generation of coolant, these cumbersome organs make Pangu Clan’s body bigger and bigger, unable to adapt to the life of most high-gravity planets, and the internal cooling efficiency of the bloated Brain is always unable to be lifted, in the fierce battle and ultra- High speed It is very likely that it will smash, burn or even explode during operation.

“This is Pangu Clan’s innate dysentery, which limits the terminal illness of their further development.

“But there is an ancient race, but it solves this problem in an ingenious way.

“This ancient race has the same large-scale electrocardiographic ability as Pangu Clan. In order to release and receive the huge brainwave information flow, they are also the carbon-based intelligent life, they have to grow a huge Brain.

“But they are free to control the shrinking and bloating of Brain, allowing Brain to switch between ‘normal’ and ‘battle’, and they also have a special Spirit Beast, which is a symbiotic relationship with them. Their bodies are seamlessly connected together.

“The blood of this Spirit Beast is a natural coolant. Whenever they need to get into combat, the Brain will expand rapidly, and Spirit Beast will blend into their backs to help them cool the Brain, even if they are fighting. A Spirit Beast will be killed, but for the owner’s Brain, it will not be damaged.

“This kind of whimsy makes Pangu Clan stunned and can’t think of dreaming.

“Unfortunately, at this time, the evolution of Pangu Clan is nearing completion, and there are no natural enemies in the Pangu Universe. It is impossible to carry out such intense evolution.

“Not to mention, the ancient Civilization with such advanced large-scale electrocardiographic divine ability, in the end failed to pass the test of the black wall manufacturer, still has a Civilization annihilation, nowhere to go, even if Pangu Clan can be big What is the use of amplitude to improve your ability to sense your heart and electricity, besides repeating the same mistakes?

“At this time, the researchers at Pangu Civilization found two things.

“First, indeed, the ancient Civilization is above the Pangu Civilization in almost every field, but in genetic research, more precisely, in the field of gene duplication and fusion, it is slightly less than Pangu Civilization.

“Nüwa Clan in Pangu Civilization is a natural gene fusion and replication Specialist. Their bodies are simply mobile genetic research rooms.

“Second, they inadvertently found in the ‘Connecting Heaven Tower’ some traces left by the black wall makers, perhaps the body organization of hair, blood and the like.

“A crazy idea flashed in the minds of the Specialist scholars at Pangu Civilization.

“Since the entire wreckage of the ancient Civilization has proved that the powerful Civilization can’t pass the test, can it be said that only the black wall makers themselves can pass this test?

“Using Pangu Civilization’s advanced gene fusion and replication technology to create an 100%, pure, real black wall maker, and then he will test it on behalf of Pangu Civilization, whether it will completely reveal the mystery of the ancient ruins ?

“This is a crazy madness, and the idea of ​​success is also quite low. It is simply a gamble.”

“But Pangu Civilization has no choice.

“Before discovering the ancient ruins, Pangu Civilization’s Expedition Army has crossed the almost infinite black wall, and has seen the vastness, vastness, absurdity and despair of the Multiverse. It also saw the aggressiveness, brutality and hidden in Hong Chao Regiment of Hong Chao Regiment. Behind him, how terrible the real ‘Hong Chao’ is.

“Communication is two-way.

“Since Pangu Civilization can break through the black wall, Hong Chao and its minions can naturally break through the black wall and break in to destroy Pangu Civilization.

“Pangu Civilization did capture most of the Hong Chao Regiment, but did not guarantee that there would be no one or two fish that would miss the net, would call for a more powerful fleet, and the power that is far above the Star Ocean fleet.

“In order to survive, they must first grasp the more powerful forces and find out more about the truth before the next wave of the enemy’s offensive.

“The enemies of the enemy are friends. The black wall makers don’t look particularly friendly. They treat all the carbon-based wisdom of the birth in the Pangu Universe to be ruthless, but from the information they left, they are also Hong Chao drove here, hiding it, and since Hong Chao is the common enemy, then if Pangu Civilization can replicate the new black wall maker, the two sides may be able to communicate, and Pangu Civilization may be able to make use of the black wall directly. The power of the person does not have to go through the ‘test’ of mysterious and unfathomable.

“With this in mind, the project “Copying Black Wall Maker” was launched and supported by the most abundant resources and the most elite research team of Pangu Civilization.

“Unfortunately, with Pangu Civilization’s genetic technology, the black wall makers who want to replicate the degree of Civilization more than a hundred times more advanced than their own, it is as if the ants want to breed elephants, it is difficult to go to heaven.

“The project advancement was very unsatisfactory. Indeed, they did not take long to copy a batch of ‘Human Race’ that looks like a black wall maker, but these people are just invisible, but without the wisdom and power of the black wall maker. It is like a hairless monkey.

“Or, it’s easy to create a Human Race, but 100% releases the power of the seal in the depths of the Human Race gene chain, but it’s far from the Panmu Civilization technology.

“Even with Nüwa Clan’s genetic talent divine ability, it is still impossible to complete the complex and unfathomable gene chain of Human Race. How does any small cell in Human Race work? For Pangu Civilization, it is a ‘black box state’, with the most powerful Super Crystal Computer at that time, equipped with ‘Fuxi System’, arrogant to the limit speed to calculate, to fully resolve the Human Race’s gene chain, at least… Ten billion years!”

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