FMC Chapter 3063

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3063, is too ancient to unlock! Floating astronomy
The cemetery said that it was silent for a long time.

It seems that Emperor is also going to be here for thousands of years, if anyone will come here, hear this last word, and successfully pass the “Final Test” of the black wall maker, without much hope.

“The request I made seems too much – even the entire hundred ancient Civilizations including Pangu Civilization, the answer that could not be found, how could Human Race Civilization be discovered at once? Perhaps, perhaps we should not To conduct such tests, you should stay away from the ruins of the ancient times and forget all about it. Forget the vastness of the Multiverse, forget the threat of Hong Chao, and forget the glory of the makers of the black wall. We are so carefree, embarrassed, and live with the tide. Live until we are eroded by time, the day of natural annihilation.”

The voice of the grave guard is almost awkward. “And maybe we need a miracle, like the miracle that the original inorganic matter has life in lightning flashes and thunder rolls, and it becomes an organic thing. Only this miracle can make Our Civilization has leapt and continues to evolve in a brighter direction.

“In other words, life itself is a miracle. Wisdom life is a condensate of millions of miracles. Miracles always happen, miracles… have happened, aren’t they?”

With the last infinity and the question of infinite hope, Emperor’s white hair is gray, and the image of the wood is finally completely broken, turning into a stream of billions of pale gold, like a hiding the sky and covering the earth. The meteor shower, rushing into Li Yao’s mind.

In an instant, Li Yao had an illusion in front of him, and the drums roared in the ear. Each nerve ending absorbed the astronomical information in an instant. It was more realistic and detailed than the 3D 3D phantom, and he flashed him one by one. Between the divine souls.

He was just immersed in the situation, and he simply turned into a dying Emperor. The twists and turns of the grotesque and sinister life were rolled back at lightning speed.

Li Yao first saw the white-haired Emperor in the depths of the ancient ruins and his heart’s demon contest – his full head silver hair suddenly turned into a bloody blood, and suddenly turned into a splendid gold, expression suddenly and sly, suddenly and determined The war was screaming and screaming, and suddenly it was crazy. One person manipulated two super Giant Divine Weapons, “Golden Sun” and “Ending World Calamity” in a “space-by-door” manner, until both Giant Divine Weapons were bombarded. He was so riddled with holes, and the light in his body completely suppressed the darkness. The “Golden Sun” sword down sword, the “Ending World Calamity” hole!

Then, the picture flashed and returned to the grounds of Paramount Heaven Sector and Empyrean Terminus, near the “Gold Crystal Tower”, to unfold the earth-shattering battle.

It’s still the match between “Golden Sun” and “Ending World Calamity”, but this time, “Ending World Calamity” is dominated by the real Mad Armageddon Blood God Son, and Emperor is also in the powerful realm of Spiritual Energy and the divine soul. The power of the two Giant Divine Weapons has increased tenfold!

It was a brilliant battle against any battle that Li Yao had participated in. It was a 10,000 new sun rising from Subterranean World, which inspired countless geological faults and magma belts. The whole planet was Emperor. The power and the madness of Blood God Son, the sky collapsed, the earth shivered, the loss of life, a planet, was almost blasted.

The picture flashed again. This time, I returned to the Emperor to ascend the throne, and created the most brilliant moment in the eyes of the world.

Emperor stands in front of the sturdy fortress, and the magnificent Battle Armor brings out his magical style. It has the momentum of โ€œordering the stars, not dare to followโ€, and tearing the atmosphere between the clouds and the clouds, wrapped in burning fiercely The clouds rushed into the tens of thousands of Warships, releasing gorgeous salutes, symbolizing the limitless future of the Star Ocean Empire and Human Race Civilization โ€“ the most brilliant moment of the Star Ocean Empire, from Emperor to every civilian. In just a few decades, today’s glory will be turned into an endless disaster, and Human Race Civilization will have to explore for 10,000 years in the chaos of the chaos to usher in new peace and hope.

However, the hidden dangers have already been buried, and the picture flashed again. There were countless scenes of the squadrons who died under the Emperor butchers, including countless Emperor’s former comrades and even childhood partners. Their roar and screams turned into black stingers and became Emperor divine soul The pain and remorse that can never be pulled out in the depths.

As the picture flickers, Emperor’s memories go all the way.

First, his Organization Rebels confronted the Fiend Clan ruler, the glory and joy of the victorious battle; then he was in the Battle Arena against various nightmare behemoths and war machines, tempered the divine soul in the tempered under myriad hammers, awakening the blood of the ancient times. In the end, although he was miserable in the slave mine, he also had a happy childhood.

I remembered it. At the moment of dying, Emperor remembered all the way. His thoughts passed through Wormhole, returned to the ancient ruins, returned to the solid battlefield, and even returned to the battlefield before it was solidified. When it exists.


Emperor’s embryo is like a door, or a black hole with infinite mysteries. When Pangu researchers bombarded the black hole with various strong stimuli, Li Yao’s consciousness also followed the spiral and saw it. The secret that lies in the deepest part of the Emperor gene chain.

He saw very clearly, those eyes deep, a bunch of golden rhymes on the skin, and the unpredictable Taikoo Human Race.

See how these Taikoo Human Races are illusory and crystal clear, as if they were ready to melt in three dimensional space, and Warship, which moved to four dimensional space, appeared in the Pangu Universe.

See how the Taikoo Human Race smashed its body, turning each cell into a crystal-clear seed with hundreds of millions of genes, spreading it to every inhabitable planet in Pangu Universe and the extremely harsh Resources Planet. It is even theoretically impossible to produce any life in the vacuum asteroid belt.

After seeing that most of the Taikoo Human Race smashed themselves, the last few of the Taikoo Human Races were on the Connecting Heaven Tower, looking at the stars intricately. Then, the stars in the splendid stars were so beautiful. Another one is extinguished!

The starry sky above them was originally like a sparkling sea. No matter where you look, you can see the burning fiercely stars in a row, and the earth shines like a white.

But hundreds of millions of stars are extinguished one by one, and if an invisible dark behemoth engulfs the universe, only a few stars are left, struggling to emit a faint glow.

The black wall rose.

The Taikoo Human Race sealed itself and blocked itself in the small Pangu Universe.


This scene made Li Yao feel endless sorrow, but also endless anger. He was like being sealed in a small iron house. He was so sullen that he could not breathe, and he could not help but make the most intense roar.

He has to struggle, to resist, to ask, to roar, to release the power of the deepest part of the gene chain, to break the damn black wall and break all seals!

Numerous golden streamers spurt, roll, and stir in his mind.

At first, he thought it was the inheritance of Emperor.

But soon he discovered that it was not only the inheritance of Emperor, but also the power released from the depths of his own genetic chain.

โ€”โ€”Everything is the same as Emperor and every Human Race that lives in the Pangu Universe today. Everyone is the same. It is the inheritor of the black wall makers of the Taikoo Human Race hundreds of millions of years ago.

However, the Emperor may unlock the power of 10% to 30%, and the edition only unlocks a few thousandths or even a few ten thousandths.

Cultivation Li Yao to Divided Spirit realm may have unlocked 10%’s Taikoo blood, and he has an advantage that even Emperor does not have. His divine soul comes from the earth, which is a secret from the core of Hong Chao and Taikoo. Closer place.

So, after getting Emperor’s guidance, Li Yao’s gene chain is also being unlocked in madness, and hundreds of millions of years of information flow are constantly surging, almost destroying his cells, nerves, blood, bones, internal organs. And the entire Brain, and then a refinement!

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

Li Yao made a heartbreaking and angry roar, and his skin also briefly showed a piece of mysterious and complicated golden rhythm of dragon and phoenix dance. Even his big eyes and the retina showed a string of strings. The waterfall-like flow pattern, after a while, re-hidden into the divine soul.

Li Yao doesn’t know how long he has traveled, squatted, crouched, and cultivated in the depths of Emperor’s heritage and his own gene pool.

It was like a long life โ€“ not a personโ€™s life, but a glorious ancient Civilization, a long life.

As he woke up, he found himself wrapped in a warm, soft force, as if he were born in the strongest clam.

It was Little Black, he was once again wrapped up by Little Black.

“Thank you, Little Black, I didn’t expect that you are such a big presence.”

Li Yao smiled and whispered.

Little Black swayed out the soft ripples and spit out Li Yao.

Li Yao took a deep breath and extended his right hand to look at his body.

At first glance, the body is no different from the moment, and it has not become what it is like to cast iron or grotesque.

But when the mind is moving, a faint golden rhythm will emerge from the skin, as if it has the ink of life, automatically combined into a mysterious Glyph Rune, even layered, from the skin all the way into the muscles and bones. The efficiency and intensity of the divine ability is ten times higher than the past mantra and hand seal.

And when his mind turned around and thought of the inheritance of Emperor, a lot of information that only Emperor knew would come out in his mind.

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