FMC Chapter 3064

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the first 3064 chapter of the beast, floating astronomy
Detailed topographic maps of the Taikoo ruins, from the secret lab to the gateway to Connecting Heaven Tower and even the Teleportation Array; and the many divine capabilities of Emperor’s former Star Ocean campaign; and two super Giant Divine Weapons “Golden Sun” and “Ending” World Calamity’s detailed structure and control… Everything is flashing in Li Yao’s mind, like a quiet raindrop, infiltration into his divine soul.

Li Yao reached out and pressed gently in the void.

Immediately perceive a pale gold ripple, which spreads out in the form of palms, echoing throughout the lab, and all the Pangu Clan, the Nüwa Clan corpse, the war machine left over from the ancient Civilization, and even the various unknown Magical Artifacts. The internal structure was clearly scanned by him, and even the performance parameters appeared in his horizons.

Not to mention the fatigue and trauma of the whole body, they have all been caught in the clouds. He feels that every cell is full of grapes that are going to explode, and how easy it is to raise your hands!

Li Yao couldn’t help but scream and express his pleasure.

When the boiling Brain calmed down, he remembered that he still had a heartfelt compatriot.


Li Yao glanced at Lu Qingchen and wondered, “You didn’t even mean that when I swallowed the Emperor heritage, make a move. It’s not like your style!”

“I really want to make a move, but you are wrapped in this quirky black mucus. I really can’t find a chance, and you have a magical howl in it, and there is a sword-like gold from time to time. When the light comes out, each of them can split my remnant soul into two halves. I am not sure, and I will be able to put you to death.”

Lu Qingchen lightly said, “Not to mention, I have said long ago that all my actions, no matter how sultry and heart-wrenching, are based on the highest interests of Star Glory Federation and even the Human Race, and you are passed down by Emperor. It doesn’t violate the interests of the Federation. Why do I have to be a villain and fight with you, so that the inheritance of Emperor falls to the hands of others who are most likely to be non-Federation?”

“If this is your heart, and you can guarantee that you always think so, do it, I don’t regret to let you go, and hope that you can stay alive until we pass the test and send you back to the Federation for trial. That day.”

Li Yao looked at Lu Qingchen. “If you think so early, how good?”

Lu Qingchen laughed.

“You are so confident that the ‘right person’ that Emperor is waiting for must be you?”

Lu Qingchen lightly said, “Yes, you did get the inheritance of Emperor, and even harnessed the Giant Divine Weapon like ‘Golden Sun’ and ‘Ending World Calamity’. What about it? Emperor is right, wants to pass the black wall. The manufacturer’s ‘Final Test’, strength and wisdom must not be the key, because simply competing for strength and wisdom, we will not be able to catch up with the black wall makers for another million years, they will leave a few problems casually. It is enough to lock us all together, and the annihilation of a hundred ancient Civilizations proves this.

“I think this is definitely not the intention of the black wall makers. Since they have painstakingly built the Connecting Heaven Tower and left the Final Test, there must be a way to pass the test.

“So, letting you get the inheritance of Emperor is no big deal. This kind of power is even more powerful. It is more dazzling. It is easier to become the target of the war machine and the beaststorm. It is attacked by both sides. Being ‘tested’ as the most important goal, I know that I can’t take the test after you are exhausted, the oil well lights are dry, and from another angle you didn’t think of?

“However, there is one thing, I really made a big mistake.

“I didn’t expect that in the depths of the human body of Human Race, there are so many unfamiliar mysteries in the seemingly useless junk gene fragments. If we can completely unlock the blood of Taikoo, we can make a qualitative leap in our Civilization. I originally abandoned it, only keeps Brain, and even even Brain does not keep it. The idea that the entire Human Race is purely virtualized and energized is not wrong, but it is too fast to unlock the 100% of the ancient blood, and the Expeditions are clearly hidden in the After the mystery in our body, we implemented the ‘Virtual Spirit Plan’.

“Think, too, Human Race’s gene is a very efficient form of information compression and storage. No media is more suitable for storing the power and brilliance of hundreds of millions of Civilization than Human Race’s cells. Super Crystal Computer It’s true that it can be done, but the energy consumption is far more than the simple cells.

“Every body, every cell, every strand of the gene chain is condensed with a whole Civilization… So wonderful answer, how come I didn’t think of it?”

“really not easy.”

Li Yao said, “Listening to your own confession that you made a mistake seems to be more difficult than killing you 10,000 times. If this is not another intrigue, but you really realize your mistake, then like Emperor, Use your life to atone for sin!”

“It depends on you, whether you decide to break into ‘Connecting Heaven Tower’ and activate ‘Final Test’.”

Lu Qingchen’s divine soul swept over Li Yao and said, “Will you?”

Li Yao has been pondering for a long time.

He reached for Little Black.

After blending with the liquid Crystal Computer, which was originally in the secret lab, Little Black has been fully upgraded and has the authority to control the entire lab.

Even in this lab, Emperor is equipped with a large number of surveillance Magical Artifacts, from which you can clearly see the pictures on the ground, inside the Silver City, especially around the “Connecting Heaven Tower”.

“shuā shuā shuā shuā !”

Hundreds of light curtains emerged from the void, forming a virtual silver city, allowing Li Yao and Lu Qingchen to clearly see the whole picture and every detail of the battlefield.

It took Li Yao a full six hours to pass the Emperor’s heritage to a minimum of digestion and absorption.

During these six hours, there was a sudden change in the battlefield and unexpected changes occurred.

The siege of “Binging Heaven Tower” has made a breakthrough. It has been surrounded by “Connecting Heaven Tower”. It has been patchwork, and the war-torn battlefields and firepower points are swallowed up by the black-pressed beasts. Countless guards are not murdered. The torn and savage of the beast is that it is also infected with the virus, and it has become a ferocious beast.

There are even a number of battleships floating in midair, all of which are eroded by the remote acid and poisonous mist of the beasts, losing their ability to withstand gravity, falling from the air and turning into a twisting wreck of a burning fiercely.

A large number of beasts flooded into the “Connecting Heaven Tower”.

The roots of “Connecting Heaven Tower”, like the roots of the big tree, are now eroded by deadly poisonous bacteria, from the original silver-white, to the ugly gray and black, just like a piece of mold, constantly spreading upwards. It quickly wrapped up a third of the “Connecting Heaven Tower”.

Under the black spot and mold erosion, the “Connecting Heaven Tower” surface even appeared a black vortex, a large number of beasts plunged into the vortex and disappeared, as if through vortex, directly invaded the “Connecting Heaven Tower” inside.

I don’t know what’s going on inside the “Connecting Heaven Tower”, and whether the sensible guards are all dead, and these guards will also be alienated into beasts on the physical and spiritual levels before they die. Very crazy things.

For example, completely activate “Connecting Heaven Tower”, destroy everything inside and outside the ancient ruins, restart the entire Pangu Universe?

Li Yao couldn’t help but fight a cold war.

Looking closely at the fierce beasts on the chaotic battlefield, Li Yao gradually got out of the way.

He originally thought that the beasts of the beasts belonged to a camp and were an army.

It is only now discovered that the beasts and the beasts are different, and it seems to be faintly divided into two Great Array battalions.

Or at the time, among the vast majority of thoroughly mad beasts, there are still some of the wild warriors who, despite some variations in their bodies, still retain a fairly clear sense of reason.

They are the real commanders of the beasts of the beasts, but they are divided into two Great Array battalions that are hostile to each other. They all aim at “attacking the Connecting Heaven Tower”, and they will also have fierce friction and conflict with each other, and they will endlessly endure.

However, most of the beasts are driven by killing and destruction, and the degree of control is very low, and they are eager to break into the “Connecting Heaven Tower”, do not want to lose both before the “Connecting Heaven Tower” falls, so there is no Formed a full-scale conflict.

Li Yao concentrated on scanning the entire battlefield.

With the inheritance of Emperor, his intelligence analysis ability has increased significantly than before, and he quickly locked in the top commanders of the two beasts.

Behind the fierce beast in the east, a figure is tall and mountainous, but the left half of the body is deformed, and a huge sarcoma grows on the shoulder, like Pangu Clan with two heads.

Despite the severe deformity of the half of the body, the strong breath emanating from him still looks like a barrier that can penetrate the Magical Artifact and the light curtain, and smashes Li Yao’s eyes.

And the deformed sarcoma is more like a heart-like suction, there is a crystal clear ball rolling in it, just like a huge eyeball sealed, can not tell the strange and horrible.

Between the folds of the Pangu Clan leader, there was a frenzied white mist, showing that his Brain was overloaded, releasing a strong brainwave that drove the army and looted.

Behind the murderer in the west, it is also a Nüwa Clan with a superb appearance.

Nüwa Clan is a human body, but her body is like a condensate of pythons and cockroaches. There are dozens of cold claws growing from under the ribs and back, and a pair of skinny wings are growing behind them. Covered with a blood-red film, even her face looks like a skull that has been sucked up by blood, driven by some crazy power to release the flame of destruction.

The Nüwa Clan leader also swept the sword, driving the fierce beast.

The two leaders quickly disappeared into the vortex of the beast, and the integration of the huge “mold” and “black spots” may be a step ahead of Li Yao and entered the “Connecting Heaven Tower”!

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