FMC Chapter 3066

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3066 Sun Holocaust, Astronomy
“咔哧咔哧,咔哧咔Chi! ”

The outer shell that wraps the meteor hammer is instantly shattered, and the iron scraps and sparks that have been turned into countless combustion are lasing, while the core of the Crystal Computer storing the Lu Qingchen divine soul is incorporated into the left arm of the “Golden Sun”, deeply buried in the muscles. Among the fiber-like gold silks, it is like a one-eyed eye growing between flesh and blood.

Not only the Meteor Hammer, but also a large number of Magical Artifact components are also wrapped in the golden silk released by the “Golden Sun”, engulfed, swallowed, and made a “squeaky” sound that makes the head skin numb. It is like a metal. The grinder has reached its limit.

Hundreds of millions of iron filings and electric sparks were staggered, and Li Yao’s flames burned into a mist of fog. The pale golden mist gradually became thicker, wrapping the whole “Golden Sun”, sucking one by one, like a A huge golden worm, the ultimate weapon that has been sleeping for a whole 10,000 years, is about to break down and turn butterflies!

Li Yao’s airspace divine ability and spiritual ripples are getting more and more fierce, getting more and more mad, and getting more and more crazy. In the end, the entire lab and repair shop are shocked by him, tens of thousands of Magical Artifacts. Both the unit and the spare parts flew in the air, gathering together into a storm of greatness, and Li Yao was wrapped in Little Black and placed in the center of the storm, inside the huge golden insect.

The dust finally settled.

Bewildering Mist, gradually spread out.

The golden worms are divided into five parts. Under Li Yao’s ultra-high-strength “torture”, all kinds of waste far exceed the limit of metal fatigue, from the original pale gold to pale and dead gray, “Crackling” fell to the ground. It is like a ceramic and glass smash, losing the strength and toughness of the metal.

In the metal worms, the “Golden Sun” of the new student was regained, and it was the most sturdy in the eternal remains of 10,000 years later!

Compared with the simple and ancient 一 10,000 years ago, the Magical Artifact component of “Ending World Calamity” and “Arsonist” has been added. Its style has become more gorgeous, flamboyant and even embarrassing, full of aggressive and eager to taste.

The golden horns rising from the top of the head are like nine caves that can be pulled out of the nine heavens. The horn antenna around Heaven Spirit Shell is like a brilliant crown with dozens of criss-cross faces. The red line constitutes two eyes with bloody eyes, highlighting the deep and domineering of “the heart is like the sea, Heaven’s Might is unpredictable”. Two round and huge curved shoulder shields, except for the shoulders, are even breastplates. Covering the majority, in addition to further enhancing the frontal defense, the Giant Divine Weapon’s upper body is perfectly inverted triangle, and it is more in line with the principles of aerodynamics and magnetic field structure when sprinting and exciting Spiritual Energy Protective Shield. .

Starting from a strong and powerful waist, it is also equipped with seven curved skirts that are curved like a crescent moon. It is also like a reversed, golden lotus flower that provides sufficient protection for the vital lumbosacral connection. At the same time, it does not affect the most dazzling maneuver of Giant Divine Weapon. Even the auxiliary power unit hidden under the curved skirt can provide unexpected acceleration at critical moments, making this Giant Divine Weapon original. As fast as the speed of lightning, once again raise a step, it is like a fast-rotating golden lotus, can penetrate any enemy and even a planet.

The dark gold main color of the entire Giant Divine Weapon has a crystal-clear “matte gold” effect, and looks like a frozen gold sand armor, a bunch of red crystal wire “muscle”, “blood vessel” And the “neural network” is vividly in sight, and the magneto is always appear. When Li Yao’s telepathic thoughts are output to each of the Giant Divine Weapon’s sensing elements through the crystal wire, the red awns radiated from these crystal wires will flash. , the throughput is uncertain, and the beauty of mysterious and unfathomable is added more and more.

Behind the “Golden Sun”, there are sixteen powerful power main units, which can make the Giant Divine Weapon accelerate from standstill to seven times the speed of sound within 0.5 seconds, and Li Yao is crazy. The guy, who removed the main power unit’s protective device, added a “crystal essences combustion system” that allows the Giant Divine Weapon to directly devour ultra-high purity, such as natural Crystal Bomb-like crystal essences, and the Giant Divine Weapon The time from rest to seven times factor is reduced to 0.3 seconds.

In such a short time, Giant Divine Weapon will push the speed to the limit. Even if the body can’t eat it, the driver can’t control it effectively. Therefore, Li Yao adds two pairs of four large and sharp gold behind the Giant Divine Weapon. Wings, to act as a stable wing.

Emperor seems to advocate a simple and simple style, I believe that “less is more”, do not like to add too many pieces on the Giant Divine Weapon, but Li Yao is a guy who likes exaggeration and cool, I believe that the wings are fighting power, The more wings the Giant Divine Weapon must be higher-level, the stronger the combat power. The two pairs of wings condense the essence of his lifelong Artificer and polishing. From the front, it is a mysterious complex, large and gorgeous golden wings, but from the side Look, it’s four as thin as a cicada’s wing, sharper than the mica, and each “feather” is engraved with a different attack Glyph Array, which can refute the enemy’s Spiritual Energy attack in battle. Spiritual Attack, even bounced back, is a combination of both offensive and defensive, a seamless Magical Artifact unit.

However, the most striking thing about the entire Giant Divine Weapon is not the two wings that Li Yao named “Golden Death God”, but two offensives that extend from the shoulder shield and are integrated into the arms. Magical Artifact.

The offensive Magical Artifact on the left arm is a combination of Arrow Exploding Cannon, Crystal Railgun and heavy-type Triple-tube Revolving Bombardment Cannon. At first glance, the canines are interlaced, the forks and the black holes are all stacked together. It is as if Li Yao removed a Diamond Grade Super Arsenal Ship and condensed all the turrets onto the left arm of the Giant Divine Weapon.

On the upper left arm, there is also a half buried in the armor, the faint “eyes” that faintly sway, which is the Super Crystal Computer that stores the Lu Qingchen divine soul, which controls the Giant Divine Weapon’s left arm. The strong firepower of Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth

The right arm of Giant Divine Weapon is also wrapped in a huge collision shield and the super giant type Chainsaw Sword and Chopping Warship Blade hidden behind the shield. The shield is made up of several angular geometric shapes with a raised surface. There are hundreds of crushing teeth that can be swayed by ultra-high speed. Once the smash hits the enemy Giant Divine Weapon, the sturdy Giant Divine Weapon can be disintegrated directly.

Similarly, above the right arm, there is also a reddish Super Crystal Computer, like a bloody eye, faintly exuding the melee weapon system on the right arm of the boundless mans, from the “Arsonist” “Nine” The -headed Dragon attack system was remodeled and naturally continued to be controlled by blood heart’s demon.

It is equal to the fact that in addition to Li Yao, the “master brain”, this Giant Divine Weapon also has two “computal ability” super high performance, super performance, fully capable of independent combat “child brain”, greatly improving the battlefield survivability and endurance combat capability. .

“huā lā !”

The Giant Divine Weapon, which regained the new student, got rid of the scaffolding and the fuel-carrying hose, the curved armor and the cover were all opened, and under the sweep of Li Yao’s powerful undivided divine divine material, Spiritual Energy bombs and The ammunition such as the Flying Sword is automatically filled in place, “kā chā kā chā ”, and the curved armor is closed again. The Giant Divine Weapon straightens the waist and steps down, “banging” and shaking. If the dust seals the first roar in the past ten years.

Li Yao sits firmly in the Spirit Mansion of Giant Divine Weapon. The divine soul blends with the huge mechanics. There is no concept of “interface” or “light curtain” of the ordinary Giant Divine Weapon, just like he grows up. A hundred eyes, 20 of which were still outside the body, instantly scanned all aspects of the entire laboratory and even the ground battlefield. The pale gold data flow directly in front of his eyes, flowing continuously to him. Deep in my mind.

“zī zī zī zī !”

The muzzle of the black hole on the left arm spurt a colorful brilliance, and the offensive magnetic field ready to be launched absorbs the dust that is free from the air, burning fiercely, just like he summoned all the stars of the stars. .

“wēng wēng wēng wēng !”

The special-shaped collision shield on the right arm also provoked a violent roar, swaying the air out of the ripples visible to the naked eye, and even the wall hundreds of meters away, it was shocked by the air, and it was possible at any time. Collapsed.

Perceived by the power of the long-range and melee weapon systems, Li Yao is so refreshing that I really want to scream and vent my power in the chest.

“The powerful power unit behind me and the unpredictable golden wing just now have been named ‘Golden Death God’. Now the long-range attack system on the left arm is called it… ‘Booming Cannon’, as for right The melee attack system on the arm is called… ‘The chaotic knife!’

Li Yao shouted, together with Giant Divine Weapon, inspired the flames of the sky. “Golden Death God, Thunderbolt, Chaos Knife, equipped with three super systems, regardless of Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan or Hong Chao Regiment, see who Can stop me!”

“That one……”

Lu Qingchen gently coughed a sigh. “Although I am your captive, but the captives also have the dignity of captives, I refuse the shameful name of ‘Booming Cannon’. If you want to go it alone, kill me directly!”

“Although everyone is a good brother with a courage, but this time… I also agree with Lu Qingchen.”

The blood heart’s demon, who has been silent for a while, also sighed. “If you insist on calling this melee attack system a ‘chaotic knife’, then I refuse to manipulate it, come on your own!”


Li Yao blinked her eyes and wondered. “Is there a bad name for my name, isn’t it very prestige and domineering? Is it shameful? I gave this brand new Giant Divine Weapon, A brand new name, called “

“Don’t, don’t!”

Cried Lu Qingchen.

“Yes, if you have a new name, let us come!”

Blood heart’s demon also called.

“Yeah, simply cut and paste the original name, don’t waste precious time and energy to think of a new name!”

Lu Qingchen flies fast.

“Since this Giant Divine Weapon is mainly a combination of ‘Golden Sun’ and ‘Ending World Calamity’, take half of it and call it ‘Sun Holocaust’!”

Blood heart’s demon doesn’t give Li Yao a chance to interrupt.

“The sun catastrophe? Very good, very good, so decided happily!”

Lu Qingchen is too busy.

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