FMC Chapter 3075

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3075 chapter hundred and twenty fallen, floating astronomy
Li Yao saw a wrinkled, deep-eyed, calm-looking middle-aged Nüwa Clan in the brainwaves transmitted by the girl, standing in the middle of hundreds of crystal towers, even sweeping into the once bred Emperor. A pale gold embryo.

It seems that the girl’s father has turned his lifelong efforts and ambitions into a kind of “spiritual branding”, which is included in the daughter’s name.

She is indeed the “old man” of Emperor.

This is certainly not a coincidence.

If the girl does not perceive the Emperor’s breath in Li Yao, I am afraid she will not come in the big avalanche. Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth’s power is chasing after the ass, but also a sense of scanning “Sun Holocaust” was discovered by blood heart’s demon.

Li Yao doesn’t know how to use the language of Human Race to explain the girl’s name. No matter how it is described, it can’t explain the saint-like piety of the girl’s father, embe in the name, the martyrdom of the martyr, and the moth. , the heroic spirit of the past.

He can only use the girl’s surname and call it the “moonwatcher.”

Looking at Li Yao in contemplation, the depths of the moonlighter’s 璀璨明眸, raised two new moon-like arcs, the light of the “second skin” became soft and warm, and even brought a burst to Li Yao. Warm

Between her lips and the teeth, she gently spit out dozens of syllables, and under the help of brain waves, poured into Li Yao’s neural field.

“You are not him.”

In Li Yao’s mind, a silver bell-like sound suddenly sounded, and a picture of a light golden embryo slowly rotating was revealed. It was the girl who communicated with him in this way. “But you own and him. A very similar atmosphere, including your strength, is no less than the vast majority of Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan elite warriors.

“Are you a genetic inheritor? It seems that the ‘original arc curvature interference Magical Artifact’ of the ‘original ancestor’ is really effective, and the time outside has passed for a long time!”

Li Yao immediately understood that the “he” that the girl said was Emperor.

The “original ancestor” in her mouth is about the “black wall maker” in the Human Race mouth.

“If you mean the carbon-based intelligent life that was born in the pale gold embryo, then I am not him, but he occupies a very important position in our Civilization. Almost all modern Human Races admit that we are his The descendants, and I am still his direct inheritor, not long ago, I just got his last words and part of the power, even heard him personally mentioned … you.”

Li Yao imitates the way the lunar stalker shakes his throat and stimulates brain waves, and some of them communicate with her poorly.

Everyone is a carbon-based intelligent life. Nüwa Clan’s vocal cords and Human Race’s vocal cords are not fundamentally different, but they are much broader in the range of vibration frequencies, and can emit infrasound waves and ultrasonic waves that are not distinguishable by the human ear.

Cultivation has reached the realm of Li Yao, no matter what frequency of sound waves, naturally can be heard clearly, and then the mysterious and complicated communication methods are just a matter of smashing the window paper.

Naturally, at the beginning, Li Yao “said” stuttering, upside down, and had to use gestures and body gestures to strengthen the information.

However, the moon watcher is very patient, listens very focused, smiles and encourages him to continue to talk, and even continuously sends new brain waves to help Li Yao adjust the frequency and mode of brain wave transmission, and teach Li Yao this new The way of interaction.

“From the time you were sealed here, it is at least 500,000 years old today.”

Li Yao observes the color and perceives the changes in the brainwaves and physiological parameters of the other party. I really can’t perceive the girl’s slightest difference. Instead, he is unsettled and curious. “How come you are not surprised at all?”

“Should I be surprised?”

The moon-watcher smiled. “For what?”

“In order to… time has passed so long, and your Civilization is almost destroyed!”

Li Yao thought about it and thought that it was neither necessary nor concealed. The moon watcher and her father must have known through various channels. “Sorry, in the outside world, the glory of Pangu Civilization has been It has been extinguished for a long time. Now it is Era of Human Race Civilization. Every Great Thousand Worlds is full of Human Race like me.

“Hey, I don’t know what to say. In short, if I encounter the same thing, I will feel extremely shocked and surprised. You know, Civilization is annihilated, the living space, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, Goodwill, intrigue, and so on, I certainly can’t be as calm as you are.”

“I know.”

The smile of the moon-watcher remains the same. “Before our leader started the ‘Magical Artifact’ of time curvature, when the violent beast stormed into the Silver City, we knew that Pangu Civilization had irretrievably gone to destruction. It’s not the problem of Human Race like you, but the unforgivable mistake we made ourselves. It’s a long-lasting, devastating civil war.

“The words are coming back. I have lived here since I was a child. I saw a whole hundred relics and corpses of the ancient Civilization. It was a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of the entire Pangu Universe. It is our common ‘ancestors’ and ‘ Brothers, but they have all been destroyed, many of them are destroyed by fratricidal, the most bloody civil war.

“I am used to seeing all this. Is there any reason to think that Pangu Civilization is different? Creation and annihilation are the two fronts of the sword of evolution. After all, our Civilization has not got rid of the cold and ruthless laws of nature and came to the end. , became the one hundred and one fallen of the ancient Civilization, nothing more.

“Now, the last wise men and warriors of Pangu Civilization are doing everything they can to fight their will and courage, trying to turn the tide and gain a glimpse of our Civilization recovery, and for the first time in billions of years to start the ‘Time Curvature Change Magical Artifact ‘The reason, Human Race Civilization has also been involved in this unpredictable test, there is a very rare two Civilization together to face the ‘Final Test’ situation, which will bring a subtlety to the ‘Final Test’ The variables let us find a hundred answers that were not found in the ancient Civilization. This is the question we should take time to think about.

“Otherwise, not only Pangu Civilization will be completely solidified in the crystal cymbal of ‘100th annihilation Civilization’, Human Race Civilization will also become ‘100th annihilation Civilization’, buried together with Pangu Civilization Maybe it will take hundreds of millions of years to come up with new Civilization. Come here and discover our broken corpses. This is probably not the result you want, right?

“In this case, I don’t feel the need for vigilance and hostility. After all, everyone in birth in Pangu Universe is a descendant of the ‘original ancestor’. We are the same kind of carbon-based intelligent life. Variants, representing different evolutionary directions and solutions, we are both the Father Son Civilization, the brother Civilization, and even the same Civilization’s ever-changing reflection in the sky, only hope that this time, the closest to the ‘original ancestor’, can give Pangu Civilization also brings some good luck!”

The moon-watchers have a calm and wiseness far beyond peers.

Of course, Li Yao doesn’t know how old she actually is about the average life expectancy of Nüwa Clan. It has been the mystery of the ancient adventures that Human Race biologists have not solved. Perhaps she has lived in the ancient ruins for hundreds of years, and I don’t know. .

Li Yao can’t think about her actual age, but all her mind is the dangerous information that she has become a hidden source. This “Connecting Heaven Tower” is really the black wall maker, which is the “primary tester”. And if the test fails, it may lead to the annihilation of brilliant Civilization and the restart of Pangu Universe.

Emperor’s speculation is true!

“I have learned some information about the ancient ruins from Emperor, but compared to the vast truth, what I know is still a slap in the face, not a System, I still need to know more truths and secrets, you can tell me?”

Li Yao said, “Of course, I can share the wisdom and information of Human Race Civilization with you, hundreds of thousands of years later, the latest information from Pangu Universe, and even some speculation and evidence on Multiverse.”

In this sentence, Li Yao compresses the overview of “Emperor” into a mysterious and fascinating stream of information. It sends the past to the moon-watchers, and the right is a “gift” to the moon-watchers.

Li Yao didn’t know whether the moon-watchers were satisfied with the gift. In short, the speed of her eyes was suddenly accelerating, like a long thought and distant memories. After a long time, she sighed softly: This is a long and long story. Even if we use our communication methods to transmit for a long time, it is safe here, and the big avalanches and volcanic eruptions on our heads will continue for a long time. During this period, not only us, but The tester can’t go anywhere. The entrance to the higher level of ‘Connecting Heaven Tower’ is hidden in the deepest part of the volcano. Only when the volcanic eruption releases more than 95% of energy, the tester can venture into the slightly cooled lava lake before that. Everyone is on the same starting line.

“Emperor…Human Race…Finn Clan…Vulture Li Yao…even a new generation, Information Lifeform, energy life and magnetic field life that are completely free from carbon-based smart life limits, really colorful, incredible new The universe!”

In order to express his sincerity, Li Yao integrated the current Pangu Universe’s profile into a super-high compression package, adding some negligible information about himself, including how he was anonymous from the Magical Artifact Graveyard. The generation, in just a hundred years, grew into the first expert of Pangu Universe, and so on, sent in the past.

Rao is a special Brain structure of Nüwa Clan. To fully analyze and digest this information, it still consumes a lot of brain power. It seems that the Nüwa Clan girl has been stunned for a long time, and then she has cast a different look toward Li Yao.

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