FMC Chapter 3077

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3077 Immortal Palace, Astronomical
Li Yao does not understand the meaning of the moon watcher.

Is the so-called “black iron statue” a metaphor, or is it literally?

The faint sorrow and embarrassment revealed in the lines of the other party is to attract him deeply, without saying a word, listening to the girl to continue.

โ€œLike all adults living in the Silver City, my mother is also a researcher at the Expeditions Archaeological Relics, except that she chose a research path that is rarely chosen by Nรผwa Clan. She is a Magical Artifact Specialist. โ€

The moon hunter explained, โ€œYou know, most of the ancient Era’s Magical Artifact, especially the powerful ultimate weapon, taboo Secret Treasures and the like, have a strict seal and seal, need to detect the owner’s gene to unlock My mother has this talent divine ability, which links the fields of genetics, restrictive seal and Magical Artifact to solve countless problems and awakens countless secret Treasures of the ancient world.

โ€œAlthough the work is busy, in the limited time, she still strives to fulfill the responsibility of the mother and wife to maintain the harmony and happiness of the family. I remember that at that time, she often brought back some magical and magical Magical Artifact to me. As a toy, the relationship between her and my father is also a deep feeling. This kind of love and affection is very rare in the city of silver.

“I know what you want to ask. When I just analyzed the Human Race Civilization profile you transmitted, I found that Human Race Civilization has the same technology as the previous Pangu Civilization, and it’s the technology of ‘seal emotion and will’, but to be honest, your technology Like the outside of Pangu Clan’s technology, it is misguided and goes to the direction of completely stifling imagination and creativity. It is spiritual suicide.

โ€œThe ‘spiritual seal’ technology we use in the Taikoo ruins is more delicate, more subtle, and has fewer side effects. Even when we seal part of the emotional area, it will activate the activity of another part of the emotional area to the greatest extent, as if Inspire ‘love’ to the limit to counter our ‘confusion’ and ‘fear’ when faced with vast unknowns.

“For my father, he is contemplating his mother and my deep love into a spiritual armor, or even a ‘sword’, so that he can support him in an endless On the way to Expeditions, walking alone, mother and me, is his spiritual pillar and a symbol of the ‘homeland’ he has never seen before.

“But that morning, his spiritual support fell by half.

“I can’t tell you exactly how things happened. In short, my parents were doing research in their fields that day. My mother got a Magical Artifact from ‘Civilization’, which seems to be a square. The box, from the past our Expeditions for ‘Black Iron Civilization’, and the location of this box and the corpses scattered around it, it should not be a critical, extremely dangerous super Magical Artifact, so my mother After regular protection, routine research and unlocking began.

“Unexpectedly, just after she deciphered the genetic code of the seal box, the moment the box was uncovered, a black light was ejected from the box, covering her, wrapping her tightly and tightly.

“When rescuers and therapists came, this black light had been absorbed by my mother’s pores and scales, turning her into a vivid, lifelike black iron statue.

“Mother died like this, or it fell to a state more difficult to accept than death.

“My father’s spirit has almost collapsed. For three or five days, he is crazy all over the world. He is saying that his mother is not dead. The ‘black box’ is clearly the treatment of ‘Black Iron Civilization’. Magical Artifact, Black Iron Civilization It is the most bizarre one in the life of carbon-based wisdom. Their definition of time and even the definition of life are different from the rest of the ninety-nine ancient Civilizations. The mother is still alive, but the metabolic speed is reduced to a minimum, and some kind of mysterious and mysterious ‘super In the hibernation state, she can still perceive all the information of the outside world, and can freely act and express her own thoughts, but at a speed that is hundreds of times slower than our normal people.

“So, the father is like a beast with bloodshed eyes, roaring not to dissect the mother’s body, and even more willing to burn and bury the mother. He moved the mother’s body, the black iron statue, back home. Standing next to his sleeping cabin, he also put on the statue’s favorite clothes for his mother’s life. When he returns home every day, he leans his head on the statue and says many things, just like the mother is still alive.

“Even at that time, I was still a ignorant child. Even in the city of silver, there are strange and horrible things happening every day in the ancient ruins. But this is an unparalleled level of my soul attack.

“When the father once again muttered to the mother’s black iron statue in the dead of night, I finally couldn’t stand it, crying and crying and asking my father to tell me everything, and after a long silence, he finally sighed. I met my request.”

Li Yao heard it again and again, and it was awkward. Until now, the spirit was alive and I knew that the next core was the secret.

Sure enough, the brainwaves from the Moon Watcher are several times more intense, carrying astronomical information flow, and the source is constantly flowing into Li Yao’s neural field.

“The origin of everything has to be said from the big expedition that Pangu Civilization was defeated a long time ago.”

Wangyue said, “I found out that your Human Race already knows the existence of ‘Black Wall’, ‘Multiverse’ and ‘Great Expedition’, but it can save a lot of time and start directly from the part of ‘Beauty.’

“Yes, the big expedition is not completely tactical. We have verified that the so-called ‘black wall’ is not endless, but has thickness, limits, and can be crossed.

“After crossing the black wall, although we encountered the extremely vicious Hong Chao Regiment, we also used all the wisdom and courage to defeat the enemy, even captured many of the enemy’s Starship, and had the opportunity to analyze a large number of technologies and improve our Civilization.

“War was originally the most High-Level form of communication. All the soldiers of Pangu Civilization are not afraid of any kind of war. It is such a challenge that it is impossible to stop us from moving forward.

“But on the way back, after discovering the ancient ruins, everything has changed.

“The original ancestor black wall maker, Hong Chao, even the fear of the original ancestors, there are a whole hundred ‘Final Test’ that did not pass the ancient Civilization, and these ancient Civilizations are silent and annihilated in the long river of time. The horror of understatement… Compared with all of this, what tactical victory we have just achieved, what is Ah?

“As I said earlier, after discovering how vast, vast, tyrannical and terrifying the real Multiverse is, some people can’t bear such tremendous pressure, collapse, and fall into madness.

“Even if the willpower is tenacious, the people who have not yet collapsed are like the headless flies that are buckled by a large glass jar. They are screaming around and can’t find a way out.

“Only a very small number of wise leaders and extremely elite elites have come to a conclusion after a long period of thinking. The ancient ruins are our only hope. We have no choice but to go to the past one hundred ancient Civilizations. It is covered with thorns and flames, and it is very likely to lead to the path of destruction.

“The reason is clear.

โ€œPangu Civilization’s ultra-high speed development has already made the resource consumption reach the limit that Pangu Universe can carry. This big expedition was originally going to go outside the Pangu Universe to find a new way out.

“Since the way out is not found, the Pangu Civilization Alliance, which was originally composed of thirteen different carbon-based intellectual lifesies, is facing the collapse and fratricidal ending. If you can’t let everyone see the hope, don’t wait. Hong Chao is coming, and the end of our own creation will come.

“If we can unearth all the secrets of the ancient ruins, completely overthrow the ‘black wall’ and release the myriad of rich worlds that have hidden for hundreds of millions of years, then the glory of Pangu Civilization can at least burn fiercely for hundreds of millions of years.

โ€œReversely, even if we can’t find the real answer to the Taiko ruins for the time being, the one hundred former Expeditions here is the ancient Civilization, which is one hundred pioneers, the weapons they left, the Magical Artifact, the technology, the corpse and the Civilization ruins. It also benefits our Civilization and helps Pangu Civilization to maximize its survival time.

“Moreover, the expedition fleet captured a large number of Hong Chao Regiment and their Starship outside the black wall. Before deep analysis and understanding of all the secrets of Hong Chao Regiment, these things could not be brought back to the densely civilized core area. You can find a place to be isolated from the world, so that if you lose control, the extent of the loss can be kept to a minimum.

“Therefore, the Expeditionary Fleet was divided into two roads. Some of the most elite warriors and Expeditions were left on the spot. On the site of the forward base left by the 100 Ancient Civilization, the forward base belonging to our Pangu Civilization was established, that is What you call the ‘City of Silver’, and after another part of the Expedition Army returned to its hometown, it also recruited large-scale personnel, and organized hundreds of batches of Pangu Civilization’s most elite Specialist scholars, as well as biology, archaeology, and energetics. The authority in the field of cosmology, etc., is incognito, leaving home and coming here.

โ€œFrom the first day of the visit, these Specialist scholars and their families are very clear that it will be difficult to have a chance to return home after a lifetime.

“On the one hand, the research mission is too vast and cumbersome, and it is worthwhile for them to spend too many treasures to dig for a lifetime.

“On the other hand, too many secrets hidden in the ruins of the Taikoo, and viruses and genetic weapons that are likely to lurk in the depths of the cells, are not suitable for being contacted by the vast majority of the population. Once the secret or virus spreads, it will only accelerate the whole The destruction of Civilization.

โ€œFor security reasons, after accepting dozens of Specialist scholars, the Silver City was sealed and turned into a mysterious and unique isolation zone, known as the ‘Immortal Palace’ by researchers and insiders who know the inside.โ€

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