FMC Chapter 3089

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 3089 chapter peak matchup! Floating astronomy
Losing the golden awning body, the magma immediately wrapped his body, and the pale gold scales of the Immortal Palace leader immediately turned into a black scorpion, and even emerged an extremely ugly black bubble.

In particular, the shocking and huge wounds on his body made the fragile internal organs directly exposed to the extremely high temperature magma, which was swallowed up by the magma almost instantaneously.

Gu Wuxin struggled in the magma and tried to jump again.

The killing of the road and the dragon lotus seed simultaneously make a move, a few lightning and black light spurt out from their fingertips, and suddenly the ancient heartless fell to the depths of the magma.

After that, the ancient heartless floated again, the black skin of the burnt skin almost burned, leaving only the pale golden bones.

The leader of Immortal Palace couldn’t resist the power of the heavens and the earth, and he went down for the second time. This time, in addition to a few small flames, he didn’t have a bit of sound.


The moon-watchers were shocked and screamed.

The killing of the road and the dragon lotus seed are not even eyelids, bowing down to the black Star Gate, and under the impact of the other side, ejected.

“It’s now!”

Li Yao screamed and spurred “Sun Holocaust? Super Suit”, blasting the flames of thousands of teeth and claws, rushing to the crater and jumping into the magma.

Everyone thought that the big avalanches and volcanic eruptions had cleaned up the latecomers, and even if someone could climb here, they were dying and dying.

Who can think of such a war machine that looks ugly, but exudes a domineering domineering force, will suddenly join the battle group?

For a time, including the annihilation of the road and the dragon lotus seed, all the eyes of the explorer focused on Li Yao, and the amazing fighting intent that he exuded, the pupils contracted, the scales and hairs erected.

Immediately, many experts rushed toward the “Sun Holocaust? Super Suit”, trying to deter his way forward.

“Whether Pangu Clan, Nüwa Clan, Kuafu Clan, Houyi Clan, Zhurong Clan or Gonggong Clan, all the people who block me today will die!”

Li Yao’s big eyeball turned into blood red, and the middle of the blood red was bursting with golden streamer and iridescent color. His fighting intent wrapped in the divine soul, like a bunch. The real nerves and blood vessels spread to the Giant Divine Weapon and even strengthen each of the Magic Artifact components of Suit and each Glyph Array, making the nearly 100-meter-high Super Giant Divine Weapon fully integrated with itself.

“hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng !”

Dozens of turrets, hundreds of barrels, all Crystal Railguns, destroyers, particle cannons, bombardments, rapid-fire cannons, Profound Light Cannon, infrasound annihilation cannons, honeycomb launchers… all burst into the most dazzling light, It made him look like a fireworks warehouse, the most splendid chain of explosions.

Li Yao doesn’t care about the consumption of fuel and ammunition. It doesn’t matter the wear and tear of the Magical Artifact unit and the barrel. Almost all the ammunition is poured out in a short time with the strength of the melting barrel.

Within a few tens of miles, the flames shrouded by him, and if there is a hotter and violent magma in the air.

Numerous wilderness experts, all of which were intensively fired by Li Yao, hardened and suppressed, bursting out hundreds of balls of light and falling into the magma.

Others, through the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield or the natural hard skin and strong flesh, crossed the line of fire and came to Li Yao.

To meet these experts, it is the Six-tube Revolving Bombardment Cannon with Li Yao opening and closing.

Li Yao has already used his hottest Spiritual Energy to condense a seemingly invisible but devastating Profound Light Drill in front of the Six-tube Revolving Bombardment Cannon, which has penetrated the Spiritual Energy Protective Shield of these wilderness experts. Strengthen the exoskeleton, carapace, scales and even flesh and blood, so that the devastating firepower blows directly at the core of their body.

There is no flood expert that can withstand Li Yao’s fiercest firepower.

They were further regarded as a stepping stone by Li Yao. With trampling, accelerating again and again, the nearly 100-meter-high war machine ignited faster than Flying Sword and rushed to Starry Sky Gate.

More wilderness expert saw the situation is not good, did not dare to go forward, but in the distance to open fire to Li Yao.

The impenetrable shell storm, the skull covered the cerebral palsy, like a six-sided spike, burning fiercely’s copper wall, in an attempt to seal his up, down, left and right.

In just a few seconds of sprinting, Li Yao shot all the ammunition carried by “Sun Holocaust? Super Suit”.

Simply screaming, Giant Divine Weapon issued a “chī chī” cracking and detachment sound, which split most of the long-range attack Magical Artifact units and ammunition boxes, such as Heavenly Daughter scattered around.

For a time, hundreds of millions of pieces, under the constraints of his Magnetic Spirit Force Field, formed an indestructible steel protective Shield to help him withstand the most shell storms.

The body shrinks a round of “Sun Holocaust? Super Suit”, leaving only about forty-five meters high, but the body is embed and surrounded by countless cold brilliant blades, like the refining of 10,000 blood-stained swords Cheng, especially in the hands of the “three in one” super Chopping Warship Blade, ultra-high speed shock and rotation, the flames of arrogance hundreds of meters away, is even more impressive.

“See who can – stop me!”

Li Yao is excited to spray a pale gold and reddish airflow into each pore, which means that every mitochondria in each of his cells is running at ultra-high speed, like a block reaching a critical point, about to explode. The “energy factory” outputs energy that breaks the limit for the body and the divine soul.

Several Zhurong Clan, who had been smashing the magma, had just flew to him, and he was smashed into seven or eighty.

All the enthusiasm, the murderous aura’s hot line, was directly crushed by his momentum, as if at his feet, paved a road of thorns or flames.

The broken limbs on the top of the head are broken, and the foot is on the road of fire. Now, there are only two floods left in front of Li Yao to expert, destroy the public, dragon lotus seeds!

Human Race expert, Pangu Clan expert, Nüwa Clan expert, the momentum of three people, brain waves and Spiritual Force, collided in midair, once again rolled up the turbulent waves in the sea of ​​magma, condensed into a wall of fire, forming a party A small world that is undisturbed.

No more explanation is needed.

Don’t use bluffs to intimidate and threaten.

Demonstration and Dragon Lotus almost understood Li Yao’s identity in a flash, and realized his indestructible determination and the strength of the stars.

The depths of the eyes of the two experts reveal a complex and embarrassing mood.

Even obscuring his own 99% emotions, the almost mechanical Pangu Clan expert “killing the public”, can not help but move.

However, emotional fluctuations did not affect them to release the strongest killing move.

The dragon’s chest is raised high.

Li Yao noticed at this time that she had two thin films under her ribs.

This is not a natural feature of Nüwa Clan. It is the result of her own indiscriminate injection or infection with a biochemical virus, the result of malformation – just like the sarcoma of the shoulders.

In the case of controlling their own will and reason, the side effects of malformation are refined into a strong divine ability. These two floods to expert are indeed more than all the enemies that Li Yao has encountered in the past. Strong!

Li Yao originally thought that the film under the ribs of Long Lotus was a hidden wing.

But behind the dragon lotus seed, there was a pair of confrontational bone wings. There is no need to do anything more.

Until now, Li Yao saw clearly that after the two layers of high bulge, two huge skin capsules were formed, like the dragon’s chest was almost doubled, and then –

Shrink, suddenly shrink!

After the expansion of the dragon lotus seed, the chest cavity contracted sharply, thereby releasing a strong airflow, which was released from the throat in the form of a harsh scream, almost forming a ripple visible to the naked eye.

The dozens of black crevices that originally floated in mid-air—the spatial folds created by the eclipse, were merged together and turned into a black lightning, falling towards the head of Li Yao.

Li Yao knows very well that this black lightning is to cut the space directly into two halves, so it is not possible for any Spiritual Energy Protective Shield, force field interference, and composite armor to withstand.

But Li Yao still lifted the three-in-one Super Chopping Warship Blade and rushed up against the black gap.

“This is the peak match between Human Race and Expert and the wild to expert. No matter what moves you use, I will never back down!”

Li Yao’s brain waves, like a spiritual bomb, rushed into the brain of Long Lotus, and blew it up.

The dragon lotus seed reveals a look of shock, admiration, sarcasm and sigh.

This is the first time she has dealt with Human Race to expert. It is not clear that Human Race to expert – Li Yao’s combat style.

Black Lightning and the Super Chopping Warship Blade crashed together without a fancy.

Without any surprise, the black lightning directly splits the space where the Super Chopping Warship Blade is located into two halves, which divides the Super Chopping Warship Blade into three broken blades and a broken knife.

However, the space folds did not completely swallow the Super Chopping Warship Blade, and the three broken blades were still under the control of Li Yao’s empty divine ability, and this result was as early as Li Yao expected. He has already performed hundreds of millions of floating-point operations in Brain, and has calculated the next running angle and trajectory of the three blades.

The three blades are turned into three streams of light, attacking the upper, middle and lower three strategic points of the dragon lotus seed.

At this moment, the destructive power of black lightning has not been completely released. After splitting the Super Chopping Warship Blade, it continues to attack the “Sun Holocaust? Super Suit”.


“Sun Holocaust? Super Suit” cracked again.

The body of this Giant Divine Weapon is only 30 meters high, but it is a two-layered reinforced jacket inside and outside. The only thing that has just cracked is the outer layer used for long-range attack. At this time, the body is still wrapped in a cold melee. Suit, Long Lotus has put 90%’s computingal ability on his own endless enemy, “Destroy the Road”. Where does Li Yao’s Giant Divine Weapon actually crack twice?

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