FMC Chapter 3093

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3093 Zhang Yuan, Floating Astronomy
This is a vast lake with a lot of smoke. .

The whole body is round and the lake is pure, like a silver-white round mirror, which is buckled at the foot of the rolling green hills.

Once upon a time, it was the place where countless souls lived in drinking water, and it was also the hunting ground for beasts such as wolves, tigers and leopards.

But since the rise of Human Race, after occupying this mirror-like Great Lake, no vicious beast dared to come here to hunt.

The beasts that are too stupid to realize the terrible things of Human Race are all made into the bones of the lake, the High Tower and the tombstones of various shapes.

This evening, the starlight is particularly embarrassing, even if the big and round moon, can not cover the Shiny Star Glow, Star Glow gathers into a vast ocean, and it is like a silver storm that has been swelled from the sky to the earth.

The tribes at the foot of the mountain lit a bonfire and were celebrating a grand celebration to celebrate the killing of a huge prey.

A tribe with a wrinkled face and a slightly awkward back, but stepping on the footsteps of the high and low, the ghosts left the tribe and came to the lake.

Behind it is a celebration of joy and harmony.

There is silence and deep unknown in front of you.

The tribe first stared at the lake and his reflection.

His forehead tilted back slightly, his nose was big and flat, his face was not completely removed, but his lips were pulled out of two huge canine teeth. At first glance, he still could not completely get rid of the signs of flooding and obscurity.

But the pair of slightly yellowish turbid eyes, but the Star Glow quietly absorbed the reflection of the lake, gradually deep and sharp, adding a touch of dark and silver color.

The tribal people’s gradual sharpness continued to stretch, first in the bright moon of the lake, and then along the moonlight and starlight, extended to the sky.

When hundreds of millions of stars burst open in his eyes, he couldn’t help but stretch out his furry arm toward Endless Star Sea, as if he wanted to hold the whole universe in his palm.

“Ao Ao, Ao Ao, oh!”

He began to bark, as if to use his own voice to break the darkness between heaven and earth, to give the moon and every star a name, and to summon his people, one day, go to the moon and the stars to see What is the world of the sky?


When the tribes stretched out their hands against the stars, they screamed, and the whole world once again burst into a glare of gold, which represented the tester’s second leap. From ancient evolution to ancient times, birth has a real meaning. Bright”!

Li Yao looked at it all quietly.

Like a omnipresent and omnipotent god, he looked down at the rise, struggle, spread and conquest of countless Human Race tribes.

But I got into the body of the tribe who faced the lake and looked up at the starry sky. I personally felt that Human Race knew myself for the first time, and it was good for the stars, the kind of joy and touch that could not be described by pen and ink.

“Is it like this?”

Li Yao watched the lake sailors dance, and even the “self” with a jump, confusing, “The so-called ‘Final Test’, is that all?”

No wonder he will be confused.

Although in a short period of time, making thousands of choices for the evolution of life, it is very difficult to make Ming Birth, but these choices basically do not escape the basic route of Human Race evolution. Li Yao only needs to rely on instinct to choose. The progress from a piece of Archaic blanket to a Human Race tribe was roughly completed.

Such a test seems to be inconsistent with the power and mystery of the original ancestor black wall maker, and it is not enough to hold a hundred ancient Ming!

Li Yao indulged for a moment and realized that he was too much of a concern.

From his point of view, of course, I feel that “Final Test” is too short, because he is a pure Human Race and is the original 100% gene replica.

Therefore, he is very clear about himself, and how the evolutionary path of the original ancestor went. His instinctive reaction is the correct answer.

But if the tester is not a Human Race like him, but another carbon-based smart life?

Fang said that if the tester is “Gonggong Clan” and the birth is in the rivers and lakes, like mollusks such as jellyfish and sponges, will it be seen at a glance that “small silver fish” is the most promising race to climb?

Even a “Gonggong Clan” tester will definitely choose to go to the land, not the deeper ocean of Expeditions, to find the possibility of one hundred millionth, from the sea birth?

By the same token, โ€œZhurong Clanโ€ is a kind of birth in volcano and magma environment, relying on high temperature and โ€œtoxic gasโ€ to survive, extremely special carbon-based intelligent life, when a tester of Zhurong Clan is in the initial submarine volcanic environment, he Can you really endure the temptation to change the outer membrane structure and absorb heat?

Even if it looks like the most success, the most powerful carbon-based intelligent life “Pangu Clan” is the same. Compared with Human Race, Pangu Clan and the huge reptiles are closer, and many Pangu Clan looks like humanoid tyrannosaurus. In Pangu Clan’s native planet, giant reptiles such as dinosaurs have never encountered meteorites and climate changes, so that Pangu Clan has evolved into such a unique face today.

So, when a Pangu Clan tester is faced with reptiles or mammals, can he choose mammals like Li Yao, no matter how many difficulties and frustrations he has?

Impossible, the logical way of thinking of every carbon-based intelligent life is greatly influenced by its physical form and the environment of the native planet. Even if they have acquired the cells of the ancestors, they have deeply analyzed the gene fragments of the original ancestors. I generally know how the original ancestor’s evolutionary path is going, but in the face of a rapidly changing environment, when you make hundreds of choices in a second, you will still be involuntarily, with your own distinct brand.

In other words, Gonggong Clan, Zhurong Clan, Pangu Clan or those “mechanical”, “black iron”, “half-energy”… the variation of the various testers and the resulting evolutionary form, certainly not Li Yao now see This look.

From this perspective, the Immortal Palace Specialist scholar’s idea is very correct. Only by copying the real Human Race can you thoroughly understand the original ancestors’ minds, and even use the instinct to complete the test of the original ancestors.

Just, going to this step is just the beginning.

From the bottom of the sea to the land, from the obscurity to the wisdom, from the spirit of all things to the king of the universe, Human Race still has a long way to go, and this “the road to heaven” that follows Star Glow into the universe is probably true. Test.

Sure enough, when this thought flashed in my mind, another dull, deep and ancient voice sounded.

“You came.”

The voice said.

This voice interacts in a similar way to Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan, but it uses a very special information compression and encryption structure. The amount of information carried in a syllable is a few of Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan. ten times.

As a result, Li Yao’s mind swayed out of the waves, and it took a long time to digest and absorb the short three syllables.

Li Yao manipulated the tribe and took a deep breath and sat down beside the lake.

The bright moonlight, the hustle and bustle of Star Glow, the hustle and bustle of the Great Lakes, and the laughter of the people behind them are the best places to explore the mysteries of Taikoo.

“What do you call you?”

Li Yao tries to stay calm, and the consciousness condenses ripples. “Is the ‘original ancestor’, ‘black wall maker’, or ‘Taigu Human Race’?”

“The title doesn’t make any sense to us, no matter the ‘original ancestor’, ‘black wall maker’ or ‘ๅคชๅค Human Race’.”

The voice said, “A long time ago, it was also what you called ‘Swire Era’. Our race created the first Ming of this universe, even if it was not the first meaning of the true meaning, but our older Ming was also conquered by us. And swallowed up, so we call ourselves ‘Yuan Shiming’, you can also call us ‘Yuan Shizu’.”

“Cosmic sea, Yuan Shizu?”

Li Yao does not miss every opportunity to ask questions. “What does the universe mean? Is it the meaning of Multiverse?”

“Have you seen the ‘grape’?”

The sound not only gave out the syllable of “grape”, but also showed Li Yao thousands of plants resembling grapes. “If you think of every universe as a grape, then a bunch of grapes gather together and it is a universe.” The sea’, or a ‘mother universe’.”


Li Yao’s divine soul suddenly shrank. “A vine, far more than a bunch of grapes, but there are hundreds of bunches of grapes. You mean, there are more than one ‘Multiverse’, but there are countless pieces. Multiverse, countless pieces of ‘Cosmic Sea’, countless ‘mother universes’?”

“good question.”

The voice, and a refusal to answer the information in the syllable, also explained, even if reluctantly answered, the current Li Yao can not understand, but will consume his mind, making him lost in the vastness of Ten Thousand World Deeply, “I can’t tell you the answer. The answer to the universe is far beyond what our information interaction can explain.”


Li Yao indulged for a moment and felt that the voice did not reject the meaning of thousands of miles away. In a different direction, he continued to ask, “You admit that you are the ‘Yuanshi’, the ‘original ancestor’, and the creation of the Pangu Universe, EMI. The existence of Ming? We are all your descendants, your blood, your variants, a certain meaning, are you created?”


The voice admitted calmly.

“Then, you created us, and… destroyed us and destroyed EMI.”

Li Yao’s divine soul burning fiercely, the pale gold telepathic thoughts ripples violently.

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