FMC Chapter 3099

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, Chapter 3099 marches toward the stars! Floating astronomy
Along with the description of the sound, Li Yao’s sea of โ€‹โ€‹consciousness once again appeared in a black silhouette, faintly recognizable as a strange shape.

Some people are surrounded by magnificent flames. Some humanoid arms and sharp blade limbs grow behind them. Some people have gorgeous wings, and some people seem to be combined with octopus. They grow longer or shorter. The soft and soft tentacles, and some humanoids seem to be ordinary, but they can release a sharp and unpredictable Spiritual Energy ripple, which gathers into an invincible blade.

These divine ability versatile abilities, using their super powers, rushing across the rusty wilderness, killing each other, conquering broken towns, Expeditions are overgrown with weeds and shrubs, and are equally highly mutated. The beasts, even trying to refine the first Magical Artifact with poor technology, fuse the crystal powder into the flame and the metal to make the original “Arrow Exploding Cannon”.

In this way, the power of the abilities gradually grew and grew, occupying almost the entire wasteland.

“At the time, the ‘radiation family’ and ‘reformers’ who were stranded on the ground, especially in the heavily radiated areas, were a group of people who were extremely hateful and underground.”

The voice said, “They believe that the war waged by the authorities has destroyed their homes, killed their loved ones, and turned them into deputy, ghosts and ghosts, and the dignitaries, the rich, and their The running dog broke into the ground, comfortably hiding in the shelters and underground military bases, completely avoiding the intrusion of the war, but leaving them on the ground, enduring the suffering and suffering of life.

“Therefore, the radiation and transformation people have mastered the super powers, slightly restored the order on the ground, excavated the light weapons left in the abandoned military bases, and after possessing the formed “powerful army”, they immediately pointed the soldiers to the ground.

“They have to dig out all the shelters, kill all the dignitaries, the rich and the families and minions of these people, and let go of their anger by the thermonuclear war.

“At the same time, the changes on the ground, the surge of Spiritual Qi, the growth of the radiation family and the transformation people, of course, have been discovered by the governments of the countries in the underground, the residual power of the major powers, naturally can not tolerate ‘Spiritual Energy’ Such precious and dangerous power fell into the hands of a group of beasts and Madman.

“A new, smaller, but more intense war broke out.

“This war can be regarded as a continuation of the Third World War. It can also be regarded as an independent war. The history is called the “Super Spirit War.”

“The two sides of the Battle of the Supersoul, the radiation family and the reformers on the ground, against the powers in the refuge and the elite Soldier, one has the fierce instinct tempered in the waste soil and the super power brought by the crystal, while the other has High degree of organization and discipline, large industrial armed steel regiments, and a variety of sophisticated cutting-edge killing machines.

“The minions fight against the turrets, their wings against the missiles, the beasts’ screams against the tanks, and the Spiritual Energy’s disorganized mob against the unhurried and orderly operation of the steel meat grinder. The result is self-evident, the radiation family and the transformation. The people were beaten, the underground people achieved full victory, and all the meteorite fragments were mastered. From then on, the Spiritual Energy research was incorporated into the orbit of industrialization, scientification and large-scale application, and officially entered a new era of Civilization.

“In addition to this, the ‘Super Hero Battle’ has brought an unexpected benefit, laying a solid foundation for the rescue and sublimation of our Civilization.

“Before the “war of the Supersoul” has not yet erupted, there is still deep sorrow and hatred between the great powers of the underground. Most people still hold the concept of ‘state’ decades ago, and other countries will As the biggest enemy.

“But the emergence of the abilities, the outbreak of ‘The Battle of the Supersoul’, has transformed the main contradiction from ‘between countries’ to ‘the underlying government and the ground forces’. When the first batch came from the ground, it has super powers. When the radiation family and the reformers rushed into the underground shelters, many ground-breaking governments that had not yet been prepared were even hit hard, almost falling apart and losing the legitimacy and control of the rule forever.

“It can be said that although the struggle between the Radiation and the Reformers has failed, it has seriously destroyed the old state system. In order to fight these ghostly and extremely dangerous abilities, those who are hateful and full of doubts have to reluctantly unite. As a result, the mechanism of dialogue that has been interrupted for decades has been restored. On the ruins of the United Nations, a new global joint Organization ‘Earth Councilor’ was established.

“The establishment of the Earth Councilor was originally a ruin of the threats and challenges brought by the responders.

“The remnants of the great powers and the ultra-nationalists are even less likely to give up the glory of the country and the revenge of the blood.”

“Original, at the end of the ‘Supersoul Battle’, the Radiant and the Reformers were completely defeated, and all the abilities were included in the scope of national monitoring and control. After the study of Spiritual Energy took the path of formalization and industrialization, the Earth Councilor The meeting will be in name only, and the government of the country will have to embark on a new cold war and a comprehensive confrontation.

“At this time, scientists from all over the world have got an amazing prediction from the study of the wreckage of the meteorites.

“The meteorite that came a few years ago is just a forward of a larger scale of meteorite rain. It is a sly in front of the stormy waves. It is just a little raindrop that falls down before the storm is coming.

“The real ‘main rock of the meteorite rain’ has entered the outer edge of the solar system and will attack the Core Region of the solar system along the trajectory of the striker from one hundred to twenty-two years later.

“Of course, from the scale of the universe, the volume of the earth is so ‘small’, and it is flying fast in the orbit of revolution. The probability that the meteorite rain directly hits the earth is not high.

“The meteorite rain is not directed at the earth.

“Their goal is most likely the most massive celestial body in the solar system, the eternal star that gives us energy and life.

โ€œFrom the crystal content of the meteorites, to convert all the energy they can ignite, this wave of ‘the main force of the meteorite rain’ will definitely trigger a chain reaction and set off the largest sun in hundreds of millions of years. storm.

“At that time, half of the solar system may be immersed in the magical flame of destruction. Mercury, Venus, and the Earth will be swallowed by the sun until the spark. Even if the storm only sweeps for a few seconds, it is enough to burn the earth’s atmosphere and evaporate all the rivers. , lakes and oceans, even if we can hide in the shelters of several kilometers underground, we can’t survive, even if we survive, get through the sun storm, return to the bare ground, how can we survive?

“This is the real catastrophe. It is the complete destruction of the earth. No one can escape.”

The voice said here, deliberately silent for a long time, let Li Yao seriously think about the heavy and desperate words of “Holocaust”.

Indeed, even in the Era of the Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the cutting-edge Spiritual Energy, the cultivator and the Immortal Cultivator with strong cross-body, are so small and helpless in the face of the solar storms of Paramount Heaven Sector and Empyrean Terminus. The intensity of the solar storm increases 1%, and the entire Empyrean Terminus is likely to be destroyed.

Mysterious Era, which was born hundreds of millions of years ago, has just started the study of Spiritual Energy. Even in addition to a few meteorites, there is no Earth person from the source of Spiritual Energy.

โ€œSpecialist scholars from different countries have reached the same conclusion from different levels and angles, which proves the authenticity of the catastrophe.โ€

The voice said, “This is a terrible disaster than the nuclear war. No country can stand alone. Under the threat of the destruction of Civilization, the remnants of the major powers have finally let go of the bloody seas, in the ‘Earth Councilor’. On the architecture, the effort to save Civilization was launched. From this day on, the concept of ‘state’ gradually withdrew from the stage of our Civilization, and the Earth Councilor became the supreme rule of the entire Civilization.

“The time is only a hundred years. Obviously, it is impossible for us to prevent the meteorite rain from invading the solar system, and it is unable to block the outbreak of the solar storm. It is even more impossible to create a shield to wrap the whole earth. The only feasibility is that there is 1. The %success probability scheme is to escape, develop a sufficiently advanced or enough ‘do-it’ Star Ocean navigation technology within a hundred years, carrying all survivors, fleeing the earth, wandering the universe, and going to the Star Ocean.

“Whether it is necessary to develop a strong Star Ocean navigation technology in just a hundred years, how many difficulties and obstacles are faced, the biggest question is, where do we escape?

โ€œThe Star Ocean is vast, but there are very few planets that can be used for carbon-based intelligent life. If the star is the first element of life, then the star closest to the sun is the ‘byest star’ outside the Lightyears. Even if we can sail at 1% speed of light, it will take a total of four hundred and twenty years to arrive. However, the neighboring star is a ‘red dwarf star’. It is more than half the size of the sun, and the temperature is lower and more bleak. It is destined to be impossible. How much energy we provide, and it is difficult to create a rich and inhabitable planet.

โ€œThe neighboring stars that are close at hand are so difficult to reach and difficult to use. Not to mention hundreds of stars outside the Lightyears, even if we can develop advanced hibernation technology, let all the fugitives sleep for thousands of years. It is also difficult to find a place of rebirth that flows milk and honey in hundreds of millions of stars.

โ€œWhen all astronomers and biologists were troubled by this problem, an energy scientist threw out a rock-shattering idea.

“Since we are looking for a place where resources are rich and energy is filled, and the meteorite that landed on the earth is so magical, with infinite vitality and mystery, why don’t we march toward the place of meteorite rain? โ€

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