FMC Chapter 3101

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3101 Women and Children Priority, Astronomy
“If it is Jin Tuyi…”

Li Yao’s divine soul gradually splatters a dark gold ripple, like the hidden and sharp Fiend Qi.

He first chose to bow to the old dignitaries and chaebols, and let these nobles believe that they are their most loyal spokespersons and running dogs, and in the escape plan of a hundred years, they will definitely win the most positions for their family and power. This has been supported by a large number of powerful and wealthy individuals.

Later, he secretly infiltration in the academic world, controlled several cutting-edge research institutes, on the one hand, greatly reduced the difficulty of manufacturing Starship and developing Body Hibernation technology in propaganda, and even fabricated several pieces without any evidence. The inhabitable planets outside of dozens of Lightyears are rich in resources, full of crystal and Spiritual Qi. In this way, everyone has the support, forcing a lot of destined to consume a lot of resources, Nearly black hole project.

He even arranged personnel to carry out confusing propaganda among the people, telling everyone that in addition to dozens of Lightyears, it is everyone’s “land of hope, place of rebirth, place of eternal glory”, as long as comfortable and sleep for hundreds of years, You can start a new happy life on a planet that is 100 times better than the Earth. The premise is that all people can grit their teeth and squeeze every penny in their pockets and every drop of blood in the body. Great Universe’s plan to work hard.

On the other hand, he also raised a private soldier composed of old Soldier, Radiation and Reformers in the dark, and many opponents took out sharp fangs.

His private soldiers disguised as superpowers who lost in the “Super Spirit War”, assassinated many people who opposed him in the Earth Councilor; and disguised as the most extreme nationalists and “pure Human Race” “Theists” screamed at the lair of the superpowers and provoked the fire of hatred on both sides. In this way, the superpowers, the ultra-nationalists and all the opponents were both defeated and further concentrated their power.

He also secretly built a number of sophisticated weapons R & D Center, the most advanced military technology, first to the hands of his own private soldiers, improve their combat effectiveness, and gradually erode or even overwhelm the strength of the regular army.

In the face of the end of the earth’s leaders, along the way, just like the anti-travel in the sea of ​​knives and mountains, full of cruelty and blood.

And Li Yao knows that under the advancement of the great history, there are more unacceptable and inhuman details hidden.

Fortunately, this is what happened hundreds of millions of years ago. Fortunately, this is just a test or a game. Fortunately, he does not have to face a life-like detail and a lively victim. Otherwise, his Dao Heart is very likely to be here. It completely collapsed at the moment.

His ruthlessness and arbitrariness have finally paid off.

Stimulated by the Doomsday crisis, the entire Human Race has inspired a hundred times of wisdom and courage. Coupled with the discovery of Spiritual Energy and the emergence of superpowers, the Civilization vehicle that has been stagnant for decades has finally begun to rumbling again. Gold Era has become a platinum Era, a large explosion of science and technology, astronomy, aerospace, energy, materials science, human science… countless fields have made arrogant breakthroughs, almost every three or five years have an earth-shattering Era’s research results have been put into the field of application, and the ruined wasteland has “growed” a shining silver city, vacuum pipes, anti-gravity devices, unmanned floating dishes, remote sensing systems, and so on. The technology of “and hope” has entered thousands of households, and like the micro-computers that were decades ago, it has become something that can be seen everywhere.

When the countdown and the last thirty years, the first large type immigration Starship, which was transformed from the old aircraft carrier, was finally created. Success escaped from the gravitational pull of the Earth and entered the lunar orbit. The first batch of Body Hibernation projects Volunteers, after a total of ten years of hibernation, success wakes up!

Everything seems to be moving in the best direction.

But Li Yao’s heart is still high and low in the air.

Because he is very clear, sending tens of thousands of people into space and sending the entire planet into space is definitely two things, and the difficulty is more exponential.

At this time, the Earth, after the ravages of the Third World War and the Supersoul War, has returned to the scale of 2.5 billion people after several decades of recuperation.

It is impossible to complete the mission of sending 2.5 billion people to immigrant ships and going outside the 10 million Lightyears, the unknown Star Ocean.

Despite this, Li Yao is still trying hard to make the best effort, the best choice, and one person can save one more.

Li Yao keenly seized an option called “Death Education” in the looming tactics of billions of glimmers.

In countless technologies to be developed, he also chose a technology called “self-disciplined machine teaching”, which together with “unmanned driving”, became a key research and development project.

But this time, these two choices did not advance in a row, but two red awns emerged, making a harsh “dī dī” sound.

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse and didn’t understand what was going on.

“Unfortunately, you made the wrong choice, ‘death education’ and ‘self-discipline machine teaching’, not the antidote to our Civilization.”

The voice emerged in his sea of ​​consciousness. “You lost your first chance, but I was very interested in listening to the rationalization proposal. Why are you doing this – what is your plan?”

Wrong choice?

Three chances, lost once, in other words, three “life”, have lost one?

Li Yao took a deep breath and secretly warned that she should not panic. He had already built the first immigration Starship. At this point, he lost the first “life”. It should be far above the average level. He also There are two chances, don’t worry, take your time.

“In terms of the resources and research and development progress that I have mastered, in just 30 years, it is doomed to be able to escape with everyone.”

Li Yao said calmly, “Even if we work harder, in the end, it is the limit to be able to carry three or five hundred million people. In other words, five can only save one.”


The voice said, “Your judgment is very correct. It is even overly optimistic. Five can only save one. This is indeed the biggest problem facing our Civilization. The horror of the human heart is even more terrible than the invasion of meteorites and black holes. And you How can we solve this problem?”

“I can’t solve it. I’m just a small Human Race, not a god of omnipotence.”

Li Yao smiled bitterly. “I can only try to come up with the most fair and reasonable way to decide who is ultimately eligible to board the immigration Starship.

“In my moral concept, the ‘old and weak women’ priority is a law of righteousness. Considering the particularity of saving Civilization, the old people and the sick-ridden weak people are not a priority, then women and children, Those who are most qualified to board the immigration Starship, we may be able to save all women and children in a five-to-one ratio.”

“It makes sense.”

The voice said, “Women and children are a hope of Civilization. Males are just consumables and reproductive tools. A male is enough to make a hundred females pregnant and breed a whole ethnic group. In turn, one hundred males and one female, and then How to work hard can only be a few generations of birth, not enough to maintain the operation of Civilization.

“So, there is no need to carry too many men on the immigration Starship. In theory, this is the case. The question is how do you do this?”

“So I chose the strategy of ‘death education’.”

Li Yao explains, “This is not a technology. It is more like a philosophy. It is about educating everyone how to face death, how to think about the relationship between individuals and Civilization, how to look at their short life and the long journey of Civilization. In the end, I hope that people can look at their lives more peacefully and peacefully, be more sacrificed, and pin their hopes on the next generation.

“Ultimately, when the immigration fleet sails, all children, pregnant women and young ladies can board Starship according to the age of the census. If there is still space, then line up according to the age of the rest.”

“so that’s how it is.”

The voice said quietly, “That is, in your ideal state, the main passengers of the immigration fleet are women and children. Then, how do they control the Starship and how to develop it after arriving at the destination? ?”

“The Star Ocean sails, most of the time is not as complicated as you think.”

Li Yao replied, “99.99% of the Star Field in the universe is a vacuum that has nothing, and it is calmer than sailing in the sea. If you encounter the most extreme sinister environment, whoever manipulates it is the same.

“Since 99% of passengers are hibernating at 99%, what is the relationship between them as children or adults?

“And, with a variety of sophisticated weapons, Spiritual Energy and crystal can dramatically change the human body, I don’t think women must be weaker than men, so they can’t play the role of Soldier and scientist. For example, I know a woman. Her formidable degree… said that you won’t understand.

“Moreover, I decided to invest a lot of resources in the development of a ‘self-disciplined educational robot’, a fully automated education system. When these children wake up from a long hibernation, they can get help from supercomputers, fully automated robots, and learn slowly. How to harness Starship and save Civilization.

“Adolescent is strong, Civilization is strong. Although I know that there are still many omissions in this scheme, and there are even many wishful elements, I sincerely hope that these young people can develop the Civilization of the Earth – a new era of Civilization, I don’t know my choice. What is wrong?”

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