FMC Chapter 3105

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3105, Little Revenge, Astronomy
The next picture in Li Yao’s horizons is back to the Starship of Wanzanghai. The Superintendent of the Earth Councilor, the savior and destroyer of Earth’s Civilization, still crouch in the darkness while watching dozens of computer screens. Presented on the scenes, dozens of Starship’s cruel killing scenes, filled with fine wine, the glass is held in midair, for a long time, then the red wine blood slowly spilled on the ground.

This time, even if Li Yao can be seen slowly, the destruction of the rest of the Starship and the slaughter of the passengers are all planned by Wanzanghai.

“Wan Zanghai is so hot that it is so hot!”

Li Yao is unbelievable. “He, what exactly does he want to do?”

โ€œIs this not obvious?โ€

The voice said, “According to the Earth Age, even after the Third World War, the Battle of the Supersoul and the Rocks and other major events, the immigration fleet fled the Earth, but it was only the ’22nd Century’.

“The earth’s technological level and resource reserves in the 21st century, you already have very detailed data. Based on these data, you can use the data to make a breakthrough in technology and theoretical breakthroughs after 100 years. Do you really think that by the twenty-second century, Is there a way to carry a full 500 million people to millions of Lightyears, the unknown Star Ocean, looking for illusory hope?

โ€œNo, itโ€™s impossible to carry 500 million people outside the solar system, but itโ€™s going through the waning, barren, dead, cosmic vacuum of millions of Lightyears, experiencing radiation, meteorites and turbulence in space, in the dark. Itโ€™s another thing to travel tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years โ€“ the difficulty of the latter is more than a hundred times more!

“Even if 99% of people are in hibernation, they consume very little energy, but after tens of thousands of years of accumulation, they have become astronomical numbers. Hibernation drugs are replaced every once in a while, and high-energy nutrient solution consumption is also one day. Can’t stop, and Starship’s daily wear and tear, 500 Starships, without spare food, fuel and parts, can’t fly even about a dozen Lightyears, let alone looking for Spiritual Energy. The source of the rain is gone.

โ€œIn fact, according to the most optimistic estimate of the secret research team of Wanzanghai, I want to cruise stably in Star Ocean for more than 10,000 years at 1% speed of light, and guarantee that 90% of hibernating passengers can be healthy and rational. Recovery, then an immigration Starship needs to carry at least ten times more spare fuel, resources and repair parts, that is, 500 ships must carry at least 5,000 Starship supplies, or 50 Starships to carry. The supply of 500 ships, or the number of people carrying each Starship, should be reduced by a factor of ten, not one million, but one hundred thousand.

“So, there is a very small possibility. In the depths of the Dark Star Ocean, you can find a shimmer that saves our Civilization. You… understand?”

“what do you mean–“

Li Yao’s divine soul ripples are almost frozen, and the sound is colder than the yin in Nine Underworld Yellow Spring. “From the beginning, the dignitaries and the rich deceived the whole people, and Wan Zhaihai deceived all the dignitaries and the rich, the whole earth. Of the three billion people who can be saved, not one-sixth of the 500 million people, but XIUX%, which is one-sixtieth of the 50 million people?

“Three billion people, only 50 million can be saved!”


The voice said quietly, “Just because such a conclusion is too pessimistic, it may even lead to the suspension of the entire ‘Great Universe’ plan, because the dignitaries, the rich and their families and minions, and the elite scientists who built Starship and The combined number of engineers is far more than 50 million.

โ€œPower escorts the project, the rich provide funds for the project, and scientists and engineers solve a series of practical problems of the escape plan. It is impossible to prevent them from boarding Starship. If Wan Zhaihai told these guys at the beginning, there were only five. If thousands of people can leave, I am afraid that the rich and the rich have already made a make a move, fighting for you to live and die, and even holding each otherโ€™s thighs, preferring everyone to die together, not willing to see a lucky man swaying away from the solar system. – The evil of human nature, that is the case.

“So, in any case, Wan Zhaihai was instructed by the dignitaries and the rich, to force the elite scientists and engineers. Even if he changed the threat a little, what is the relationship?”

“Understood, everyone is in the dark.”

Li Yao smiled bitterly. “Those dignitaries and rich people think that Wanzanghai is just their shackles and running dogs. They are the protagonists of the escape plan. They don’t know that in the eyes of Wanzanghai, their Starship is just a ‘blood bag’, ‘Tool kit’ and ‘resource storage box’ only, the bird bowed, the rabbit died of dog cooking, the moment the immigration fleet fled the solar system, the original use value of Wanzanghai was squeezed clean, can be kicked by the powerful and the rich When I opened it, who knows that he first started to be strong, and both the dignitaries and the rich have ‘cooked’ a pot, it is a good idea, a good means!”

โ€œThose dignitaries and rich people are parasites that breed under the old system. They only use rules to crush people who are weaker than them, but they are unable to face the vast and unknown Star Ocean. They have their own rules, and there is no point. The courage of pioneering, Expeditions, and conquest, so they are destined to become true leaders, completing the sublimation from ‘Eco-Civilization’ to ‘Civilization’, only a strong man like Wanzanghai can do it.”

The voice said, “Moreover, this is also to avenge the hundreds of millions of compatriots who died on earth. You must know that most of the private soldiers in Wanzanghai are radiation, transformation and superpowers, that is, the tragic life in the past The descendants of the civilian population above the soil, and even many of their loved ones, were thrown on the earth, just burned to the ashes by the solar storm, and died without a place of burial.

“Now, Fury Flame is flowing through these pores, and the murderous spirits of the souls of the loved ones around the body, do not raise the sword against the culprit, let them taste the taste of ‘blood debts’, what are you waiting for?”


Li Yao laughed aloud. “Isn’t this all done in the air? Maybe he is not the real behind-the-scenes, but the most loyal minions of the dignitaries and the rich, the most powerful running dogs, many despicable plans are his In the first implementation, he also has a face to talk about the word ‘revenge’?”

“The only thing that can deal with despicable and shameless people is the despicable and shameless. The ideal of Wanzanghai is to purify Civilization and create a new era of reinvention for our Civilization. In addition to this dirty and rugged road, he There is no choice.”

The voice said, “If you don’t obediently act as the shackles and running dogs of the dignitaries and the rich, he simply can’t be the Superintendent of the Earth Councilor. After becoming Superintendent, if he shows a slight bit of tenderness, he will question the plan of the dignitaries. Then, he will step down in minutes, and even be directly killed, put on a second embarrassment, still have to carry out the will of the dignitaries, in addition to highlighting his personal integrity, what benefits can he get?

“face reality, calm analysis, at least 2,590 million of the 3 billion people at that time were in jeopardy and could not be saved. As a good Commander, you should not waste time thinking about how to save those destined to die. Instead, think about how to make these people’s sacrifices more valuable.

“Wan Zanghai is an excellent Commander. It is the best leader that Civilization can meet at a critical juncture. He has not lived up to the sacrifices of hundreds of millions of compatriots and used their death to exchange the greatest value.

“Those whose brains are full of fat, do not adapt to the new era, and the rich and the rich are swept away. The remaining survivors are strong, strong-willed, highly unified minds, and even iron horses with various abilities. The layers of screening and cruel elimination, they all have the best genes, are very sensitive to Spiritual Energy, is a hundred percent of ‘Superhuman’.

โ€œAt the same time, after eliminating 90% who are not qualified to participate in this great inferior gene holder, the remaining 10% survivors have ten times the resources, even if a Starship wears and breaks during a long voyage. There are also nine Starship parts that can be replaced, greatly increasing the success rate of finding new hopes.

“The most important thing is that no one can ride on the neck of Wanzanghai. He talks arrogantly, arbitrarily arbitrarily arbitrarily arrogant, even behind him, licking his knife and dragging his hind legs. The will of Wanzanghai can be carried out to the entire immigration fleet. Each of the nerve endings is critical to people who have just experienced the destruction of Homeworld and drifted through the Dark Star Ocean.

Li Yao really doesn’t know how to evaluate Wan Zhai’s actions.

Just as it is difficult for him to judge the actions of Xiao Xuance, Lu Zui, Wuying Ji, etc. with simple โ€œright or wrongโ€.

“Of course, in addition to the ‘purification’ and ‘sublimation’ for the entire Civilization, this “outer solar system massacre” has another small, insignificant purpose, is it a small revenge of Wan Zhaihai himself? โ€

He said, “This is a long time and a long time, recorded in the past in Wan Zhaihai’s suicide note about his life.

“Before the suicide note has not been published, everyone thinks that Wanzanghai is also a wealthy family born in the underground shelters. Parents are high-class people who are handsome, even if the ground is polluted and dirty, they can maintain a decent life in the ground. And let him receive a good education, but unfortunately suffered a refuge in a refuge, both parents died, the family is in the middle.

“Because of the identity of the ‘high society children’, Wanzanghai has entered the circle of dignitaries and rich people and become the spokesperson of these guys.

“However, in the suicide note, Wan Zanghai admits that he is not a ‘high society child’ at all, or that he is not a real ‘Wan Zanghai’, but is born in a heavily polluted wasteland, in the smoke, Growing up in rust and yellow sand, the hidden part of the body even has its own variability. It is a ‘radio’ of a hundred percent.

“His parents are not handsome, gentle and decent people, on the contrary, weeds, ants, cockroaches, squats, squatting in the wasteland, struggling to survive, the people who died long ago Radiation sickness and the mouth of the mutant beast.

“He accidentally encountered the big blast of the refuge under the site, met a large number of high society people who escaped from the refuge, and killed a person with his age and appearance, named ‘Wan Zanghai’. Juveniles, who took the initiative to replace the identity of the youngsters, got the tickets for the society.

“So, this massacre that occurred outside the solar system is considered to be his own parents, the waste soil that grew up from childhood, and all the radiation pollution, virus erosion, tumor torture, and beast bites on the waste soil. Do you have a small revenge for the ants, the cockroaches, the weeds, the ‘untouchers’ who are struggling in the hell of the world, desperate, and silent?

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