FMC Chapter 3109

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3109 mad dog out, floating astronomy
After 10,000 years of development, under the nourishment of the abundant Spiritual Energy, the Yuan Dynasty has a small and sophisticated Spiritual Energy mining fleet, and even has a number of Warships with strong attack and defense power, deeply emptied by the emptiness hunter. Trusted, they can also move away from the swing down range of the Nether Hunter’s tentacles, and even through the study of the Nether Hunter neurons, they have limited control of the Star Ocean jump technology.

The Yuan Dynasty was well prepared in advance, and most of the people armed themselves with crystal armor and Spiritual Energy Protective Shield. Starship also undergoes enhanced modification to hide far away from the Nether Hunter.

The explosion of the Nether Hunter ruined the 10% of the Yuan Dynasty, but it also brought about a new hope. After the explosion, there were three huge residual limbs to restore their activity. Under the care of the Yuan Dynasty, they slowly grew. As a new generation of Nether Hunters, unlike the old Nether Hunters, they do not occasionally encounter the “small bugs” of the Yuan Dynasty in the prime years of their lives, but a “born” is entangled with the Yuan Dynasty. The existence and care of the family is taken for granted, and the ambitions and threats of the Yuan Dynasty are even less recognized.

In this way, Yuan Wei Civilization, which originally inhabited a Nether Hunter, has three more obedient “mounts”, and its strength has suddenly tripled. They even slowly domesticated the Nether Hunter, using technology and industrial methods to stimulate the Nether Hunter. The growth of the beast has turned into a man-made monster with incomparable horror.

In this way, the Yuan Dynasty completed the transformation from “parasite” to “master” and took the first step in conquering the universe!

A similar rise has taken place in countless “Heavenly Paradise” in the rich world of the universe.

The Nether Hunter is a never-ending traveler in the universe. Over the past 10,000 years, this emptiness hunter of the Yuan Dynasty has traveled through countless Heavenly Paradise and has dealt with thousands of Starry Sky Foreign Races and even low-level Civilization. However, it has spread a large number of Yuanshi people to all parts of the universe.

Most Starry Sky Foreign Races are similar to the Nether Hunter. They have arrogant combat power and incredible divine ability, but they have not evolved with superb wisdom and deep ambition. Their IQ will not exceed that of children aged seven or eight. The disposal of the Yuan Dynasty is not so much a “sale as a slave”, but rather “a child has discovered a novelty toy and can’t wait to show off and share between his friends.”

The Nether Hunter left a boat and the Yuan Dynasty in each of Heavenly Paradise, and in exchange for other precious resources or rare gadgets, they will grow up with satisfaction.

And these Yuan Dynasty, who are stranded in Heavenly Paradise, are like their compatriots who still parasitize on the Nether Hunter. They lurk their claws, hide their ambitions, and struggle to survive.

They are faced with a variety of creatures that are as powerful as gods and eccentric as a nightmare. They will be crushed and swallowed by the other party with a little carelessness, and the other party does not even have any maliciousness, just like they crush an ant, just Unintentional yawning.

And they must search the intestines, and rack their brains to please the masters of these Heavenly Paradise, revealing the value of their existence, in order to get the ruin of the shackles that are dominated by the fingers, to live, to live desperately, to endure all the non- People’s pains live!

On a planet that is extremely thin and filled with hard rock, there is a Starry Sky Foreign Race called “giant crab”, which has a hard iron-like outer shell and near-stagnation time perception. They can directly absorb the metal elements in the underground veins and geothermal energy, and self-sufficiency in this way, and its huge figure and too hard shell, make them the strongest defense in the universe, even the Nether Hunter Unable to digest their exoskeleton, there is no need to develop wisdom and Civilization.

They are not malicious to the Yuan Dynasty, and even hard to understand the concept of “killing”, but they like the body of Surges themselves, creating the shock of shaking the mountain. Every time it oscillates, there will be countless Yuanshi people living on it falling Abyss. Surrounded by the gap between its carapace.

In the long symbiotic relationship, the Yuanshi people learned to help the “giant crabs” clean the breathing holes that they were blocked by the carpet. They also learned to engrave the gorgeous patterns on the surface of their carapace to please the slow and stupid behemoth. After discovering that the hill giant crab is particularly sensitive to sound, there is even a special occupation called “Singer”, which, like the “dreamer” on the Nether Hunter, specializes in calming and anesthetizing the divine soul of the giant god. There is really a divine soul.

In order to survive, such compromises and grievances are only minimal.

In other Heavenly Paradise, carbon-based intelligent life is not presented in animals, but in the form of plants. Inadvertently drift and fall to the Yuan Dynasty, even the roots of plants have to grow into their own bodies, and their own Blood vessels and even the internal organs are merged together, turning yourself into a master vehicle.

In this way, in countless Heavenly Paradise, the Yuan Dynasty pleasing the seemingly demon-like masters in countless humiliating and painful ways.

In general, the masters are very satisfied with the performance of the “small bugs” brought by the Nether Hunter, and they do not realize that there is something wrong with the growth and expansion of the Yuan Dynasty as an exponential explosion. They think that the Yuan Dynasty is a very The fun and docile little life, in addition to the 叮dīng dāng local gongs and drums some metal-made gadgets, there is no problem.

Only some low-level Civilization, vaguely aware of the dangers of the Yuan Dynasty.

That is, some individuals are relatively weak, relying on individuals to survive alone, have to entangle with the same kind, develop a carbon-based intelligent life of social relations and even Civilization.

Their appearance is very similar to the “Devil Ghost” in the Human Race concept.

As a low-level Civilization, the wise men of them can vaguely perceive the potential and threat of the “higher Civilization” of the Yuan Dynasty.

Although the Yuan Dynasty, brought to them by the Nether Hunter, is just some ragged, sly, shivering, and looks like a funny and poor hairless monkey, but these wise wise men of the lower Civilization can still squat from the “eyebrow monkey” Deep in the eyes, see the burning fiercely fireworks.

The wise men of the lower Civilization rushed to speak and shouted loudly, asking people to be wary of the advent of the devil, and to make predictions such as “The door of the infinite hell has been opened, the demon from the blue planet is about to come, destroying Ten Thousand World.”

Unfortunately, in the Primal Chaos, the ancient Pacific Era, the carbon-based wisdom life living in the middle of the universe is far from being a piece of iron. The life form that grows under the abundant Spiritual Energy is inherently lacking channels and must, especially Between the weak civilization of individual strength and the super giant type Spirit Beast, the individual is more vigilant, more hostile than trust and goodwill.

For the Yuan Dynasty, the Nether Hunter is “Starry Sky Foreign Race”. For these lower Civilizations, the Nether Hunter is also the “Starry Sky Foreign Race”, which is at most familiar and occasionally the Starry Sky Foreign Race.

What is more not good is that within these low-level Civilizations, because of the phenomenon of “expert constant, weak and weak” caused by Spiritual Energy, it has intensified social contradictions and killed the development of science and technology, making them unable to do so. Suspicion and vigilance against each other, into the endless “everyone to everyone” war, is like a replica of the large Ancient Saint Sector.

In such a struggle vortex Civilization, all individuals focus on their immediate interests and will never unite to consider the overall interests of Civilization.

When the Yuanshi, scattered to these lower Civilizations, showed amazing wisdom and complicated strategies, they were immediately stunned by the juniors of Civilization as Celestial, and they used the Yuan Dynasty to fight their enemies. During this period, even appeared. Both the “mercenary” and the “slave soldiers” are the Yuan Dynasty, so ridiculous and extremely dangerous scenes.

The old wise men mourn in anger and anger at the foothills. The Yuanshi people smashed each other with advanced Spiritual Energy weapons on the battlefield. The experts of Starry Sky Foreign Race laughed in the wine cellar forest. They thought they had nothing to listen to. To the depths of the universe, there are deafening waves. In every atmosphere of the inhabitable planet, there is a thunderstorm. It is the ambition of the Yuan Dynasty to squat for 10,000 years and forbearing for 10,000 years. It is a high Civilization to low. Waiting for the Civilization and the roar of the stupid beasts, the war broke out, for the glory of the Yuan Dynasty!

“100,000 years ago, after eating all the large-scale animals in the area, including the most brutal beasts, our ancestors came out of Africa. They spent about 80,000 years scattered on every continent of the whole earth and became extinct. More than 90% of beasts, this is the only extinction in the history of the earth that was not caused by natural disasters. Our race is more efficient in massacres than meteorite attacks, volcanic eruptions or super-earthquakes and long ice ages. .”

The voice is lightly said, “The mammoth weighs more than ten tons and has a thick layer of hair and fat. The ivory of the male elephant can exceed three meters in length, far longer than the height of an adult man. It is the long-term glacial mid-stage grassland. Overlord.

“The Saber-Toothed Tiger has sharp teeth like daggers and extremely hidden predation. In order to counter our threats, some subspecies have even evolved a shape that specifically licks the human brain. A powerful bite force can easily crush one. Complete skull.

“Whales are the largest and bulky animals. Their range of existence is not even overlapping with our range of existence. It is in the vast ocean far from the crowd.

“How about that? What about it? What about it? Is there any reason to stop us from extinction?”

“Civilization is a million times of barbarism. When civilization and barbarism encounter, no matter how disparate the individual strength is, there is no suspense in the result, no matter the void hunter, the hill giant crab or something else. Starry Sky Foreign Race And no matter how much Spiritual Energy they control or say ‘wasted’, in our eyes, it’s just a large mammoth, Saber-Toothed Tiger and Blue Whale. We went out of Africa 100,000 years ago. Today, we conquer the universe. !”

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