FMC Chapter 3116

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, Chapter 3116 is a deadly battle! Floating astronomy
β€œWhy do you say that?”

The voice said, “It is a breeze for us to erode the divine soul of the tester. If our purpose is as simple as it is, it will be able to erode the tester at that time tens of millions of years ago. Why bother to wait till now? ”

β€œIs it really so easy?”

Li Yao sneered and sneered again. “So, dare you tell me the true purpose of the ‘Sunline Defense Plan’? This seemingly magnificent plan, as you said, is to destroy and block Hong Chao?

“It is impossible, even if one of the most ordinary galaxies contains 100 million, one billion or even ten billion stars, even if it develops to the peak of the Civilization, it is impossible to destroy one billion stars in one breath. You also said, your plan is to destroy ‘ten thousands of stars’, oh, compared to the total number of astronomical stars, ‘ten million’ is nothing, just a drop in the ocean!

“Destroy tens of thousands of stars from a billion stars. Is it really possible to smash and block Hong Chao, and even disturb the stability of the entire universe? Can the Star Ocean jump be implemented? I doubt this very much.

β€œHong Chao Regiment has a large number of ’empty hunters’ such as Starry Sky Foreign Race that can travel through the 4D storm, and is in no way inferior to your Star Ocean jump technology. Even if you create a scorched earth area, Hong Chao has a way to go around. Past.

“So, what is the real purpose of the ‘Sunline Defense Plan’? At first, I was puzzled, but when you again made the ‘necessary sacrifice’, I suddenly understood.

“The so-called ‘necessary sacrifice’ is the real purpose of the ‘sun defense plan’?

“From the beginning, you never thought about a dead battle with Hong Chao. The tyranny and the shackles are two sides of a coin. You have lost the toughness of the former crouching and the braveness of the rise, but you are hiding the sky and Covering the earth, Hong Chao, who is pervasive, is scared, and one mind only wants to flee.

“But it takes time to flee, and the lack of capacity and resources makes it impossible for you to take away all the Yuan Dynasty. What is more good is that if most of the civilians are left behind, they will be swallowed up by Hong Chao. Chao’s power suddenly expands a hundred times and will soon catch up with you.

“The so-called ‘sun defense plan’ is a plan of destiny for one stone and three birds.

“First of all, detonating thousands of stars, although it can not cause heavy damage to Hong Chao, but it can indeed delay Hong Chao for a period of time, to give you millions of tens of millions of years of escape and development time.

“Secondly, most of the compatriots who have been abandoned by you will be buried in the flames of the smashing of stars. They will not become the captives of Hong Chao, nor will they continue to live with the resentment against you.

“Finally, the ripples of thousands of stars explode may not be able to shake the stability of the entire universe, but they can erase the traces of your escape in the gorgeous fireworks superimposed by thousands of supernova explosions, even if the escape fleet bursts the strongest. The tail flame, leaving any radiation trails, will be cleaned up.

“So, the ‘Sunline Defense Plan’ is not a desperate offensive plan, but a shameless escape plan. Your response is nothing but a replica of Earth Era’s dignitaries and rich people facing a meteorological disaster. You have to abandon 99% again. My compatriots, those innocent and cowardly civilians, have gone! And this time, you have even done more shameless than the last time, you must detonate the hopes of your compatriots to survive, help you delay the enemy and cover up the trails of your escape. !

“Speak, miscellaneous, don’t you like to chatter, don’t you are good at using the righteousness and glory to cover up your greed, fear, and hypocrisy? Ah, tell me, is this the truth?”

The voice is dumb.

In Li Yao’s mind, there was a noise of β€œε½ε½ε½ε½,吱吱吱吱”, which was stored in the Swire Secret Treasures. The pre-programmed programs encountered conflicts in the underlying logic. I don’t know. How to respond.

“We… have no choice.”

The voice repeated again and again, “We can’t sit still, only let the wise and elite of the entire Civilization go first, to keep the fire of Civilization, and the rest of the people are destined to die, it would be better to give them a happy relief, and use Their sacrifices are in exchange for maximum benefit.”

“Haha, hahahahaha, a good one, ‘the wise man and the elite go first’, a good ‘free liberation’, a good ‘sacrifice in exchange for the maximum benefit’, I am!”

Li Yao first laughed and then angered. “I have heard enough of your ghosts, enough of your erosion, and can’t stand the ‘no choice’! Let me ‘Vulture Li Yao’ tell you, I The ultimate choice. If I was the Commander of Civilization at the time, then I would lead the whole strongest, most brave, and most intelligent adults of Civilization. We will face Hong Chao and fight side by side. We will use ourselves. The flesh and the divine soul build a stronger wall than the ‘sun line’. We will give the weak and the children a chance to survive. Before they escape safely, Hong Chao would like to cross our body Half-Step until At the last moment, perhaps we will also detonate the stars, but all those who have formulated the ‘Sunline Defense Plan’ will stand with me and stand in our new home to usher in the ultimate glory!”

“So, you are not a qualified Commander.”

The voice said, “Just a coward of a blood boiling.”

“Before becoming a qualified Commander”

Li Yao whispered, “I am a qualified, real, flesh-and-blood, human race with pride, pride and bottom line!”

“So, your resistance and escape plan is very likely to fail.”

The voice said, “You will ruin the entire Civilization.”

“You are despicable and shameless, and the practice of extermination of humanity will destroy a once-great Civilization!”

Li Yao growls, “The universe is vast, timeless, standing on the scale of Great Universe to observe, 50 billion years, 100 billion years, there is a civilization that will last forever? If my and my Civilization are really about to fall, In an instant, I only hope that I can bloom with the most brilliance! We either live like individuals, or die like individuals, and never become zombies, viruses and cockroaches in Star Ocean!”

“Tester, you are wasting your precious last chance.”

The voice became harsh. “If you continue to be so obsessed, it is very likely that you will be eliminated and killed along with your Civilization.”

With the threat of undisguised voice, the η’€η’¨Star Ocean in Li Yao neural field gradually boiled and rolled over, turning into a poisonous black swamp.

The black poisonous juice seemed to condense into a tentacle that hid the sky and covering the earth, and covered the brain with Li Yao.

“Soft is not good, is it hard to come?”

Li Yao laughed and faced the threat of mysterious voice. Dao Heart, which had just been contaminated with dust and dirt, became extremely clear and bright in an instant. All hesitation, entanglement and confusion were thoroughly destroyed by burning fiercely. Burned out, “I am obsessed with making the first two choices. Now, I am completely awake!”

“Your words are fundamentally contradictory. If this is really a test for seeking ‘different possibilities’, why don’t you let me make my own choice every time I get to a key node? You keep saying ‘free will’ is the first Something, why do you have to set up obstacles to interfere with my free will? Such a test is just a re-enactment of the real history from Earth Race to the beginning of Civilization, and even if I can follow your three suggestions, success passes the entire test. My Dao Heart and my mindset will probably be completely eroded and assimilated by you, and become a replica of you, which is the ‘Civilization restart’!

“You were originally our replica.”

The sound swings down in Li Yao’s mind, black tentacles, and screams, “Don’t forget, our genes are 00% consistent!”

“What about that? Human Race and cockroaches have some genetic overlaps, but the real Human Race will never be ashamed, as dirty as locusts!”

Li Yao roared, “The so-called genes and flesh and blood are just the carriers that carry our hearts. The mind is the most important thing! Even if we are consistent with your gene 00%, we also have the wisdom and courage that you don’t have. Morality, a sense of justice and determination to protect all of this! We are your children, but we are by no means a replica of you. We are not a replica of anyone, whether it is the Civilization of the Yuan Dynasty, the magic of the Taikoo, or the existence of another existence in disorder. We don’t care, we are us, the human race that is small but always proud, the new generation of Human Race!”

“and so”

The sound of thousands of black tentacles, as if at the same time opened a myriad of sucker-like eyes, each eye burst into a cosmic radiation-like death light, staring at Li Yao’s divine soul, “you are determined to refuse Are our suggestions, and we are enemies?”

“If you are your enemy, the only ‘no choice” is to become your replica, minions and slaves, living in your way, like walking dead and steel shackles, ruthless, bloodless Living without tears, what does it mean to live like this?”

Li Yao laughed. “Yes, let these ‘no choices’ go to hell, ‘Yi Shi Civilization’, or more terrible ‘Hong Chao’ than you, or something else Devil ghost, ι­‘ 魍魉 魍魉The strong existence of the four dimensional space doesn’t matter. Come, our new humanity is here waiting for your coming, let us fight for death!”

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