FMC Chapter 3119

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3119 The real answer, Astronomy
“what happened?”

The female captain’s expression was subtle, and even the pale gold ghosts behind her became anxious. All the ghosts of the Yuan Dynasty were staring at Li Yao, as if they couldn’t wait to see him take over. Hundreds of millions of divine ability and the key to infinity technology.

Li Yao instantly perceives each other’s weirdness.

This made the alarm in the depths of his sea of ​​consciousness more and more loud.

“Calm, I must be calm!”

Li Yao warned himself, “It’s not that simple, it’s not so simple, the sigh of the earth’s past, the aversion to the Civilization of Yuanshi, the cherishment of the Human Race Civilization reborn in Pangu Universe, the love of loved ones and the love of home. There is too much boiling BloodHed… All of this will interfere with my judgment, I have to calm down, freeze all distractions and find the most core answer!”

His eyes suddenly sharpened and stared at the female captain for a long time, as if to poke two holes in the ghost of the female captain.

“You seem… I hope that I took the key and inherit the entire legacy of the Civilization?”

Li Yao suddenly asked.

“This is of course.”

The female captain still smiled, but her smile showed a little bit of reluctance. “We have been waiting for hundreds of millions of years to obliterate the hundreds of generations of Civilization testers. If no one can get the inheritance, Hong Chao will come at any time, then That’s too late.

“So, no doubt, I certainly hope that you can get the inheritance of Taikoo, and sincerely wish you can carry this heritage.”

“is it?”

Li Yao became more and more surprised and snorted. “So, is there any other suitable person besides me? Lu Qingchen and blood heart’s demon, how are they, are they obliterated?”

The female captain was silent for a moment and shook her head: “Not yet, they are still testing, lost in the bloody mud.”

“This is not reasonable.”

Li Yao is getting more and more calm, looking at the golden key that is close at hand, not like looking at the legacy of all the divine talent of God Grade Civilization, it is like watching a poisonous snake with a spiked and burning fiercely, “if Say, the correct answer to Final Test is not to make the same choices with you, so with the character of Lu Qingchen and blood heart’s demon, they should have failed and been obliterated by you – you just said that these two The guys have already been ‘single on the dust’, and the progress is far more than me. They have no reason to go to the “sun defense plan” life and death choices now?

“Since they have not been erased, it proves that ‘even if you make the darkest choice three times, you may not be able to pass the test’. Perhaps, the thing that Final Test is going to test, the so-called key, is not here at all, not ‘justice and evil.’ ‘, ‘Darkness and light’ is something that is unclear.

“My brain is a bit messy, I have to think about it, think about it…”

“What are you still hesitating?”

The female captain hurriedly said, “Hong Chao is about to come. Only by the inheritance of the Civilization of Yuanshi, you will have a chance!”

“What are you worried about?”

Li Yao is more and more sure that her intuition is right. “Even if Hong Chao is really under the city, don’t care if I think about it for three or five minutes? If there is a problem, there must be a problem!”

“what is the problem?”

The captain’s smile is about to collapse, and all the ghosts around him will almost become dead and entangled in Li Yao.

“Don’t misunderstand, it’s not that you have any problems, but my own problems.”

Speaking of this, Li Yao simply shrunk back, and in his spiritual world, his hands squatted and snarled, muttering. “My problem is that it may be the talent of my god, and I have cursed me. Every time there is a mission that I appear, the difficulty will suddenly increase by ten times. The big demon of each match will have at least three or five transformations, and each time the mission ends, it will inevitably not turn around. – To be honest, I am used to this miserable adventure.

“Now, I have just relied on Hot Blooded, and it has been easy for hundreds of millions of years. The elites of the hundreds of generations of Civilization and the expert have not been tested. Have you got such an exaggerated super luxury spree? It’s so beautiful, it’s not like real, it’s like a dream.”

“What exactly are you talking about Ah?”

The captain’s smile was split, “You think too much.”

“No, I didn’t think much. Although I like to think about it in the air on a weekday, I am a little naive and unassuming, but when my computational ability reaches the limit, I am actually very awake and very self-aware.”

Li Yao pointed to her own brain. “In fact, I have a very clear and calm understanding of myself. I know what kind of person I am. I am a person, besides being beautiful, in fact, It is not as tall and stalwart as the world imagines, and it is just as arrogant, far-sighted and compassionate. I really, really, is just a handsome and handsome person.

“On the commanding ability of the fleet, I am generally ordinary. At least there are hundreds of people around me who can lift me up. On the control of the operation and management capabilities of a Civilization, I am even more unremarkable, even if I give it to me. I can’t manage the planets. As for grasping the development direction of technology, innovating the social structure, and focusing on the square aspects of the relationship, and even sketching the Civilization blueprint after ten thousand years… I have none of these capabilities.

“In addition to appearance, the only thing I have is nothing more than a Hot Blooded, but the so-called ‘Hot Blooded’ is a casual look for a few high-school students who want to be dissatisfied. It’s too simple to play the ‘Final Test’ with a Hot Blooded. Is it too ridiculous?

The female captain looked at Li Yao’s face and looked at it. He thought about it and thought about it. Finally, he shook his head slightly and was silent.

“Fortunately, before the Final Test, I got a lot of information about the Civilization from the ‘Emperor’ and the Moon Watcher.”

Li Yao’s thinking is getting clearer and clearer, and the speed of speech is getting faster and faster. “There are a hundred ancient Civilizations, which follow the evolutionary direction and moral principles. There are both bloody and cruel, selfish and dark Civilization. But there is also a kind heart, full of bright and good-hearted Civilization; there is a despicable Civilization, but there is also a full of Hot Blooded, the warrior Civilization; or even the ingenuity of the ‘super brain Civilization’.

“The most extreme kind of goodwill, after highly developed, destroyed most of its own weapons, and even the flowers and plants could not bear to trample.

“The most Blooded Warriors Civilization, each individual is pursuing the most gorgeous and glory of death, their only desire is to find a more powerful enemy, and fight with it, annihilate the most embarrassing fireworks.

“And the ‘super brain Civilization”s computational ability and deductive ability are dozens of times and hundreds of times more than our Pangu Civilization!

“It is reasonable to say that the most extreme kind of goodwill, it is impossible to be tempted by you, to choose the path of darkness and evil three times in a row.

“And for the Warriors Civilization, what ‘sun defense plan’, they can not use such despicable things to tarnish their Dao Heart, will definitely fight with Hong Chao, and you.

“Similarly, with the ability to calculate, analyze and deduct the ‘Civilization’, there is no reason not to wear such a simple scam. What ‘the only correct answer is that there is no correct answer at all’, such an old-fashioned trick to deceive the scam The middle school students also differs not much, want to fool the elite of the hundred generations of Civilization, the wise man and Madman, how is it possible!

“So, I am boldly guessing that you have just lied. In the past hundreds of millions of years, I am sure that more than one person has come to this step, and thousands of testers have come here, standing on this… golden key In front, at least, the extremely good-hearted Civilization, the seemingly deadly Civilization, and the unintelligible Super Brain Civilization, their tester, should stand where I am standing now, and reach out to the golden key.

“Unfortunately, they still failed, fell, and obliterated.

“Just because…this is not the end, we are still testing, right?”

The female captain was silent for a long time.

Then, with other pale gold ghosts, gently applaud Li Yao.

“You don’t have to be arrogant, you are really smart. It is the first person in the billions of years to realize that the test is still going on.”

The female captain smiled. “Only, I still can’t tell you the true purpose of this Final Test. You have to find the correct answer yourself, and you want to know the meaning of this test in order to get all the inheritance of Yuanshi Civilization.”

She once again held the golden key with thousands of technology and divine ability, shiny, and held it in front of Li Yao.

Li Yao stared at the golden key for a long time.

This key is like opening a myriad of invisible maze.

Each maze hides the power of Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth, the incredible technology, and the supreme power that can make a person star the Star Ocean and become the king of the universe.

Of course, if he is sufficiently selfless, this key can also unlock the seal of Human Race Civilization, allowing Human Race Civilization to leap into the Goth Grade Civilization in a short time, spanning hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, at least “quasi-God”. Grade Civilization”.

It seems that it is full of temptations and no one can resist the temptation of it.

Li Yao stared at the golden key for a long time and thought for a long time.

The bottom of the eye reveals the desire for power, the embarrassment of the evolution of Civilization, and the excitement of the battle against Hong Chao.

On several occasions, his fingers and thoughts were just around the corner, trying to win the golden key and squatting in his palm.

But in the end, all the obsessions and madness on the face and the bottom of the eyes were retreating, and his eyes returned to the original clarity and purity.

With a sigh of relief, the corner of his mouth evoked the purest smile that had not appeared for a long time. Li Yao made a decision and suddenly became very easy.

“So complicated, then forget it, I don’t want it.”

Li Yao embraced her arms and looked at the golden key again, as if it were just a transparent cloud. “This captain, I refused to accept the inheritance of the Civilization of Yuanshi, please take it away.”

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