FMC Chapter 3123

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 3123 chapter of Ding Lingdang’s way, floating astronomy
Li Yao really wants a dog’s blood to vomit on the face of golden light.

But before he screamed, the ghosts of the Yuan Dynasty and the crystal-clear Super Warship disappeared. He was like breaking free from a fragmented crystal world and returning to a vast, cosmic virtual world.

A pair of sub-pictures, a section of sound, one by one or heroic or wretched or just or evil historical figures, gathered into hundreds of millions of flash fragments, symbolizing the evolution from Human Race Civilization to the beginning of Civilization, from small earth to endless stars. Road, this evolutionary road is like a galaxy, haunting around Li Yao.

In the galaxy of the galaxy, there are dozens of translucent pale gold crystal balls floating like a shiny eggshell, countless Li Yao’s relatives, confidants, friends and even enemies. The posture is in the middle of it, and the respective tests are carried out.

Among them are not only the standard Human Race expert such as Ding Lingdang, Li Jialing and Boss Bai, but also the existence of energy life like blood heart’s demon and Lu Qingchen, as well as Long Yangjun, who is directly from the wild, even Fist King, Xiaoming. And Wenwen surpassed Human Race Civilization, a new generation of life forms.

In the face of the life and death choices and huge legacy left by the beginning of the Civilization, what choices will they make?

Looking at the crystal ball in which the eyes are closed and falling asleep, Ding Lingdang, Li Yao clenches his fists and wants to break the crystal ball and rescue his wife.

However, he does not know whether the Yuan Dynasty will set up other traps. Whether he actively helps other people to break the customs will be regarded as a “foul”. Instead, he will add more and more self-defeating.

What’s more, the real expert is to constantly face the torture of the soul, no one can replace them for Great Dao Dispute.

Li Yao can only wait, look forward to, believe it!

at last

Except for Li Yao’s surprise, Ding Lingdang’s crystal ball turned out to be the first crack in the road. The criss-cross cracks quickly spread to the whole “egg shell”, just like the new student bred in it, and couldn’t wait to break. And it’s out.


Li Yao was surprised and happy. I didn’t expect Ding Lingdang to be the second person after him. He thought that Lu Qingchen or blood heart’s demon would be faster!


A crisp, sweet sound, the pale gold “eggshell” wrapped around Ding Lingdang has shattered, Star Glory Federation, no, most likely the most formidable female warrior of the entire Pangu Universe wakes up from Final Test, making an angry fight Hey, slamming a punch at Li Yao, who rushed over to her, almost slammed Li Yao.

“Wife, it is me!”

Li Yao screamed, “Wake up, it’s over, everything is over!”

“…Li Yao?”

Ding Lingdang is surrounded by the magma-like Fury Flame. Even though the virtual space has released a realistic fighting intent, as if wearing an invisible armor, her consciousness is still deeply immersed in Final Test’s speculation. My eyes were fixed for a long time before I was a little loose, realizing who I was.

“Be careful, this is not a test, don’t be fooled by them!”

Ding Lingdang took a sigh of relief and then the eyebrows stood up again. “This is a trap, a trap like ‘Civilization possession’!”


Li Yao didn’t know how to explain it. He spread his hands and calmed his way. “Wife, let me calm down first. I certainly know that this is not a test and a heritage in the conventional sense. However, what should I say? In short, you should tell me first, you What did you encounter in ‘Final Test’? It seems that you have not inherited the inheritance of the first civilization?”

“What ghost heritage?”

Ding Lingdang still has some unclear conditions, pulls out his fists and looks around. “Where is that old demon?”

“Old witch?”

Li Yao is also confused. “Where is the old demon?”

“That is the old demon who looks golden, kind and good-looking!”

Ding Lingdang bites his teeth, “Be careful, she is insidious!”

“This one……”

Li Yao feels a little headache. “What exactly did you encounter in Final Test?”

Ding Lingdang fixed his mind and told Li Yao about his experience with Final Test.

Well, Li Yao found that the test content of Ding Lingdang was almost the same as that of him. Perhaps both of them belong to the “bright” and “just” camps, and they all compare Hot Blooded impulses?

However, Ding Lingdang is obviously more impulsive than his Hot Blooded. In the Yuan Dynasty, he throws the first “no choice”, that is, abandoning 99% of the Earth’s ordinary people, only 1%, rich and elite. Ding Lingdang turned his face on the spot when he was able to escape the immigration plan. He didn’t play at the table.

“Using the most despicable and shameful deception, the 99% of the ordinary people sneaked the pants belt to the escape plan and drained the last drop of blood and sweat. As a result, only the 1% of the escaping and the rich are on the escape cabin. What the hell is this! ”

Ding Lingdang said with anger, “What is the difference between this practice and Wuying Ji’s sacrifice of all the innocent people on a whole planet to realize their ambitions? What is the future of this kind of civilization and the future? You have said the ‘space θŸ‘θž‚’! If I make such a choice, it is not the second Wuying Ji, a smug, no bottom line, pigs and dogs!

“I would rather die than choose such a mean and shameless road. I will never let myself become a wolf-hearted dog lung. It is poisonous like a snake, not as good as a cockroach and a locust. I believe that you are just like me, right? Husband? ”


Li Yao scratched her hair for a long time, “And then?”

“I don’t want to choose this kind of practice. Then the ‘sound’ is powerful and tempting. I have to make a ghost, I have no choice but to sneak out various horror illusions to threaten me. I am this person. I know, eating soft and not eating hard, the more the ‘sound’ threatens me, the more I feel that there are ghosts, think about it, the answer is clear!”

Ding Lingdang slammed his fist. “This is not a test of inheritance, but a trap like ‘Civilization possession’, as if you had encountered it in the Meteor Sector Iron Original Star, if I did. The choice of ‘sound’ temptation will be deeply immersed in the mud, and it will be mistaken again and finally become the way that the ‘sound’ wants, a zombie with incomparable darkness and evil!

“So, this ‘sound’ 80% is not what Taikoo Civilization, even the Taikoo Civilization, is also a malicious dark Civilization, is more evil than Outer Territory Heavenly Demon.

“Since I know that the other person is ‘Super Outer Territory Heavenly Demon’, then there is nothing to say, one word!

“In any case, I didn’t really like to use my brain. I only liked it when I was fighting! It is better to drag the battle into the field I am good at, instead of spending the spirit and brain power in the field that I am not good at it, right?”


Li Yao didn’t know what to say. “Then, what’s the golden glow, the kind-hearted lady, why are you calling her old witch?”

“I screamed and prepared to fight with the ‘sound’ and then entered the deeper Illusion World.”

Ding Lingdang thought for a moment. “There is a middle-aged woman who looks like Starship Captain, looking at me with a smile, and telling me something, and holding something for me.”

“A bunch of keys?”

Li Yao asked.

“It seems… it’s a key.”

Ding Lingdang shrugged. “My character, you know very well, since you have determined that the other person is an evil presence like ‘Super Outer Territory Heavenly Demon’, you still have what you look like, what to say, what to do, anyway, it is a fake tube. What the fucking key is not the key, I punched the old demon face with a punch.”


Li Yao would like to wipe the full head sweat in the divine soul. “You, you are so simple and rude, you really punched it, you never thought that the key is likely to represent God Grade Civilization. Taikoo Heritage?”

“The old sorrow seems to have said something similar, I think, what is the ‘peer divine ability, endless inheritance, spanning 10,000 years, the king of the universe’, etc. Don’t you think it is too exaggerated? How can this be a good thing!”

Ding Lingdang shrugged his nose and said, “Not to mention, from the past, I can see from the past, even if the former Earth Civilization survivors can linger in the Star Ocean for hundreds of millions of years, even killing a bloody road, rise to The new God Grade Civilization is also a despicable, insidious, dark civilization that is not as good as a pig or a dog. Even if the old witch is telling the truth, I will never inherit the legacy of such a dark Civilization, never!”

“You are not afraid of rejecting it, but will others accept it?”

Li Yao said, “Lu Qingchen, blood heart’s demon, Li Linghai, Lei Chenghu, and even Boss Bai and Long Yangjun, they are likely to inherit this ‘dark heritage’.”

“So, I will be with you to fight the guys who have inherited the dark heritage.”

Ding Lingdang stares at Li Yao. “There are always some principles that are higher than life and death. You will always support my choice and fight with me, right?”

“of course.”

Li Yao focused on the head and couldn’t help but laugh. “And then?”

“I took a few fists from the old sorcerer and smashed the shit golden key that she held up with her hands. Somehow, the world around him shattered, and the old sorcerer and the Devil ghosts behind him disappeared. Then I I saw you!”

Ding Lingdang rushed over to Li Yao. “What’s going on, you seem to know more than I know, what is the truth of Final Test?”

“This is a long, long story.”

Li Yao looked around. “I wonder if I will wait for more friends to end the test, and then explain the wife to you, and you must protect me!”


Ding Lingdang was puzzled and looked at Li Yao.

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