FMC Chapter 3124

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, 3124 chapter gold axe silver axe iron axe, floating astronomy
Li Yao considers the wording and thinks about how to explain it with his wife.

At this time, there was a second golden “crystal egg” in the galaxy that inspired a distinctive light and heard the sound of “kā chā kā chā”.

Again beyond Li Yao’s expectations, this time it was not Lu Qingchen who was extremely jealous, but blood heart’s demon.

In the virtual space, blood heart’s demon also has its own projection, a seemingly identical to Li Yao, but it is bright and colorful, bloody, and only five inches tall.

Although it is only five inches high, the bloody waves that spurt out when he breaks out of the shell are the magical space that impacts the entire virtual space and turns into Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth, as if to be in the vast Star Ocean. Everything is swallowed up.

“Hey, hey!”

Blood heart’s demon, the unbridled release of his ambition, greed and triumph, “I am… the star river, the universe Supreme, the king of kings, I will not only become the supreme ruler of Human Race Civilization, but also become the infinite in the Multiverse The supreme ruler of Civilization, I am successful, I finally succeeded. From this moment, there is no power to stop me, haha, hey, hÅ« hÅ« hÅ« hÅ«, hey!”

Li Yao: “…”

Ding Lingdang: “…”

Blood heart’s demon : “Hey, are you two here?”

When the guy finally woke up from self-indulgence, he was immediately shocked by the presence of Li Yao and Ding Lingdang. It blinked hard, looked around, his face changed, and jumped up and down. “Inheritance, my Yuanshi heritage, Taikoo heritage. ?”

“That, you should calm down first.”

Li Yao can’t eat blood heart’s demon. Is there any reason to pass the test? Although this guy started the path of dark cruel evil and killing, but it is also a shameless person who can flexibly stretch, when it finds its own strength. Far from being able to compete with the owner, he will not hesitate to surrender under the will of the master, and has been stalking the fangs to today.

Therefore, Li Yao does not think that this guy has the willpower to “lift the dark battle flag to the end.”

I am afraid that Yuanci Civilization will throw out any bright and kind options, and it will nod and hesitate and entangle.

Moreover, from its last words, it should have taken over the golden key of the beginning of Civilization, which means that the test failed!

“The illusion is an illusion, I can’t lie to me!”

Blood heart’s demon is full of annoyed, a look of unwillingness to believe, screaming at the gang, pointing to Li Yao and Ding Lingdang, “You are all fake, this must be tested, right? Right?”

Ding Lingdang didn’t say a word and started to flex his muscles.

“Don’t stop, I am wrong, I believe that you are all true, absolutely true.”

Blood heart’s demon immediately asked for mercy, looking at his empty hands and grievances. “What is going on here, saying good inheritance, heritage, Secret Treasures?”

“You are really…”

Li Yao is ridiculous. “You must have taken the golden key?”

“Golden key? You also saw the golden key?”

Blood heart’s demon glimpsed, shook his head quickly. “No, I say how your master is, you are smarter than you. How can such a simple trick fool me? I certainly didn’t pick up the golden key.” !”


This time it was Li Yao’s turn to be puzzled. “You haven’t taken the golden key? You refused? That is to say, you should pass the test and understand the true meaning of the test. Then you are in the rampage.” what!”

“Of course I refused. There is no reason why such a simple trick can fool you. You must have refused?”

Blood heart’s demon’s eyes released a bloody greed, looking at Li Yao and Ding Lingdang. “So, is our inheritance, where is the legacy and Secret Treasures? It’s not a big deal for three people, anyway, so many inheritance, A person can also study it, isn’t it? Of course, there is no need to let more people know that this is a small secret belonging to us. We can use these inheritance to become the Big Three of the new era!”


Li Yao doesn’t know what to say.

“Hey, hello, won’t you both want to swallow it?”

Blood heart’s demon rounded his eyes, his hands on his hips, and his anger, “This is too much to pay attention to, so many inheritance, can you eat the appetite of both of you?”

“Who said that we want to swallow me, I still don’t understand.”

Li Yao is full of fog, “How did you pass the test?”

“This simple test is just a game of ‘Golden Axe Silver Axe Iron Axe’.”

Blood heart’s demon 嗤 嗤 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

“What gold axe silver axe iron axe?”

Li Yao and Ding Lingdang look at each other in dismay, “What the hell are you talking about!”

“Have you ever heard of such classic folklore?”

Blood heart’s demon said, “There was a young coward who used a rusty iron axe to cut wood. When he passed a small bridge, he accidentally dropped the axe into the water. Then the river god squatted. A golden axe made of pure gold, a silvery silver axe floated up.

“Heshen first asked the young coward boy, is this golden axe made of pure gold falling from you? The coward shook his head.

“The river god asked the young man again, is this silvery silver axe falling from you? The coward still shakes his head.

“The coward said to the river god, the grandfather of the river god, I fell neither the gold axe made of pure gold, nor the silver axe of silver, but the rusty iron axe. Although the iron axe is worth nothing. And it will soon be rusted, but mine is mine, not mine is not mine, gold axe silver axe please take it back, give me my iron axe, I have to cut wood !

“The river god listened and was very happy. He thought that this was a good and good boy. He gave the golden axe, the silver axe and the iron axe to the young coward!”

“and many more……”

Li Yao still doesn’t understand. “I certainly heard this story, so what does this have to do with Final Test?”

“You silly Ah?”

Blood heart’s demon looked at Li Yao with an idiot’s look. “Although the previous series of choices is very difficult, it’s still more difficult than the ‘Final Test”s big name and the hundreds of Civilizations that have fallen here. A little lower, in the end, there must be a test at the bottom of the press box. How can it be so convenient to hand over heritage, heritage and Secret Treasures?

“Before finally deciding the successor, use the trick of ‘Golden Axe Silver Axe Iron Axe’ to test the inheritance of the inheritor. Isn’t this a natural thing?

“The ambitions of the little Imperial Court on an ancient planet, before the throne of the throne, must be pushed three times, let the group of ministers ‘persuade’, and do a superficial article to ‘reluctantly’ climb the Supreme throne, Not to mention the legacy of Star Ocean.

“If you see the golden key, you will immediately let your eyes shine, and you will be eager to pounce on it. What qualifications does this insatiable guy have to inherit?

“Only the coward in the story of the ‘Golden Axe Silver Axe Iron Axe’, play some tricks, fake the refusal of the trick, and put the ‘Heshen’ or the Civilization of the old man who died for hundreds of millions of years. Happy, they are likely to give the true inheritance, and the tester who gives ‘honest and kind’ is definitely the case.

“So, in the face of their temptation, I did not move. I said on the spot that relying on external assistance could not build a strong Civilization. Self-reliance and hard work are the only way out for the development of Civilization in Star Ocean today. Your inheritance is very Ok, but thank you, I don’t want to!

“As for, hey, as for why I don’t want to inherit but still have to do this test, this one, I just want to explore the mystery of the origin of our Civilization hundreds of millions of years ago, and let Old Ancestor see, the new generation of Human Race Civilization has grown to the present day, and I have emerged as a good young man with a noble personality, honest and frank, and bright and open!

“There is no reason, I have already performed so perfectly. I should be mad at the old and undead of these Yuanshi people. What kind of ‘golden axe silver axe iron axe’ will be out of the way, how can it be… no income What?

“Hey, hello, it’s not that the two of you have played the trick of ‘I’m going to play,’ and I’m too busy, don’t you?”

Blood heart’s demon licked his mouth and glared at Li Yao.


Li Yao stunned for a long time before returning to God, covering her mouth, shrugging her shoulders and smiling. “It’s wonderful and rich. Your deduction is really wonderful. The imagination is really rich. I didn’t expect you to use such a kind.” The method is broken.

“In addition, seeing your present virtue, I suddenly realized that I was shameless, it is so shameless!”

“As for me, although I don’t quite understand what you are saying.”

Ding Lingdang also looked at the blood heart’s demon with deep eyes. “But if I have an axe on hand, no matter whether it is a gold axe or an iron axe, I would like to hack you with an axe.”

The three were grinding their teeth, and there was an unknown crack in their ears.

This time, it is Lu Qingchen’s “Crystal Egg”!

I saw the crystal egg release the radiant radiance, together with the projection of Lu Qingchen inside, it became crystal clear, scented, a stock more deep and mysterious than the blood heart’s demon, all of a sudden blood heart’s demon just The bloody shadows that have been provoked are all blasted.


Blood heart’s demon shouted. “It’s Lu Qingchen. How does the guy’s Spiritual Force quantity become so powerful?”

“No, it looks like this guy is in Final Test and got something that’s not!”

Li Yao narrowed his eyes and 10,000 couldn’t figure it out. “How could it be? Look at the sound and light effects that he showed. It doesn’t look like a test failure, but Lu Qingchen, Madman, how could it pass Final Test?”

“All said, ‘Golden axe silver axe iron axe’ so naive test.”

Blood heart’s demon sighed. “How could it be impossible?”

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