FMC Chapter 3126

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3126 Life is endless levels! Floating astronomy
“It’s too messy, how can ‘Fuxi’ and the super program made by Yuanshi Civilization compare?”

Li Yao blurted out, “The super program of the Civilization of Yuanshi is at least hundreds of times more than ‘Fuxi’formidable. The chances of you being able to devour people are very small, and one of the billions does not know!”

“so what?”

Lu Qingchen smiled and looked at Li Yao with a sly look. “In my home country, there was a great man who said that even if the probability of one billion is one hundred thousand, it will never wait for zero. If you want to exist, you have to take up the courage of 100% to fight to the end! Do you think this sentence is very familiar, ‘Great man’?”

Li Yao was silent at the moment and was speechless.

“Even if the super program of Civilization is really a hundred times stronger than ‘Fuxi,” what is the relationship? Anyway, my life is only one.”

Lu Qingchen carrying his hands and jogging slowly, “I want to be a hundred times stronger than me in the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’ matchup. My winning percentage is so weak that I can’t ignore it. At that time, I was determined to die. It can be said that my little life has long been lost on the ‘Ultimate Salvation Ship’.

“Today, even if the super program of Civilization is more than 100 times more powerful than Fuxi, how can it kill me a hundred times? Kill me at most once, or shut me down in virtual space and Fuxi again. What is the difference? The risk factor is obviously the same!

“The risk factor is the same, but if the profit of winning the bet is a hundred times rich, what reason is not desperate?

“What’s more, if you don’t gamble, even if I can retire in front of the super program of Yuanshi Civilization, I have to go back to the real world. Then, I am not facing you, Blood Demon, Speaker Ding. Is there a chance for all the experts in Federation, Empire and Saint League to ambush, and I have a chance? Nothing at all! There is only one ending in my life, that is, you are alive and kicked, and use the magnetic field Magical Artifact to force my divine soul to manifest. Bundle like a donkey and take it back to the Federation for trial.

“Don’t misunderstand, I am not afraid of death, I don’t care about my ruin, and I have nothing to do with it. I just can’t stand the anger and self-righteous idiots and judgments. From my point of view, it seems like the eagle can’t stand the mother. Chickens are captured, normal people can’t tolerate a group of idiots with saliva and snots pointing at themselves, using the idiot’s morality and justice to judge him.

“Don’t be angry, you know what I mean, ‘hens’ and ‘idiots with saliva and snots’ don’t just mean you.

“So, as long as there is a one-hundredth of a billionth of a winning percentage, and even one hundred millionth of a winning percentage is not there, as long as I give me a chance to make a desperate attempt, I have to fight, even if I have only one nephew in my hand, I also I have to use it to throw three six!

“Moreover, my hopes are not so embarrassing. Is there not you here?”


Li Yao points to her nose.

“Yes, just like the last battle Fuxi, there was no hope. You have more of this crowbar, stirring up in a mess. The result is a reversal!”

Lu Qingchen smiled and said, “So far, you shouldn’t think that I haven’t found out that some of your divine souls come from the earth, and the earliest origin of Civilization, also from the earth, means that there is a thousand between you and the first civilization. Silky relationship.

“Of course, the beginning of Civilization originated from the earth hundreds of millions of years ago, it is a place that exists in the three-dimensional material universe, let’s call it ‘original earth’, or ‘earth 01’, and your divine soul There is no reason to drift in the Star Ocean for hundreds of millions of years without dissipating, perhaps you come from another ‘projection earth’, ‘virtual earth’, ‘earth 1234’ after countless reincarnations, and so on, where in disorder, who Do you know?

“In short, there is an endless number of places where your earth is stirring the crowbar. It can turn all kinds of impossible into a weak possibility, and it seems to be your comrade-in-arms for a time compared to your enemy. The chances of survival and victory are slightly higher.

“In summary, instead of surrendering to the malicious meta-Civilization super program, it is better to stand on your side and fight with it!

“Hey, hey, look at your stunned, horrified expression. Don’t tell me that you didn’t see the malicious and conspiracy of this super program. There is no clear stand and a fight against it. Instead, it is stupid. Take your nose and fall into its trap and you can’t extricate yourself?”

Lu Qingchen looked at Li Yao, and the horror and disappointment was overwhelming.

“This one……”

Li Yao thought seriously for three seconds, twisting his head to Ding Lingdang and pointing to Lu Qingchen. “Wife, kill him!”

“and many more.”

Ding Lingdang looked at Lu Qingchen, but he did not indiscriminately make a move, “Lu Qingchen, you are right, I also think that the first time Civilization or its super program is full of malicious, and launched the most determined to it. Attack, then I quit the test and came to this place, are you the same?”

“Yeah, I thought that either I could devour each other or the other party completely killed or enslaved me.”

Lu Qingchen looked around and smiled more and more. “I didn’t expect the strength and pattern of the other side to exceed my imagination. It is that the Human Race Civilization in our Pangu Universe is still too weak, disdain for us like possession. So, let’s put a long line to catch big fish, let us bury our heads and develop for thousands of years, tens of thousands of years?”

“I also feel very strange when it comes to this.”

Ding Lingdang Shen Shendao, “The so-called ‘Final Test’, known as mysterious and unfathomable and extremely dangerous, hundreds of Civilization pioneers and testers are here, I thought it would be difficult? As a result, it is our turn to Human Race At the time of Civilization, the first four testers broke through, and the success rate was 100%? This is too exaggerated!”

“It’s not exaggerating at all, so it makes sense!”

Lu Qingchen smiled, “The Final Test left by the Civilization of Yuanshi is to select the appropriate successor or ‘host’ instead of deliberately tormenting, martyrdom, and not passing.

“In other words, Yuanci Civilization wants to use the Final Test to filter out the Civilization that meets their conditions. Remember, it is Civilization, not individual. As long as a Civilization meets their conditions, any one of them will not be too high. , through is a high probability event.

“So, what is the condition of Yuanxi Civilization? From the four different personalities of ours, I think it is ‘a civilization that is in a youthful or strong age, full of vigor and vitality?’

“There is only one Civilization in the ascendant period, immersed in the infinite glory of the gold Era, with the most tenacious will and the most lofty ideals, condensing the most determined confidence, and having the courage to face all the powerful enemies, even facing the beginning of the Yuan The temptations and threats of Civilization are not afraid, and they are qualified to inherit the legacy of the Taikoo, or become the host of the Yuan Dynasty.

β€œIndividuals create history, but history also shapes the character of different individuals. One hundred civilizations in birth in Pangu Universe are all in the meantime. When the dying, the ancient ruins are found. Those pioneers and testers have long been exhausted. The cruel civil war and the collapse of Civilization have wiped out the will, tarnished the soul, and lost faith. However, it is the last life-saving straw for the Civilization of the Yuan Dynasty. I can’t wait to fall down the foot of the Yuan Dynasty. This is the general trend of Civilization. The will of the two heroes is a shift.

“So, these pioneers and testers have failed. Their Civilization is not what the Yuan Dynasty wanted. Naturally, they can’t pass it.

“Before our Human Race Civilization, the strong artificial intelligence ‘Fuxi’ made by Pangu Civilization was sharply perceived from the demise of hundreds of Civilizations, although it could not fully grasp the rules of Final Test, but it was enough Its owner made a crucial suggestion to freeze the time in the Archaic vestiges for hundreds of thousands of years.

“It is these hundreds of thousands of years of solidification that have made Pangu Civilization not completely extinct. Instead, it has left many relics, even the living Pangu Clan, giving a lot of enlightenment and help to the new generation of Human Race Civilization.

“In addition to a series of legends in Human Race Civilization… legends that cannot be described in pen and ink, once again bridged the contradictions between the major forces, and repeatedly prevented the war that could be fully erupted, putting the entire Human Race All of them are united together, and they are entering the thriving days of rapid growth and glory.

“Of course, in the end, there is still a small credit for the monks. It is because I went into the Taikoo relics in desperation that I pushed you here too. I ended up facing hundreds of millions of years with the strong face of the previous hundred Civilizations. Former ancestor.

“Heroes create time, and time creates heroes. We are all new humanity created by the mighty Human Race Civilization Frenzy Tide. No matter how good or bad we are, what is our position, even the superficial life form, but in us The divine soul has some common qualities in the depths. It belongs to only a steaming civilization, the unique characteristics of the golden generation. This trait is the key to our success. I dare to predict that not only we will, but will definitely More people have broken through in different ways.

“However, as I said, who knows whether the test is still going on, are we still in the ‘off’? Haha, hahahaha, this kind of thing is unclear, there is no need to entangle, anyway, life is one Heavy levels, a heavy test, we must fight all the time, constantly ‘rushing off’ and ‘breaking’ until the last breath of life, right, Speaker Ding?”

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