FMC Chapter 3136

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3136
The ancient unintentional said here, paused, and then the facial muscles twitched unconsciously, and the expression became very strange.

Like laughing and laughing, like crying and crying, each bundle of muscle fibers is twisted in different directions, like a hundred, a thousand, 10,000 faces covering his face at the same time, made a Thousand different expressions.

“Soon, my old predecessors realized that ‘super technology’ far exceeds Pangu Clan’s large-scale telepathy, not only as simple as wisdom, but also involves new social and civilization concepts, even It is a new life form and a higher level relationship between life and the universe!”

The unintentional voice, like the simultaneous release from 10,000 mouths and 10,000 pairs of Brains, sparked a wave of echoes in Li Yao’s mind. “We are both independent individuals, and together we have a small, full Hope new student life, and let go of self, completely integrated into it, we can perceive each other’s thinking about the ancient ruins and our Civilization, countless ideas and roads are perfectly integrated, once had barriers, doubts and all negatives Emotions are gone, we are quiet in the purest, clear and bright happiness, even when a Specialist scholar dies, his wisdom, his memory, his emotions and his mode of thinking have not died, but information The form continues to exist in the ‘super body’.

“From this perspective, you can think that after the chain is in the super body, the individual gets the ‘immortal body’, even if your fleshly body is decaying, your divine soul is still shining in someone else’s Brain, Eternal Immortal!

“Of course, of course, I said, we are not controlled by the super-body of the main Civilization outside the Pangu Universe. Even if we form our own super-body, we retain the independent will and thinking ability, then us, and Not ready to fully open the Pangu Universe, let the main Civilization drive straight into the preparation.

“Not to mention that our super-body was still very weak at the time. We only absorbed a small number of Specialist scholars who were particularly open-minded, and most of the Immortal Palace were extremely extreme ‘free will fundamentalists’. The inferiority of carbon-based intelligent life is entangled, impossible to understand, and less likely to agree with everything we do.

“However, as you know, as time went by, Pangu Civilization became more and more obvious, and various contradictions and disasters broke out. Small-scale conflicts, famines and even massacres went one after another. In the end, it evolved into The full civil war between Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan.

“Although within the isolated Immortal Palace, we are still very concerned about the situation of the entire Pangu Universe. It is our homeland and homeland. We just chose to save Civilization and choose it in this deadly ridiculous ancient tomb. Burning life and giving everything.

“Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, we have solved and copied a large amount of Taikoo technology, and it has been continuously delivered to our Civilization. It is a drop in the bucket and cannot prevent the complete collapse and collapse of Civilization. We can only watch our love. Civilization, embarked on the path of destruction that a hundred pioneers, Civilization, have traveled.

“The ruins of Taikoo, the inheritance of the Yuan Dynasty, can not save our Civilization. Everything is self-righteous, and the road of light and kindness is nothing but a cure for the problem. It only delays the time. Only the Great Universe is super unified. The super body’ is the ultimate answer to save our Civilization!

“The civil war of Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth gives us a complete understanding of this. If the destruction of Pangu Civilization is inevitable, let us plant a new seed with ‘super’, which will enable our Civilization to usher in The rebirth in the raging flames also brings eternal light and peace to the Pangu Universe!”

Unexpectedly speaking here, I was so touched by my sincerity and enthusiasm, and my face showed a self-indulgent expression.

The four monsters around me, even the big faces that appeared in the sea of ​​foam, also showed the same expression as him. They saw the head skin numb and got a goose bump.

“Speak better!”

Li Yao daringly said, “What eliminates war, violence and oppression, what eternal light and peace? In the end, you Hong Chao Regiment, are you not using violent means to eliminate all those who do not agree with you?”

“This is a ‘necessary evil’. Peace cannot bring peace. Only violence can bring peace. Have you ever used violence on the road of justice?”

Ancient heartlessly said, “The old Human Race Civilization created the first generation of ‘super-body’ in the moment of the destruction of the earth, the soul shouting and the divine soul resonance of hundreds of millions of people, and then made up their minds, can not let such tragedy To repeat itself, we must create a new era of no peace and violence, no darkness and evil, and only peace, kindness, happiness, justice, and light in the entire dark and cold universe.

“They think so, and they did it. When they finally mastered Star Ocean’s technology, they rushed out of the solar system and even the Milky Way, and along the Expeditions, they encountered numerous low-level Civilization and Starry Sky Foreign Race. However, they rarely conflict with these ‘heterogeneous’, but invite heterosexuals to join them and join the ‘super family’.

“In the beginning, of course, there were countless twists and turns and conflicts. However, people on earth all resolved with their own unique patience and deep thinking.

“When Starry Sky Foreign Race links into the super body, they instantly share the history of Human Race Civilization and Earth Life. They also share the emotions, memories and ways of thinking of billions of people. At the same time, the Earth people also pass the super Body, sharing the origins of the Starry Sky Foreign Race, and the low-level Civilization, they all realize the importance of ‘communication’ and ‘fusion’, one plus one is always greater than two, everyone is the descendant of the universe Even a part of the vast universe is a small cell in the universe. Is it necessary to kill each other?

“At this point, the ‘super body’ is like a snowball, rolling in the universe, its tentacles reaching every sub universe and every Star Field in all directions, thousands of races willingly Link into the super body and share everything with each other.

“At this stage, the number of Starry Sky Foreign Races and low-level Civilizations that are linked to the super-body far exceeds the number of people on Earth, and it is no longer appropriate to call it ‘Earth Civilization’ or ‘Human Race Civilization’. It is… ‘Super Civilization’?

“In this way, the Super Civilization really achieves a certain range of ‘eternal peace’, all the races that are linked to the super-body, regardless of whether the appearance is arrogant or ugly, regardless of how historically the weak are prey to The strong, brutal and cold, to kill and conquer, for fun, not to mention whether the past has endured blood and sea enmity, there are endless contradictions, all put down everything, reborn, become a part of the super body with a new form, no more lust, no Hatred, no violence, no war, no evolution, even after several generations of evolution, the boundaries of race no longer exist. This is a perfect new Civilization!

“It’s a pity that the good times are not long. Although the universe is vast and innocent, it can’t carry the infinite desires of some ambitious races. When the Super Civilization is Expeditions in the universe and invites more races, join the peace and friendship. When the big family is equal, they finally encounter another fiercely dark Civilization, that is, their former ‘brothers’ on Earth, the beginning of Civilization!

“Super-Civilization and Meta-Civilization are like replicas in the image.

“If we say that the Civilization symbolizes light, friendship and peace, then the Civilization represents darkness, hatred and conquest.

“Where the Civilization is, it extends a harmonious and friendly tentacle in all directions, inviting all carbon-based intelligent life to join its own family. There is absolutely no discrimination, exploitation and oppression, even the most primitive Starry Sky Foreign. Race, as long as a little spark of wisdom, you can get the ‘invitation code’ chained into the super body, and the other races in the super body, completely unselfishly.

“Where the Civilization of the Yuan Dynasty went, they slaughtered the Starry Sky Foreign Race with wisdom, and silently extinct all the low Civilizations that threaten them, destroying the homes of these Civilizations, and enslaving these Civilization people. The abundance of the planet, forcibly transformed to the level of unrecognizable, just to make themselves comfortable.

“Even, when conquering the vast majority of Heavenly Paradise in the universe, and no more low-level Civilization and Starry Sky Foreign Race for them to kill, they poured their dark and evil desires on their own bodies and broke out. The protracted, Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth’s civil war.

“The civil war of the Civilization of Yuanshi almost destroyed one-third of Heavenly Paradise in the middle of the universe, destroying the future of countless Civilization and intelligent life, including themselves.

“They are simply the shame of the old Human Race Civilization, the most evil destroyer in the universe, and the ‘cancer of the universe’!

“Even if they are so dark, evil and cruel, when the first encounter between Super Civilization and Yuanci Civilization is overwhelmed, Super Civilization still has no intention of attacking Yuanci Civilization.

“The past of the ancient earth has long been annihilated in the dust of time. The Civilization is a future-oriented, hopeful, peace-loving Civilization, and does not care about the past grievances.

“Not to mention, in the long Expeditions and growth process, Super Civilization is also used to peace, friendship, selflessness, sharing, and has long forgotten the methods of war, killing and conquest.

“Superior Civilization is still in accordance with its own attitude. The Xiangization begins to convey the tentacles of infinite information, and invites the beginning of Civilization to join its own family. It is hoped that the Civilization can learn the spirit of selfless sharing and use this method to resolve the past. Grievances and change the nature of the meta-Civilization.

“It’s a pity, huh, huh, the beginning of Civilization has become accustomed to their own methods.”

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