FMC Chapter 3146

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3146 Resonance! Floating astronomy
“Li Yao !Li Yao !”

He heard someone calling him. .

But the extreme pain that can’t be described by pen and ink is like a super-heavy mountain range of hundreds of thousands of meters high, which is crushed in an endless Abyss, and he is locked from cell to flesh to soul to divine soul. It is ground, burned, crushed, and swallowed.

For a moment, he couldn’t remember who he was, where he was, what he was doing, what he was fighting for, and he couldn’t even tell if he was alive or dead. If this is Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, In the words of the sinister, the dark and painful infinite hell is too cruel.

He only knows that this time he was really defeated, he did not have the power to fight back, and he didn’t even have a little room to struggle.

Such pain, such despair, such a fiasco, seems to have been a long time ago, far away and far away, once happened, that is, that is…

“Run, Li Yao, you can’t beat it. The Vulture Plan has failed. It has failed completely. No one can beat it. No one can destroy the ‘Earth’, run it, before it catches up with you. After a few days of free time, carefree days, ‘real’ days, run, Li Yao, run, run!”

He heard such a voice.

This desperate voice from the past and the distance, mixed with the sounds of the same pain and despair from the present and the ears, is like a sharp and unsharpable blade, stabbing a knife in his heart, all of a sudden Woke him up.

“Do not……”

He made the first ambiguous roar.

“Do not!”

The second squeak became clear and loud.

“No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!”

He was like a fierce primitive man, swinging down the torch that had just been smashed by the storm, roaring toward the vast and deep sky.

“From the center of the Multiverse Sea to the Pangu Universe, I came here from the earth. I have the hope of hundreds of millions of reincarnations of hundreds of millions of partners. I have an unfinished mission. The ‘Vulture Plan’ is far from over, I will not In this way, I will not let you be a little monster, or the big monster in the Multiverse sea, free to lick and devour my partner, my compatriots, my loved ones, my home, my Civilization!

“No matter how many mistakes we have made, whether we are just or evil, whether it is light or dark, whether it is wise or stupid, we are absolutely free. We will use our own will to decide the path we want to go, even if this one The road is covered with thorns and flames, even though this road leads to the burning fiercely Abyss, even in the higher-level world above the Multiverse, there are 18,000 demon gods coming down, blocking us on our roads, People can change our determination, our will, our path only because this is the true meaning of ‘life’!

“We are not cells, not awkward, not walking dead. We are Human Race. It is the Human Race that Expeditions the truth and the truth of the universe, no matter what the cost!

“I want to stop you, even if you die again, and then die a hundred times a thousand times 10,000 times, I will not let you complete the transfer, never!”

Li Yao’s divine soul is like a crystal essences carved, shiny, eagle that continually explodes and blooms. It jumps from the unintentional information turbulence and data Abyss, fluttering above the mind. An earth-shattering shout was heard.

Li Yao once again regained control of the body and Giant Divine Weapon.

Although the “Sun Holocaust” 50% of the sensor chip burst, the overall frame and transmission structure are also severely distorted, and the reaction armor is fragmented, but its flame, Spiritual Energy wave and twisting force field are It turned into a “field” visible to the naked eye, and Li Yao was swaying within a few tens of meters, with the same energy as pale gold and red-red feathers.

Li Yao scans around.

The situation of the entire battlefield can be described by the word “mistaken”.

The sea of ​​foam consisting of thousands of beast cells is nearly solidified. However, from the “undersea”, hundreds of tentacles have been drilled, as if the alloy material with super-current is wrapped, almost all Giant Divine Weapon will be stabbed. Wear and nail it to the ground.

From these tentacles, hundreds of millions of thin hair, shiny, neuron-like light, criss-crossing, entwining every Giant Divine Weapon and every driver, including Li Yao himself. Everyone is trapped in the same network.

Numerous nerve bundles vacated and spread all the way to the celestial ruins of the ancient ruins, gathering in the unintentional body.

The ancient heartless is like a glazed body outer shell that shines brightly-coloured light waves. Each light wave is composed of vortex of countless information and data. He is condescending, even if he doesn’t even look at Li Yao, he is paying attention. Concentrated on the Rainbow Bridge that goes straight into the sky.

The ancient heartlessly flew toward the Rainbow Bridge, and opened his arms. The whole body also burst into a rainbow-like ripple, which was about to merge with the entire Rainbow Bridge.

“I won’t let you go, death will drag you to death!”

Li Yao bites his teeth and resists the pain of broken bones. The five fingers are shrinking, and a dozen-story building next to him suddenly sounds “噼pī pā 啪” and turns into hundreds of millions of gravel and steel nails. Also mixed with the flaming flames of Li Yao, the ancient innocent rushing in the air.


The ancient unintentional bare brow slightly wrinkled, and it seems that Li Yao, the little “squatting ant”, still has the power to fight back, squinting at the corner of his mouth, understating a wave of his hand, and immediately hit the gravel and steel nail torrent in midair. On the invisible copper wall, and rewinding back at a speed of three times, “叮dīng dāngdang”, all shot on the “sun catastrophe”, and the original Divine Weapon, which was already riddled with holes, was even more fragmented, almost To disintegrate on the spot.

At the same time, from the thousands of nerve bundles entangled in the “sun catastrophe”, there was a stern red awn, and the endless pain was all entered into Li Yao’s mind.

It seems that Li Yao has withstood all the pains of the “experimental body” of the Immortal Palace for thousands of years, and in a few seconds, experienced thousands of times of life and death.

However, such extreme pain not only did not make Li Yao succumb, but instead caused more and more obvious cracks in the “Gate of the Earth” deep in his neural field, which reminded him of more about “Earth” and “Reincarnation”. The things that make his mind become more pure and the will become more tenacious.

“Ah, ah, and, compared with everything that I have suffered on the earth, what is the pain? It’s just that it’s just sitting in the cool breeze in the summer afternoon, eating ice cream, ah. Ah, it hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts!”

Li Yao screams and screams, while throwing a punch and twitching while rampage is like a thunder.

“Li Yao !”

Just then, Ding Lingdang’s voice appeared again in his ear.

Even the wife, who never gives up, and always looks full of hope and anger, is also shining in his mind.

Li Yao gave a slight glimpse and thought she had an illusion.

“Li Yao !”

Then, Long Yangjun’s voice and appearance also appeared.


Li Yao was shocked. “How do you come out of my mind? It is easy to cause misunderstandings. Go back and shrink back!”

“Li Yao !”

Boss Bai, Lei Chenghu, Li Jialing, Li Linghai, Fist King, Yan Liren… All the love of relatives, friends, comrades-in-arms and compatriots circling, lingering and reverberating in his mind.


Even Xiaoming and Wenwen, who turned into two poor little children, extended their hands to him in his mind.

Li Yao understands.

Whether they are willing or not, the hyperlink to the super body has already begun.

I have no intention of using this method to forcibly combine their divine souls, read the memories in the depths of their neural fields, gather all the information, and send them to somewhere outside the Pangu Universe.

After all, the ancient heartless sleeps in the ancient ruins for hundreds of thousands of years. I don’t know about the current situation of Pangu Universe. I can get the latest information from the Brain of Human Race, and of course help the invasion of “Superior Civilization”.

In other words, now Li Yao, Ding Lingdang, Long Yangjun, Boss Bai and everyone, their Brain, Mind and Divine soul are in a “hyperlink” state, and will be drowned in the vast ocean of information and data. lose oneself.

Hearing the voices of his loved ones, friends and children, Li Yao’s mind and sea seemed to have a flash of lightning, opening a dazzling trace.

“Everyone’s mind hyperlink has been formed, and unless there is no heart to kill, there is no way to stop it!

“If you can’t stop it, can you seize this last chance and rule the person with his own way?”

“The power of the mind, the most powerful of the Human Race is the power of our soul. If all the hearts of the energy energy can be condensed together, can we make a fatal blow to the ancient heart?

“Let me think about it, think about it, yes, ‘The soul of the soul’, the soul of the soul from Meteor Sector, Iron Original Star, can make a Pu Redining Pass’s Qi Refining Stage cultivator break through Qi Refining and Foundation Establishment The barrier, cultivation to Qi Refining Stage One hundred weights, one thousand weight, ten thousand weights, become the soul of Qi Refining Warrior!


Li Yao yelled at all the partners through “hyperlinks”. “We have one last chance. The enemy is not invincible, but I need everyone to help me. I need your anger, your fighting intent, your determination. And your hopes, come on, cheer up your courage, burn your divine soul, and release the fire of your life! Since the enemy wants us to integrate into his network, look at his so-called ‘super body’ Can you accommodate the most proud soul of Human Race!”

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