FMC Chapter 3147

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the last resort of Chapter 3147, Astronomy
I have no intention of forcing all Human Race experts into his “super body”. .

The unavoidable side effect is that the natural fields of these Human Race experts are first connected and merged together, and the information exchange and data transmission speed between them is more than a hundred times higher than in the past!

“Fighting spirit resonance” is not a too high and deep to be measured in the divine ability or can not be Iron Original Star who Qi Refining Warrior full of stars as fundamental universal access Cultivation Technique.

With the repair and savvy of the experts who participated in the Expeditions tour of the Taikoo ruins, when Li Yao instantly transmitted the secret skill of the “Soul of the Soul” to their neural field, they completed the analysis almost at the next moment. Mastered the method of application.

“Li Yao !”

“Li Yao !”

“Li Yao !”

Ding Lingdang, Long Yangjun, Boss Bai, Fist King …… all stiff upper lip, trying to compete with the information ocean from heaven, their last point of the divine soul force, along the “nerve bundles”, towards Li Yao Kuangyong away .

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

Li Yao once again made an earth-shattering roar, all the blood vessels in the body showed a raised state of the claws, and then the nerve clusters buried deep under the muscle fibers also showed a colorful luster, just like wearing a dazzling tattoo.

His nose, mouth, ear canal and even 36,000 pores are constantly flowing out of the hot flame. The strong figure is shrouded in the steaming Bewildering Mist, and it gradually feels like “melting”. This is true. Sacrifice his flesh and blood, destroy countless cells, and transform them into purest energy.

“Earth shockwave!”

Li Yao’s fingers are almost embedded in Brain, sending a powerful and uninteresting flow of information to the ancient innocence in the sky.

This trick used to turn the tide against the super artificial intelligence “Fuxi”, using the endless garbage information from the earth to block the entire thinking module of the enemy.

At this moment, Li Yao is still doing the same, hoping to smash the unintentional head.

The ancient unintentional logic loop and thinking module are more advanced than Fuxi, or he is a real life, not a rigid program, and found that Li Yao actually transmitted a very strange super-high compression information stream, immediately Realizing that it was not good, “pā pā pā 啪” instantly cut off the “neural bundle” between himself and Li Yao, and fundamentally isolated the possibility that Li Yao used his “earth data package” to bombard him.

The unintentional reaction is not agile.

However, such a crisp and neat treatment also temporarily interrupted the spiritual connection between him and Li Yao. His suppression of Li Yao and the rest of the Human Race expert finally lost control for half a second.

Within half a second


Li Yao almost burned his flesh and blood, and the shock wave released completely shattered the armor and outer shell of the “Sun Holocaust”. The fragments such as Heavenly Daughter bloomed in all directions, bursting, sputtering, and skinny. The Giant Divine Weapon does not carry any weapons, and even the Spirit Mansion is exposed to the outside, clearly seeing the Li Yao deity that is about to become a “Pure Energy.”

“Li Yao, bring my fighting intent, smash this monster and give me his oxen dog treasure!”

Ding Lingdang made a screaming scream, her divine soul as if it were visible to the naked eye, and it was continuously transmitted to Li Yao.

“Li Yao, Star Pirate’s King’s dignity, it is up to you to guard, come on, this is my strength, take it!”

Boss Bai also screams in the fragmented Giant Divine Weapon.

“Brother Yao, this is Empire’s unlimited glory, please!”

Li Jialing also spewed a pale golden flame from the seven cymbals and resonated with Li Yao.

All the other experts, they have exported their most powerful battle spirit, the most determined will, the most violent anger, turned into a river of rippling ripples, rushing to the side of Li Yao Sun Holocaust.

“huā lā !huā lā !huā lā !huā lā !”

In the air, there is really a rush of the river, the sound of the waves.

“wēng wēng wēng wēng wēng wēng !”

All the swords that were defeated by the ancients, and the swords that were poked on the ground all issued the tiger’s roar dragon’s cry, as if drawn by the invisible force.

“咻咻咻咻咻whoosh! ”

When Li Yao ignited the pinnacle at the cost of flesh and blood, and under the resonance of all his loved ones, friends and compatriots, when he broke through the sky and broke through the sky, hundreds of giant giant types dedicated to Giant Divine Weapon The sword was made into hundreds of streams of light, all of which were absorbed around Li Yao’s life magnetic field, circling rapidly, colliding with each other, turning into a violent metal storm.

Even those Giant Divine Weapon fragment fragmented, are also attracted Li Yao over, still half way broken down into basic components, and “Crackling” combined together to form a new Magical Artifact unit, unit and Magical Artifact One by one attached to the skeleton of the “Sun Holocaust”, it became a brand new hand, foot, power unit and attack unit.

The essence of dozens of Giant Divine Weapons is perfectly integrated into the Giant Divine Weapon of the Sun Holocaust.

Dozens of Human Race Civilization’s to expert also brought their most sincere fighting intents to Li Yao’s divine soul.

“We… are the masters of their own wisdom, memory, emotions, soul and will!”

Li Yao’s face is covered with criss-crossing, shiny blood vessels and nerves. The eyes are shining enough to burn through the whole universe. He is both talking to himself and saying to all compatriots and comrades. Listening is more like a final battle against the enemy of the ancient heartless and Pangu Universe. “The flesh and blood and the mysterious and unfathomable mind are our realm. We are the king of this small land. It is this. The god of the little world is the master of our own ‘small universe ‘Supreme!

“The three armed forces can win the handsome, and the husband can’t be tempted. No matter what kind of excuse, what is the name of the grandiose, the power to conquer and destroy the whole universe, I want to devour our will, our life, our Civilization.

“Try this, our last strength!”

Li Yao and his Giant Divine Weapon, there are hundreds of Ray and the Chopping Warship Blade Storm super giant type Chainsaw Sword composed of all disappear.

In the next second, next to the rainbow bridge rising from the sky, a golden light column of almost the same thickness appeared, and the outer periphery of the golden light column was still surrounded by a spiraling red stream.

The golden light column and the red streamer are unbiased, and go straight to the ancient heart.

The speed is too fast, the ancient heart can not dodge, between the rush, only a few dozen Spiritual Energy Protective Shields are placed in front of it, but within 0.1 seconds, it was shattered and shattered into pieces. .

Wrapped in the hope of everyone, mixed with the anger of everyone, carrying the hope of everyone, Li Yao is driving the new evolution of the “sun catastrophe”, and the ancient innocence has a big collision with the world.

The shock wave is like a huge wave descending from the sky, destroying all the high-rise buildings within a few tens of miles.

Most of the Giant Divine Weapon and Crystal Armor are pressed deep into the ground, severely deformed and collapsed.

The Human Race experts were even more visibly displaced, and the Brain trembled, vomiting blood and turning around.

All the Chopping Warship Blade and the super giant type Chainsaw Sword have sharp fragments, no waste, all of which are deeply penetrated into the ancient body.

The power of Li Yao’s collision, even the fragmented “sun catastrophe”, has a large number of broken parts embedded in the ancient unintentional body, and the two become inseparable whole.

Li Yao’s Brain is blank, and there is only one thought in his heart. You must not let the ancient heartlessly approach the Rainbow Bridge. You must push him out and push it as far as possible.

“My top!”

Li Yao’s flesh and blood and the divine soul force, all in the form of light flame eruption, turned into the most powerful driving force, and actually pushed all the way to the ancient innocent, flying toward the dome of the ancient ruins.

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

This time, it was the turn of the ancient heartless, screaming and screaming. He did not expect that these sealed Human Races could output such powerful power when they were in a desperate attempt.

Suddenly, Li Yao and Gu Wuxin felt that the whole body was light, and there were quite a few heads and feet, and they suddenly tasted.

The surrounding areas became dark and cold, and their outer shell and body surface quickly condensed a thin layer of frost.

Whether it is the unintentional screams or the screams of Li Yao, or the power of the Giant Divine Weapon’s power unit, one after another, all annihilated in the vacuum of death.

That’s right, Li Yao’s bang into the gamble everything up, and even the tearing of the rainbow bridge, the ancient heartless directly knocked out the ancient ruins, came to the universe.

If the ancient innocence is the carbon-based intelligent life of the ordinary, it needs to survive in an environment rich in oxygen and normal temperature, then this is enough to kill his life.

Unfortunately, he is not.

“Is this the ability to press the bottom of the box?”

The ancient heartless smile, like the outer shell of the glaze, a strange squirm, even grew a scale-like and carapace structure, the vacuum can block his voice, but can not stop his brainwaves ridiculing Li Yao, “very good The tricks have actually caused some damage to me. If this level of attack can last for twenty or thirty hours, it may really destroy me.

“Just, your flesh and blood and the divine soul, and your broken, crumbling toy, can you support twenty or thirty hours?”

Li Yao vomited blood, mixed with burnt internal organs, blurred in front of her eyes, and the divine soul gradually collapsed.


A broken knife that had just been embedded in the ancient heartless body was squeezed out by the ancient heartless heart. Instead, it penetrated into the “sun catastrophe” and almost broke Li Yao.

Even in the dark universe, in the cold vacuum, the ancient unintentional wounds still heal at the speed visible to the naked eye.

Although he was still suppressed by Li Yao at the moment, his strength was recovered bit by bit, and Li Yao was on the verge of a full-fledged collapse of the oil well. There was no such thing as a dagger and a whole body. Bullets can be used.

And relying on the cosmic vacuum all the way, it is absolutely impossible to kill the enemy.

“Is it… is that the case?”

Li Yao really used up the last resort, and the black haze appeared in the bottom of her heart. “Here is our end, the end of Human Race Civilization…”


The second razor blade was squeezed out of the heart, this time really along the Spirit Mansion, pierced Li Yao’s chest and abdomen, and Li Yao almost burned the exhausted body, has not felt a little pain.

“Li Yao !”

Just then, Lu Qingchen’s thunderous sound blew in Li Yao’s ear. “Look over there, look over there, look at it!”


Li Yao’s consciousness is getting more and more blurred. Under the stimulation of Lu Qingchen, the subconscious mind looks in the direction of this old enemy.

He saw it.

He saw the distance from himself and the ancient heartless, the magnificent and magnificent super giant type planet.

Ancient Giant Stars.

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