FMC Chapter 3148

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 3148 chapter data has been updated, floating astronomy
At this moment, the Ancient Giant Stars is close at hand, and it has become more and more unrecognizable. It seems to have swallowed up most of the universe and turned the world down, so that Li Yao, Lu Qingchen, the sun catastrophe, the ancient heartless and the “super body” are falling towards it. .

The entrance to the Taikoo ruins is not in the synchronous orbit of the Ancient Giant Stars, but in the synchronous orbit of a satellite of the Ancient Giant Stars. The distance between the two is far away. Li Yao also drifted in the Star Ocean at the beginning. It took a long time to reach the entrance to the ancient ruins.

But now, because of the relative movement between the entrances and exits, the satellites, and the Ancient Giant Stars, they are just the closest to each other. The so-called “hand-pickable stars” is not an exaggeration.

This is certainly not a coincidence.

No matter how advanced and mysterious technology the ancient Rainbow Bridge adopts, it is a kind of Teleportation Array. It wants to tear the solid three-dimensional universe and transmit information to hundreds of millions of Lightyears without enough energy consumption. It is absolutely impossible.

Within the Taikoo ruins, of course, a lot of energy is reserved, but Li Yao believes that if you can take advantage of the “tidal force” between Ancient Giant Stars and its satellites, you will be able to help the “Rainbow Bridge” break through the threshold and tear Star Ocean faster. , across the universe.

Therefore, this is the time and coordinates that the ancient unintentional calculations are of course using astronomical data hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Anyway, in terms of the scale of the universe and astronomy, hundreds of thousands of years is just a short moment, and no difference in half a second.

In an instant, Li Yao thought of a lot, and then she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

So that’s how it is.

It turned out that this is the reason why the “other half of Fuxi” that controls Immortal Palace strongly recommends that the time freeze for hundreds of thousands of years.

Neither because it found an unintentional anomaly, nor because it counted the rise of Human Race, but it foresaw a whole new possibility.

Pangu Civilization The super artificial intelligence created by the power of the wild is really amazing. If it is not divided into two, I am afraid that even Li Yao is not its opponent?

Of course, it may be that Li Yao thinks too much, and “Fuxi” does not calculate any clear possibility.

However, new student life, new hope, brand new and unlimited possibilities of birth, always unstoppable, isn’t it?

Li Yao just doesn’t understand one thing.

“Why help me?”

Li Yao sent Lu Qingchen a weak brainwave in the past. He doesn’t feel like Lu Qingchen is a good friend of life and death. The most important reason for this trip to the Expeditions of the Archaic remains is to arrest the anti-humanity. Human Race criminal” Lu Qingchen!

“if not?”

Lu Qingchen asked, “Did I come to such a critical moment, and I have to mess with you, dragging the big guy’s hind legs, and ruining Human Race Civilization?”

Li Yao is a little glimpse, think about it too.

“I didn’t save it anyway.”

Lu Qingchen lightly said that there is a clear smile in the brainwaves. It is not like “not saved” at all. “Even if you or I suddenly get some kind of mysterious and mysterious power, I will transform into a body and transform myself. I’m going to blow this monster out, then, then, don’t I still have to go back to face all the Human Race experts? I don’t think that I’ve just had a bloody battle with the enemy, the oil wells are dry, dying, even flesh and blood. You can’t compete with you, Ding Lingdang, Boss Bai, Long Yangjun, Fist King… everyone.

“In the end, I am still only shackled, tied up by your five flowers, tied to Star Glory Federation like a scorpion to take a trial.”

“I said, I would rather die 10,000 times, and I am not willing to accept you… the trial of the pig.

“So, for me, this is about the best ending? Haha, hahahaha, hahahahahahahaha!”

Lu Qingchen suddenly laughed uncontrollably, laughing with irony and arrogance.

“Why are you laughing?”

Li Yao sighs.

“I wonder, how will Star Glory Federation’s history books and textbooks evaluate me?”

Lu Qingchen smiled and said, “Yes, I am a butcher who is ruthless and extinct. When I miss my heart, hundreds of millions of people die in my conspiracy, but I have sacrificed my life twice and saved. Federation and Human Race Civilization decisive battle super artificial intelligence ‘Fuxi’ is one time, now it is the second time, this boring bad account, how really is unclear, some later historians go to headache, haha, haha Haha.

“Hey, Li Yao, what kind of judgment do you think history will make to me?”

“……I do not know.”

Li Yao was silent for a long time, still shaking his head and shouting, “Qing Ben Jiaren, why not be a thief?”

“Being a thief has fun as a thief. Have you drilled so many ventilation pipes and toilets, don’t you understand?”

Lu Qingchen paused, and the voice suddenly lowered, muttering. “At least, I have not violated my grandfather’s last words. It is a patriot to death, right?”

Li Yao didn’t know what to say, and said: “From a certain perspective, at a certain level, theoretically, probably!”

“That’s good.”

Lu Qingchen smiled brightly, “Come on!”

“come on!”

Li Yao roared.

“Hey, hello, what’s the matter, you haven’t asked for my opinion yet!”

Blood heart’s demon blame.

“The minority obeys the majority and passes two to one.”

Li Yao growls, “Come on, change course, push this monster towards Ancient Giant Stars, push it!”

With the roar of the universe, Li Yao’s flesh and blood is like a torch that is about to burn out, with the help of pure oxygen, which is a hundred times brighter, and behind the Giant Divine Weapon, there are hundreds of spewing out. Meters, a few kilometers, tens of thousands of meters, hundreds of thousands of meters of flame, breaking through the dark universe, so that the speed instantly soared ten times!

Hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng hōng bang!

Li Yao harnessed the “sun catastrophe”, entangled in the ancient innocence, and rushed toward the Ancient Giant Stars. The speed was so fast that even the meteorite fragments and cosmic dust floating between the Ancient Giant Stars and the satellite hit the body. Out of the shocking pit.

And this is not all. At the same time of extreme fast arrogance, Li Yao also deliberately detonated his own cells, turned into one biochemical bomb after another, and lost his heart to the ancient times.

The ancient unintentional heart was turned into a whirlwind by Li Yao, and it was blown up again.

He can clearly perceive Li Yao’s desperate determination, but it disrupts the rhythm of his healing wounds and fighting power.

However, when he accurately judged Li Yao’s intentions, he could not help but laugh.

“Stupid guy, this is where you burned the divine soul, sacrificed your life, and gave everything you thought of, ‘the last blow’. I wanted to hit me into the gravitational circle of Ancient Giant Stars and use the huge planet. Gravity to destroy me, at least to suppress me? It’s really foolish!”

The ancient heart is scornful. “It’s a wishful thinking. With your remaining life force and divine soul strength, including the residual fuel of this Giant Divine Weapon, you can’t push me into the inner girth of the Ancient Giant Stars gravitational circle. .

“Not to mention, astronomers within the Immortal Palace have mapped all Star Fields and galaxies on the trajectory of the Archaeological Site hundreds of thousands of years ago, including all the astronomical parameters of this giant planet, I I know everything.

“You really underestimate the power of the super-body. Just relying on the gravitational force of a giant planet, I want to suppress me? How is it possible? Don’t say that I will not fall into the giant planet, even if it is really caught by its gravity, Falling into the ultra-high density of the atmosphere, I will never be trapped.

“As long as you fix these insignificant minor injuries, don’t want to trap me, whether you are a giant planet or a gravel star belt. When you want me to devour your divine soul, take you to the surface of the giant planet for a thrilling Expedition? At that time you will understand how powerful the super body is and how stupid you are.”

“No, no, I believe in you.”

Li Yao vomited and vomited blood, his eyes were deeply sunken, and the whole face turned into a horrible gimmick. Only the two sparks sparkling in the bottom of the eyes were still shining with a resilience. “I lost, I am not Your opponent, very powerful super body, I am completely thorough… I am convinced!”


In the extremely deep cold vacuum, the ancient unintentional face condensing a layer of ice shell, and his mind is like being frozen by ice. “You are ready to surrender on behalf of all the same kind, bow to me and join us. Super body?”

“If you bow down and say something, you can talk slowly.”

Li Yao smiled very happy. “Before that, I have a little suggestion to you. If you have time, update the astronomical parameter database within Immortal Palace. Your mapping data on Ancient Giant Stars is out of date. .”


Every scale that was unintentional in the whole body violently contracted together, and his body shape was reduced by one round.

He turned his head at 180 degrees and faced the huge Giant Giant Stars. He saw an incredible scene that was never recorded in the Immortal Palace astronomical database hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Ancient Giant Stars is covered with hundreds of equally large erythema. Each erythema is a group of cyclones and storms that last for hundreds or even thousands of years. Endless lightning is in the birth, collision , growth, fusion, and annihilation.

At the moment, from among the dozens of large red spots, hundreds of extremely strong arcs have been extracted at the same time. No, the word “arc” is simply not enough to describe its majesty and horror. It is like hundreds of millions. The arc entwined together to form a lightning bolt and tentacles, a fork, a group of devils, and scrambling to catch up with the ancients, Li Yao and Lu Qingchen.

Under the background of the Ancient Giant Stars, which almost obscures the half of the Star Ocean, these lightning bolts and tentacles seem to move very slowly.

However, the ancient heartless, Li Yao and Lu Qingchen, seem to be solidified in the gravitational circle of the Ancient Giant Stars, only to see the lightning claws reaching out to themselves.

“what is this!”

For the first time, thousands of wild ghosts in the ancient heartless and super-body, and at the same time issued a runaway scream.

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