FMC Chapter 3150

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 3150 chapter of the death of Li Yao! Floating astronomy
The ancient heartless is struggling like a drowning drowning person.

In the super plasma torrent, he lost control of the body. The original and beautiful humanoid body suddenly became the shape of the eight-claw octopus, and suddenly became the form of the tyrannosaurus, and suddenly became a variety of strange shapes. The variant beast form eventually became a myriad of tumors and dark spots that piled up together, unable to speak, and extremely ugly.

The defense of all cells has completely collapsed, the overly complex gene pool has completely collapsed, and hundreds of millions of incompatible genes have grown freely, conflicted, and swallowed each other in the most intense way.

The ancient heartlessness fell deeper and deeper, and was gradually dragged into the depths of the big red spot by lightning life. His body completely collapsed. As a light flashed through, thousands of wild ghosts escaped from a muddy body. Pure Energy’s form escapes, but loses the protection of the body. They are not the opponents of lightning life. They are quickly caught up by the mountain crying out and sea howling’s plasma, dragging them back one by one, turning into an imaginary bubble. I can’t see it anymore.

Li Yao crossed his hands and feet, quietly floating in the innocent starry sky, staring blankly at everything.

It was only after the last unintentional brainwaves dissipated inside and outside the ancient Giant Stars’ gravitational circle that he was relieved a little.

at the same time.

Within the remains of Taikoo.

At the moment when the ancient heartless was swallowed by lightning life, the sea of ​​cells that hid the sky and covering the earth also received the mysterious command, stopping the creeping, splitting and proliferating in an instant, and the black spots that had just disappeared reappeared. The large taupe cell proliferation Organization is sag, and a glimmer of visible smoke from the crater flies into the air, turning into colorful, beautiful bubbles.

β€œpā! pā! pā! ”

Hundreds of millions of bubbles burst at the same time, and the sea of ​​cells disappeared instantly, and even the last trace disappeared without a trace, revealing the true colors of the Silver City.

Human Race experts are like a dream, awkward, relatively speechless.

“Is it over?”

Ding Lingdang snorted at the wound, hurriedly gasped, struggling to stand up, staring at the gap between the sky and the Star Ocean. “Li Yao, Li Yao, can you hear that?”

“No, it’s not over yet.”

Not far behind her, Long Yangjun stared straight into the “Forty-seventh district”, “The Rainbow Bridge did not collapse, the transmission is still going on – we can’t transfer the One Star half-point information from the Pangu Universe to the Multiverse Sea Go to the center.”

In Star Ocean.

Li Yao took his eyes off the Ancient Giant Stars and the Great Red Spot and turned his head to stare at the Rainbow Bridge spurred from the ruins of Taikoo.

The Rainbow Bridge, made purely of energy, is like an endless bridge that spans the Multiverse, extending from the Archaeological remains to the end of the universe.

It is vaguely visible that the Hong Chao Warship, which was unprepared for the ancients, has been towed into a β€œmaterial flow” of several hundred kilometers, which is becoming more and more crystal clear, as if it has changed from a hard metal to a smoky haze. Disappeared in the three-dimensional universe.

Time is running out.

“Cough, cough, cough and cough.”

Li Yao coughed up gently, spit a red blood on her palm, and then he found that his palm also showed a translucent character – this is certainly not a divine ability, just his over-burning life, the flesh and blood The signs of burning exhaustion.

Can’t wait any longer.

I hope that the body can still hold on for a while, even if it burns for an hour, one minute, one second, one more light, one point is hot.

Li Yao thought about this, urging the Crystal Armor, once again turned into a hot stream of light, rushing, madly rushing in, instantly swallowing tens of thousands of kilometers, hit the Rainbow Bridge.


There was no sound in the vacuum, but Li Yao’s divine soul seemed to be smashed by an ultra-high speed Crystal Railroad Train, and three immortal souls and seven mortal forms screamed and screamed at the same time.

The Crystal Armor’s left-hand power unit is completely scrapped, and criss-crossing, shocking cracks appear on the helmet, smashing at any time.

The Rainbow Bridge is still standing still.

β€œLi Yao , Li Yao !”

There was a cry from Ding Lingdang in my mind. It was probably the remnant of the “hyperlink” just now, or the heart of her and Li Yao. The inspiration of the former Federation Speaker as a woman was quite unusual. “What are you doing, tell me, what are you doing?”

“…I am intercepting the Rainbow Bridge.”

Li Yao flew back, leaving enough sprinting distance, silent for a moment, to Ding Lingdang. “Although the ancient heartless and his super body are finished, the transmission is still going on – even an empty one. Hong Chao Warship also contains a lot of information.

“Even if we and Pangu Civilization have mastered a certain degree of unmanned technology, this Hong Chao Warship can certainly be transferred to the center of the Multiverse Sea without any insatiable care, as long as Hong Chao Warship’s Mainframe Crystal Inside the Processor, we store the coordinates of the Pangu Universe and its navigation logs over the years, and we are finished.

“So, even if I can’t stop the transfer, at least I have to ruin the Hong Chao Warship, and completely obliterate all the information that was sent out from the Pangu Universe.

“Basically… that’s it.”


The last word has not been finished yet. Li Yao collided with the Rainbow Bridge for the second time in the sky, and it has little effect except to knock its own Crystal Armor more fragmented.

“You, what are you going to do?”

Ding Lingdang was in a mess. “We are also trying to attack the Rainbow Bridge on the ground, but the old heart seems to have a strong restrictive seal and enchantment around the entire Teleportation Array. It involves damn space folds, we can’t stop it. ,no way!”

“I know.”

Li Yao’s third, fourth, and fifth attempt, like a person being locked in a glass bottle, knowing that there is no way out, but still colliding with it, hitting the flies that are bleeding, “This is ancient Unintentional last resort, he will of course set the strongest defense around the Teleportation Array, so it is useless to attack from the ground. You must attack Hong Chao Warship directly from the sky, or even from inside it.”

“Direct attack from inside?”

Ding Lingdang screamed, “But it seems to have turned into a pure energy torrent, no substance can enter it!”


Li Yao murmured, “Wife, sorry.”


The sixth time, the fastest and most violent one, Li Yao was like a meteorite that was completely shattered in the atmosphere. The Crystal Armor, Mustard Seed Battle Suit and even the flesh and blood were burned. He became A gleaming energy body, a burning fiercely life magnetic field, inserted a completely transparent hand into the Rainbow Bridge.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Li Yao is mad at the spiritual level. The last cell is turned into nothingness in a strong energy collision. He abandoned the Crystal Armor, burned his body, and overdrafted all the vitality, just to let his divine soul bloom. The most embarrassing fireworks, hard to squeeze into the Rainbow Bridge!

“what are you doing!”

Ding Lingdang’s voice is like the pain of his own heart being alive and kicking, “Li Yao, don’t, don’t!”

“I seem to have played ‘divine soul’ again, but this time the flesh and blood is completely scrapped.”

Li Yao smiled bitterly on the spiritual level. “Sorry, my wife, I have no choice – you are also a cultivator. You should know that there is only one way to go in this situation.”

“You, you have abandoned your body and turned yourself into pure energy. In this way, you squeezed into the Rainbow Bridge?”

Ding Lingdang was shocked. “But you don’t have half a weapon at all. How do you destroy Hong Chao Warship?”


Li Yao’s divine soul struggled in the Rainbow Bridge and was silent for a while. “I still have a bomb, the last… a powerful bomb.”

Ding Lingdang instantly understood the meaning of Li Yao.

“divine soul self-destruct ?”

The scream of the former Federation Speaker resounded through the clouds. “No, Li Yao, let’s think of a way, there must be a way, don’t do it!”

“If you give us three days and three nights, maybe we can think of a more secure approach, but now we may not even have three seconds. – The transmission has already begun. Hong Chao Warship is likely to send fatal information to the Multiverse Sea at any time. Go to the center, I must, before that, erase it and erase all my information.”

Li Yao’s divine soul finally entangled the Hong Chao Warship, which turned into a stream of information. The soul was deep and swaying with a relieved smile. “Wife, don’t be sad, come up with the coolness of Scarlet Flame Dragon King. We are the same class. People, people like us did not intend to live like a tortoise for three or five hundred years. Death is for us, but it is the beginning of another journey. We have already prepared, aren’t we?”

“No, no, no!”

Ding Lingdang burst into tears and shouted. “I am not prepared, I will not let you die, Li Yao, I heard no, come back, you will come back to me, even if you want to die, let us be together!”

“Sorry, my wife, everything is listening to you, only this time… I am alone.”

Li Yao said, β€œYou must live and carry a new mission to meet the challenges of Hong Chao.”

“I won’t let you die!”

Ding Lingdang gnashed his teeth. “I don’t hear you, I will never let you die. If you smash Nine Underworld Yellow Spring, you can smash your divine soul, then I will smash Nine Underworld Yellow Spring; if time back can make you Returning to life, then I will find a way to reverse time and space; if you become a four-dimensional, five-dimensional, six-eight-nine-dimensional dimension to expert, you can reorganize your divine soul, then I must explode all the universe, all dimensions; I have to go to the damn Multiverse sea center, the core of Hong Chao’s core, to see your thief eyes again, then I will definitely go to Earth, I will complete your mission and destroy the earth!”

“…communicating with you is the most interesting thing I have encountered at Pangu Universe. Do you know that at this moment, every second after we met, it turned into a beautiful picture flashing in my divine soul, I I really want to delay the ten days and ten nights, and say ten days and ten nights with you, but what do I want to say, but what about the ten days and ten nights?

Li Yao muttered. “Recalling that I was on the East Sea of ​​Star Glory Federation, I met you for the first time. I first experienced the wonderfulness of Cultivator World. Everything is like a long dream, I will definitely For this incomparable real dream, fight to the end.

“Goodbye, Ding Lingdang.

“Goodbye, all the friends.

“Goodbye, Star Glory Federation.

“Goodbye…Human Race Civilization !”


The violent shocks from the Star Ocean have turned into earth-shattering loud noises in the minds of every Human Race expert in the Taikoo ruins.

Ding Lingdang, Long Yangjun, Boss Bai, Fist King, Xiaoming, Wenwen, Li Jialing, Li Linghai, Yan Liren… People look up and see the depths of the Rainbow Bridge, bursting with a splendid fire, endless flames A shiny Vulture rises up, and together with Rainbow Bridge, disintegrates at the end of Star Ocean, annihilates and turns into nothingness.

At this moment, Li Yao’s divine soul light illuminates the entire Pangu Universe.

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