FMC Chapter 3152

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 3152 chapter is not the same, the astronomical
The two brothers and sisters repeatedly warned themselves in their hearts. Seeing that today’s “Future Congress” has such a large array of rumors, the top experts of Human Race Civilization must have got a lot of true biography from the ancient ruins, so no matter what you see later. No matter how weird things are, there is no need to be too surprised.

However, when they stepped into the main venue and saw the steel giant of more than two hundred meters high, even when they walked between the legs of the giants, they couldn’t help but stunned and couldn’t speak for a long time.

“This, this, this is impossible!”

Meng Xiaolang is not in the house, “The steel giant of more than two hundred meters high, this is a joke, is it plastic or foam?”

“It’s too exaggerated, it’s incredible. Era breakthrough in materials science and engineering!”

Meng Lichuan’s eyes also burst into an unbelievable light, muttering, “This, is this the new Giant Divine Weapon? Zoom in ten times of Giant Divine Weapon!”

The super giant presented in front of the two, like a mighty steel Iron God, and a high-rise building suddenly has life, although the outer shell has not been finely polished and sprayed, still revealing rough and ancient The texture of the steel, but so full of the original beauty of the appearance, but makes it appear stronger and rude.

Both Meng Xiaolang and Meng Lichuan are not three-year-olds. Naturally, no matter how large the Crystal Armor or the Giant Divine Weapon are, the bigger the better.

Just as the body of flesh and blood has its most suitable growth range, the giant of 20 meters high is certainly not as flexible as the ordinary people of about two meters. The Crystal Armor and Giant Divine Weapon are limited by materials, structural strength and energy consumption, and also have body type. limit.

In general, the 35-meter-high Crystal Armor and the 20-meter-high Giant Divine Weapon are the limits. Increase the height and increase the volume, which will only double the weight and increase the unnecessary energy consumption and the shot area. The hydraulic joints and transmission structures of the Giant Divine Weapon are heavily burdened, and the overall operational performance is a cliff-like decline.

Therefore, many well-trained Soldiers and fighters sneered at the concept of “super giant type humanoid mechanics” and considered it a child’s dream.

However, with the in-depth study of human life science and Spiritual Energy, modern people gradually discover the importance of the “life magnetic field”. Only the huge human body can resonate perfectly with the human life magnetic field of the Human Race. The fighting power has exploded a hundred times.

Therefore, overcoming a series of difficult problems in materials science and engineering, under the premise of limiting energy consumption, ensuring structural strength and maneuverability, the production of a super giant type humanoid mechanical body became larger and larger. The subject of all the mechanics, designers and Magical Artifact Specialists.

Previously, the largest Giant Divine Weapon was often limited to the scale of thirty or fifty meters.

Although there is no such a large-scale individual Magical Artifact, such Magical Artifact often shapes appearance into a round sphere, which is a single-handed battle fortress. Although the long-range firepower and bomb load are not inferior to Giant Divine Weapon, It can’t perfectly resonate with the life magnetic field of the driver. It is completely incomparable with Giant Divine Weapon in terms of instantaneous burst and endurance.

Today, however, in front of Meng Xiaolang and Meng Lichuan, it is a two-meter-high Giant Divine Weapon.

Whether this Iron God is a test model that is still under test, or an imaginary exhibit, it shows that Human Race Civilization has made a breakthrough in the field of materials science, structure and dynamics.

At least, any modern superalloy material that the two sisters are familiar with is not so strong that it can support such a steel Iron God magic, no one stands on the ground.

New technology, new materials, new transmissions and support structures – all of which represent a new war machine and battle mode, the two brothers seem to see, a new future, rising in front of their eyes.

“Look over there and look over there!”

Meng Lichuan changed the image of the extremely cool iceberg beauty in Team, facing the super Giant Divine Weapon drooling, Meng Xiaolang slammed her sleeves beside.

She turned her head and looked in the direction pointed by her brother, just to see hundreds of thousands of miniature drones called “Little Bees” condensed into a colorful lotus cloud in midair, the clouds bloomed, and the micro-nothing The man-machine formed a boy and a woman, two young children’s tender faces, and smiled at everyone at the meeting.

“Look here and see here!”

Meng Xiaolang yelled, “This is this, what is this again!”

Because they are taking the VIP channel, it is very convenient to reach the Core Region of the venue. Not far from the left hand side of Meng Xiaolang, there are several figu Clan standing tall and with grayish brown skin and wrinkles and vents. There is also the first snake body, Nüwa Clan with gorgeous scales.

This is the first time Meng Xiaolang has seen a living Pangu Clan.

Be aware that in the Federation Army’s consistent military education, including the legend of “Vulture Li Yao”, “Pangu Clan” is not a friendly and friendly friend.

Although these Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan are all dressed up, there are several big people who are familiar with the whole Federation. Everyone has a smile on their faces, and Meng Xiaolang still feels weird— – It’s like a lion and a sheep talking and laughing, a hungry wolf and a white rabbit dancing.

“It seems that the trouble we are facing this time is not small!”

Meng Lichuan curiously looked at the “living” Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan, and suddenly said nothing.


Meng Xiaolang gave a slight glimpse, “Sister, what do you say?”

“You know, the three forces of Federation, Empire and Saint League, Human Race Civilization have shaken hands three years ago.”

Meng Lichuan explained, “If you are not facing new troubles, or if you are investing a lot of resources and developing new military technologies and equipment in such a comprehensive peace, it is impossible to fully accept Pangu Clan and Nüwa Clan – These high-spirited people, who believe that we are hundreds of thousands of years ahead of the wild race, can’t be so simple to us, and willingly surrender all their technology and wisdom.

“So, there must be some kind of threat, far more horrible than Pangu Clan, forcing all the intelligent races in this Star Ocean to unite, at the expense of everything, breaking all the rules, and mastering the strongest as soon as possible. Big power.

“I think that the future conference is just the beginning. Three years of recuperation is enough to bridge the pain caused by the ‘Federation, Empire, and Saint League battles.’ From now on, Human Race Civilization will be a whole, and once again, it will be a great success. Speed ​​up the road to prepare for it?”


Meng Xiaolang was shocked by Meng Lichuan’s face as never before.

He knows that his sister, the ace player of “Moon Shadow Team”, which is the best strategist, will not be easily alarmist.

When I didn’t know what to say, there was a red light in the clouds above my head. There was a super giant type 3D 3D illusion across the kilometer. It was a mature woman’s face with a short red hair.

“Yes, it is our speaker’s adult!”

Meng Xiaolang blinked and looked at it for a while before recognizing it.

In the past, Ding Lingdang was marked by a burning fiercely flaming long hair. When she was dancing like a nine-headed dragon in the Star Ocean, it was like a hunting flag, always for all the Federation. The Army brings the courage to attack, attack, and attack.

Meng Xiaolang can’t forget today. Three years ago, under the leadership of such a burning red hair, I was riding a thousand, and with the defeat of the Federation Expedition Army, I rushed to the steel of Empire of True Humanity. Frenzy Tide, eventually defeating the enemy.

The Warship wreck between Star Ocean has cooled.

But the veterans of the rest of the war, the boiling blood will never calm down.

Although Ding Lingdang has long since retired, many of the Federation Army who participated in that battle still naturally called her “our speaker.”

However, since three years ago, Ding Lingdang has disappeared from the public on the grounds of “closed cultivation”. Even though the National Day and Kunlun Fleet were officially established, they did not appear at the celebration.

If Meng Xiaolang remembers correctly, this is the first time Ding Lingdang has appeared publicly for three years.

As a golden age to repair the peak, it is also the golden life of the most vitality. Three years should not leave any trace on her.

But Meng Xiaolang clearly felt that “our speaker” is completely different from three years ago.

Not only the full head is windless, but the flaming long hair is like a pretty short hair that can’t grow longer than the plate. Her wheat-colored skin also has a honey-like luster, and it seems to be surging under the skin. The magma-like hot red awns give the essence a restrained, unfathomable feeling.

In particular, the eyes that seem to contain three thousand red dust are more like the tens of thousands of years of rehearsal, completely different from the past “Scarlet Flame Dragon King”.

“Is there a mistake, why do I think that Speaker Ding has made a major breakthrough, seems to be ten times stronger than in the past?”

Meng Xiaolang shook his head hard and laughed at his nervousness. “Impossible. Speaker Ding three years ago is already a strange woman of Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth. In just three years, ten times stronger? How is it possible! ”

“The fellows of Star Glory Federation, as well as the VIPs from Empire, Saint League and the wild, I believe that everyone is very curious about the purpose of this ‘future conference’, and even more can’t wait to uncover the depths of the Taiko ruins three years ago. The truth.”

In the clouds, Ding Lingdang has a word and a piece of iron. “Three years ago, in the depths of the billion-year-old Taikoo ruins, the Special Class Federation Hero Li Yao burned its life, self-destruct divine soul, stopped it. The key information of Pangu Universe was transmitted to the universe, which gave us valuable breathing and development time.

“But the threat has not been lifted, the enemy is still approaching, Li Yao has tried his best, and the next mission depends on all of us who have survived.

“Li Yao deeply believes in the power of compatriots and the entire Human Race Civilization, so our survivors are also willing to believe that everyone can shoulder this sacred and heavy mission. In this ‘future conference’, we will master the last three years. Everything is as public as possible to the full Human Race. I hope everyone – every member of Human Race Civilization, including all the carbon-based intelligent life that cherishes free will, our closest comrades, like Li Yao. Send out every inch of your own light, every part of the heat, shoulder to shoulder, bloody battle in the end!

“No matter how dark the universe is, but as long as we can make our own little light and heat, there will always be hope. The strength of the enemy is beyond the imagination of all of us, but our potential and growth rate are far beyond ourselves. The most exaggerated imagination, then, before we disclose the information about ‘Civilization’ and ‘Super Civilization’ to the full Human Race, let us see, our latest strength!”

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