FMC Chapter 3153

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3153 Ding Lingdang vs Long Yangjun! Floating astronomy
Star Glory Federation, with Wuwei as the respect, is there any way to attract more attention and boost morale than a wonderful match?

Before the public information of Hong Chao – Super Civilization, we must make a foothold and let the entire Human Race realize that although the enemy is strong, we are not without the power to fight back. This is the main purpose of the “Future Assembly”.

This is the most important part of the “Super Militant Competition” in the history of Human Race Civilization, which has the largest scale and the highest level of competition.

A total of sixteen unique platforms were lined up over the Glorious Era Group. Thousands of top-tier experts at least reaching the peak of Nascent Origin’s realm will be captured here. After competing for Li Yao fallen, “Pangu Universe Ten Expert “The title.”

Eligible to participate in this peak matchup to the expert, naturally it is a humanoid beast, a war fortress that will walk, with their arrogant combat power, when it comes to sex, let alone the Glorious Era Group headquarters can not bear, even The entire Floating Spear City can be easily destroyed.

Therefore, the downfall certainly does not really float above the city, but the 16 World Fragment, using the latest technology discovered in the Archaic remains, forcibly connected to the space fold above the Floating Spear City, and then using the three-dimensional 3D, Grand Void Illusion World technology brings immersive, illusory and real feelings to the audience.

In addition to the role of propaganda and morale, this is also an expert to the three major forces, including the survivors of the floods to assess each other’s strengths, to discuss the next move strategy.

Although the vast majority of Human Race Civilization has been in the Archaic vestiges for the past three years, there are many opportunities for closeness. However, after the unlocking and upgrading of Connecting Heaven Tower, the interior space is terrifying – it actually It’s not a simple High Tower, but a transit station that leads to countless planets hidden in the “black wall”. Once you find the right path, it will be sent directly to a certain planet.

These planets, or Spiritual Qi, are abundant, or extremely dangerous, or full of unexpected mechanisms, beasts, and Secret Treasures, let alone tens of thousands of people to expert, even if the number is hundreds of times more, it is impossible. Make every planet Expeditions clear.

Coupled with the remains of the entire hundred pioneers Civilization and the Secret Treasures, there is an infinite mystery that is exhaustive, and it is a cultivator and a researcher who doesn’t want to figure out everything in his life.

It can be said that for the whole three years, every expert and researcher who entered the Expeditions of the Taikoo ruins was in a state of circumnavigation and enthusiasm, and each had its own opportunities, each with its own opportunities. Crazy cultivation is too late, how can I have time to take care of others?

Until today’s future conference or “super-martial competition” is the time when they test the cultivation and research results for three years.

The results of the competition will also determine the next cultivation resources and Expeditions mission allocation, as well as changes in the pattern between major forces, including the renewal conditions of the peace treaty, and so on.

No way, although the enemy is currently, Federation, Empire and Saint League are all enemies, but it is impossible to be truly intimate, and there is cooperation and competition between them. In the final analysis, the bigger the fist, the more the voice, perhaps It is the inferiority of Human Race, but it can also be said to be the unique charm of Human Race Civilization.

The first downfall, seemingly neutral, unremarkable desert world, Ding Lingdang floated calmly in the air and stared at his opponent.

Her opponent Long Yangjun is a bitter face, a slap in the face, a pair of people who will surrender and admit defeat on the grounds of stomach aches.

The matchup list of the Super Wushu Competition was randomly matched. No one expected that the popular candidates of the two “Pangu Universe Top Ten Experts” by Ding Lingdang and Long Yangjun would meet in the first round, but Long Yangjun always felt that it was not Any conspiracy, black-box operation and the like.

“The speaker has changed his hair!”

Long Yangjun snorted and yelled at Ding Lingdang. “I heard that you have been mad in the Connecting Heaven Tower. Not only did you get the true biography of the fierce Civilization known as Wu Yong in the 100 pioneers Civilization, but still A planet that is very close to the stars, almost all of which is magma, has realized that it does not use any Magical Artifact, empty Starship, Giant Divine Weapon, Starry Sky War Fort, asteroid base, and demolition Everything ‘the true meaning of ‘Primitive Martial Artist’, wow, it’s really amazing, then what, I admit defeat? I didn’t belong to any power, and I didn’t assign any benefit to the following between Federation, Empire and Saint League. Interest, I just came to the end of the game, fill the head, I really did not expect to draw you in the first round!”

“Okay, I accept your surrender.”

Ding Lingdang nodded and said to the overjoyed Long Yangjun. “However, in the war culture of ‘Civilization’, even if the enemy of surrender is to fight with the power of the lion, it is right. The surrenderer’s greatest respect and affirmation.”


Long Yangjun’s smile was completely on his face, and he was so stunned. “I really don’t know where I am offended by the Speaker of the House. I have to torture me so much, torture me, torture me? I am so embarrassed!”

“is it?”

Ding Lingdang lightly said, “Maybe in other things, you are really innocent, but how can I hear that you have been very close to the survivors of the past two years, whether you are in Pangu Clan or Nüwa Clan? Start your own research project in secret, even – there are a total of eight Sealing God Heavenly Book in the legend, which you have collected and parsed in half, four full?”

“What, did you have this?”

Long Yangjun’s eyes wide open and his face full of innocence. “Sealing God Heavenly Book, I don’t know anything at all. Isn’t this the smoke bomb that Emperor released that year? It’s really such a thing, oh, so amazing. The news, if I know, I will definitely report to the ‘Taiwan Heritage Joint Development Committee’ for the first time.”

“It’s ok.”

Ding Lingdang smiled. “Do you have a cultivation Sealing God Heavenly Book? I will try it out!”

The voice has not fallen, and an incredible scene has taken place.

Ding Lingdang full head The pretty short hair, like a big bang, skyrocketed all the way to the shoulders, waist and heels. The cockroach never stopped growing and swelling. It was like a volcano erupting from her Heaven Spirit Shell.

At the same time, she shines on the skin of honey-shiny skin, and there are countless lines of light that criss-cross. The light wire flies away from the body like a life, and rushes away toward the ground under the feet, “shuā shuā shuā shuā”, Between the electric and light stone fires, the hard earth was cut and dozens of blocks of 70 to 80 meters square were cut.

Along with the horror dance of the flames, dozens of huge rock blocks swayed into the air and were caught in the hot momentum of Ding Lingdang, melting instantly and turning into red-red magma, in Ding Lingdang’s arms. Between the fast rotation, it turned into a red dragon with claws and claws, and it slammed with her Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth.


Thousands of red dragons, hiding the sky and covering the earth, the magma torrent, suddenly devour Long Yangjun.

“The woman who wants to be dissatisfied is terrible!”

Long Yangjun’s scream came from the magma, and then a crystal-clear human crystal shape leaped out of the magma.

Although the mouth screamed, but the face still had a smile that didn’t care. Not only did it become a crystal, but even the magma that Ding Lingdang smashed, she absorbed all the energy and turned it into a diamond-shaped diamond. The Crystal body absorbs the magnetic field around her life, like the satellite and Ringworld.

“Is this the power of the Sealing God Heavenly Book? It is the legendary Emperor that has the power to create a miracle and glory. Although the legend and the truth are definitely different, the existence of the Sealing God Heavenly Book is conclusive. Undoubtedly, unfortunately, I was not born in the era of Emperor, and I was determined to compete with him, but I am fortunate that I can meet you, let us fight for three days and three nights, all the pain and depression of these three years. Let it vent out!”

Ding Lingdang issued a roar that even the Tyrannosaurus listened to shivering.

The flames behind it continue to be arrogant, and in the sky of fire and fire into the law of eight hundred gods, the temperature of the entire World Fragment has instantly increased by several tens of degrees.

Eight hundred gods descended from the sky, just like a meteor fire that appeared out of thin air. The two people had an earth-shattering explosion. The Gobi and the desert turned into rolling magma. There were thousands of high-temperature waves in the magma. It is the most loyal warrior, listening to Ding Lingdang’s drive.

“Is there any mistake? Do you know if we are playing a ‘Friendship match’ or even an ‘Issue match’ today, is Ah who boosts morality for the entire Human Race? I, I am also a star of Glory Federation, I immediately announced Is it good to return to the Federation camp? Besides, I don’t have any ‘pain and depression’. I have lived happily in the past three years. I am happy like a fairy. Don’t mention how happy!

“You don’t look at me like this. I am not really heartless. Of course, what, in fact, I have a hunch. Li Yao is still not dead. Really, as the saying goes, good people are not long. Life… Heroes for thousands of years, such as real heroes like Li Yao, how can it like this simply die, right? Anyway, no one saw his body, okay, his cell fragment It was indeed discovered, but at least there is no evidence that his divine soul has been annihilated. We have to have confidence in his vitality. Even the scorpion can exist for hundreds of millions of years. Why can’t ‘Vulture Li Yao’ be right? wrong?

“In short, in the end, you don’t want to come anymore. If you come over, I really want to call people, referees, referees? I want to surrender, I have to admit defeat, what is going to break down, how to go out, help, help!” ”

Long Yangjun wows and screams.

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