FMC Chapter 3155

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 3155 Intruder? Floating astronomy
Different downfalls, the same wonderful, 16-match summit has just begun, it will bring to all the audience, including the entire Federation citizen and even the Human Race compatriots in Empire and Saint League, the incomparable surprise and “fright”.

People did not expect that in just three years, the strength of Human Race to expert has changed dramatically, which means that the limit of the race “Human Race” is once again raised. As long as you work hard, everyone can be like these move mountains. And drain seas, Destroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth are the same as expert!

The super-martial competition continued, and the organizers took the opportunity to hold one conference after another and a press conference to come up with one of the cutting-edge technologies of Era, including the pioneering Civilization and the ancient legend of the Civilization of Yuanshi. It has also spread in the audience and the network, laying a solid foundation for the complete exposure of the “Hong Chao – Super Civilization”.

After seven days and seven nights, the entire Human Race was immersed in the turbulent wave. The world view was smashed again and again and again and again. Even the dull or the little people who did not care about politics realized that an unprecedented Era, the wind and thunder, Slowly opened the curtain, from now on, whether they are willing or not, have already squatted in the Pangu Universe for hundreds of millions of years, will eventually regain the mission of Taikoo, enter the Multiverse Sea, face them always face Right thing.

The future conference will continue.

There are so many things that need to be negotiated and announced. In a few months, this conference, which condenses the wisdom, power and hope of the entire Human Race, cannot be completely over.

Although it is already midnight, the Glorious Era Group headquarters is still a brightly lit city that never sleeps. There are still several important friendly matches and new war machine exhibitions at various venues.

Outside the venue, in the small garden where the quiet was quiet, there were two women walking slowly in tandem.

Ding Lingdang and Jin Xinyue, a pair of competitors with subtleties and enemies, have not been together like this for a long time, let go of everything and enjoy the peace.

Ding Lingdang suddenly stopped.

In front of her, in the middle of the small garden stands a statue of Li Yao.

This is the headquarters of the Glorious Era Group. As the founder of the Group plus the Special Class Federation Hero, the monuments related to Li Yao are naturally everywhere.

Ding Lingdang stared at the statue for a long time.

Jin Xinyue frowned slightly, but did not dare to interrupt Ding Lingdang’s gaze.

Ding Lingdang looked at it for a long time, his eyes were slightly red, and he smiled and shook his head. “Not like, unlike Li Yao, how can you be so just and guilty?”

Jin Xinyue breathed a sigh of relief and said: “Yes, when Master is still in Federation, all day is heartless, carefree, very happy, even if he encounters a big problem, even if the surface Itโ€™s hard to be sad, and Iโ€™m rarely sad. I think that Master must not want to be sad or sad. The big problem is that everyone is happy to face it.โ€

“Yeah, I know, I know…”

Ding Lingdang stared at the statue that was not like Li Yao for a long time, and finally couldn’t help but reach out to the dead leaves and fallen flowers on the shoulder of the statue. “In fact, I have nothing to worry about – I am And the adventure of Li Yao’s birth and death, plus the cultivation intensity that we burned the divine soul again and again, we can kill the two springs in two minutes, and we can live and dance for so long, and we can still stay at the last moment. Already beside each other, Xinyue, you said yes?”

Jin Xinyue opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say – she certainly couldn’t really say “Yes, you can be alive and stunned now.”

“For three years, I have slowly accepted the fact of ‘Li Yao fallen’, but when she confronted the nasty woman of Long Yangjun that day, she said that Li Yao might not have died yet.”

Ding Lingdang hesitated for a while before continuing. “The speaker is unintentional, the listener has the heart, Xinyue, don’t laugh at me, think about it, do you say that your master may not really die?”

“This oneโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

Jin Xinyue thought for a long time with his head, carefully. “Strictly speaking, no one has seen that Master is really dead. Everyone sees and infers only two points. First, Master enters the Super Teleportation Array.” Inside the Rainbow Bridge, the body and the divine soul are completely energized and launched outside the Pangu Universe. The destination is most likely to be in the center of Hong Chao – the earth or something. Second, in order to prevent the enemy from knowing the information of the Pangu Universe Master chose self-destruct divine soul, obliterating all the information he had and Hong Chao Warship, and zeroing all the information.

“Just, can this information really be completely obliterated and completely zeroed?”

โ€œOur Dark Moon Foundation, including the original Secret Sword Bureau, often searches for the target Crystal Computer when collecting intelligence, and many times, it feels that the target it is eyeing will also destroy all the information stored in Crystal Computer. However, for the highly skilled Crystal Computer Specialist, wherever you go, you must leave a trail. Any information that has existed before will never be completely destroyed and obliterated. If you want to recover information, it is nothing more than time, technology and The price ‘the three questions.

“Specifically to Master’s situation, in general, a cultivator self-destruct divine soul, of course, is dead can not die, but there is no exception – for example, Lu Qingchen when fighting Fuxi, this big devil is desperate , bet on his own divine soul, bet Fuxi will interrupt his self-destruct, fix some of his divine soul fragments, and finally he bet to win!

“When the master self-destruct divine soul, it happens that the Rainbow Bridge is running to the limit, the moment when the super transmission is activated, is it after the Master has completely self-destructed the transmission, or a part of the divine soul fragments have been transmitted. So that the divine soul self-destruct is not finished, leaving a small tail? I don’t know.”

“That is to say -“

Ding Lingdangโ€™s eyes sparkled. โ€œDo you think that your Master may still be alive?โ€

“I really don’t know, I don’t even know if I should expect Master to be alive, or vice versa.”

Jin Xinyue smiled bitterly. “From the perspective of the disciple, I certainly hope that Master and his elderly parents are five hundred years old. But if Master’s divine soul fragments are not annihilated, some information remains, and the result is Hong Chao. If you know about the Civilization, it is not a good thing for our entire Pangu Universe.”

“…Yes, you are right.”

Ding Lingdangโ€™s smile also bitterly, lowering the voice. โ€œThough this is the case, I will not let go of the only clue that the earth is, no matter what the earth that Li Yao saw in the dream is billions of years ago. The birthplace of the Super Civilization and the Yuanci Civilization, one day, I have to go to the earth to make it clear, even if I can’t find Li Yao’s divine soul fragments, I can at least have his unfulfilled wish.”

“Sister, are you ready?”

Jin Xinyue asked, “Replace the Master, destroy the Earth!”

“What kind of thing is it ‘ready’?”

Ding Lingdang said, “Of course I can’t wait, I can’t wait to go to find the earth tomorrow, but I have a limited number of collisions. There are a lot of things to deal with in Federation and Pangu Universe, and our Star Ocean jump technology can only be limited to Pangu. Inside the Universe, it has not yet reached the level of galloping in the Multiverse Sea. The road ahead is slow. I am afraid that there will be no rigorous efforts for three or five hundred years. It is impossible to set off. Three or five hundred years, hey, three or five hundred years!”

Ding Lingdang’s phalanx is loose and tight, tight and loose.

Jin Xinyue was about to say a few words of relief. Suddenly, from the Glorious Era Group headquarters, no, there was a sharp alarm inside and outside the Floating Spear City.

Both Ding Lingdang and Jin Xinyue are federation executives who naturally understand the meaning of the alert, analyzed from the rhythm and intensity. This is the highest intensity air strike alert, representing an unknown enemy with high energy response, and breaking the synchronous origin defense of Heaven Origin Star. The circle is approaching the atmosphere, and the Heaven Origin Star’s NEO fleet is unstoppable!


How can it be?

Ding Lingdang and Jin Xinyue looked at each other and saw the inexplicable horror of each other’s eyes.

There can be no enemies, can attack the Heaven Origin Star at the moment – at least not within the Pangu Universe.

You know, this “Future Congress” is held at the Glorious Era Group headquarters, but this is only to commemorate Li Yao who fell in three years ago.

Even with the size and strength of the Glorious Era Group, it is too reluctant to hold such a conference that will determine the future direction of Human Race Civilization.

The conference was held at the highest level by the three forces of Star Glory Federation, Empire of True Humanity and Covenant Alliance, not to mention the Sovereign Emperor of Empire of True Humanity and His Royal Highness Empress Dowager. The capital of the Federation, as well as the mysterious and unfathomable Saint League masters, also brought in their own strength, and the Federation has to adjust how much elite to guard and guard.

In addition, the future conference shows that Human Race Civilization has been able to absorb and absorb the cutting-edge achievements of the ancient ruins in the past three years. The top three forces are ranked in the top five to expert, and the divine ability of the vast Pangu Clan and Nรผwa Clan are here. .

Today’s Heaven Origin Star is literally “expert like Lin, will be like rain”, Divine Weapon is a lot of things, the ultimate war machine can be seen everywhere, even the mission of near-Earth orbit defense is handed over to Prairie Flame Fleet and Kunlun Fleet Execute together.

Both Prairie Flame Fleet and Kunlun Fleet are capable of traversing thousands of Star Fields and independently fighting for three or five years in the Deep Space Fleet to defend a small planet, even the capital of the Federation. It is also overkill.

In the case of this kind of strict defense and water intrusion, how can there be an enemy who does not know how to kill the inner side of the orbital circle, or even to enter the atmosphere to be discovered? What are the two major fleets of Sugawara and Kunlun?

Ding Lingdang and Jin Xinyue looked up and looked at the mysterious and unfathomable night sky.

In the night sky, a blue star, like a lightly falling orchid, shiny.

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