FMC Chapter 3158

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the aftermath of the 3158 chapter Vulture Plan, Astronomy

Wei Qingqing Last words made all the flames of hope to the heart of the expert, Ding Lingdang couldn’t help but interrupt her, and asked with a stern look, “You mean, the Super Civilization is also in this ‘Star “The Ocean has been battling for a fierce price, so that it is seriously injured.”


Wei Qingqing nodded, “born and sick, natural law, everything, there is destruction in the birth, there is a decline in the prosperity, even if it is as strong as the Civilization, it is impossible to get rid of this eternal law.

“I don’t know what kind of attack the Super Civilization suffered, nor how it’s ‘injury’. I only know that for tens of millions of years, it temporarily relaxed the pursuit of the survivors and fugitives of the Civilization of Yuanshi. However, it is huddled in the central rest of the Multiverse Sea – including the carbon-based intelligent life of our Pangu Universe, which can develop a whole hundred generations of Civilization, and is also related to the stagnation of the Super Civilization, except that it is ‘severely injured’, I Can’t think of a second reason.

“In short, the Star Ocean battle of hundreds of millions of years ago ended in the collapse of the Civilization of the Yuan Dynasty, but the Yuan Dynasty, who split, fled and crouched, did not give up resistance – at least not giving up the struggle, they may have forgotten for tens of millions of years. The glory of the ancestors, forgetting their own origins, and even forgetting the original power, is based on the different environments of the hiding place, and has developed a new form of Civilization that is incomprehensible.

“Is it like us?”

Ding Lingdang thought about it and asked again, “Since the Star Ocean Empire collapsed 10,000 years ago, the survivors have re-emerged in the Panth Universe’s various Greater Thousand Worlds, a new social system and Civilization form, such as Empire. Saint League, Federation, Meteor Sector, Heaven Origin Sector, Blood Fiend Sector, Ancient Saint Sector, all sorts of things?

“Yes, that’s it.”

Wei Qingqing added, “In addition to the different branches of the Yuanshi who fled and fled, there are countless lower-level indigenous Civilizations in the Central Ocean Ocean and Starry Sky Foreign Race. They are not willing to surrender to the foot of the Super Civilization, being horrified Hong. Chao is wrapped up, but it is the Alliance of Yuan Shi Civilization, which will form Alliance, together with the super body and resist Hong Chao.”

“and many more!”

Ding Lingdang once again called on behalf of everyone, “These low-level indigenous Civilization and Starry Sky Foreign Race, isn’t there a deep hatred for the Civilization of Yuanshi? I remember that at the beginning, the Civilization of Yuanshi appeared in the face of the ‘Conqueror’, 蹂躏The entire universe.”

“There is no eternal friend, only eternal interests. This unspeakable truth within the Human Race Civilization is also true between the many intelligent races of the Multiverse Sea.”

Wei Qingqing explained, “Yes, the image of Civilization in the universe is indeed the ‘brutal conqueror’, destroying the homes of countless intelligent races and the nests of Starry Sky Foreign Race. It is a savage and full of evil.

“Just, by the time points of the time, it was a matter of millions of years ago – you would care a few million years ago, did a primitive tribe attack the original tribe of your ancestors?

“The glory of the Civilization of Yuanshi has been going on for a long time. Now there is only a group of unruly soldiers who have never lost the benefits of the One Star that the ancestors conquered the universe. They shivered from the shadow of Hong Chao from birth. What is the point of retaliating against such a group of mourning dogs?

“And in Hong Chao – Super Civilization, yes, when they are still very weak, it is indeed the image of the Avengers who preside over justice and maintain peace. It has also received countless lower indigenous Civilization and Starry Sky Foreign. Race’s support, the original ‘big data hyperlink’ should not involve the part that erases free will, so the super-civilization can get the trust of countless races and civilization, suddenly rise and swell.

“However, when it evolved from the “ghost revenge” on the already devastated Earth to the universe of Detroy the Heavens and Exterminate the Earth, its interior should have undergone quite terrible changes, making countless indigenous civilizations And the stars and the sky recognize that it is not so bright and kind on the surface, and may even be a more terrible enemy than the Civilization.

“At least, the Civilization is the kind of enemies within the ‘conventional range, understandable’, the weak are prey to the strong, the winner is king, the natural selection, the survival of the fittest, all races and civilization are like this. No matter who gets the power of the Civilization, it will follow the same path as the Civilization of the Yuan Dynasty. Everyone is the same, and no one is more evil than anyone else.

“And the Civilization… is completely different, incomprehensible, incomprehensible, and even impossible to describe. Its true form and purpose are always hidden in the Bewildering Mist.

“When the low-level Civilization and Starry Sky Foreign Race suddenly realized this, it’s too late, people who are in the super-body can’t be freed, and they can only give alarms to those who haven’t joined yet. Some people are reluctant to believe in the alarm, or they choose to be swallowed up by Hong Chao, but there are also a small number of races and civilizations that are unwilling to become more flamboyant, confusing, and choose to interact with enemies millions of years ago to face the super-civilization. The enemy of freedom’.

“In short, today’s Multiverse sea is such two major forces, one of which is Hong Chao – the super-civilization, and the other is the “rebel alliance” composed of people who oppose Hong Chao. .”


Ding Lingdang nodded. “So, how come you encounter the Starship of the Resistance Alliance and become their messenger, what they want to do – the most important thing is the Resistance Alliance or Hong Chao, and discover our coordinates. What?”

“It should not be.”

Wei Qingqing explained, “Although the name of the “Alliance” is in place, the overall strength of the Resistance Alliance is not strong – at least compared to Hong Chao, if Hong Chao is the regular occupying army armed to the teeth, It is just an organization like the ‘Cosmic Guerrilla’. Even its predecessor, the Civilization of the heyday, is not the opponent of Hong Chao, it is even more of an opponent.

“So, for thousands of years, the Alliance of Resistancers has been dominated by concealment and escape. It is very young Master’s attack. It can even be said that ‘the fugitives exchange news, help each other, so that they can escape better’. Such an organization, more survival. One day is a victory, which is a rather helpless slogan.

“However, at this point in time when the Resistance Alliance launched numerous “messages of Starship” to the entire Multiverse Sea, the Alliance learned from a very secret channel that it was invaluable and valuable – it is said that Hong In the depths of Chao, there are some ‘wakeful people’ who have launched a powerful revolt, and the resistance code “Vulture Plan”, although failed to completely defeat Hong Chao, has once again dealt a heavy blow on Hong Chao, causing Hong Chao to fall into the numbers. The weakest moment in a million years.”


Ding Lingdang’s sole seemed to be tied with two thunder, and she screamed and almost jumped up.

Some people who know the truth, such as Xiaoming and Wenwen, are also shocked and can’t speak for a long time.

“what happened?”

Wei Qingqing gave a slight glimpse, “Is there any problem?”

“No, no.”

Ding Lingdang took a deep breath and sighed. “Elder Sister Qingqing, please continue.”

“The Resistance Alliance has made every effort to confirm the authenticity of the ‘Vulture Plan’ and realizes that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Wei Qingqing continued, “Before this, Hong Chao – Super Civilization firmly occupied the center of the Multiverse Sea and Star Field above 90%. The family of the Residents’ Alliance was hiding in Tibet and the living space was getting smaller and smaller. It is impossible to develop a higher level of Civilization, come back, and fight with Hong Chao.

“When it is sick, it wants its life. If this time, Hong Chao is in the weakest state and can’t beat it, then it will never be able to overcome it and completely sever the hope.”

“So, the Resistance Alliance has swept away tens of millions of years of crouching and forbearance, but it is a slap in the face, a desperate fight, uniting all the forces that can be condensed, and preparing for the final contest with Hong Chao.

“As part of the decisive battle, the Alliance of Resistancers has also sent countless ‘messages of Starship’ to the entire multiverse sea, where the poor mountains and the inaccessible places have spread. They have no definite destination, equivalent to a ‘broadcast’ for the whole universe. Calling for all the love of freedom, not far from Hong Chao’s race and Civilization, including the compatriots of the former Qiwei Civilization, a total feat, against Hong Chao.

“In the tens of millions of years with Hong Chao, the strugglers who struggled to survive have developed some unique technologies that are not even available in Hong Chao, for example, millions of times in a short period of time. Star Ocean jump’s ‘anti-space folding’ technology – no way, the speed of the fugitives is always faster than the hunters, because the hunters fail to return once, and the fugitives fail once, there will never be a chance.

“The Resistance Alliance uses ‘anti-space folding’ technology, which consumes tens of millions of years of precious resources and has carried out a large-scale ‘global broadcast’ on the edge of the Multiverse Sea, one of which has been tens of millions of times. After the Star Ocean jump, I finally crossed the black wall, came to the Pangu Universe, and scanned my presence.

“Star Ocean jump is extremely difficult. Even though it is the cutting-edge Starship built by the Resistance Alliance, after tens of millions of Star Ocean jumps, it is still seriously damaged, almost scrapped, and it is impossible to make new jumps, even the messengers in Starship. ‘All died in the impact of the four-dimensional storm, so this messenger Starship chose me to become the new ‘messenger’, and after understanding the cause and effect, I also think that the whole thing needs to let my compatriots know – this is I returned to Heaven Origin Star.”

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