FMC Chapter 3160

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, 3160 Chapter Rounds, Astronomy
“Sorry, Elder Sister Qingqing, regarding your proposal, the committee has to study it again and again. It is not so easy to make up its mind. It may take a year and a half to make a decision.”

Ding Lingdang is a little embarrassed to say, “But you don’t have to worry too much, because related research, especially the research on ‘super transfer’ and ‘anti-space folding’ technology, has been running out of time.”

The research on super-transport technology didn’t start today, but it started when the ancient heartlessly rushed to the rainbow three years ago. Today, Human Race to expert and the survivors of the wild have already on the “Rainbow Bridge”. With a deep understanding of nature and formation methods, Wei Qingqing’s “anti-space folding” technology can justify each other and answer each other, speeding up Human Race’s understanding of the mysteries of space.

“It doesn’t matter, I can understand – even I myself think that the whole thing may not be so simple, perhaps hiding the big conspiracy.”

Wei Qingqing said, “All that we know now is my side. Even if my intention is not to deceive, who knows if I am brainwashed by the so-called ‘message Starship wreckage’? In fact, there is no such thing as ‘message Starship’. ‘And there is no alliance of resistance. Everything is a trap of Hong Chao. Just to make it easy for all the resisters to vote for themselves, is it possible that this possibility does not exist?

“Even if the messenger Starship and the Resistance Alliance really exist, it does not mean that they have revealed all the truth to us. In any case, the main body of the Resistance Alliance is the remnant of the Civilization of Yuanshi, who knows these former cosmic conquerors. ‘And ‘Star Ocean tyrant’, what are the values ​​that are consistent with our Pangu Universe’s little Human Race Civilization? Perhaps they blew the horn, calling not the Allies, but the ‘cannon fodder’, the possibility It also exists and is large.

“In short, no matter whether the information brought by the messenger Starship is true or not, the situation before us is far from a bright road. Our distant and small Civilization is destined to undergo numerous twists and turns, hardships and tests before it is qualified. Continue to survive in the Endless Star Sea, isn’t it?”

Wei Qingqing looked at the stars and the stars were quiet and calm.

“……You’re right.”

Ding Lingdang took a while for a while. “In the final analysis, we are still too weak. For the weak, any move of the expert may be a conspiracy or a trap. We have no choice at all.”

“Yes, just as the Earth was destroyed in the past, two fleets of fled and fearless fugitives left Homeworld one after the other and became the Star Ocean hegemony.”

Wei Qingqing said, “Experts are changed by the weak. Since Human Race Civilization originated from the earth, why can’t we have Human Race Civilization from Pangu Universe? Conspiracy or traps, knowing that there are tigers in the mountains. It’s the only chance for us to go to Hushan. This should be said from your mouth, not from my mouth.”

Ding Lingdang Silence for a moment.

“Let’s change the subject, I… some questions I want to ask Elder Sister Qingqing.”

Ding Lingdang hesitated.


Wei Qingqing smiles, “What do you want to know?”

“About the earth…”

Ding Lingdang said, “Of course we all know that the real earth has been destroyed hundreds of millions of years ago, but you said that with the strength of ‘quasi-God Grade Civilization’, is it possible to recreate a planet, including countless ignorance? Earth people, let them re-enact the development of the Civilization of the past Earth?”

“If the information brought by the messenger Starship is correct, even the Alliance of Resistance can condense the power of hundreds of millions of black holes and create ‘black hole barriers’, then what is the re-creation of an earth?”

Wei Qingqing said, “Choose a sizeable, moderately inhabitable planet, transforming the atmosphere and the earth’s crust, simulating the environment of the Taikoo Earth, and then putting a lot of cleaned and falsified memories, or from the beginning, the birth in the laboratory. It is certainly possible that the ‘Earth Man’ enters, recreates one or a hundred earths, comforts one’s homesickness or derives different changes in history.

“If it is not the entity in the three-dimensional universe, it is just the mysterious and complicated data in the virtual world, and the one is a ‘digital earth’, it is even simpler. I think, with the technology strength of the prospective Grade Grade Civilization, you can Create countless ‘virtual earths’ and billions of ‘virtual earth people’?”


Ding Lingdang is nervous. “The information you got from the messenger Starship, I heard that there is such a ‘copy earth’ or ‘virtual earth’ in the central Hong Chao?”

“I have never heard of this.”

Wei Qingqing said, “But I heard that in the depths of Hong Chao, there is a prison of ten Divided Spirit secrets and horror, which is held for hundreds of millions of years, all those who do not want to surrender to Hong Chao.”


Ding Lingdang is awkward. “What does this mean?”

“Although Hong Chao is invincible, it has swallowed one race after another and Civilization, especially defeating the Civilization of Yuanshi, and integrating the thousands of universes belonging to the Civilization of Yuanshi into their own bodies, but not all individuals are willing to surrender to its arrogance. .”

Wei Qingqing explained, “The three armies can be handsome, the husband can’t win, and it’s easy to defeat a Civilization. It’s difficult for all the individuals of Civilization to be obediently surrendered. For those who defeated race and Civilization, they often The stronger the strength, the stronger the will, the more independent the spirit, and the less willing it is to merge with the divine soul of thousands of people.

“Hong Chao has captured these people. It is a breeze to kill them. But this simple and rude approach does not reach the ultimate goal of Hong Chao, and even gives these people a happy relief.

“So, in the depths of Hong Chao, there is such a prison, called the “return to prison” by the Alliance of Resistance, and countless unyielding souls are being held there, including the ‘Vulture Plan’ I said three days ago, very likely, It’s the ‘Jailbreak Plan’ of these souls.”

“It turns out that it was.”

Ding Lingdang thought for a long time with his eyes straight, and couldn’t help but ask, “Elder Sister Qingqing, suppose, I mean, assuming Li Yao is really not dead, is his divine soul likely to be held in the ‘return’ What about it?”

“I do not know.”

Wei Qingqing said, “But this possibility does exist. Death is not the end. It is just the beginning of the other end. According to your description, Li Yao’s divine soul is already strong enough, even though most of the life information is Being erased must also have a very high research value. Maybe it will be held in the ‘return to prison’?”

“So, we still have a chance, even if it is a chance of one billion, save him and let him come back to life?”

Ding Lingdang was extremely excited, but after thinking about it, the whole person was relieved. “Forget it, even if this possibility really exists, the defense of ‘returned prison’ must be extremely strict, and Li Yao’s divine soul is definitely high. The object of monitoring, he and our every move will be detected by Hong Chao, our reckless move will only be self-inflicted and self-destructive.”

“This is not necessarily the case.”

Wei Qingqing said, “This is what I said to you earlier. Use our language and way of thinking to understand the existence of Hong Chao. It is completely a slap in the north, and the summer worm ice – in fact, regardless of ‘Civilization’, ‘the alliance’ The vocabulary of ‘returning to jail’ is to make it hard to explain it.

“You shouldn’t think of Hong Chao as an advanced billion-year-old Human Race Civilization, but you should imagine it as something like a big man, a life of the universe, a body of the universe, billions of dollars. The sparkle of the stars is the super life of the fire of thought. At least, it is evolving in the direction of such an incredible ‘cosmic life’.

“And our little carbon-based intelligent life is equivalent to things like bacteria and viruses.

“For example, you may be monitoring that an influenza is exploding and raging. You may come up with various ways to prevent and eliminate it. You can exert some intervention on influenza. You have various means. Protect yourself, but you are unlikely to monitor every specific cold virus, right?”

Ding Lingdang gave a slight glimpse and nodded subconsciously.

“The same reason, when you find that there are certain bacterial infections or imbalances in your body that can affect your health, you can take medicine and infusion, use various advanced treatments, and activate your body. The immune system is disposed of.”

Wei Qingqing continued, “But you still can’t lock every specific bacterium, one by one to destroy them – there is no such necessity, isn’t it?”


Ding Lingdang said, “I understand what you mean. You mean, suppose Hong Chao is a huge giant. Because this giant is too big, he can’t communicate directly with our ‘bacteria and viruses’, even Even monitoring a specific ‘bacteria and virus’ is hard to do. After hundreds of millions of years of evolution, he has actually become a life form that is very different from ours, and has broken the ability to communicate with us. ”

“Yes, let alone, this giant is still in the weakest moment of his life. You can think of him as a giant who is seriously injured and dying.”

Wei Qingqing said, “He is trying to cure his disease. Maybe his ‘treatment plan’ will wipe out hundreds of millions of bacteria and viruses in a flash. However, monitor a specific, specific bacteria and virus? I don’t think there is This is necessary.”

“I understand that when a giant devours the stars, the entire universe, every second needs to deal with infinite information from hundreds of millions of stars, it is really difficult to squeeze out extra computing capacity, pay special attention to an empty space. Divine soul.”

Ding Lingdang murmured, “However, even if we can really get into the ‘return to prison’, the fastest is hundreds of years or even thousands of years later, Li Yao… Can you wait so long?”

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