FMC Chapter 3161

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Latest chapter, Chapter 3161 Rebellion Frenzy Tide, Astronomy
“I don’t know if Li Yao can wait that long, but I know that in the Multiverse Sea, the concept of time and space can be distorted, folded and penetrated.”

Wei Qingqing said, “As a carbon-based intelligent life, even if it evolves again, the life of Human Race has its limits, up to hundreds of years and thousands of years. However, I have heard that the spirits being held in the ‘return to prison’ Many of us have existed for tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years – if it is not a law involving time compression, time warping or time solidification, it is absolutely impossible.

“On the other hand, different life forms have different feelings on the time scale. A bacteria cannot have the feeling of time passing by Human Race. Similarly, if Li Yao really enters the round, it becomes another very different. Something, perhaps a thousand years of vicissitudes for you and me, is just a short moment for him.

“There is also a possibility, if Li Yao’s divine soul is fully ‘digital, virtualized’, and the truth of the round of jailbreak is actually some kind of virtual world independent of the three-dimensional universe, then the time flow rate, and certainly Other mystery.

“In short, I believe that as long as Li Yao’s spirit is not extinguished, and you can persist in the battle to the moment of attacking the round, it is not a chance to meet him again.”

“It is like this…”

Ding Lingdang recalled the depths of the ancient ruins, and the hundreds of thousands of years of solidification caused by “time curvature changes” could not help but nod.

“However, after all, I feel that even if Li Yao’s spirit is still there, he must have erased most of his life information. It is impossible to remember what happened in the Pangu Universe, Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, and even who he is. Nothing to know.”

Wei Qingqing said, “If you really want to go to him, you have to find a way to send a message to the reincarnation, wake up his memory, his will, his ego – I believe, as long as he can think of himself Who is it, will definitely turn the round back to prison, and you don’t have to worry about it.”

“Send information to the round and go back to prison?”

Ding Lingdang thought for a moment, “Isn’t that self-investment? Everything Li Yao has worked so hard is to destroy the information!”

“At this moment, at one time, of course, I am not saying that we are going to send information back to the round of Hong Chao’s reincarnation. With our current technology, we can’t do this.”

Wei Qingqing said, “Now, the ultimate decisive battle between Hong Chao and the Resistance Alliance has not yet fully erupted. We are still hidden in the darkness. Of course, we can’t leak the information of One Star to the outside world.

“But, after a few hundred years or even thousands of years, if one day, we have found dozens of hundreds of different universes around the Pangu Universe, very different Civilization, and contacted the Alliance of Resistance. The two quasi-God Grade Civilizations are really in full swing. At that time, there is no need to hide their existence. Instead, they can get in touch with the reincarnation in the depths of Hong Chao, and wake up all the spirits in the reincarnation, and then set off a battle. ‘Frenzy Tide’, which is a hundred times more intense than the ‘Vulture Plan’, is perhaps the key to determining the outcome.

“Look, as I said earlier, our seemingly remote, wild and small Civilization may not be able to determine the future of the Multiverse Sea. It is destroyed by the ant colony. Who said that we cannot be a small destroyer of Hong Chao? What about ants?

“Of course, this matter is not in a hurry, but it is also a good idea to think carefully – if one day, you really need to send information to the ‘return to prison’ to wake up the spirit of Li Yao, what kind of technology should be used, what kind of technology? The way?”

Wei Qingqing’s words made Ding Lingdang lose his mind and thought for a long time.

She remembered that Li Yao had told her that the earth in a dream.

The earth in a dream, the ordinary people who seem to live with the power of six billion hands without a chicken, are the scorpions of the scorpion, the scorpion of the fly scorpion, and do not know the wonders of Spiritual Energy, the greatness of the universe, and the true beauty of life.

In other words, they never really lived, Li Yao is just one of them.

However, if these “Earth People” discover that they are not so ordinary in their own imagination, but in the hundreds of millions of years, countless battles against Hong Chao have been captured and defeated, unyielding, and sealed heroes?

If you can wake up the true self of the six billion spirits, let them recall the freedom, glory and mission of the past, and make them all as powerful as Li Yao.

Perhaps this is the key to destroying Hong Chao.

“I understand.”

Ding Lingdang confused for three days and her eyes became firm again. She sighed with relief, her face again filled with a confident smile, clenched her fists, and really said, “Thank you, Elder Sister Qingqing, I I think I already know how the next road should go!”

“Don’t thank, think more, think more, don’t trust anyone’s words – including what I said just now.”

Wei Qingqing said, “Moreover, I don’t know whether the messenger Starship and the War Horn are really fake. I don’t know if the Resistance Alliance is made by Hong Chao. It is a trap for the resisters to vote for themselves. I don’t know myself. Whether it is a tool for evil, will we introduce our Civilization into the boundless darkness… I don’t know all about it.

“I only know that the storm that has swept the Star Ocean has arrived, and we have nowhere to go except to go forward, right?”


Ding Lingdang’s gaze penetrated the transparent porthole and stabbed into the depths of the starry sky. The words were broken and the road was broken. “We have nowhere to escape, and we have never thought of fleeing, whether the enemy is Hong Chao or not. The Resistance Alliance, whether it is Gothic Grade Civilization or true God Grade Civilization, or above God Grade Civilization, can’t be described by pen and ink. We will fight to the end, or hōng hōng will die hard, or step on The enemy’s body, climb the peak of evolution, and the peak above the peak!

“In the past several billion years, our ancestors have come all the way, creating a 100% miracle with a hope of one billionth of a million. In the next few billion years, we will continue this way until the heavens and the earth destroy us, or We are killing the whole world!”


From Wei Qingqing’s return to Federation, time has passed for another three years.

In the past three years, the changes in Federation, Empire, and Saint League, including the “Star Field”, have been more intense and rapid than in the previous three years.

Of all the changes, the most important one for the future of Pangu Universe is undoubtedly the decision of the “Immortal Palace Joint Development Committee”, launching the “messenger plan” and marching outside the Pangu Universe.

This is not a reckless impulsive move, but as Ding Lingdang and Wei Qingqing say, there is no choice.

First, regardless of whether Wei Qingqing said it was true or false, or even she was hypnotized by the enemy, at least from the analysis of the wreckage of the “message Starship” by Magical Artifact Specialist, with strong industrial production lines.

In other words, the messenger Starship is not a hand-built, unique thing, it is indeed possible to create thousands of ships, spread to the entire Multiverse sea.

In this case, it is ridiculous to continue to succumb to the turtle, even if the Panman Universe’s Human Race Civilization is not Expeditions, other messengers may find other survivors, or have new messengers. Starship constantly jumped into the Pangu Universe, and finally figured out the coordinates of the Pangu Universe, and Hong Chao’s pursuers might also find the Pangu Universe along the trajectory of the messenger Starship.

The ostrich buried its head in the gravel and had no use other than a temporary and illusory sense of security.

Second, suppose that Wei Qingqing is really hypnotized by a malicious Civilization, and its purpose is simply to let the prey throw itself into the net, making the hunting process easier – even if the prey is not fooled, the hunter will come in person in the near future. .

Just because of the size of the Pangu Universe, it is unlikely to develop the ability to compete with the quasi-God Grade Civilization within a few thousand years. So, what is the difference?

Third, the Resistance Alliance is indeed not a “goodwill”, perhaps the idea of ​​making many survivors a cannon fodder, but the cannon fodder must also receive a certain degree of training, and will also be awarded some sophisticated weapons. There are also opportunities to survive on the cruel battlefield, and to use my blood and courage to cast my own myths is better than sitting still.

In short, a Civilization wants to develop, and communication with the outside world is an indispensable thing. War is the most High-Level form of communication. The war between the two major God Grade Civilizations cannot be defeated by Pangu Universe’s Human Race Civilization.

Of course, whether it is Federation, Empire or Saint League, or the superb leaders of the survivors of the wilderness, they will not be foolish enough to follow the pace of the Resistance Alliance.

Li Yao’s experience in the Connecting Heaven Tower “Final Test” tells everyone that any power acquisition has to pay the same price. A gift from the sky, too advanced, is often a precursor to the destruction of Civilization.

The people who learned this lesson did not activate the self-healing and copying function of the messenger Starship wreck, but instead analyzed the wreckage and extracted the technology from its own Starship and Teleportation Array.

Pangu Civilization originally had a fairly advanced Star Ocean navigation and space jump technology – advanced enough to span the black wall.

The Super Teleportation Array, Rainbow Bridge Technology, which was obtained from the Hong Chao Regiment captives, has also been known by Human Race to the Experts for the past three years.

Together with the “anti-space folding technology” contained in the messenger of the Qinghaiqing messenger, although it is not yet understandable by the current Human Race Civilization, it is used to improve the Pangu Civilization to the extent that it knows but does not know why. The Expeditions ship is not necessarily impossible.

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