FMC Chapter 3166

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 3166 chapter is a big deal! Floating astronomy
“so big!”

Li Yao sighed at the “Tianma Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center”.

Located in a new development in South River, the convention center is large and magnificent, with a few silvery, grotesque buildings that create a sense of a future.

Even though the main venue is full of football fields, today’s convention center is still crowded with animation enthusiasts and related manufacturers from all over the country and around the world.

Looking around, there are all kinds of costumes and fantasy culture lovers everywhere. They are wearing colorful costumes like Yu Xin, or dressed as a magic wizard with great power; or dressed as a ghostly Vampire; Or dressed as a scented, enchanting banshee; or dressed as a reinforced iron bone, armed to the teeth of the robot; of course, also rich in local characteristics, white robe, elegant Sword Immortal.

Some people swayed, and no one walked around, showing their own beautifully dressed dresses. Some people also compiled a short drama with a plot, which attracted a large audience to watch, a group of like-minded people, a happy scene, Li Yao even saw a black man. The guy is wearing a homemade “Battle Armor”, and the palms and the back will shine brightly. “Chī chī” smokes!

As a general of Era of Ordinary, Li Yao has also been exposed to fantasy entertainment products such as anime, online novels and science fiction movies. There is no resistance to this, but it has been entangled in different dreams and spent most of the time sleeping. Or daydreaming, no Yu Xin and Zhao Kai are so addicted. Today, I came to the animation festival scene, the emotions were infected by so many fans, but also came to the interest, but it was carrying a plastic inflatable, known as “昊天之The props of the sword, here look at it, it is also fresh.

“Wow, it’s so big!”

Yu Xin is also beside him, drooling, and throwing his wretched eyes around. “Look over there, the hammer is so white! No, I mean, the sword is good! Not Oh, you know it, you really want to suffocate inside!”

Li Yao is speechless and said: “Why do we have to stand in this place, it seems to be the toilet door?”

“You don’t understand this. Let’s see Miss Sister, but everyone is dressed up like this. If you don’t take off your pants, you know who is Miss Sister, who is the women’s scream? In case you are facing a succubus or The banshee shed a long time of saliva. As a result, when I was in a hurry, I found that people entered the men’s room with you. The guy came out louder than you. You said, don’t you?

Yu Xindao, “So, of course, first stand at the door of the toilet, find out which Miss Sister is the real Miss Sister. It will be convenient to start later. Don’t look at me like this. I mean going up and taking a picture with others. More than a heart, leave a phone call and micro-message, this is always OK!”


Li Yao looked at her heartlessly. Suddenly, her eyes were a little solidified, and she retired. “There is a musical in the booth on the other side. Do you know what it is?”

“Where is it?”

Yu Xinyu looked up for a while, said, “Oh, it is “Super cultivation legend”, it is a very popular online novel. Recently, it seems to be adapted into comics and games. Game manufacturers want to borrow the animation festival platform first. Playing advertisements, not only arranged musicals, but also imitated what the show is. Later, the authors of the novels will come to the scene and sign the books. That is the legendary net god. If you can get a signature back, Zhao Kai will like it. ”

“Super cultivation legend?”

Li Yao subconsciously held down the temple and felt her head begin to ache again.

“Yeah, haven’t you seen it? It’s Sword Immortal, cultivator, demon world, Demon Sector, etc. I watched it half, it’s not bad.”

Yu Xindao, “I have to ask Zhao Kai, do you want to bring him this signature book back, hey, let him take care of me for a month’s breakfast!”

“cultivator ……”

Li Yao stared at the booth and wore clothes and the girls who didn’t wear the same, and there were various sound and light effects to create a Flying Sword shuttle, a scene of bright light. For a moment, I only felt that the scene in front was blurred again, and another A distant world is becoming more and more clear.

Just then, there was a commotion around, and many anime fans and COSER were smashing a move machine, looking down, discos spiritedly.

Yu Xin just 掏make a move machine ready to contact the roommate, see a message popping up, but also stunned, do not dare to meet: “Gilson is dead? No!”

“Which Gilson?”

Li Yao, the second monk, couldn’t figure it out.

“It is the Gilson who is known as the ‘butcher’, the author of “Blood and Sand”, the serious fantasy writer of the world, the real god, the heart of the heart, the ruthlessness of the pen, the ruthlessness of the character, killing and killing Said, you don’t know?”

Yu Xindao, “The novel’s name is “Blood and Sand”, and later adapted into a series called “The Song of Abyss”. These two years are hot, many people are chasing, you have not read the novel, you should also sweep through a few dramas. What?”

“When you say this, I remembered it. I have seen a few episodes of “The Song of Abyss”, that is, I don’t know that the original is “Blood and Sand”, and I didn’t expect this Gilson to die.”

Fantasy literature or all fantasy entertainment works in China are in a state of ambiguity, just a stage of flowering, even if it is a world-famous god, it is not necessarily known to the public, but here is the animation festival, big Some tourists and spectators are enthusiasts in related fields, and the natural reaction to the collapse of the industry’s Taishan Beidou is extremely strong.

Li Yao didn’t react so much to the death of a foreign fantasy writer, but many people are talking and talking. “What a pity, how come to die?”

“It seems to be a heart attack. The old man is not too young, he is fat and fat, killing and killing in the novel all day, killing blood into a river, his head rolling, he can’t stand the stimulation, heart attack in the middle of the night. – It seems like this, now the specific news has not come out, it is a gossip, let me change the website to see…”

Yu Xin bowed his head and brushed his mobile phone and changed to a senior fan forum dedicated to fantasy entertainment. Suddenly, his fingers and breathing stopped together, his pupils shrank to the limit, and his face was sullen.

“what happened?”

Li Yao was shocked. “You don’t have such feelings for this Gilson. I remember that you like to watch comics, but you are not particularly keen on watching fantasy and chase. What are you doing?”

“This is impossible.”

Yu Xin whispered, “Gaowu Yibo is also dead?”


Li Yao is puzzled. “Tokyo Yibo… Who is it?”

“It’s a cartoonist in Fusang. The representative is called “Strong Hunter”. I have been painting on and off for twenty or thirty years. I have killed many readers. I started reading in elementary school. Now I am graduating from Elite University. Still far from the future – this is never a play.”

Yu Xinfei swept the mobile phone quickly. “The news has been confirmed by the Fusang police. It is not a fake news of everything in disorder. It seems that it was crushed to death by a large truck that was out of control when playing mahjong. The whole person was crushed and unrecognizable, especially a pair of hands. It’s completely crushed into a meat sauce, oh, it’s terrible!”

Yu Xin Chang sighed and slammed his thighs.

It can be seen that for the senior anime enthusiasts, the death of the Fuso cartoonist is obviously more embarrassing than the death of the Western fantasy novelist, but Li Yao is not sure whether he is crying or laughing. Lamenting the fall of a genius cartoonist, or gnashing his teeth and saying “dead is good”, it is really strange.

The atmosphere of the anime festival is obviously dignified.

In this highly developed Era, even if it is far from the ocean, there is nothing to stop the news.

Soon, one east and one west, two different fields, but also the eternal glory of the masters who have brought infinite imagination and happiness, spread throughout the exhibition center, although not to completely extinguish the atmosphere of joy, at least for everyone There are two less-easy topics. Calculating the time, the two masters seem to be at the same time, no more than an hour before and after. I don’t know if this is considered to be a god’s will. It is always embarrassing.

Although the mood is somewhat low, the series of links that have been prepared for anime festivals cannot be postponed. Soon, with the music and sound and light effects, the atmosphere is gradually warming up, in the game of “Super Cultivation Legend”. On the stand, the singer dance has just ended. In the screams of hundreds of fanatic fans or the official water army, the original author of the novel is on the front desk and interacts.

“Thank you for your support. Without you, there is no “Super Cultivation Legend” today, very, very grateful -“

The original author of the novel is alive and kicking on the stage.

Li Yao looked at him in the distance, and there was an unknown hunch in the depths of Brain.

Hey, hey.

He seemed to hear something, and saw several unfixed screws breaking and disengaging.

“Do not–“

Li Yao screamed, but couldn’t stop everything. She could only watch the hundreds of kilograms of combined headlights on the top of the booth descending from the sky. In front of countless people, the original author of the novel that was promoting the game was placed underneath. .


When Li Yao and Yu Xin returned to the dormitory, they were like two wolf-smelling chickens.

There was an accident on the animation festival of the crowds of people. This was not a joke. The order at that time was a mess. It was easy for two people to run out. Yu Xinlian’s shoes were squeezed out and I had to buy a pair of slippers for temporary wear.

“The dead are dead, something went wrong!”

His interest is not reduced at all, he can’t see the meaning of frightening or sorrow, but it is knocking on the bed of the dormitory second child “Zhao Kai”. “You guess, who is dead, I am not saying Gil. Sen and Gaowu Yibo, you can’t guess!”


Zhao Kai looked out of his bed and pulled out one earplug. Although his tone was dissatisfied, his face was still smiling. “Don’t make trouble, I read books, what is dead, what is it for me?”

“What books do you read so fascinated?”

Yu Xin screamed, “You didn’t even know about such a big event?”

“I don’t know, I have been reading books for two days. Hahahaha, this dog author’s dog brain doesn’t know what to think. It’s very interesting. It really believes in his evil!”

Zhao Kailehehe said, “I really recommend you to look at it too. I haven’t seen such a nonsense thing for a long time.”

“is it?”

Yu Xin originally wanted to tell the accident at Zhao Kai’s animation festival. At this time, she was first attracted by Zhao Kai’s words. “Which book, who wrote it, I have to go over it when I have time.”

“It doesn’t matter if you turn it over, but Li Yao must go over it, and you have a big surprise.”

Zhao Kaichong Li Yao shook his mobile phone and smiled. “The book is called “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”. The author is called, oh, it’s a Beginner. The name is quite a mouthful, and it’s called ‘Wo Niu real person’.”

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