FMC Chapter 3168

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3168, don’t continue! Floating astronomy
Li Yao is still thinking about the day.

Although he was far away from the network home at that time, he did not see the scene clearly, but he did not know whether it was an illusion. He seemed to hear the sound of broken chandeliers, fallen, and broken bones.

Later, when the crowd rioted and the masses fled, he also faintly saw the blood of the red on the booth, like a sly snake, spitting his tongue to him, what information to pass to him.

Later, I heard the news that the network home was seriously injured and regretted that it had passed away.

Modern society has developed information. Most of the young people have seen many accidents, bloody and brutal videos, and their psychological endurance is not so bad.

But Li Yao’s heart is still “Bub”, and it’s all about the matter.

Is it… fear?

No, besides fear, there are more doubts, and there is something that can’t be said clearly, and it doesn’t flow in the Brain loop.

Li Yao also remembered the death of the two masters of fantasy and animation, Gilson and Takaya Yoshibo.

After a long period of fermentation, these two things have already set off an uproar in the small circles of fantasy literature and anime lovers, all kinds of half-true posts are flying, and netizens’ spontaneous mourning.

It stands to reason that Li Yao is not a fanatical fan of fantasy literature or comics, and there is no need to join in the fun.

But he just couldn’t help but watch the news of the two masters’ deaths. Every photo was not missed, and the two news and the accidents on the anime festival were compared.

He does not know why he is doing this.

A Fusang cartoonist who loves mahjong and a savvy Western fantasy literary master, plus a local online writer, have no similarities at all, and there is no possibility of any connection.

Although it is a coincidence that accidents occur almost simultaneously, there are so many fantastic, sci-fi, and fantasy writers in the world, as well as a large number of cartoonists and animated game makers. They have also made more than ten times more employees, and accidents have occurred. Not surprisingly.

But Li Yao just thinks, that is…

Looking out through the slanting rain on the balcony, the entire South River Elite University is shimmering with dimly lit fires in the light of the twilight. It has just been repaired from a distance, and the city’s high-rises have uploaded the roar of the car. There are colorful umbrellas everywhere, forming a world like a kaleidoscope.

This world seems to be a little bit more monotonous than the last one.

No, not now, more accurately, when the hot headlights descended from the sky and hit the head of the online writer, Li Yao felt that the “hue” of the whole world became more monotonous and bleak than the last second. a little.

It would be like a world of 18,000 colors, with one color reduced, leaving only 179,999 colors.

Perhaps, one day, the whole world will turn black and white, and even black and white will not exist, leaving only a dead gray, forever and ever.

“What am I getting sick!”

Li Yao woke up from the shackles, couldn’t help but laugh, and knocked his head hard. “Is it too much to see more or more dreams? What are you thinking about?”

It is now in the graduation season.

The students are busy writing papers, running internships, looking for work, and welcoming the first wave of social impact.

Li Yao’s achievements and family are all ordinary, and they can’t reach the level of daydreaming that can make him detached.

He has nothing to do with a strong sense of professionalism and enterprising spirit, but he has not fallen to the point of playing with things, and he is self-defeating. Anyway, he is three thousand red dust, one of the ordinary people who are ordinary ordinary, how others live, how can he live, and fight for it, Half a million years old can be the vast majority of the world’s six or seven billion people. Isn’t that the case?

“Don’t think about these useless things.”

Li Yao took a deep breath and reached out to the balcony with her hands. She took a cold raindrop and slammed her hot face. “Days daydreaming, can you still make a good job? From tomorrow, really I can’t fall down like this. I have to prepare my graduation thesis, I have to participate in the job fair, I want to find a job with a big development opportunity, buy a house, buy a car, marry a wife, have a baby… Then again, this year’s work is still It’s hard to find, now the price is so high, I don’t know what year and month to get the down payment, no house who marries you?”

Li Yao sighed and gave birth to a feeling of powerlessness from the bone marrow.

I always felt that there was a film that was invisible and invisible, and he covered his head and covered his head, so that he could not see the direction, could not breathe, and could not make it.

Perhaps, real life is like this, the pressure is great, everyone must do everything they can, exhausted, in order to get some breathing space between the steel jungle, is to complete their responsibilities and mission.

To be a man still has to be down to earth with some good prices. After all, he is no longer the age of being irresponsible and casually dreaming.

I can’t live in my absurd dreams forever, never grow up?

Li Yao slammed his head and tried to bring all the thoughts of the everyday in disorder to the accidents of the day and night, the death of the East and West fantasy masters, including the tyrannosaurus with the lipstick in the dreams.

Simply wash, climb up to his bed, throw the whole person into the cover, the body is extremely tired, and Brain is extremely awake, resisting the thought of falling asleep, he does not know, if he falls asleep and sees it again in a dream The head smeared the lipstick of Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the Tyrannosaurus Re-invited him to “wake up and fight”, what should he do?

Li Yao slipped the phone and was ready to browse a few more news and posts.

In the micro-game pop-up window, Zhao Kai’s head flashed, but he sent him a link to the address of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation.

It seems that Zhao Kai is really fascinated and looking excited.

Li Yao didn’t have any mood. He said that from tomorrow, he can’t be so degraded again. Work hard, struggle, and learn every day!

However, cough, is this not yet tomorrow?

Li Yao just clicked on the link and was ready to close the page at any time.

Skip the name of the so-called book, which is a slightly exaggerated introduction:

[“This is a ‘Sky Wolf’ grade Crystal Warship, weighing 390 million tons, operated by 1,523 Qi Refining Stage cultivators. The Mainframe Crystal Processor operates 90 million telepathic thoughts per second. ‘computational ability’ is comparable to Nascent Origin Old Monster, which can instantly suppress a planet!”

Li Yao was on the Endless Star Sea and looked at the behemoth in front of her eyes. In her heart, she calculated, “To break this Warship into scrap iron, I need 7 seconds!”

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, a pro-ordinary border boy, roaring stars, dominates the Milky Blood Legend! 】

Seeing his name in this way, he appeared in the brief introduction. He also appeared to be pretentious and arrogant. Li Yao’s heart was full of excitement, but he was a bit embarrassed and wanted to laugh.

This introduction is too stupid.

What Nascent Origin Old Monster, what computational ability, what Mainframe Crystal Processor, what is it with?

Also roaring the stars, dominating the Galaxy, and now the author can’t write well between the two villages, dare to write the planet, write the Galaxy, write the universe, really yawning, a big tone.

As for the word “Hot Blooded”, Li Yao’s limited online reading experience means that the author will use a lot of exclamation points.

Li Yao yawned and slid the reading interface to the top.

Hey, isn’t this a cultivation? How do you classify it into a science fiction column?

This kind of “roaring stars, dominating the galaxy” can be considered as a science fiction, and the snail is also a cow.

Just because of the title, introduction and column division, Li Yao lost 90% interest.

However, I am afraid that Zhao Kai will ask about it tomorrow morning.

Li Yao clicked on “Reading the Text” and opened the first chapter, entitled “Magical Artifact Graveyard”.

Magical Artifact Graveyard ?

I don’t know why, Li Yao’s heartbeat rhythm was suddenly disrupted.

It is like a short needle that is more than ten times thinner than the hair, and the short needle that almost does not exist, it is lightly stabbed on his heart.

wake up! wake up!

Sleeping for hundreds of millions of years, wake up!

The war has started and the horn is roaring!

Multiverse sea needs you, we… need you!

“What the hell? It’s the time to graduate and find a job during this time. Didn’t sleep well, is the nerve weak?”

Li Yao rubbed his ears hard, hollowed out the annoying noise, and took another heart and continued to look at it.

[Rust Lake.

Federation Twenty-three Special Waste Treatment Plant.

Also known as “Magical Artifact Graveyard”.

With the continuous development of cultivation Civilization, the Magical Artifact, which was once only cultivator-driven, has entered thousands of households and become an indispensable tool for the travel and study of ordinary people.

While bringing convenience to life, a large amount of scrapped Magical Artifact and metal trash are also produced.

Most of these garbage Magical Artifacts have a lot of essence energy, which is easy to cause radiation pollution. The Glyph Array that constructs Magical Artifact is extremely unstable and even has the risk of explosion. If left unchecked, it will cause great damage to the environment.

Therefore, in the vicinity of every major city of Federation, there are always a number of “special waste disposal sites” that deal with the scrapping of Magical Artifact.

The 23rd Special Waste Treatment Plant is located in the southern suburb of “Floating Spear City” in Federation Culture City…]

Li Yao looked at these lines of words for a long time.

Indeed, as Yu Xin said, the writing is quite… succinct, can only be said to be clear, and the background setting is not too much, it is the common junkyard start of this kind of “web-based pseudo-science fiction”, even Li Yao I don’t usually see a lot of networks. I can’t read more than ten similar junkyards. He just can’t understand why these authors are so keen on the junkyard, or they don’t even think when they write, they just Learn from it for a while?

“This is a sci-fi sci-fi that can be seen everywhere, plain and unscrupulous, and there is no need to continue wasting time.”

Li Yao bit her lip and warned herself with a sharp voice. “Don’t watch, no need to read it again, don’t continue, don’t continue, don’t continue!”

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