FMC Chapter 3172

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 3172 chapter is deeper and deeper, floating astronomy
The sun is like a red crimson, rising slowly from Li Yao’s feet, causing him to fall into a warm and fuzzy dream.

Until now, he is still not sober, and he can’t tell whether he is in reality or a dream.

But the impulse, passion and strength of my heart are rapidly dissipating. This is a kind of hard to describe, but every man knows the feeling, just like passion, bursting, physical and psychological cooling.

Ding Lingdang, Floating Spear City, Great Wasteland train, Star Glory Federation, cultivator, Fiend Beast… It’s just a very clear picture, now it’s mottled, like the ebb tide, hidden in the depths of brain cells, by the real world The memory is covered.

I was still light enough to burn my hands. It was as heavy as an icy granite, and I couldn’t lift it, let alone make a variety of dazzling anti-joint movements.

Except for the pictures on the notebook, there is absolutely no evidence to prove the strange things he encountered, and these paintings…Is it really painted in the early morning, will it be that he remembered it wrong, was it painted a few days ago?

Li Yao looked at the intact calculator and radio. Did he really disassemble the two electronic products into parts and then assemble them?

Or is it just a nap and a dream?

Li Yao taps the calculator lightly.

The dusty LCD screen suddenly jumped out of a few black numbers.

Li Yao’s pupil suddenly shrank and breathing became difficult.

He remembers very clearly that this calculator has long been broken. No matter how you press it, you can’t display the number. It is not a valuable thing. He is too lazy to repair it and throw it in the corner of the desk.

how come……

Is it because the electronic components are damaged by the tide, and when he is placed in the corner, the interior is gradually drying, and naturally it is repaired?


Li Yao slammed the table and Huo Ran got up. “I should brush my teeth, wash my spirits, go out to eat a rich breakfast, and then… come back to sleep!”

“It is not too bad to cut the woodwork. It seems that the mental pressure in recent months is too big. I am going to get myself mentally ill. Today, I will recharge my batteries and restore the spirit of the past and the ferocious tiger. From tomorrow, I will never look at the breaking of these everyday in disorder, and don’t make nonsense, face reality, hard work! Struggle!

The plan is perfect.

But Li Yao is still eating again.

I can’t blame his willpower too weak.

It is really too strange for the novel “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”.

Every time he repeatedly warned himself in the bottom of his heart, he read a chapter, and he never looked at it in the last chapter, but his hands and eyes were like being manipulated by a mysterious force, his brain and heart. It’s like being shackled, one chapter, one chapter and one chapter, it can’t stop.

Li Yao’s entire divine soul is attracted to the novel, and the world of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation becomes a horrible black hole, not only devours his energy, but also devours his time and life, often when he looks up, it is still at 12 noon. Looking down at the two chapters, when I looked up again, I had already arrived at 7 or 8 in the evening. I was shocked and wanted to close the webpage. The result turned to the back and read a few pages of comments. When I looked up, it was one or two o’clock at midnight!

During this period, Li Yao experienced several times of passion and enthusiasm, and the impulsive state of nowhere to vent is not a full-fledged phenomenon that ordinary teenagers are very familiar with, and can’t solve it by going up and down and enjoying themselves. Crazy to paint, frantically disassembled, repaired, and assembled. The notebook that was originally used to record dreams is full of densely populated characters, scenes, and Magical Artifact structures, as well as the South River Elite University, where Li Yao is now. Map of South River City He even designed several escape routes in an unconscious situation. Even if a whole army was surrounded by all sides to hunt him, he could escape from the underground passage.

The ghost knows if these maps and the escape route map are accurate.

The ghost knows why he wants to paint these things!

He didn’t even know if he was watching the novel “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”, or he had a dream of reading a novel. When he saw the novel being the most addicted, the blue veins on his back were highlighted. Coming out, it formed a strange flame pattern, and then a small flame appeared on his finger for about half a second!

Is this definitely a dream?

Otherwise, it is the fact that he has spent the self-ignition of the human body. It has long been debunked. It is a pseudo-science. Is there really a special function in the world, what is super power? Hahahaha, it is impossible!

Li Yao licked his hand and continued to watch it.

He has already passed the first four or five hundred chapters. As Zhao Kai said, the styles of the first and second articles are completely different. Meteor Sector, Iron Original Star includes the latter Blood Fiend Sector, and the new world is still a new one. There are all kinds of bizarre concepts presented in front of him, which makes him dazzled and hooked.

“Vulture Plan? It sounds familiar. It seems to have been heard somewhere. Oh, how is the outside engine sound so noisy? Then, what is the content of the Vulture Plan? It’s just selling here, appetizing! I really want to Find the author now, punch it on his stomach and pick up the oxen and dog treasures in his stomach!”

“Li Yao !Li Yao !”

Yu Xin is calling him.

Li Yao glimpsed a little, and heard the crowds and the raging laughter.

“You are not, boss is easy to invite a guest, you actually do not give face, the wine only half, and bowed to read the novel?”

Yu Xin screamed and took a bottle of cold beer to Li Yao for a glimpse. “No, no penalty, no penalty!”

Li Yao blinked and finally pulled his attention away from the novel and looked around.

This is a “flying house” that can be seen everywhere around Elite University. It is a small hotel with a good environment, but it is cheap and has a strong taste. It is most popular among Elite University students.

Now is the graduation season, many brothers and sisters and couples have spent an unforgettable few years, and soon they will have to go to the north and the south, and each time they go forward, of course, before they leave, they must drink a dimly, crying It is also the best season for the business of flies.

Small shops, seven or eight tables are crowded, and many people simply sit outside in the open air, blowing a small wind, drinking small wine, humming a small tune, cups intertwined, laughter, no fun .

Li Yao thought about it for a moment, well, he was sick again.

Today is indeed the boss of the dormitory, “Zhou Ping”, please gather a few of the brothers, because Zhou Ping found a good job in an investment company, the basic salary is high, the welfare is good, the rising channel is smooth in the economic crisis, “the most difficult employment season” This year, it is quite lucky.

However, Li Yao, including Zhao Kai and Yu Xin, who did not find a job, did not have the luck of Zhou Ping.

Usually Li Yao, Zhao Kai and Yu Xin are all calling their names, but Zhou Ping is their recognized boss.

First, Zhou Ping’s age was originally two years older than them. It was a very rough experience before he was admitted to Elite University. His skin was black and thick, and his temperament was mature. He looked like a three or four-year-old middle-aged. people.

Secondly, Zhou Ping is a very rare “study tyrant” in the second-rate colleges where they are not in the doldrums. In the past few years, Elite University has been in the classrooms and libraries, and has not yet graduated. Very valuable certificate.

Thirdly, Zhou Ping is very caring for everyone. Although there are not many words, but it is very practical and sincere, and there is no need to help anything. There is indeed a big brother’s style. He also has a younger brother and a sister in his family. He is also the boss!

Fourth, Li Yao, Zhao Kai and Yu Xin are not rich in the second generation. They are all young people in the city or in the town. But there is no burden in the family. It is at most zero, and Zhou Ping’s family is much more difficult. Father I was lying in bed in the early years. I heard that I spent a lot of medical expenses, and I still owe a lot of money. I rely on my mother to work alone. It’s really a copper plate split into two halves. It’s been a little better in the past two years with his scholarship. Children are just “slightly”.

In this case, Zhou Ping found a good job, and Li Yao was not only embarrassed, but from the heart to be happy for him.

Originally, according to Li Yao’s three people, Zhou Ping’s meal was not used, and the brothers took it, and it’s still “aa”.

As a result, Zhou Ping’s enthusiasm came up and said that today’s meal is a big deal. The guests are usually not taken care of by the brothers. They can’t be eaten by Elite University for four years. He still has some scholarships. Who wants aa is Don’t give him face.

Four people ordered a large table full of affordable food, Zhou Ping and very heroicly called a box of beer, the result is not how to drink the main, half a box has not finished drinking, one by one red ears, eyes are going to Under the table, Li Yao Ghosts picked up the phone again. After reading the two chapters, I forgot that I was still eating and drinking.

“You are not right, the boss is asking you to eat, so absent-minded.”

Zhao Kai is also a little drunk, holding his belly and knocking on the chopsticks. “I have a little regret to recommend you to watch “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”, and then look at it is a web novel, it is a childhood fun. You are so addicted, and you are not obsessed with it for a few days and nights. It’s a little scary to look at.”

“Yeah, Li Yao, as for it, is it so beautiful?”

Yu Xin continued, “Look at your look of scary people. I also turned back and turned over two pages. I still can’t see anything good. Just a plain or white slogan, as for you.” Is it like the spirit possession?”

“spirit possession ?”

Li Yao put down her phone and touched her cheek. “What do you mean?”

“You don’t know, when you read the book.”

Zhao Kai touched his mobile phone and began to perform. “I bit my teeth and gnash my teeth for a while. I was glaring at the moment, and I was full of smirk and smirk. It was like a weasel that was going to steal the chicken. It looked like an eyebrow, not shameless and wretched. Yesterday’s job fair, we want to ask you to go together, called a few times, you ignore us, I look at you, you look at my eyes, really … fierce like an awl, what is the situation you are, ” Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, I am also chasing, are you so exaggerated?”

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