FMC Chapter 3175

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, the 3175 chapter of the beast, floating astronomy
Li Yao rubbed her hands and reminisced about the kind of hands that worked like the wind and even turned into a cloud of fog, blowing the cool breeze of the early summer night, pondering their own thoughts.

When the wind blows, he is not so drunk. Just now the boss and Zhao Kai and Yu Xin’s words echoed in the ear.

It seems that there are not only one person who is as confused as him. Perhaps most of the people in this world are wandering between dreams and reality, tossing and turning, can’t they ask for it?

What’s more, when people want to be the captains of aircraft carriers or ocean-going giants, they want to be gymnasts or artists. These are “dreams”. They just read a few books and made some nightmares about Tyrannosaurus Rex. What is the dream of the soul not keeping this?

Li Yao didn’t know where he had heard a word. “The so-called dream is just an excuse to escape reality.” It’s not unreasonable to think about it, at least it’s very suitable for yourself.

About, because I have escaped from growing up, escaping from society, escaping from work, and having a difficult and boring life, I can’t pull it out in the world of dreams and dreams.

False, fake, those are fake!

Li Yao made a big wine cellar and only felt that the scorpion was on fire and it was burning hot.

I want to vomit a little, confuse these days of confusion and always linger on my own dreams, and don’t bother him anymore.

This area was originally a suburb of South River City. Since some of the city’s Elite University have been relocated to form Elite University, they have formed a very lively neighborhood in the surrounding area. The lights are quite popular.

On the other side of the wide road, another new development zone is being built. There is also a 10-lane high-rise that leads directly to the city. From time to time, the roar of the engine is heard. The screaming sports cars remind Li Yao with dazzling light. What is Unreal, what is reality.

“Hit, fight, kill your monster!”

“I won, hey!”

There are several children playing on the side of the road.

They wore monsters and superheroes and robotic masks, armed with shiny toy swords, playing the old and never tired of War Game, and the laughter fluttered.

One of the children stepped back while playing, accidentally hit Li Yao’s body, exclaimed, took off the mask, and vomited Li Yao to spit out his tongue.

Not far from the restaurants, grocery stores and small shops, there were a few women drinking, and these children were shocked and ran to their doorsteps.

Most of the restaurants and small shops here are operated by Resident nearby. They are both shops and their own homes. After the children are out of school, the weather is too hot. It is convenient to move the desk and chair to the outside while blowing the hair and writing homework. Little friends play Li Yao and vaguely remember that they were the same when they were young.

His gaze fell on a textbook spread out by a child, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

The textbook originally painted an ancient poet or politician, but it was painted by the child with a ballpoint pen. The one-eyed dragon warrior who became a top helmet armor is not a general armor, but a shoulder-shouldered Crystal Railgun. There is a glimmer of light, and there is a flame of fire behind it, similar to the Crystal Armor in Li Yao’s dream, like a cosmic pirate of the Star Ocean.

Li Yao remembered that she had done similar things when she was a child. All the ancient celebrities in the textbook had never let go, and he was smeared in every disorder.

Want to come, Yu Xin, Zhao Kai and even Zhou Ping are the same?

It is an impulse that cannot be described by pen and ink. Under the boring, subconscious smearing, often I have not noticed myself, and the textbook has become a book.

I don’t know if these children do dreams, do those… and last life, and sea of ​​stars, and the cosmic war, and the dreams of hundreds of millions of great Great Thousand Worlds?

I don’t know what these children’s dreams are at the moment. Is it a scientist, an artist, an adventurer, a captain of an aircraft carrier, or a superhero who is more exaggerated?

I don’t even know, when these children have grown to the ages of Li Yao, Yu Xin, Zhao Kai and Zhou Ping, will they still remember the joy of playing a hero today, being a hero of scientists and adventurers, and desperate to realize their dreams? courage?

Li Yao sighed and suddenly felt a little bit stunned.

“It’s useless, it’s impossible to win.”

He muttered, “face reality, give up, it’s too strong, it’s too strong, no one can beat it, give up!”

Li Yao doesn’t know what he is saying, maybe the person who drinks is so gibberish.

He held the railing on the side of the road and walked forward to find out the phone.

Fingers tapping on the icon of the reading software, a little hesitating for a while, or deleting the entire software including Forty Millenniums of Cultivation.

No use, give up, no one can beat it.

Dreams are all fake, reality is real, everyone must live in reality, and never escape, right?

People are small ants living on the earth, and they can never fly to sea of ​​stars forever, right?

Pursuing an illusory dream, there is no use other than to smash your own blood and let the people around you suffer. Isn’t it?





Why is it still a bit unwilling? I always feel that I have lost something. Something is very important and important. I vow to use all my strength to defend and pursue things.

The internal organs and the deep inside of Brain are empty, and something is withering. I am no longer a real self, just a walking dead with my own body.

“Boom! hōng hōng!”

Just then, Li Yao came back with a few thunderous engine sounds, and it was a super-luxury sports car.

In front of him, a child chased the ball that bounced and rushed to the road.

Li Yao’s pupil suddenly shrank, and the influx of alcohol burned all the time, smashing the arrogant energy into every brain cell, turning his brain cells into a powerful supercomputer!

Even if you don’t have to look back, he can hear more than one hundred different engine sounds in a flash, that is, all the cars driving on the street in the upper and lower kilometers.

He can even analyze the brand of each car and their performance parameters and status according to the strength and rhythm of the engine sound, as well as their last second and next seconds, the position of the last minute and the next minute. .

The chaos caused by the bounce of the ball, the line of the child running, and even the falling trajectory of each leaf that the breeze hangs, within 100 meters, all the details are in his grasp.

Li Yao didn’t think at all, everything was as natural as breathing and heartbeat.

When his legs are forced to rush out like a string of arrows, there is no feeling of drunkenness. Only every muscle and every bone in his body becomes a precision mechanical part. Strictly stitched, perfectly occluded, there is no point of thrilling, but it is sure to be able to do so-called sacs, which is the case.

He even deliberately lowered his head and paid great attention to the angle at which the entire face was exposed. At first he didn’t realize why he was doing this, but he soon realized

He is avoiding surveillance probes near street lights and traffic lights.

He seems to know naturally how many monitoring probes are in the vicinity. Even if the drunk is the strongest, he also intentionally avoids, and does not expose his face to the monitoring probe.

His body is ordinary, his face is mediocre, and there is no speciality in his usual dressing. Looking at the Elite University campus, you can find three or five Elite University boys dressed in the same way in one minute. This is not intentional. For it, it is an innate habit.


When the big horsepower luxury sports car whizzed past, Li Yao just threw the child to the ground, but fortunately.

The child was not injured, but he was so scared that he couldn’t speak for a long time.

Instead, it was Li Yao, which was scratched by the arrogant airflow. It was not stable when it landed, and the elbows rubbed a bit and bloody.

Suddenly, the flash of lightning was not found by many people.

The sports car driver should be aware that although the child suddenly ran out, it was wrong, but he exceeded the speed limit by at least 50%.

However, the red-hot sports car only slowed down a bit. When the two of them saw nothing, they again made a deafening roar.

Not far from the front, it is the ramp of the viaduct. From then on, the bridge is a smooth road that is unimpeded for dozens of kilometers. Because it was not repaired soon, there were not many vehicles at night, and it became a lot of people racing on the track. Li Yao was overpassed by day and night. The roar of the above has long been known about the notoriety of these people.

A fire in his heart suddenly burst open.

I can’t tell whether it is anger or excitement, maybe both, and the inexplicable excitement is more intense. The sports car engine that has been rushing from his side is roaring like a thunder, like a cannon, a shelling. In his heart, he awakened the long-sleeved existence.

Shuā! shuā shuā shuā shuā !

Li Yao’s eyes are full of sharp light, and all the information around him is in sight.

Within one kilometer of the radius, there are a total of forty-seven monitoring probes mounted on street lights and traffic lights. In addition, one hundred and thirty-two merchants are likely to set up their own private monitoring probes.

In the past minute, a total of 166 vehicles have been picked up one after another. The modified sports car is 19 vehicles. This time appears in this place, and I don’t want to know what to do.

The noodle restaurant in front of 370 meters is opened by a small couple from Shanbei Province. Most of the taxi drivers in South River City are from Shanbei Province, so every night, there are many fellow gatherings. Naturally, there are always a few taxis parked on the roadside.

Then there is only one problem left.

Li Yao turned her eyes to the children in her arms.

The little guy is only six or seven years old, and he is so lost that he can’t remember his appearance.

Li Yao saw the robotic mask hanging on the little guy’s neck and laughed silently.

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