FMC Chapter 3178

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3178 is broken? Floating astronomy

The thunder of the summer afternoon broke the sweltering heat in the bottom of the heart. The big cloud was condensed in the sky. It was just clear skies and the sun was shining. At this moment, the heavens and the earth were dimmed, just like everyone’s eyes. A layer of faint black yarn was added.

It was an illusion, or the reason of the light, Li Yao suddenly felt that the color of the whole world was a little insignificant and almost indistinguishable.

This feeling, once appeared in the anime show that day, is the news of the death of famous fantasy novelists and cartoonists, but it is fleeting, and once again, it can no longer sense the habitual ability of people, or Self-hypnosis was originally very strong.

Li Yao squeezed her phone and spent a long time.

The forum has refreshed dozens of posts. Many “Ringworld fans” have confirmed the news of the death of “Father of Ringworld” from different channels. Some people also commented in a very nasty tone: “The youth of a generation has disappeared.”

Li Yao took a deep breath and stood up and walked to the window.

Outside the window, flashing flashes and thunder rolls, if the roar of the beasts in outer space, the rainstorms in an instant, the floods between the heavens and the earth, turned into a boundless water town of Zeguo.

Li Yao didn’t bring an umbrella and couldn’t go back.

He also doesn’t want to go back.

Yesterday’s business, today’s business, and the things of the anime show a few days ago, maybe there is a dream more than a long time ago… little bit dī dī, turned into a whistling whistle of rain, slamming his innermost heart The sealed place opened up an irreparable gap.

“Whether you want to live forever, mediocrity, to enter the next cycle with a vague and bleak attitude, or to pursue the trajectory of the dream, to find the true self even if the price of destruction, even if only one second?”

Deep in the neural field, as if there was a voice asking him.

Numerous thoughts are like bubbles coming out of the sea of ​​consciousness. Li Yao feels that he is becoming more and more “smart” and more and more “awake”, and can think of many things that were never thought of before. It can also be very calm to face the weirdness that ordinary people can’t understand.

He sat back in front of his beef noodles.

I started looking for a notebook and recorded a series of quirks and questions I had recently encountered.

But his instincts instantly rejected this idea. There is no need to leave any paper records, even his “dream notebook” is best burned, and then the ashes are washed into the sewer.

Then, just meditate and record in your heart, anyway, his memory is getting better and better.

First of all, no matter whether there is a scientific or reasonable explanation for other things, it is absolutely abnormal to eat at least one bag of buns and about a dozen bowls of noodles. It is beyond the interpretation of all known laws. “Superpower” is not an illusion. It is real in this world. It has its own… Of course it cannot be said to be the “big stomach king” ability, but to say “to turn matter into energy quickly and store it in an incredible way.” The ability to get up, and your body seems to be being efficiently converted by energy, becoming stronger and more agile, this remains to be confirmed, let alone put it down.

Second, last night in the elevated ring, extremely fast, the “mysterious car god” is really it?

From the common sense, it is impossible for you to do such a thing, but if the world really has “super power”, then it is not surprising.

Considering that there is a fairly clear memory of the car in my mind, and that I am waking up to the extreme today, it means that the energy consumption is great, and it is not good to assume that I am really a mysterious car god.

Although Yu Xin, Zhao Kai and the campus network posts said that the mysterious car god did not leave a trace of the identity to confirm the identity, but Li Yao knows that 100% hidden is impossible, wherever you pass, you must leave traces Anyone’s behavior will be exchanged with the surrounding environment. Even the smallest substance exchange can be detected. The key is how much energy, resources, cost and time to check.

So, will you be detected?

Li Yao estimates that it is unlikely at the official level because there have been no major casualties.

However, the next step is the “third.”

Third, suppose that there is really “super power” in the world. You don’t always have to be the first superpower. So, will superpowers have Organization? For a superpower, for other superpowers, “Goodwill” or “malicious”, and what is the attitude of super-capability Organization to the new super-powered people, is it absorbed as a member, or is the object of experiment, to be sliced?

These super-capacity Organizations, once they discover the video of the elevated loop, will they have a certain interest, and then carry out the tracing?

Li Yao doesn’t like either a member or a research subject.

He is free and does not want to accept any form and control of any power.

And he vaguely felt that there was a conspiracy that was more horrible than the “superpower” and “superpower”. He once knew what the conspiracy was, but later forgot.

He must find the answer and can’t be disturbed too much.

Fourth, it seems that no matter how many different dreams have been made before, the changes that have occurred in them in recent days have been triggered by the novel “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”.

Why are you so familiar with the scenes and characters in Forty Millenniums of Cultivation? Li Yao can now be sure that she has not seen this novel before, absolutely not.

What is the author of the novel “Women Real Man”, what does he know, and what is the purpose of his novel?

These problems seem to only go back to Fiction Realm to find.

Fifth, this is a question mark.

Whether it is his own intuition or illusion, it seems that every time there is… the creator of the fantasy world, whether it is a novel, a comic book author or a game producer, when the unfortunate death, the whole world suddenly becomes a little bleak.

A fantasy novelist, a cartoonist who habitually drags a manuscript, and a Gold Medal game producer, yes, maybe a net fiction writer should be added, and it should be four different players. The creators, in just one week, is their death a coincidence, or is there a deeper reason?

Next, will there be more similar creators, and even these are just successes and well-known creators in the circle, their death becomes news, and there are countless outside the public eye. The creators of unknown names have long since died, but no one cares?

Li Yao thought about it all with half a bowl of kung fu, and she was a little surprised.

His ideas are more and more clear and flexible, and, in the face of such confusing things, instead of being afraid and hesitating, they will have a feeling of eagerness and excitement.

Give yourself a month, if you still get nothing after one month, then go back to work and return to life on the right track.

Li Yao secretly thought, after all, what exactly is “the right track of life”?

The rainstorm in the afternoon of summer is coming fast.

Outside the window, the rainstorm turned into a patter of light rain, the sun tore the dark clouds, and even a rare rainbow.

Li Yao drank the hot noodle soup and strode into the drizzle and the sun.


Li Yao is once again in the world of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation.

But this time he “prepared to come”, not just reading novels, but doing an experiment on himself.

He chose to use a computer to read the web version of the novel, and then put the phone aside to shoot when he was reading the novel. The left hand still clung to a sharp pen and felt that he was going to be completely lost when he was completely lost. Strangle and restore lucidity.

Fortunately, I am about to enter June. Most of the students in the graduating class have found the next home, including Yu Xin and Zhao Kai. They are all running outside all day. Nothing important is going to go back to school. Only he is alone in the dormitory. Also quiet and comfortable, not afraid of being disturbed.

Li Yao is self-taught, and has purchased a large number of high-energy foods such as compressed biscuits and chocolate from the supermarket, locked the door and set up a simple “alarm device” with a washbasin and a stool, and pulled the curtains tightly.

He chapters a chapter carefully and carefully, and silently records his psychological and physiological reactions in his heart.

“It’s weird, it’s not an illusion. My body is really strong. I can do hundreds of push-ups in one breath.

“I just jumped high and legged for fifteen minutes, and even sweat did not come out. If you can run amazing results on the outside playground, what a terrible physical fitness!

“The ability to draw buildings and street maps has also increased, and I seem to be able to draw all the streets that I have traveled through in my life.

“I understand that there is a rule in it. It seems that the more chapters I read “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”, the more the ‘cultivation Li Yao’ in the novel is getting stronger, the real I am the ‘Earth Li Yao’ The strength is getting stronger and stronger. Of course, the intensity is not comparable to the characters in the novel, but the rate of promotion is the same. What is going on?

“I understand why Zhao Kai said that he would skip the previous four or five hundred chapters. Indeed, the styles of the front and back chapters of this work are extremely inconsistent, and serious tears have occurred. It is not that there has been a lot of improvement in writing and character portrayals. It is said that what the author wants to write is completely different. It is simply applying two novels of the same name. Is it entirely for two people to write the author, or the studio, or the author spirit possession, or… …I don’t realize the author myself?”

In the past three days, Li Yao’s mystery has not been solved, but has become bigger and bigger.

However, he has a feeling that as long as he can read the novel “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”, all questions will be answered, and he will clearly understand who he is.


Just as he spent his sleepless nights, the more he saw the more energetic, and the countless “surprise” from the book and himself, the whole story came to an abrupt end.


Li Yao stared at the 1548 chapter, Enraging the Sun.

This is the end of the fourth volume. The protagonist “cultivation Li Yao” has just completed the adventure of the Ancient Saint Sector. It is ready to return with a bunch of Ancient Saint experts. The ultimate confrontation between Federation and Empire’s is the most exciting time. , is it gone?

Looked at the author’s last update time, seven days ago.

This is not good. There are very few online novels that don’t update a chapter for two or three days. The quality of the word bead is different, but Forty Millenniums of Cultivation is a big way. The author updates at least two chapters a day. In this case, the week is not updated. It is very likely that… is it broken?

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