FMC Chapter 3180

The latest chapter of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, the 3180 chapter is hooked! (fourth more!), floating astronomy
Sending this sentence, Li Yao closes the chat window and returns to the book group and the book review area to gather information.

Think about it carefully. Yu Xin’s account is not used often. After all, his disguise is a bit rushed, leaving a lot of flaws. It should be easy to find out that this “Bunny in Star Ocean” is a virtual existence.

If the squatting cow is a gentleman with a heart, or a little basic wisdom, it is hard to say whether it will be fooled.

Therefore, he is better to think about more ways.

Li Yao also slammed the side of the book in the group of friends, and finally stayed here are the loyal readers of “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”. In addition to the regret and indignation of the author’s sudden break, there are many novels in this novel. In fact, Li Yao throws bricks to attract jade, and also evokes the feelings of many book friends reading books. Many people are eloquent and say a lot of insightful comments.

Unfortunately, although many of the bookmates have a high evaluation of this novel, there is no lack of addicts like Zhao Kai, but there is no second reader like Li Yao, which was inspired by Forty Millenniums of Cultivation. It’s also a dream, and not to mention the strange super power.

In the eyes of most readers, this is just a web novel that is still worthwhile. Even if it is really broken, the eunuch seems to be no big deal. Just curse two sentences and no one produces Li Yao. Wan ants have bones and can’t stand the feeling.

Li Yao will record the book’s friends and some of the best posts in the book review area, especially the author’s reply, in mind, to try to figure out the author’s likes and dislikes.

I also found some comprehensive online novel forums, searching for related posts of “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”. Regardless of the recommendation or criticism, the opinions of the opposing parties are also swiftly swept. If they can really get on the line with the real people, how to attract each other to face up. Communication depends on his means.

Through network communication, on the one hand, it is not safe enough, and it is possible to be informed by others at any time. On the other hand, the initiative is not in the hands of oneself, and the other party says that the offline is offline.

“Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” is his only clue. If this line is broken, it will be difficult to find a clue.

Therefore, Li Yao must do what he wants.

Fortunately, after a few days of “cultivation”, his eyesight and brain power have been greatly improved. The reading speed has been three or five times faster than in the past. It can deal with computers and mobile screens at the same time. In just one hour, I can browse a few times. 100,000 words of information, to “know and know each other.”

The prompt bar above the phone is still empty and nothing happens.

“Well, it seems that the other party didn’t see my message at all, or I saw it and smiled. Even at a glance, I saw my mischief.”

Li Yao said in his heart, “Think about it too. From the plot of the wits of the Forty Millenniums of Cultivation and the magnificent picture of the universe, the author should be a person with a high interest and a very agile mind, so bad… ”

Dī dī Beep!

In the information notification bar above the mobile phone, the avatar of the lying cow is jumped out, and the other party sends a very smiley face.


Li Yao scratched his hair, okay, since it’s hooked up, let’s talk.

“Real people?”

Li Yao said, “Are you really a ‘little cow real person’? Oh, sorry, I am a little excited, I really like reading your book too!”

Li Yao bought a very cute, very playful, very girly “Pink Bunny” expression pack for this account. At the end of this sentence, I attached a pink bunny with both eyes as stars, as if A particularly admired expression.

The opposite side was silent for a long time. Li Yao thought that the other party had already seen his own tricks. When he was off the assembly line, the lying cow really said: “… Hello, I didn’t expect “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” and female readers. ?”

“Hey what you said!”

Li Yao also sent a pink bunny to pout, like an angry expression. “Who said that we can’t see sci-fi girls, can we only see those things that talk about love, harem, and can’t imagine? In the sea of ​​stars, the story of impassion and enthusiasm? I tell you, there are some girls in our department who like to watch your “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”. I am alone, I recommend it to three or four. Sisters saw, we are all chasing, we often discuss the plot after turning off the lights in the middle of the night!”

“Yes, is it?”

It seems that I’m a little bit sloppy, “Really?”

“of course it’s true!”

Li Yao once again sent a pink bunny with hands on his hips, focusing on the expression of the head. “Although we usually watch the girls channel’s novels more, it does not mean that we will reject the boys’ channel really good book! However, The online novels written by ordinary boys are all killing and killing, selfishness, and the harem is full of land. They simply regard our girls as machines without feelings and will, letting the actor play and slaughter such things, we certainly don’t like to watch. La!

“But real people, your novels are different, although at the beginning it is still the old routine to upgrade the monsters, but your three views are very positive, the protagonist is not the kind of scum without moral bottom line, and the feelings are very serious and serious, write well Millions of words or just love your wife, it is a clear stream in online novels!

“The so-called ‘book is like a person’, I believe that a real person must be a person of integrity in life, a noble person, a person who is separated from the low-level taste, the most important thing is to be very loyal to the relationship, very respectful of respecting women, caring for women, is What?”

“Yes, of course!”

The cow is really human. “You are too polite, the evaluation is too high, don’t dare to act, don’t dare to act, hahahaha!”

“You are really humble, and it is as low-key, easy-going, and elegant as the imaginary cow I imagined.”

Li Yao tried it. “Right, can you call your ‘real person’, or tell you… ‘Mr. Zhang’?”

“Don’t, don’t, ‘teacher’ dare to be.”

The cow is really human. “My pen name is ‘Wo Niu real person’, and my real name is ‘Zhang Da Niu’. Everyone calls me an old cow in the group of books, but in fact, I am not old, they are friends, or else You call me ‘big cow’!”

“That’s how it works. Your novel has really touched me a lot. Whether you are doing or doing things, I am deeply influenced by Forty Millenniums of Cultivation. Of course you are my ‘teacher’.”

Li Yao confirmed that the other party is really called Zhang Daniu. “Or else, I will call you ‘Teacher Cow’, you can call me ‘Bunny’, yes, Teacher Cow, how can such a good novel suddenly not write? Well, I saw in the group that you were hurt, is it true?”

“Cough, don’t mention it.”

The lying cow real Zhang Da Niu sent a frustrated expression, and it was not so cautious. “You don’t listen to some people in the book review area and the group of friends, really, oh, what should I say, some of my original books end. It is not perfect, but the end of the roam is not equal to the eunuch. How can these people insult their innocence?

“As for this time, it was really hurt. I slipped in the bathroom, my right hand fell heavily, my bones broke, and my breasts were thicker than the thighs. I felt painful when I touched. I saw a doctor. Said to stay in a period of time, today is just swelling, where is the power to write?”

“is it?”

Li Yao indulged for a moment and felt that the other person was not like lying. “After waiting for your injury, will you continue to write? Continue to describe the magical world of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation? I really want to know what happened next. What is the so-called ‘Vulture Plan’?”

“This one……”

Zhang Da Niu hesitated, and said haha, “I have a chance to write it. Really, thank you for your support. Look at the situation, I will work hard.”

“So Ah?”

Li Yao thought about it, found a pair of eyes from the expression bag, rabbit ears pulled, the most cute, most “meng” expression sent, “Please, please, Teacher Cow, can spoil the story in advance. Is it a little bit, a little bit good, people can’t wait!”

“This, there is no mystery in the spoiler!”

Zhang Daniu is still very persistent at this point. “But I can tell you in advance that the story behind is very grand, very exciting, very thrilling and bizarre, really, the three-way melee about Federation, Empire and Saint League, and Pangu Civilization and even the ultimate secret of the entire universe, I have all thought about it, and of course, ‘Vulture Plan’ and ‘Earth Origin’, the outlines are all written, so that no one can guess how I want to write!”

The outline has been written, about the Vulture Plan and the mission of the Earth, and the ultimate secret of the universe!

Li Yao’s heart “pēng pēng” jumps straight and is getting closer and closer to the truth. Maybe if the author’s outline is reached, his super power can be raised to the limit.

“You say so”

Li Yao made a few smiles and went out. “I want to know what happened next!”


Zhang Da Niudao, “There are still a lot of plots behind, I have to sort out slowly, and I can’t say it for a while.”

“So what do you say in person?”

Li Yao said, “You are also in South River City, or let’s talk about it, I have a lot of sci-fi problems, I want to ask Teacher Cow face to face!”


Zhang Da Niudao, “Hey?”

“You must not blame me for taking the liberty. I am also a bit of a ‘fake public private’. Actually, I am looking for you with a mission.”

Li Yao made a little rabbit’s expression of tongue. “We have a science fiction association in the department. The sisters in the association like to read your novel very much. Prepare this book sharing session with “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”. The theme, then the sisters said that I heard that the boring real teacher is in South River. I don’t know if I can invite him to be a guest at the book club. So, I’m looking for you with a cheeky face, don’t you mind?”

“I don’t mind if I don’t mind, of course I don’t mind.”

Zhang Da Niudao, “Sisters of the Science Fiction Association?”


Li Yao said, “Our teacher’s school is a bit imbalanced between men and women. Our department is even worse. It is a girl with long hair fluttering and skirts swaying. There are few boys. The development of our science fiction association is also very difficult. , Teacher Cow, let me guide you!”

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