FMC Chapter 3184

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3184 sneaked into the night with the wind, floating astronomy
“No way, the problem of 99% in this world is the problem of money. The cultivator and Immortal Cultivator have a lot of divine ability, and there is no way to help me pay the rent, right?”

Zhang Da Niudao said, “You also said that the tearing of this book is particularly serious. Since the four or five hundred chapters changed style, many old readers have been lost, new readers can’t get in, and the results are half dead, I can have What is the solution, right?”

“This one……”

Li Yao didn’t expect it to be like this, nodded, “I don’t want to die for a hero, but also!”

“and so–“

Zhang Da Niu said, “It’s not a matter of these two days. Anyway, there are a lot of words. I’m going to find a suitable, decent way to end this book. Let’s say, let the protagonist finish a BOSS. Suddenly a wake-up wakes up and finds that everything he has done in the Forty Millenniums of Cultivation is a dream, and then he forgets everything in his dreams and learns to go up every day – how do you think this idea?


Li Yao said, “I think you will be hacked by the reader.”

“It makes sense, so I am not entangled in how to end it. It is all inappropriate dreams, so that the main characters are killed by meteorites. It seems that it is not appropriate, hey, it is difficult!”

Zhang Da Niu said, “In any case, the end is definitely going to end. Even God doesn’t want me to continue to write it down!”

“Oh, God?”

Li Yao’s eyes sharpened again, “How do you say that?”

“That is, the past one or two months have been particularly unsatisfactory, and it feels like a bit of cold water.”

Zhang Da Niu said, “It’s not a month or two ago, but it’s been awkward after changing the style of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation. Shopping in the neighborhood, there are pots falling downstairs and almost squatting. Going to the garden, the result is that the mother is bitten by the dog; the good end sleeps at home, the gas valve does not know how to break, so there is no gas poisoning; just last month, my computer broke three times for no reason. Every time it is repaired, it will be bad. If it is repaired, it will be bad. The repair shop says that it has never encountered such a thing. You can imagine that I still maintain normal updates in this situation. How big is the determination. And perseverance?”

“Is there such a strange thing?”

Li Yao secretly clenched his fists under the table and said, “That, the cow brother has had a particularly dangerous accident recently, for example… similar to being hit by a car.”

“That didn’t.”

Zhang Da Niu shook his head. “The results are not ideal. I have run into so many bad things. I have enough heart in my heart. I have been staying at home recently. The car can’t hit me. Anyway, it’s like this for a while, when I went to the toilet. I finally couldn’t stand it, but after all, I wrote it for so long, and I felt a little emotional. I decided to throw a coin to decide whether to continue writing or eunuch. I am eunuch on the front and I am on the opposite side. At the end, if the coin can be erected, I will continue to write. As a result, I just dropped the coin into the air, and I didn’t pay attention to it. I fell a four-legged one. I almost didn’t come up in one breath, but I also hurt my hand. You said This is not decided by God, what is it?

“I was so painful that my tears were coming down. It was a little disheartened. I felt like a self-destructive feeling. I simply screamed, ‘What bird book, I don’t write it!’

“The result, very strange, I seem to get rid of something, a cool breeze disappeared from my body, although the hand still hurts in the next few days, but those unfortunate things never happened again, eat it, sleep well, the whole Everyone is refreshed, except that there is no money, everything else is fine.

“So, you are asking me now, “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” is still not written, this, I really don’t know!”

Zhang Daniu has been drunk and sneaked out under the table.

Otherwise, I will not tell the truth to Li Yao.

“But, hey, I heard your little Junior Sister yesterday – Bunny said that there are still many people who like to read this book, silently supporting the cow brother, how to say it, and feel that it is strange to everyone. ”

Zhang Da Niu is pulling on the chair. “It’s okay to come to you today. It’s really your little Junior Sister. It’s a big, watery eyes, looking at me with a very adoring look. I’m going to take me together. My country’s science fiction career contributes, I, I really don’t know how to face people, how can I go to your place as a guest! What, you, there are many Elite University students who like to read my book?”


Li Yao nodded. “Elite University students are full of fluttering, skirts swaying, very thoughtful and connotative.”

“Hey, hey!”

Zhang Daniu’s eyes are a bit sluggish. “Or else, for these readers who support me, I, I will persist and continue to write down?”

“This one–“

If you eat before, Li Yao will definitely not talk about it, even if he is deceiving, he will continue to write down.

But now it seems that if it continues, it will be difficult to ensure that there will be more serious accidents.

Li Yao gave birth to a very uncomfortable feeling, and she was not allowed to push any innocent person who was ignorant and ignorant into the fire pit.

“This, of course, is the cow brother you decide, and I respect your choice anyway.”

Li Yao said, “But, Niu Ge, you wrote the outline behind, including the Vulture Plan and the secrets of the Earth, all written out, right?”

“…Yes, yeah!”

Zhang Daniu has been so drunk that he nodded or shook his head. “All, there are, all are wonderful ideas. It is like information from outer space. I have a brain hole in my mind, but these are It’s my little secret. Even if this novel can’t be used, the lower novel can be used later. Just don’t say it. Come, continue to drink, talk about you, your classmates, I especially like it. Elite University students with ideas and connotations.”

“Boll brother, you are drunk.”

Li Yao said, “I will send you home.”

Zhang Da Niu struggled a few times, naturally not Li Yao’s opponent.

The house he rented was in the old neighborhood of the casserole bones next door, and he found the door three times in a row.

When he entered the door, he was so drunk that he couldn’t keep up with the keyhole.

Li Yao took the opportunity to look at the layout of the room.

This is a typical old house decorated in the last century. The very compact space of one room and one hall is full of yellow books and newspapers. Many books are like cliffs that are about to collapse. Crowded.

There was no furniture and appliances in the house, and a tattered laptop on the old-fashioned writing desk with a mottled paint – that was Li Yao’s goal.

A meal, Li Yao basically understands the character of Zhang Da Niu, this is a big, even a little confused, it is not likely to put the novel outline into the encrypted U disk or safe.

Finding the outline, cracking the Vulture Plan and the mystery of the earth, is it a step closer to the truth?

However, Li Yao did not steal the computer directly.

“Niu Ge, I am leaving, let’s contact us by micro-message, see you soon!”

Li Yao noticed that the windows of the balcony and the toilet were not locked, which is enough.

Ensuring that the other party heard him, he made a loud noise and closed the door from the outside, went downstairs, put his hands in his trouser pockets, and walked outside the community.

Although it is an old community, there are still some monitoring probes on the roadside. He has been monitored and photographed when he returned to Zhang Daniu, so he must take another picture of his hands leaving the community empty.

Li Yao whistled and left the old neighborhood without worry, ensuring that he had been photographed by several surveillance probes.

Back on the street, he found a brightly-lit supermarket chain and bought a bottle of drink to make sure he was photographed by the supermarket.

Next to the supermarket is a tea shop. There is a bus stop at the entrance of the store. Li Yao saw it for a long time before the stop sign. It was confirmed that the tea shop and the bus station were monitored. It was only in the direction of Elite University. Bus.

After sitting in the station for five or six, he came to a crowded station. Under the cover of the crowd, he quietly got out of the car and put his face with a long-awaited sunhat and a pair of large sunglasses. Covered up, the feet are full of strength, the foot is stunned by the spring, and walked to the old community just now.

As long as you pay attention to avoiding the first few monitoring probes, no one can connect him with the Elite University students.

Back to the previous district, it is already an hour later.

It is now 11:00 pm, and the entire community is shrouded in silence.

Li Yao came under the building rented by Zhang Da Niu, looked at the ten fingers that he had painted with all-purpose glue, and put on rubber gloves – it is not easy to leave fingerprints.

It’s strange that he seems to be doing these things by nature, and he is born to be an extremely dangerous character.

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao is like a huge gecko, running down the water pipe and silently climbing towards the fifth floor.

Although the distance from the ground has been about a dozen meters high, Li Yao has no feeling of heartbeat or fear, as if he really turned into a huge reptile with sticky hands and feet.

As the night wind blows, some inexplicable force deep in the cell continues to awaken, and the darkness does not interfere with his vision. He can even see more things than white.

His hearing has become extraordinarily sensitive. He can even hear the walls, the dozens of households, the voices of different households, breathing and heartbeat, and analyze how many people are asleep, how many people Still alert.

This doesn’t seem to be a dangerous action, but it has become a fun game. Li Yao can even hang a finger on a one-centimeter-wide window, shake it like a big spider, and then leap three or five meters. The distance, hanging on the other window edge, when he did this, it seems that there is a current flowing through the body, every cell blooms like a flower, don’t mention how exciting.

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