FMC Chapter 3185

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, 3185 chapter code character, floating astronomy
At the top is Zhang Da Niu’s balcony window, only one step away from the desk where he works. Within five seconds, he takes the computer silently, finds a place to copy all the documents inside, and then quietly slams the computer. Put it back, God doesn’t know, no one will notice an abnormality.

Then Li Yao can slowly retrieve these documents, find the outline of Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, figure out the truth of the Vulture Plan, and the mystery hidden behind the “Earth”, maybe even unlock a more powerful “super power”. Or, according to the book, “divine ability”!

However, when Li Yao was preparing to stand up, the muscles of the whole body suddenly tightened.


His pupil suddenly shrank into two needle tips, bursting with vigilance.

He heard the heartbeat.

The unusually rapid heartbeat, more than two hundred heartbeats per minute, came from Zhang Da Niu’s bedroom. It was like a fierce drum and a mad engine. In the middle of the night, don’t mention how clear.

This is impossible.

Although alcohol can stimulate the body’s heartbeat and blood circulation acceleration, it is impossible to maintain a heartbeat of 200 per minute for a long time – this is a phenomenon that is overloaded with intense exercise!

Li Yao is very sure that when he left, Zhang Daniu was already lying in bed hū hū, and his heartbeat was slightly faster, but it was still within the normal range, and there was no such strange phenomenon.

Moreover, in addition to the heartbeat, Li Yao seems to have heard a “squeaky, sly” voice, coming from the top of the heartbeat, it should be Zhang Daniu’s head – just like the author’s head Overgrown with intricate gears, these gears are being swayed by mysterious forces and are running at speed!

“Isn’t alcohol poisoning?”

Li Yao has a tight heart. If it is because of her own sake, it hurts an innocent person with alcoholism. It is really not good.

“Ding! Ding! Ding! ”

At this time, Li Yao heard a very strange sound coming from the room, as if a coin had fallen to the ground.

“He woke up?”

Li Yao couldn’t help but curiosity. Taking advantage of the window, the adventure revealed half of his head and looked into the room.

Zhang Da Niu really woke up, sitting on the edge of the bed, bowing his waist and looking up on the ground.

But his expression is not like waking up – his eyes are deeply sunken, as if he has been sunken into the Brain, his nostrils are expanding exaggeratedly, his breathing is so fast, his face is mysterious and unfathomable, like a fall. Into an invisible magical cave, still groaning in my mouth, I do not know what to recite.

There was an open piggy bank on the bedside table. He held a coin in his hand and held a coin with his finger. First, he bounced high, and another piece fell to the ground, then lowered his head and looked at the coins. Positive and negative.

Li Yao stared at his lips for a long time and finally figured it out. What he was saying was: “How can you just stand up? It’s weird!”


Li Yao said, is it a flower or a word, how can it stand up?

For a moment, a coin was thrown out.

Zhang Da Niu’s hands were empty, and his eyes narrowed for a long time. He suddenly picked up a coin and put it on the bedside table. He stood up carefully.

Looking at the coin that stood up, he finally made a smirk of satisfaction, then slammed into the desk and opened his computer with both hands.

He stared at his head and stared at the computer for a long time. The corners of his eyes and the corners of his mouth erupted from time to time, and his appearance was extremely impressive.

“What the hell is he doing?”

Li Yao’s second monk couldn’t figure it out. “Is he drunk or not drunk, is he asleep or awake, or is he sleepwalking?”

That’s right, Li Yao has a lightning bolt in his head, and the other person is really sleepwalking. All this is an unconscious conditional reflection.


This thought just floated up, and Li Yao “heared” a very sharp squeak in Zhang Daniu’s brain, similar to the sub-sound wave or ultrasound, which could not be heard by normal human ears, but it would cause strong stimulation to the brain. I was scared that Li Yao almost fell off the balcony on the fifth floor.

Then Zhang Da Niu’s hand moved.

Where is he like a drunken or sleepwalker, it is an extremely efficient typing machine. At the beginning, the typing voice is still “哒哒哒哒”, and soon it becomes “Shasha Shasha”, three or five minutes. After the “warm-up”, the sounds of about a dozen characters tapped together and became a continuous, continuous noise.

And his fingers are not like the fingers of Human Race at all. It is like a bullet shot from a mechanism gun, carrying a poor keyboard.

Dark nights, dim lights, strange smiles, grotesque authors, slamming the computer in a state of sleepwalking, and a gecko-like superpower outside the window – even Li Yao himself did not figure out, This scene is like the opening of a horror movie, what is going on.

The most horrible thing is…

Li Yao’s eye, from his point of view, just can see Zhang Da Niu’s computer screen, he found that the author is not a random hit on the keyboard, but really played a coherent, logical, and meaningful text He also found keywords like “Li Yao, Ancient Saint Sector, Dragon Snake Star Field”.

This is the latest chapter of “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”, “cultivation Li Yao” finally returned to the Federation with the Ancient Saint eleven expert, ready to launch the Federation and Empire – Black Wind Fleet’s decisive battle!

Li Yao almost screamed out loud.

how can that be possible?

It is not the question of whether the author can type in a drunken or sleepwalking state, but his typing speed is too fast.

It should be known that nationally certified typists can handle text input of two or three hundred words per minute. If it is a professionally trained and experienced High-Level typist, it is possible to process up to three or five hundred words and convert it into In hours, it is 10,000 words to 15,000 words.

However, it is in the case of reading the manuscript, in the case of the heart, occasionally can be done, even with some quick-recording skills, it will never last long.

And an author wants to conceive words, plots and descriptions in his mind, but also to be coherent and logical, at least not big contradictions, speed can not be so fast, even in terms of the standards of network writers The writing speed of two thousand words per hour is the limit. Although some people say that they have written six thousand words and eight thousand words per hour, they are all detailed and inspirational, and the competitive state is particularly good and very rare.

The current “hand speed” of Zhang Daniu is obviously more than 6,000 to 8,000 words per hour, and even exceeds the speed of text entry of more than 10,000 words per hour for High-Level typists.

Li Yao didn’t know how fast his speed was. He only thought that his hands were as written in the novel, “turned into a fog”, and even the text on the screen could not keep up with his speed, dragging out a Afterimage of the Tao.

Moreover, Li Yao noticed that his eyes were always staring at the screen, neither distracted the keyboard nor saw any drafts or outlines of electronic or notebooks.

Therefore, he suddenly became a fan of the text, in the absence of drafts, in just half an hour, he wrote a manuscript of at least 10,000 words?

Can normal Human Race really do this kind of thing?

Li Yao doubts if she is blind.

However, thinking of my muscles in the dormitory yesterday, it is not too strange to tear a dumbbell piece into two halves.

This is a world in which super powers exist.

Is Zhang Da Niu like himself, in fact, a super-powerful person, but his super power is able to write novels at a speed of surprisingly quick in the case of unclear consciousness, similar to… “Code Character Man”?

“Well, Greater Thousand Worlds, no wonder, since “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” can inspire readers’ super powers, what is the strange thing that motivates the author’s own superpower?”

Li Yao talks to herself.

He originally wanted to steal Zhang Daniel’s computer, but he accidentally discovered such a strange phenomenon, but he was not in a hurry.

First, Zhang Daniu was always sitting in front of the computer, like a madman, Li Yao was not sure if he would take his computer at this time, would it turn him into a horrible bomb.

Secondly, Li Yao knows that people who are in a state of sleepwalking cannot be scared. If they suddenly wake up, they are likely to hurt the other’s soul.

Li Yao can only succumb to the window and wait for the author to finish writing.

But after waiting for two hours, Zhang Daniu’s speed still did not slow down, and the laptop was almost smothered by him.

This explains a question – Zhang Daniu once said that his computer is often broken, sent to repair several times, every time it is repaired, it is bad.

Nonsense, according to this strength to the keyboard, perhaps in addition to crazy typing, there are secondary sound waves and ultrasound and other strange ripples, computer can not be bad?

Fortunately, this is half of the night, no one in the community, otherwise Li Yao has been hanging out of the window for so long, it will certainly be discovered.

This is the case, he also hangs his arms sour, his belly is hollow, and the internal organs are in a group.

“not good!”

When the first Venus appeared in front of him, Li Yao had a danger omen and he found himself somewhat out of action.

Even if you are super-powerful, you must follow the law of conservation of energy. His body has undergone earth-shaking changes these days. The strengthening of each cell must be at the expense of consuming large amounts of nutrients. He is now eating more food than normal people. More than ten.

I had dinner with the author last night. Although I had a large pot of meat bones, two or three strong men could eat satisfactorily under normal circumstances, but Li Yao was not enough for a bottomless stomach.

At that time, many people had mixed eyes. Li Yao couldn’t make three or fifty pots of meat bones so shocking. After thinking about it, it was possible to get the mission in five minutes. I didn’t expect to supplement the nutrition in advance, and it was like thunder in the belly. I was hungry in an instant.

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