FMC Chapter 3186

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, 3186 chapter dream traveler, floating astronomy
“This is what the novel says. Things like ‘super power’ or ‘divine ability’ are a double-edged sword. Whether it’s strengthening muscles or strengthening the brain, improving the computational ability and releasing strong brain waves, you need the source. Constant energy support, through the ‘reborn’ of the super-capable, the cells are a very evil monster, in the absence of sufficient nutrition, will in turn engulf the owner’s body.”

Li Yao’s heart is secretly thought, “My current state is a bit like ‘burning life, overdrafting life’.”

Anyway, looking at the author’s appearance, I can’t stop for a while, Li Yao can’t always hang on the outer wall – although the night is quiet, there is always a night shift Resident to go home, in case it is found to be very embarrassing.

Li Yao assessed her combat effectiveness.

Although he can tear the dumbbells at the peak of his physical strength, he does not feel that he can fight against a strong street police station in a hungry state.

Wouldn’t it be better to go out and add some energy first?

I went back to the original road and left the community very far. I went back to the road and found a 24-hour convenience store. I bought a whole five boxes of chocolate peanut candy and about a dozen cans of functional drinks. In the streets and alleys, I found a secluded and uninhabited place. I put all the chocolate peanuts and drinks down, and the feeling of flusteredness was slightly relieved.

Looking at the credit card overdraft limit displayed on the phone, Li Yao sighed.

I hope that all mysteries can be cracked as soon as possible, at least personally telling him what is going on, or else, just by taking so many high-energy nutrients every day, his wallet can’t stand it.

This time is about two or three o’clock in the middle of the night, Li Yao is not in a hurry to steal the outline, ready to wait for the darkest before dawn, but also the most sleepy moments of people, then think that the author is not iron, always sleep?

I am not going to go back to school tonight, and I will take care of the news of the T3 Game Show shooting.

I don’t know why, Li Yao always felt that the shooting was successful, and he was inextricably linked with the death of famous novelists and cartoonists.

Logging in to the game forum again, the follow-up news of the shooting was gradually fermented.

A total of four gunmen, three people were killed on the spot in the crossfire with the police, and one person was injured and caught, a little unexpected. According to the latest official survey results, the four gunmen are all white males, innocent, There are normal occupations and happy families, and there is no relationship with extreme organization. It doesn’t look like a horrible terrorist.

However, the authorities carefully searched their comments on social media, but found that they joined an organization called “Apocalypse”, believe what “2018, Apocalypse is coming”, is about a copy of “2012, the end of the world” – nothing more than nothing At the end of 2018, the end of the world and the ultimate trial are coming. A catastrophe that is about to restart the whole world is inevitable. Only by helping the souls of the ruins to gain the opportunity of redemption will be more bright in the world after the restart. And a happy life, and so on, something old.

The existence of this unknown “Apocalypse Organization”, or the guise of the more well-known extreme Organization, is temporarily unknown.

On the list of victims of the T3 Game Show, it added dozens of bloody records.

In the production team of “Ringworld – The Battle of the End”, in addition to “Father of Ringworld” Garriott, two heavyweight producers were also declared dead in the hospital. They are a screenwriter and a scene architect. All follow Garriott about a dozen years, the most trusted assistant and friend.

Considering that the current completion progress of “Ringworld – The Battle of the End” is only about 70%, the departure of the three heavyweight producers means that the game will not be able to jump indefinitely, even if one day can finish the production, the final Version will definitely The original idea of ​​”Father of Ringworld” was very different.

It is a pity that no one can know what the β€œfather of the ultimate life of the universe, the last battle of the great” was originally conceived.

Li Yao also found a mid-night mobile husband and wife file, asked for a dry bowl of fried rice in the sea bowl, put more eggs, sausages and oil residue, while eating, while refreshing the page.

He has brushed all major game forums, anime forums, and fantasy literature forums to find out if there are any new producers, cartoonists, or novelists who have had unexpected news.

As of now, there is no such sensation as the T3 Game Show shooting, but Li Yao has found a very interesting post by means of pass through key search.

This is a post published on a large type of question-and-answer comprehensive website. It is actually a response to a question. The question is “How to evaluate the departure of the network writer’s drunken stardust?”

Li Yao didn’t know what “drunk stardust”, and searched for related terms to know that it was a notorious network writer. About three months ago, because of myocardial infarction and the like, in the middle of the night. , quietly left the world.

I want to come, this question is raised by a loyal reader of “Drunken Stardust”?

Unfortunately, this web writer is really not famous. Apart from a handful of readers, he has not received much response. Several answers are tribute to the author and the appreciation of the work, which does not help Li Yao.

But one of the answers gave Li Yao’s attention.

“I have not seen the work of ‘Drunken Stardust’, but I am not surprised to hear his death. Do you think that ‘Drunken Stardust’ is only the first one?

“Let me tell you – I am an avid fantasy fan, manga and game fan. In the past three years, I have only collected the number of domestic and foreign novels, comics and fantasy entertainment producers, accidents or deaths due to illness. It is far more than one hundred, and the list is released below!”

The respondent released a series of lists, all of which were creators of related fields, followed by their age and cause of death.

Li Yao took a quick glance, about half and half of the time at home and abroad, and the proportion of illnesses and accidents is also half and half, but the majority of the patients who are under 50 years old also account for more than half, and it seems a bit shocking.

However, most of the creators of fantasy works are not famous, at most, such as “drunk in the dust”, a small number of people in their respective niche areas know that there are six or seven billion people around the world. There have been accidents, and no one has ever connected their deaths together.

“The next conclusion, maybe you will think that I am crazy, but please believe that I am not crazy, I am absolutely awake, the voice in my mind will not lie to me.”

The respondent continued to write, β€œThe death of so many writers, cartoonists and producers is not an accident or a disease, but a mysterious force that manipulates everything and directs a tragic death. .

“I don’t know what this power is, nor what its purpose is, but I believe this is just the beginning. The reason is very simple, because the creators who died abnormally in the past three years, the popularity and the works The impact is not enough. This is just a few drops of cold rain before the storm.

“Soon, believe me, there will soon be more heavyweight creators, some of the masters who created a whimsical fantasy world for us to leave, believe me, no matter how normal they look, their death is Accidents are conspiracy and part of a huge conspiracy!”

This answer has dozens of comments, and it is extremely hot under this question.

But most people expressed “objection” and even yelled at the respondents.

Many people are screaming and screaming, using the deceased to attract attention – whether it is a writer or a cartoonist or a producer, long-term desk work, day and night upside down, mental stress, the probability of sudden illness and long-term chronic disease is inherently normal The occupation is much higher. In three years, what is the problem of the death of more than 100 people in the world?

And the conclusion that “there is a master to leave soon” is even more shameless to the extreme – since it is called a master, of course, it is a fame, the age is high, and a 60-70-year-old master will die, what is strange? ?

In short, no one believes that the answerer’s words, most people have put him on a dog’s blood.

Li Yao was interested in this answer because he found that the answer time was exactly eight days ago, that is, the Tianma Lake International Animation Festival.

While the respondent wrote this information, in the West, the famous fantasy literary master, the author of Blood and Sand, Gilson was falling to the ground with pain in his heart, and in the East, he painted the famous comics of “Strong Hunter”. Jia Gaowu Yibo took a cheerful little tune and walked on the bloody and fuzzy Huangquan Road.

Is this a coincidence?

Li Yao paid special attention to the account of the respondent. The answer given by the respondent was β€œDream Traveler”.

Click on his name to see all the answer records he left on this question and answer website, which is a few pages.

This is the last answer he made.

The penultimate article is a response to another question, “What happened to you in a strange event.”

The dream traveler wrote in this answer: “I used to swim in the reservoir on the side of my grandmother in the third grade of elementary school and drowned for at least half an hour. Since then, I have become a ‘dream traveler’.

“I know that no one will believe that the website of ‘Knowledge No’ has become a bragging and a sacred temple, but I don’t care if you believe it or not, just tell your own story.

“I have a hunch, ‘they’ will come soon. If I don’t say it now, maybe I will be like those people in a few days, and I have no chance to speak.”

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