FMC Chapter 3189

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3189 cannot explain, floating astronomy
At this moment is the darkest time before dawn. There are a lot of ambiguous ripples between the heavens and the earth. The whole world seems to be swallowed by monsters and falls into the rancid stomach. Only a lone lamp of the nightingale stalls confronts the strong darkness.

Dream travellers should be sleeping, Li Yao can’t eat so early to give people, will not be unpleasant.

However, if you think about it carefully, he should be very lonely from the emotional analysis that emerged from the lines of the dream traveler. He is very eager to communicate with friends who have similar experiences.

Li Yao can’t wait, just call the heart and dial directly.

A melancholy and low-lying ring tones reverberated for half a minute. No one answered. Maybe the other person adjusted the phone to silent mode before going to sleep.

Li Yao waited for about a few minutes and wanted to call the past again, the lights hanging on the nightingale stalls were gone.

The sky in the east is faintly smeared with a few bloody colors, and the stars in the western sky are flickering. At the foot of Li Yao, the earth begins to tremble, as if it has changed from a hard solid to a thin semi-fluid. A mysterious and terrifying force is going to break through.

The bosses and couples of the nightingale stalls and the diners around Li Yao are shaking.


Li Yao and the boss and the diners looked at each other in dismay and didn’t react at all.

South River is located in the eastern coastal region and is not in the tectonic belt. Historically, there have been few serious earthquakes. Recently, 30-50 years have not even seen the shadow of the earthquake.

Therefore, until the shaking of the earth became more and more serious, the pots and pans of the nightingale stalls all slammed together, and the people stunned.

The boss and the couple yelled and hurriedly pushed the nightingale stalls to the middle of the road, avoiding the tall buildings on both sides. Besides, they seemed to have nothing to do, one by one, shrinking their heads and opening their mouths. Looking at the hundreds of windows and simultaneously vibrating “huā lā , huā lā “.

In a short time, almost all the windows of the high-rise buildings were lit up with lights, and there were bursts of sounds like chickens and dogs jumping. Some people even looked at their clothes and looked at them from the window with sleepless eyes. Fortunately, the intensity of the earthquake was not too high. High, people’s minds are still awake, no one has done stupid things jumping directly from the three Fifth Level buildings, but many people ran down from the corridor and gathered in the middle of the road and on the square, some confused Looking at the sky that is gradually clearing up.

The earthquake subsided and lasted for three or five minutes.

No, more accurately, it is not an earthquake, but a “sense of shock”. The epicenter should be far from the city of South River. Such a shock can not cause any substantial loss.

Now that the dawn has been ushered in, the people who are horrified at the scene are not willing to go back to sleep. They gather together to discuss, guessing exactly where a serious earthquake occurred, and some young people who are just bloody, staring at those rushing toss. Come out, the girls who didn’t even wear the shoes, there was no tension at all.

Li Yao felt a cold fear without any reason.

The predictions of the dream traveler are being fulfilled in one piece, first of all, the death of the imaginary world creators, followed by various natural disasters such as the earthquake.

Li Yao stared at the newsletter page of the mobile phone and refreshed it again and again. Sure enough, after ten minutes, I brushed up the latest news:

“In the early hours of the morning, an 9.2 earthquake occurred in the western Pacific Ocean. The epicenter was very close to Edo Bay. It has caused serious disturbance in the eastern part of the island. According to the tsunami warning issued by the Fuso Meteorological Agency, there is a tsunami at least 15 meters high. The islands have been attacked one after another. Sources pointed out that the earthquake may become the biggest crisis that Fuso has suffered since the Second World War. It is not even ruled out. This is only a precursor to a series of strong earthquakes!”

Because it is a news that has just happened, the news is very simple.

But Li Yao knows that the shorter the news, the bigger the truth.

Things are clear – the Fusang Islands are a series of islands in the Pacific Ocean, while the South River City stands on a solid continental shelf. The earthquake in the eastern part of the island has even a sense of shock in the South River, thousands of miles away. Is the earthquake really only 9.2?

The news website has its own workflow, and the response to the earthquake is unlikely to be so fast. However, many people in the social media have come out of Fusang, and the short video sent back can be seen on the planet by shaking the picture. One of the best super-metropolises is immersed in a flame and smoke. The shrill alarm sounds like a wave, which is like returning to the bombing of World War II. There are also various true and false trails. Flying, saying that at least half of the about a dozen nuclear power plants in the eastern part of the island had serious nuclear accidents, and the radiation index even exceeded that of Chernobyl that year. The situation has completely lost control.

Li Yao secretly sighed, and there was a feeling of calmness and temperament.

“not good!”

Suddenly he shuddered deeply and went to the community where Zhang Daniu lived.

“If, if the dream traveler is saying that it is true, then the big calf is not very dangerous?”

Li Yao can’t hide his figure, like a string of arrows between the streets. “Although the earthquake in the Pacific Ocean could not cause any damage to the city of South River, ‘some kind of power’ relies on the earthquake. Yu Wei, killing one or two people, is more than enough!”

Li Yao ran into the old neighborhood just now.

At this time, many people have gathered on the roads of the community. The elderly have a shallow sleep. Once they are awakened, it is difficult to fall asleep again. They simply gather to discuss the things just now and prepare for exercise.

Under the eyes of the public, Li Yao naturally could no longer display the skills of the gecko climbing the wall. He could only walk honestly on the fifth floor of the corridor. The time was tight and the door was locked. Li Yao simply snorted, “砰”, a pedal Opened the door of the big cattle home.


Zhang Daniu is still slamming the keyboard and making a series of dense crashes. The earthquake just did not have a slight impact on him. His eyes changed from deep depression to violent, completely reddened by blood.


On the left hand side of a row of bookshelves, which are covered with thick and heavy hardcover books and encyclopedic dictionaries, have been shaken by the earthquake, accompanied by the author’s strength to eat milk, exaggerated tapping carriage return action, The angle of inclination is becoming more and more obvious, like a crumbling cliff that will collapse to him at any time.

Many of these hardcover books and encyclopedias are printed on coated paper. They are sharp and angular, and they are solid to the extreme. They are no different from bricks. If you hit a human head, you may be able to find out what is long and short.

“Cattle brother!”

Li Yao screamed and rushed over.

Just as he rushed past, “huā lā”, the bookshelf together with the above-mentioned encyclopedia dictionary and hardcover book really collapsed, sharp book edges and book corners went straight to the author’s temple.


Zhang Da Niu suddenly stunned and was awakened by Li Yao’s violent drink, and some of them slammed back.

“Go away!”

Li Yao couldn’t resist or cuddle, just jumped up and kicked, kicking the author directly into the corner, and replacing the author with the consequences of the collapse of the bookshelf.


Li Yao and Zhang Daniu also screamed at the same time.

When Li Yao easily climbed out of the messy pile of books, the first thing was not to check his injuries, but to look at the big bulls in the corner.

Fortunately, he took power in time, in addition to kicking the author a black-eyed green and bumping his nose and face, it should, as if, did not hurt Brain.

Zhang Daniu finally woke up.

But he was more confused than sleepwalking, staring at Li Yao for a long time, his expression gradually changing from confusion to pain, slamming his hands, his head and his ass.

“This, what is the situation?”

Zhang Da Niu holds his head and grins his teeth. “My head hurts. I remember, it seems to be drunk…”


Li Yao climbed out of the pile of books and leaned in front of the author. He nodded. “Niu Ge, you are drunk, and it is normal to have a headache after a hangover.”

“So how is my hand so painful?”

Zhang Da Niu looked at his ten fingers that were swollen into carrots and found that his nails were cracked. It was difficult to set the channel. “I, what am I doing?”

“You may not believe it when you say it.”

Li Yao said, “You have been writing in sleepwalking.”

“Yes, I am sleepwalking again?”

It seems that this is not the first time that Zhang Daniu has done “dream writing”. He didn’t doubt this, but he touched his ass. “Oh, it hurts all over the body, sore and sore, especially Ass, buttocks are also very painful, not right, drinking on the head, but also up to the ass!”


Li Yao thought for a moment, “Niu Ge, you started to sleepwalking writing at 11:00 in the middle of the night. For five or six hours, you stuck to the chair and didn’t move. The blood circulation was not smooth. It was a bit of back pain. Hip discomfort is very normal and very reasonable.”

“is it?”

Zhang Da Niu grabbed two butts and approved this statement, but he stared at Li Yao for a moment and suddenly remembered one thing.

“You are… Oh, you are Li Yao, the Senior Brother of ‘Bunny in Star Ocean,’ we had a drink together last night, but hey, but I remember you weren’t gone last night? I think, you sent me home, you left, and I closed the door very hard, I have the impression, you must be gone!”

Zhang Daniu reached out and touched the phone. “What time are you doing here?”

“Now it is 5:30 in the morning, Niu Ge, you don’t know, something big – earthquake!”

Li Yao said, “The West Pacific has just had an extraordinary earthquake on the Richter scale 9.2. We have a sense of shock in South River. I am worried that you will have an accident. Come and see it, this is not, just catch up!”


Zhang Da Niu’s eyes widened and the whole person was awake. “Because there was an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, you rushed to the school from me at 5:00 in the morning to remind me to be careful… you, you How come in?”

“This one–“

Li Yao doesn’t know what to answer.

The two look at each other in dismay, big eyes and small eyes, suddenly, Zhang Da Niu’s muscles are tightened, and his face suddenly becomes pale.

“Wait, you really went back to school last night, even if you didn’t go back to school, anyway, you sent me home, are you leaving?”

Zhang Da Niu asked,


How can Li Yao answer?

“Then, since you sent me home, you left -“

Zhang Da Niu asked, “How do you know that I am still dreaming to write a novel in the middle of the night?”

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