FMC Chapter 3192

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3192 is the cause of the fall, astronomy
“Teacher Cow…”

Li Yao was disappointed, sitting on the floor holding his head, frustrated. “After a long time, you still don’t believe me!”


Zhang Da Niudao, “Although I am very fond of fantasy, my psychological quality is also very good, I can accept some strange things, beyond the common sense, but your story is too exaggerated, too illogical, let alone me, change It is impossible for any normal person to believe it!

“What do you want me to believe? I believe that my mother is a ‘creation god’. As long as I write a novel, the world in this novel will appear in a place in the vast Star Ocean? Even, I The characters in the novel also crossed the earth and appeared in front of me. I opened the door of my house and showed me his strong muscles. I am a mother, my mother is a god pen Ma Liang!”


Li Yao said, “The hole in the wall, and you wrote so many words in sleepwalking last night, how can you explain this?”

“I don’t know, but no matter how you explain it, it’s better than you’re going through the ‘study of the four universes.’ It sounds reliable.”

Zhang Da Niu spread the stalls. “Perhaps, you like fitness, the strength is very big, the quality of the old house is very general, so you have a hole, then, I am a little nervous, and a little sleepwalking, Isn’t this a big deal? Even if the writing in the dream is strange, I don’t want to believe in the real existence of the ‘Study of the Four Universe’!

“Retreat 10,000 steps and say, oh, I feel ashamed when I say this. I have to retreat 10,000 steps. There is really a superpower in this world. You are really a powerful person. So, this is Can you prove that you are from the four universes?”

Li Yao still doesn’t give up, scratching his hair. “Teacher Cow, you are willing to admit the existence of super power. This is a very big progress. Of course, I have no evidence to prove my guess. So, let’s use ‘super power’. As a starting point, step by step Expeditions and confirmation, go find the ultimate answer to this world?”

“Look for your sister!”

Zhang Da Niu was so anxious that his eyes were red. I don’t know if it should be loudly roaring or crying. He folded his hands and asked Li Yao, “Li Yao, I am asking you to be good, we have no future innocent. Don’t pester me, don’t hurt me! You have to go crazy if you want to go crazy, but don’t really worry about ‘repairing the universe’, you will kill me!

“Really, speaking, the network writer is really a profession that is particularly guilty. No, no, this stuff is not a profession at all. According to the comic dialogue, this is the art of the old social bridge, the land, the coolies, Selling style, the next nine streams! Don’t look at the scenery, you are also a short teacher, but in fact, it is a fart, watching the lively, the real gold and silver support is less, the fingers are broken and barely mixed – In this case, it is not enough to sell every day, catch up with the wind and rain or Sovereign Emperor has crashed, and you are not allowed to sell it!

“If you are rude, your current behavior is to kill me and kill the book “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”! You are pondering and pondering, and you are in this state of mind. If you go out on the street to do anything illegal, the reporter will interview and go back to report, “Internet addiction teenagers indulge in online novels can not extricate themselves, read novels to see mental illness”, and later the title of “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation” Post, put a label like ‘spiritual opium’, I will be finished, I will completely ruin it, maybe you have to countless peers – do you really understand?”

Li Yao lowered her head and didn’t say anything for a long time.

“I am so bitter, do you understand it, or do you understand Ah?”

Zhang Daniu was annoyed. “Really, I really just wrote it casually. It is a mess of money and two flowers. There is absolutely no educational significance and philosophical thinking. There is no one even one Star. A malicious metaphor in the real world – if you read a book that is true and false, you still think about it, and your body and mind have changed dramatically. It is really not my problem, it is your own problem!”

“I, I understand.”

Li Yao finally looked up and shot two sharp eyes from under the tangled hair. “Thank you, Teacher Cow, I completely want to understand!”

“is it?”

Zhang Daniu was overjoyed. “Do you really figure it out?”

“Yes, I figured it out!”

Li Yao shot the thigh. “Yes, of course you can’t be a god pen Ma Liang, and it’s impossible to be a ‘creation god’. You definitely haven’t created ‘repair the universe’!”

“Right right, that’s all fake. I’d rather believe that there are ghosts in the world, and I don’t want to believe the mouth of the storyteller. Write a hand. In order to earn some money, the story of everything in disorder is compiled!”

Zhang Daniu is relieved and laughs. “You can understand it yourself. I am relieved. Oh, I am very pleased to see a young man on the cliff.”

“Do you have the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?”

Li Yao suddenly said nothing, “I just saw the bookshelf.”

Waiting for Zhang Da Niu to answer, he groped for a while in the pile of books, and found a copy of Version of the “Three Kingdoms” in the book, looking at the author’s name on the spine, and fell into meditation.

“You should have read this book. It seems to have been seen many times. I must have been very impressed with many plots and characters in the book.”

Li Yao thought while saying, “Also, how many people have not seen the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, even if they have not read Luo Guanzhong’s original work, they have seen villains, comics and TV dramas, and played related games. To many famous people, Cao Cao, Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang… famous scenes, three English wars, Lu Bu, three Gu Mao, fire Chibi… The vast majority of people reacted first, thinking of Luo Guanzhong’s Version.

“So, answering me a question, Teacher Cow, do you think the Three Kingdoms were created by Luo Guanzhong?”


Zhang Daniu is puzzled. “What do you mean?”

β€œDo you think that Luo Guanzhong is a ‘creation god’?”

Li Yao said, “Is he created a three-pointer in the end of the Han Dynasty, a battle for heroes, countless hero heroes and countless battles?”

Zhang Da Niu opened his mouth and could see that he wanted to sneer, but he quickly reacted and fell into meditation.

“It seems that you already understand.”

Li Yao said, “Luo Guanzhong is certainly not a ‘creation god’ or a ‘sense pen Ma Liang’. Even if his “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is more exciting and classic, he does not create a real world out of thin air.

“On the contrary, there is a real end of the end of the Han Dynasty. The heroes and the three-pointed world and the endless struggles are all true. These historical messages are based on historical books, folk wild history and storytellers. Down, in the end, it was absorbed by Luo Guanzhong’s Brain. After Luo Guanzhong’s integration, processing and refining, the whole story was interpreted.

“So, it is the real three countries in the chaos of the world, Luo Guanzhong’s “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is behind, the former is the cause, the latter is the fruit, regardless of Luo Guanzhong can not write “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, the three countries are there, right?

“If there is a person who knows nothing about history, he first read the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and left a deep impression. He went back and looked through the annals. He found the real Three Kingdoms and then made a fuss. He thought that Luo Guanzhong was a ‘ Is it not ridiculous for the prophet to ‘even the creator’?”

Zhang Daniu thought for a long time and said: “What do you want to say!”

β€œI would like to say that perhaps the same is true for Forty Millenniums of Cultivation. It’s not that you created the ‘Four Four Universes,’ but on the other side of the distant Star Ocean that we don’t know. There really is a wonderful, incomparable reality. ‘Take the Four Universe’.”

Li Yao is constantly talking. “And this information about ‘repairing the universe’, I don’t know why, through a method we don’t know or explain, it broke through the barriers of the earth and poured into the brain of Teacher Cow. You ‘observe’ or ‘perceive’ it, and then you can paint it! It is like a painter painting a model, the content of the painting is of course very similar!

“Oh, the more you think it makes sense, the more it must be. In this way, all the doubts can make sense!”

β€œWhy Teacher Cow, the styles of your novels before and after the 500 chapters are very different, and the thoughts and aesthetic tastes are so different. The reason is very simple. The first five hundred chapters are the things that upgrade the face cultivation and force the routines. It’s your true level! After the five hundred chapters, it’s about the universe, the stars, the future, and the society. Those things that are wonderful and big brains are not written by you, but are poured into your mind. That power is written, you can’t write such a thing by your true level, you are just a flaw! What do you think of my speculation?”

“I think……”

Zhang Da Niu took a deep breath and pointed at the door. “You give me a roll and get out!”

“Don’t be like this, Teacher Cow, don’t you promise me to calm down and talk with reason? I think we have already explored the edge of the truth!”

Li Yao hurriedly said, “Moreover, there is this post of ‘Dream Traveler’. Don’t you feel very surprised and reasonable?”


Zhang Da Niudao, “I would rather believe that ‘Repair the Four Universe’ is true, and I will not believe any posts on ‘Knowledge No’. This ‘dream traveler’, if it is not in our writers’ circle, it is a hundred Percent mental illness.”

“You don’t want to be so arbitrary. I think he is a very thoughtful, very confused, very distressed person, just like me.”

Li Yao took the phone out and pressed the number I just dialed. “Give me another chance, let me contact him. If I can’t contact this time, I will-“

“dΔ« dΔ«”, dialed.


Li Yao’s eyes wide open, excited to sweat at the tip of his nose, open the hands-free, tremble, “Hello, is it a ‘dream traveler’? I saw your answer on ‘Knowledge No’, I feel very wonderful, I There are also many similar feelings, I would like to talk to you in depth, is it convenient for you?”

The phone was silent for a long time.

Zhang Daniu was also attracted attention, and some curiously stared at Li Yao’s mobile phone.

After a few seconds, there was a hoarse voice on the other side: “I am not a ‘dream traveler’, he doesn’t need this number, you don’t want to fight in the future.”


Li Yao blinked. “So, do you know the ‘dream traveler’? Can you give me his latest contact information? I really have something important to find him, trouble you!”

The other end of the phone was silent for a while, and there was a voice that was heard about Sosuo, and it was like a girl crying in a low voice.

“I am his sister.”

The hoarse female voice, “You don’t want to call any more. My brother is on the Internet with some crazy words. He, he has schizophrenia, is being hospitalized. Don’t stimulate him.”

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