FMC Chapter 3193

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3193 Ark Mystery, Astronomy
Li Yao is trying to tell, the other party has hung up the phone, and the sound of “dī dī dī dī” came from the loudspeaker, making the atmosphere in the dim room even more embarrassing.

Li Yao looked at the dark phone and didn’t know what to say. He lamented and hugged his head on the floor.

“Do you know, I just had such a moment, there is such a little bit to believe in you, really, really shame!”

Zhang Da Niu is heartbroken. “I really don’t know if you are crazy, I am crazy, or the world is crazy, I believe you!”

Li Yao raised her head and opened her mouth. She only felt that her body was so weak and weak, she couldn’t say anything, and even her own beliefs began to shake.

“Is there anything to say?”

Zhang Da Niu said, “If you have calmed down and learned face reality, Teacher Cow invites you to have breakfast, then you go back to school?”

Li Yao nodded helplessly.


The early stalls at the entrance of the community, although it was only six o’clock in the morning, it was already a head swaying, fragrant, especially in a huge pan, “吱吱吱吱” came to sizzle the sound of fried dumplings and fried bag, but also It’s a big move, and it’s coveted.

Zhang Daniu sat down with ten fried dumplings and ten fried sautéed dumplings. He directed Li Yao to bring their little cockroaches, added the spicy sauce and vinegar, and took a sip of soup and stuffed three onions. Fried bag, this is satisfied, eyebrows open smile.

“I told you that no matter how bad yesterday, how tired and frustrated people are, as long as you have a hot breakfast in the morning, you have nothing to worry about!”

Zhang Daniu took a deep scent of deep fragrance. “The real world is still very beautiful. The days still have to be down-to-earth. Don’t think about it, okay?”


Li Yao caught a fried dumpling and only felt like chewing wax, but forced himself to swallow.

“Are you really okay?”

Zhang Da Niu commented on the color. “Or else, after eating the meal, give a call to your family first?”

“I have no one at home.”

Li Yao took the bowl and covered her face. “My parents left when I was very young. I was a lonely man. I was alone and I was not hungry.”

“Oh, it turned out to be like this, I am sorry, I don’t know.”

Zhang Da Niu scratched his head for a long time, said, “No wonder you will indulge in Fiction Realm, hope to find comfort in the illusory repair of the universe! Hey, how to say it, I don’t mean to ask you to give up completely… fantasy, just pay attention The difference between fantasy and reality, don’t invest too much, understand?

“That way, Teacher Cow is not a completely inhuman person. Although you are not a female Elite University student with a swaying, long hair, Teacher Cow is very welcome to come and talk and discuss – as long as you don’t squat When you are in the dead of night, you are coming in, just fine!”

Li Yao smiled: “Thank you Teacher Cow.”

“Don’t thank you, if you really want to thank me, don’t go crazy all the time, such as ‘study four universes’, go back and prepare your resume, find a stable job, live a normal life.”

Zhang Da Niu said, “If you are like this, even thank you, understand?”

“I understand.”

Li Yao said, but his eyes are still a bit sly and elegant, and he ate for a while in silence. He couldn’t help but say, “What is the so-called ‘normal life’?”

“Just like that!”

Zhang Dani, while drinking a soup, said, “Look for a nine-to-nine-night job, a lot of money, and the boss’s roaring and boss’s exploitation. I worked hard for a few years, squatting a house’s down payment, and then backing. Decades of debt, have their own nest, find a wife who is not much different from your situation. After giving birth to a child, it is time to put extra time, energy and money – if any, on the child. As the child slowly becomes greasy, the child grows up. When the child grows up, he repeats the process. Isn’t this the normal life?”

Li Yao frowned: “Sounds, not very attractive!”

“Or else?”

Zhang Da Niu grinned. “You don’t want to be attractive. How many people think that such a quiet day will not be able to live. Face reality, we are neither a prince nor a hero, nordinary people. Days, isn’t that the case?”

“I still feel that I have super powers, no, we both have super powers.”

Li Yao whispered, “I am a ‘cultivation man’, with super power, super speed, super vision and hearing, and super self-healing ability. In the process of constant awakening, he will also control move mountains and drain seas and call the wind and The ability of summon the rain, blazing fireballs and arcs is not a problem, in short, the cultivator’s divine ability I will always; and you are ‘codeword man’, your super power is the code word! We should not be so mediocre Life should be based on our super powers and the evil forces that rule the world in the dark!”

“what did you say?”

Zhang Da Niudao, “What is my super power?”


Li Yao said, “The code is fast!”

“and then?”

Zhang Da Niu narrowed his eyes.

“No, it’s a code word. This is a very powerful super power!”

Lee Old Yao is honest.

“Do you think that you are talking about people?”

Zhang Da Niu said, “That is the modest gentleman of Teacher Cow. I have been practicing for more than 30 years. I don’t know anything about you. For the second one, I have already put the soup on your head.”

“I was wrong, Teacher Cow.”

Li Yao held the stomach. “Hey, this fried dumpling and fried bag seems to be quite fragrant, come back twenty – every twenty?”

Zhang Da Niu glared at Li Yao. After a long time, he still lamented and raised his hand and shouted: “Boss!”

In a short time, the dumplings and fried dumplings piled up in front of the two people, Li Yao gorged himself, Zhang Daniu crazy code word last night, the consumption is not small, the appetite is much larger than usual, a ventilation coil, but it is Gu Not talking.

There was a greasy TV hanging in the corner of the shop. It was only opened at night, and it was a display during the day. Today, it was opened by the old patrons to watch the latest report on the earthquake in the Western Pacific.

It is said that the intensity of the earthquake has been revised to the X-ray 9.3 level, which is the second strongest earthquake in the history of a hundred percent.

The epicenter was in Edo Bay, the largest in the island, and the top ten super metropolises in the world only had several ten miles. The first devastating shock wave caused serious damage to the city, followed by hiding the sky and covering the earth. The tsunami caused another half of the city to become a water country, Zeguo. Rao was a frequent earthquake, and the Fusang Islands, which people used to take shape, shivered under the ravages of the catastrophe and entered a national emergency.

Because of the natural gas leakage caused by the earthquake, the entire city is full of explosions, fireballs and black smoke, and it is a terrible battlefield.

The tens of stories of buildings are as weak as the building blocks. The so-called Human Race Civilization is not worth mentioning in the face of nature’s great power.

To make matters worse, it is said that in the total of 16 nuclear power plants along the coast of the island, there are eight nuclear power plants that have been attacked by earthquakes and tsunamis, and there are hidden dangers of nuclear leakage – this is the official statement, and the network is on the gossip. The argument is that there have been serious nuclear accidents in several nuclear power plants, and the radiation intensity is unprecedented!

“I didn’t expect that the earthquake last night was so serious, it was like the plot of “The Island is Sunken.”

Zhang Da Niu squats on the tooth flower. “Have you seen the “Sinking of the Isles”? A special classic science fiction novel. If you follow the logic of the “dream traveler”, it must be that the author of the novel has actually experienced similar events in his life. In this life, I can write a novel that is immersive and lifelike? Hahahaha!”

Li Yao didn’t answer. He stared at the ravaged city in the news. The collapsed ruins seemed to float on the waters of the burning fiercely. There was a feeling of the end of the world.

Just then, at the corner of the lens, suddenly a black shadow flashed.

It seemed to be an individual. He jumped from the sloping twenty-three-story building, and then flew away and flew out of the camera!

“this is–“

Li Yao’s pupil suddenly shrank and couldn’t believe his eyes.

“what happened to you?”

Zhang Da Niu looked up and saw nothing in the shaking shot.

“It’s nothing.”

Li Yao is not sure if she is blind. “It seems like there is a fly that flies past the TV.”

“This kind of small shop is like this, it is not dry, it is not sick, what is a fly afraid of?”

Zhang Da Niu pointed to Li Yao’s cell phone on the table. “Your cell phone is ringing.”

Li Yao glimpsed a little, and when he opened the screen, he was a short message from a strange number.

“What do you want to do with my brother? He posted the post on the Internet, have you seen it? Do you believe what he said?”

By the way, this is the number of the “dream traveler”, which was sent by the sister of the dream traveler!

Li Yao’s fire of hope is dying and struggling, and the last glimmer of light shines. He holds the phone in his hands and quickly enters: “Yes, miss, I am not only convinced, I have encountered the same situation as your brother. Maybe your brother is not crazy, can you tell me more about him? At least tell me where he is receiving treatment!”

“Maybe he is not crazy, maybe you are as crazy as he is.”

The other party quickly replied, “My brother is treating at the ‘Ark Psychological Research Center’, maybe you should go there too.”


Li Yao is holding a cell phone and has never heard of such a mental illness treatment institution.

“what happened?”

Zhang Daniu saw his face ugly, curious.

Li Yao didn’t talk and pushed the phone over.

Zhang Daniu took a glance and glanced at it. First, he didn’t care, but soon, the whole person seemed to be hit by lightning, and his face became pale and weird.

“what happened?”

This time it’s Li Yao’s turn to ask, “Teacher Cow, is there any problem?”

“No, no, I don’t know, should it be a coincidence?”

Zhang Da Niu stammered, “Ark Research Center for Psychological Research? This institution seems to have contacted me a few days ago.”

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