FMC Chapter 3198

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation The latest chapter, Chapter 3198 is constantly awakening! Floating astronomy
Some of the most basic components were purchased in bulk, enough for him to make about a dozen bugs, trackers and alarms. Li Yao went to the building hardware market not far from each other.

Although he and Zhang Daniu said that they are going to purchase weapons, he neither intends to buy controlled knives, nor does he intend to take the world by storm.

First of all, regardless of the control tool or firearms, he has no relevant channels to find, although with his current ability and computational ability, it is not difficult to find the so-called “underground black market” through clues, how to solve the problem of transportation and use?

In most countries around the world, firearms are still very sensitive things, whether they are held or used, they will cause endless troubles.

Both mysterious and unfathomable’s “Ark Foundation” and the more mysterious “Apocalypse Organization” involve huge resources and forces. Even if Li Yao can arm himself to the teeth, one person is carrying three or five heavy artillery pieces. Not enough to compete with the other side.

Firearms are useless to deal with superpowers.

Conversely, as long as you can further stimulate the “cultivation power” in the body, even if it is a tool that does not cause suspicion, it can also exert a stronger killing power than bullets.

Li Yao has purchased a number of nails of different lengths, large and small in the building materials hardware market, which are heavy and not worse than bullets.

I also bought an imported special toolbox, a screwdriver and other tools inside, under his amazing power, no worse than the military dagger.

The most important thing is that these things are not afraid of inspection. Although they may not be able to send trains or planes, they are placed in the trunk of the car. If they encounter a checkpoint, they will not cause trouble.

After thinking about it, Li Yao has purchased a few strong overalls, labor gloves and rubber boots for himself and the author. In the dream, most of the divine ability is extremely “fireball” or “arc”. The form of the variant is released, and the thermal insulation suit, the insulation suit and the rubber boots can minimize the destructive power.

Then, Li Yao bought a few electric vests, a lot of pockets, and a few very strong leather belts, which can be used to hang large and small screwdrivers and nails filled with nails. The pocket can also store a large amount of high-energy food, which helps him recover from the battle gap and ensure continuous combat capability.

Finally, Li Yao bought two very large canvas bags, stuffed everything in, left the building hardware market, and came to a very famous outdoor sports club in South River, according to a famous sports forum. A large number of energy bars and energy gels.

Energy bars are compressed from a variety of nuts, chocolates and high-energy substances. The amount of heat in the same volume is several times more than that of military compressed biscuits. Energy gel is an essential sport in high-energy sports such as marathon and triathlon. Tonic, a small one will allow the athlete to continue to burn for half an hour to an hour under extreme fatigue. Although expensive, Li Yao does not have the “nutrient drugs” in the “Forty Millenniums of Cultivation”. In the case of Medicine, the best option.

Light is energy bar and energy glue, it costs a million dollars, Li Yao eyelids do not blink – save the earth, the flower will have to spend, in his dictionary, there is never a “small gas” word.

After purchasing everything, Li Yao dumped three cars and went to an industrial area in the northern suburbs of South River.

It used to be a very famous heavy industrial area in South River City. It has a large-scale iron and steel smelting base. However, with the development concept of “financial city and real estate market”, the North Beijiao Industrial Zone has followed Declining, now, heavy industry companies such as steel mills and affiliated processing plants have all relocated and closed down, leaving only an empty factory building, as well as complicated labyrinthine pipes waiting for demolition and auction.

Li Yao saw this place in the news report and was deeply impressed by the run-down and gloom here.

This is the most suitable cultivation place for him.

Although abandoned steel mills have several old men and security guards patrolling, the vast factory area is like a small town. It can’t be managed. It’s not worth the money to scrap the iron in this year. Few people come here to steal things. Simply gathered in the messroom to play cards, Li Yao, like a transparent leaf, silently drifted into the abandoned steel mill, no one paid attention.

Coming to the depths of the steel plant, I found a section of pipes and blast furnaces, spread the perception to the limit, and determined that no one was tracking and monitoring myself. Li Yao put on rubber boots, put on insulation suits and put on electric vests. Fill your pocket with nails and energy gel.

He first jumped on the ground and felt the impact of heavy load on the body. After completing the warm-up, he squatted slightly, sprinted forward a few steps, and his legs slammed, only listening to the cell “pā pā pā 啪” bursting. The voice of the whole person vacated, and even swept away a pipe that was halfway between five and six meters.

Seeing that there is still more than half a meter from the pipeline, the momentum of the flight has been exhausted, and the whole person is going to fall. Li Yao doesn’t want to, and the right arm slams. With just one index finger, it hooks a nail at the pipe joint. cap.

“hū chī ,hū chī ,hū chī ……”

Li Yao swayed in the air, breathing in the air with the rust of the air, familiar memories like a strong ink smudge, which reminded him of the Magical Artifact Graveyard long ago, the same pungent depth in the garbage dump Rust taste.

“This is me.”

Li Yao said to herself, “This is the real me!”

Looking into the distance, the eyes turned into an X-ray machine. Everything became clear and clear. The entire abandoned steel mill became a three-dimensional 3D structure, which can be easily identified. The weakness of the intrusion, as well as the pipeline suitable for shuttle crawling.

Even the outside of the abandoned steelworks, the security guards and the jokes of the janitor, and the footsteps and splashes of a security guard who peeed out were all clearly heard.

The corner of the mouth evoked a faint smile, and Li Yao rushed out of the inexplicable force in the blue veins of the body and transported it to the index finger supporting the body.

His index finger was hooked, his arm was light, and the whole person swayed about a dozen meters and jumped to another pipe.

“It’s really easy, it’s more natural than walking and running!”

Li Yao is like a big monkey, jumping up and down between pipes, steel structures and blast furnaces, moving around and making a thrilling action that the extreme athletes can’t do. He sometimes spans thirty or fifty meters from the blast furnace. Light and floating, sometimes with the strength of one or two fingers, swaying through an extremely dangerous angle, even with the power of the toes, let yourself hang up in the air.

Finally, he crossed his hands and put a touch on the leather belt with two screwdrivers between his fingers.

“whoosh! 咻咻咻whoosh! ”

The screwdriver is like a real military dagger, tearing the air, leaving a smeared gray afterimage.

At first, Li Yao’s movements were awkward, as if he had never learned close combat, he was full of unnecessary redundancy and cumbersome when he slashed his sword, and he didn’t even control his strength, his body swayed a lot. I almost fell off the pipeline.

Soon, he tried to cut unnecessary movements and strengths, while practicing, while recalling, like a snake that slowly awakened from hibernation, restored his deadly offensive.

“Hey! Hey!”

His fingers really sounded like a viper, which is a sign that the screwdriver is about to break through the speed of sound.

Li Yao feels that she can increase the speed of 30%, but there is no need to try it here. It is not easy to choose a suitable practice place. It is not good to bring the security guard.

Next, there is absolute strength and speed, as well as the practice of long-range weapons.

Li Yao found an abandoned factory, which found a bundle of steel bars that had not yet had time to move.

These steel bars that have not yet finished the final treatment, I am afraid there is no such high strength and hardness as the qualified products, but it is not bad for testing the strength.

Li Yao easily bent one, two, and three steel bars, and bent four, five, and six bundles of steel bars with a little effort.

Until the steel bars with the thickness of nine fingers are tied together, the limit of his strength is reached. The arms are like being eroded by venom. The shoulder blades are like being grilled by flames, unable to bend or break, but they are exhausted and just condensed. Physical strength.

fair enough.

Li Yao takes out the energy bar and the energy gel and starts testing his recovery speed. It accurately calculates the rhythm of the output that should be maintained during the battle and the possibility of recovery.

“The temporary ultimate strength is like this. There is no need to pursue too much in this respect. The strength of the individual is very strong and limited. I can’t do it with the other side.”

Li Yao narrowed her eyes and looked at the about a dozen 20-meter-high factory. Without any warning, she accelerated, sprinted, and took off. The whole person was in the way of three hundred and sixty degrees, the steel around the walls and overhead. On the beam, there is a little insignificant mark.

“It’s really non-human athleticism. If you use it all, you can even avoid the bullets.”

Li Yao hung upside down on the steel beam and took three nails of different lengths from the belt.

He is not in a hurry to launch, but he puts the nail in his palm, horizontally and vertically on his fingertips, perceiving the weight, center of gravity, material and appearance of the nail, calculating the rotation, offset and drop when it breaks. And the perfect movement pattern of each muscle fiber and each bone in your arm.

Although she has not made a move, she has taken the nail out in her mind for thirty or fifty times, three to five hundred times, three or five thousand times, and calculated and corrected again and again. Numerous data collided in brain cells.

“found it.”

Li Yao’s slightly open eyes slammed open, releasing a sharper radiance than the nails. The arm was like a quirk that had just finished the suede and was more flexible and strong than in the past. “This is the perfect make a move!”

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